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How to Find and Return Linus’ Blackberry Basket in Stardew Valley

How to Find and Return Linus’ Blackberry Basket in Stardew Valley

Within the expansive realm of Stardew Valley, beyond the usual farming and fishing, lies a roster of unique tasks that challenge and engage players. One such task? Tracking down Linus’ misplaced blackberry basket.

It’s not about grandeur or epic adventure, but it’s a quest that many players find themselves intrigued by. Whether you’re a completionist or just someone trying to lend a helping hand in the valley, this guide breaks down the straightforward steps to wrap up this task efficiently.

Starting the Quest

Quest Request message to find Linus' Blackberry Basket in Stardew Valley
Letter in the Mail from Linus

On the 8th of Fall in your first year in Stardew Valley, a letter from Linus appears in your mailbox. In it, he mentions his lost Blackberry Basket and asks for your help. By simply checking the mailbox and acknowledging the letter, you trigger the quest to help him retrieve his basket.

Location of the Blackberry Basket

Map Overview

Map of Directions to Linus' Blackberry Basket Stardew Valley
Map of Directions from the Farm to the Basket Location

Linus’ basket is located in the backwoods on a road leading away from the bus stop. If you stop before entering the tunnel, you’ll find the basket hidden amongst the Fall landscape.


Step One:

Step one of directions to finding Linus' blackberry basket in Stardew Valley

Exit your farm by heading to the right and walking off your property.

Step Two:

Step two of directions to finding Linus' blackberry basket in Stardew Valley

Follow the path toward town, and pause when you reach the signpost.

Step Three:

Step three of directions to finding Linus' blackberry basket in Stardew Valley

Take a northward direction from the signpost, leading you directly to the bus stop.

Step Four:

Step four of directions to finding Linus' blackberry basket in Stardew Valley

Once at the bus, veer left and make your way towards the tunnel.

Step Five:

Step five of directions to finding Linus' blackberry basket in Stardew Valley

Progress left along the road, staying attentive to your surroundings.

Step Six:

Step six of directions to finding Linus' blackberry basket in Stardew Valley

Just before the tunnel entrance, glance to the upper left corner, and there lies Linus’ Blackberry Basket, ready to be claimed.

It can be a little hard to spot due to it’s autumnal color, but just count two bushes from the tunnel entrance and you’ll be sure to see it.

Returning Linus’ Blackberry Basket

Stardew Valley Character standing outside of Linus' Tent
Looking for Linus at his Tent

Linus is one of Stardew Valley’s most distinctive residents, recognizable by his blue tent and his free-spirited, hermit-like lifestyle. If you’re looking to find him, follow these guidelines:

  • Location: Linus resides in a tent that is situated to the north of Pelican Town. His tent is conveniently located just west of the Mines and north of the Carpenter’s Shop, where Robin works. This tent is his primary dwelling, and he can often be found there, especially in the evenings.
  • Frequent Spots: While he does spend a good amount of time near his tent, Linus also has a few other favorite spots. During the day, he may wander around the Spa or venture into the nearby forests. In winter, he occasionally stands by the cliff facing the Railroad, watching the train pass by.
  • Rainy Days: Linus loves the rain. On wet days, you might find him standing by the lake on the east side of the map, near the fishing spot, simply enjoying the weather.

Once you find him, click to give the Blackberry basket to him. He’ll be very grateful.

Linus’ Schedule

Having trouble finding Linus? Here’s a breakdown of his schedule.

Sunny Fall Day Schedule

6:00amInside his tent
7:00amExits tent, stands behind bush west of his tent
7:40amWalks to west of fireplace in front of his tent
9:00amWalks to Spa, stands at east side of building
2:00pmWalks to west side of lake
6:00pmReturns to his tent for the night
Linus’ Sunny Fall Schedule

Rainy Fall Day Schedule

6:00amInside his tent
9:30amExits tent, stands behind bush west of his tent
10:10amReturns to his tent
3:00pmExits tent, stands under tree west of his tent
7:00pmReturns to his tent
11:30pmReturns to his tent for the night
Linus’ Rainy Fall Schedule

Reward for Returning the Basket

Friendship Bar Stardew Valley
Friendship Heart Bar in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, the intangible rewards often carry the most weight. When players successfully return Linus’ lost Blackberry Basket, the recompense isn’t merely in gold or items but friendship points.

Linus, the free-spirited hermit of Pelican Town, is deeply appreciative of the act, and as a result, his trust and friendship toward the player grows a whole heart.

This enhanced relationship not only fosters deeper interactions and narratives with Linus but also unlocks various heart events, giving players a richer understanding of his character and life philosophy.

Benefits of Being Friends with Linus

Linus from Stardew Valley

Because Linus is a little reclusive many players overlook him. However, increasing friendship with Linus can bring great bonuses, including Wild Bait – a very handy tool for fishing. Achieving different ‘heart levels’ on his friendship meter unlocks different rewards.

Three Hearts: Sashimi

Reaching a 3-heart friendship level with Linus unlocks a delightful surprise: the Sashimi recipe. This simple dish, made by slicing raw fish, is particularly versatile in the game. Not only can it be a reliable source of energy and health for the player, but many villagers, like Seb, consider Sashimi a liked or loved gift, making it an excellent choice for bolstering relationships in Pelican Town.

Four Hearts: Wild Bait Recipe

Achieving 4 hearts with Linus unlocks the ability to craft Wild Bait. Unlike regular bait, Wild Bait is a mixture of different ingredients, making it particularly potent. Its primary advantage is that it increases the chance of catching two fish at once, optimizing your fishing sessions. For avid anglers in the game, this can lead to more efficient hauls and increased profits.

Seven Hearts: Fish Taco Recipe

At a 7-heart friendship level, Linus generously shares the recipe for Fish Tacos. This dish, comprising fish and tortillas, isn’t just flavorful; it’s also beneficial. Consuming a Fish Taco provides a boost to the player’s fishing skill, making those challenging catches a tad bit easier. Additionally, it serves as a substantial source of energy and health, ensuring the player is well-prepared for a day’s work in the valley.

More Ways to Increase Friendship with Linus

Giving Linus a Gift Stardew Valley
Gifting Linus a Coconut

Building a deeper bond with Linus in “Stardew Valley” extends beyond the kind act of returning his lost basket. One of the most effective ways to increase friendship with him is by gifting him items he loves, like yams, cactus fruits, and coconuts.

Remember, gifting him a favored item on his birthday, Winter 3, yields even more significant friendship points. Engaging Linus in daily conversations also helps, as he often shares insights about nature, simplicity, and life away from the town’s bustle.

Occasionally, Linus sends requests through the bulletin board outside Pierre’s shop; fulfilling these can further endear you to him. Over time, these consistent gestures of friendship reveal more of Linus’s story, enriching the player’s experience in the Stardew world.

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