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Fire Force: Special Fire Force Ranking System and Character Ranks

Fire Force: Special Fire Force Ranking System and Character Ranks

Fire force is set in a world where humanity is plagued with a virus called spontaneous human combustion.

This is an erratic phenomenon that turns regular humans into flaming, vicious creatures known as Infernals.

To combat this threat and investigate its source, The Special Fire Force was established.

The Special Fire Force, also known as blue stripes, is a firefighting unit created by representatives of the Tokyo army, the holy sol temple, and the fire defense agency.

Special Fire Force Ranking System Explained

To join the blue strips, potential fire soldiers must enroll in and complete training at the special training academy.

They enroll in the academy when they are thirteen years old and graduate at the age of seventeen years old.

First-year academy graduates are given the rank of second-class fire soldier, and as they advance through the ranks, they eventually get to the position of battalion captain.

Fighting the infernal threats is the responsibility of the fire soldiers. Other units in the force support the fire soldiers and make their work easier – The sisters, the science team, and the engineers.

Special Fire Force Rank in Order

Below is a list of the ranks from lowest to highest.

  1. Engineer
  2. Science Team
  3. Sister
  4. Fire Soldier
  5. Lieutenant
  6. Captain

6. Engineer

special fire force engineers - vulcan and lisa

Engineers play a significant role in inventing and equipping the special fire force with technologies that’ll aid their everyday activities.

Usually, this is the work of the Hajime industries, but engineers take these technologies to a whole new level.

They equip the team with advanced custom technologies that suit each soldier, making their work easy for them.

There are only two engineers in the entire special fire force: Vulcan Joseph and Lisa Isaribi. They are employed by Company 8 of the Special Fire Force.

Typically, engineers work behind the scenes creating tools that fire soldiers can employ to fight the infernal. However, they occasionally appear on the battlefield.

5. Science Team

company 8 sciencist - viktor licht

The science team comprises scientists from Hajime Industries in charge of developing technology to support the special fire force.

Scientists are occasionally assigned to brigades; when this happens, they work closely with the engineering team.

They collaborate with the engineers to realize their shared vision to fulfill that dream.

Victor Licht is the only recognized scientist in the series, and he works at Company 8 as a scientist and spy.

4. Sister

Sister iris praying

Sisters serve as the team’s de facto priest, offering prayers for those who have been transformed into Infernals.

Infernals are said to be able to pass on peacefully as a result of this prayer.

Sisters receive their education in the Holy Sol temple, where they spend their days worshiping the sun god.

Unfortunately, a fire disaster in the church claimed the lives of many sisters, leaving only Iris and Hanabi.

Hanabi later rose to the position of captain of Company 5, and Lily became a sister of Company 8 of the Special Fire Force.

3. Fire Soldier

blue strips fire soldiers

The fire soldiers are the fighting force of the blue strips. This rank is assigned to trained soldiers with pyrokinesis abilities.

There are two different types of fire soldiers: first class and second class.

Second-class soldiers are new soldier recruits just joining the force. While the first classes are experienced soldiers already in the force.

Similar to how a Sergeant is beneath a Staff Sergeant in the chain of command and they are all beneath a Lieutenant.

2. Lieutenant

Lieutenant Takehisa Hinawa

Lieutenants can also be regarded as the vice-captain. They serve as a brigade’s second-in-command and the captain’s right hand.

The lieutenant is in command of the division while the captain is away until the captain returns or a replacement is appointed.

There may be more than one Lieutenant in a brigade, and they are usually the second strongest.

1. Captain

Battalion Commanders in special fire force

The captain is the highest rank in the brigade. They are also referred to as Battalion Commander.

Captains serve as the leader and overseers of the activities in a brigade. They are usually the strongest soldier in the force.

Strength and experience are what set captains apart from other lower-ranked officers.

What Rank is Shinra Kusakabe?

Shinra Kusakabe devil form

Shinra Kusakabe is a second-class fire soldier of the Special Fire Force Company 8. Even though he is captain-level strong, he didn’t get to advance in rank due to the pacing of the story.

Shinra Kusakabe is a third-generation pyrokinetic with a pyrokinesis known as the Devil’s Footprints.

With this power, he can propel himself or deliver tremendous kicks by creating and releasing powerful continuous flame bursts from his feet.

His abilities were further amplified when the Adolla Burst awakened inside of him, enabling him to move at the speed of light.

Special Fire Force Officer Rank Table 

Leonard BurnsCompany 1 Former Captain
Huo Yan LiCompany 1 Captain
Gustav HondaCompany 2 Captain
GiovanniCompany 3 Captain
Sōichirō HagueCompany 4 Former Captain
Pan Ko PaatCompany 4 Captain
HibanaCompany 5 Captain
Kayoko HuangCompany 6 Captain
Benimaru ShinmonCompany 7 Captain
Akitaru ŌbiCompany 8 Captain
Rekka HoshimiyaCompany 1 Former Lieutenant
Karim FlamCompany 1 Lieutenant
OnyangoCompany 1 Lieutenant
TaguchiCompany 2 Lieutenant
TokuyamaCompany 5 Lieutenant
Asako HagueCompany 6 Lieutenant
KonroCompany 7 Lieutenant
Takehisa HinawaCompany 8 Lieutenant
Tamaki KotatsuCompany 1 Second Class Fire Soldier
Takeru NotoCompany 2 Second Class Fire Soldier
Ogun MontgomeryCompany 4 Fire Soldier
Karin SasakiCompany 4 Fire Soldier
5th Angels ThreeCompany 5 Fire Soldier
Tōru KishiriCompany 5 Fire Soldier
HikageCompany 7 Fire Soldier
HinataCompany 7 Fire Soldier
Maki OzeCompany 8 First Class Fire Soldier
Shinra KusakabeCompany 8 Second Class Fire Soldier
Arthur BoyleCompany 8 Second Class Fire Soldier
Tamaki KotatsuCompany 8 Second Class Fire Soldier
Vulcan JosephCompany 8 Engineer
Viktor LichtCompany 8 Scientist
Lisa IsaribiCompany 8 Engineer