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Filius Flitwick Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

Filius Flitwick Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

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Filius Flitwick is a part Goblin wizard who taught Charms at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy and was also the Head of Ravenclaw House. While Flitwick never left the school, he did his part to oppose Lord Voldemort during both Wizarding Wars, and protest against Dolores Umbridge during her reign of terror at Hogwarts.

About FIlius Flitwick

Born17 October 1958 or earlier
Blood StatusPart-Goblin
OccupationCharms Master Head of Ravenclaw
Zodiac SignLibra

Filius Flitwick Early Life

Filiius Flitwick stood out in the wizarding world from birth because he had some Goblin blood in him that gave him a distinctive appearance. Considering the bad blood between wizards and goblins, there weren’t many part-Goblin wizards in the world.

Despite his Goblin ancestry, Flitwick was chosen to attend Hogwarts and given a wand, something that Goblins covet but are denied. He was sorted into Ravenclaw house, suggesting that he has a very sharp mind, though the sorting hat also considered putting him in Gryffindor. He then went on to be a model student during his time studying.

After school, Flitwick went on to become a master duellist, and was considered the duelling champion at some point in his career. He has a shelf-full of trophies to prove it. Sometime before the early 1970s he returned to Hogwarts as a teacher

Flitwick the Teacher

In his classes, Flitwick paid great attention to the details, encouraging his students to flick their wands in the correct way and annunciate the magical words correctly. Nevertheless, he was considered one of the more laidback teachers who understood that school was about more than just book learning. He gave out fewer detentions than other teachers.

Dumbledore clearly trusted Flitwick, as he asked him to contribute to the protection of the Philosopher’s Stone while it was held at Hogwarts. Flitwick enchanted a swarm of flying keys. Anyone wanting to pass would have to choose and catch the right one.

He was also very friendly with his colleagues. On at least one accession he went for drinks at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade with Minerva McGonagall, Hagrid, Madam Rosmerta, and Cornelius Fudge. The group discussed Sirius Black and his suspected role in betraying the Potters. It was Flitwick who explained the Fidelius Charm to the others.

An immensely complex spell, involving the magical concealment of a secret inside a single, living soul. The information is hidden inside the chosen person, or Secret-Keeper, and is henceforth impossible to find – unless, of course, the Secret-Keeper chooses to divulge it.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

It was Professor Flitwick, along with Madam Hooch who examined Harry’s mysterious Firebolt to see if it had been cursed. He also taught the oak front doors of the castle to recognize a picture of Sirius Black and not grant him access.

Flitwick under Professor Umbridge

Flitwick was presumably among those who believed Harry and Dumbledore that Lord Voldemort had returned following the Triwizard Tournament. But the Ministry, unwilling to accept this, sent Dolores Umbridge to Hogwarts to keep an eye on the school.

Initially, Flitwick does not seem to have had any problems with her and aced his review. However, at one point she did pull out a tape measure to check his height. She was notorious for not trusting part-wizards.

When Umbridge saw Dumbledore expelled and took over as Headmistress, Flitwick joined the other teachers in making life difficult for her. For example, when some sparklers were set off in his office, rather than deal with them himself, he called Umbridge. He later said that he was not sure whether he had the “authority” to deal with them himself.

Flitwick was also seen cheering when Fred and George released their portable swamp, and refrained from helping in the clean-up effort, leaving it to Umbridge and Filch. When the swamp was eventually removed, he kept a small patch under a window in tribute to the Weasley twins.

Filius Flitwick as Choir Master

Flitwick during the Second Wizarding War

When the return of Lord Voldemort was acknowledged, Flitwick was assigned to search arriving students for dark artefacts with Argus Filch.

Flitwick does not seem to have been a fan of Horace Slughorn, who returned to teach in that year. He made excuses not to have a drink with the Potions Master at the Three Broomsticks, claiming emergency choir practice, since Flitwick led the choir.

When Death Eaters entered the castle, Flitwick was sent to get Snape. He burst into Snape’s office and told him what was happening. But Professor Snape left the office alone. Hermione and Luna were waiting outside, and Snape told them that Flitwick had passed out and to take care of him. In fact, Snape had stunned Flitwick so that he could complete his secret promise to Dumbledore to join the Death Eaters and to kill Dumbledore himself.

Flitwick continued to teach at Hogwarts the following year when the school came under the control of the Death Eaters with Snape as Headmaster. He was mainly concerned with protecting the students against the Carrow siblings, Death Eaters sent to work at the school.

Flitwick joined the Battle of Hogwarts, initially helping Minerva McGonagall to drive off Professor Snape. He then helped arm the school for battle, casting various protective spells, including Protego horribilis.

Unfortunately, he could not provide Harry with information about the whereabouts of Ravenclaw’s diadem.

Flitwick, the former duelling champion, played an important role in the battle. He defeated both Yaxley and Dolohov in single combat, as well as providing more general protection for the school.

Flitwick Later Life

Flitwick continued to teach at Hogwarts after the end of the Second Wizarding War. But in December 2018 he also joined the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to deal with a variety of incidents that threatened to expose the wizarding world. For example, several out-of-control, riderless Nimbus 200 broomsticks were caught on speed cameras in Australia.

Around this time, he also shared his own annotated copy of The Book of Charms and Spells to those on the task force pursuing professorship in order to help them refine their spell casting. He also ministered weekend seminars on martial magic to members of the Auror Office.

Filius Flitwick Personality Type & Traits

Filius Flitwick comes across as a highly intelligent and talented wizard, but also humble, patient, and understanding. He, no doubt, developed these traits as a result of the discrimination he suffered for his part-Goblin ancestry.

J.K. Rowling gives a nice description of Flitwick and his genial nature on the Pottermore website.

Speaking of eccentrics, you’ll like our Head of House, Professor Filius Flitwick. People often underestimate him, because he’s really tiny (we think he’s part elf, but we’ve never been rude enough to ask) and he’s got a squeaky voice, but he’s the best and most knowledgeable Charms master alive in the world today. His office door is always open to any Ravenclaw with a problem, and if you’re in a real state he’ll get out these delicious little cupcakes he keeps in a tin in his desk drawer and make them do a little dance for you. In fact, it’s worth pretending you’re in a real state just to see them jive.


Flitwick was clearly intelligent and brave, as the sorting hat considered putting him in Gryffindor rather than Ravenclaw. But he also seems to have preferred to fly under the radar. He did things in the background to support others, rather than putting himself front and center.

Filius Flitwick Zodiac Sign & Birthday

Flitwick was born on 17 October, sometime before 1958. This means that his zodiac sign is Libra. People born under this sign have sharp minds and are highly intelligent. But they also have good emotional intelligence and are good at understanding other people and seeing things from their perspective.

Flitwick displays these qualities both in the way he tolerates the prejudices of others and how he supports his students. He also understood that students were young people learning about the world, and not just at school to learn spells. As such, he was more lenient on behavior than many of the other teachers.

Does Being Part Goblin change Flitwick’s Magic?

The kind of magic wrought by goblins is fundamentally different from the magic of wizards. Goblins do not need wands to do magic and greatly resent wizards for withholding wand lore from them, something Griphook reveals to Harry. As part-goblin, part-wizard, Flitwick may have had the benefit of being able to access both types of magic.

Filius Flitwick as he orginally appeared

Why did they Change the Appearance of Filius Flitwick in the Harry Potter Movies?

Filius Flitwick is played by Warwick Davies in all the movies, but his look changed significantly in the third film. In the first two films, Flitwick was portrayed as an older wizard, as he is in the books. But Flitwick did not appear in the script for the third film, but the director still wanted to use the actor, so they cast him as the choir director with a different look. The director of the fourth film liked to look, and merged the new character with Professor Flitwick to give the diminuitive professor a new look.