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50 Best Game of Thrones Cake Design Ideas for Birthdays and Events

50 Best Game of Thrones Cake Design Ideas for Birthdays and Events

While Game of Thrones might be over, we are now being treated to the new House of the Dragon series while we wait to see if George R.R. Martin ever finishes his books and gives us a more satisfying ending.

In the meantime, who doesn’t know someone who would be overjoyed to receive a Game of Thrones-themed cake?

Looking for ideas and inspiration to get you started? Below you will find 50 of the best GOT cake ideas to inspire you.

1. Regal Throne Layered Cake

The iron throne is definitely the symbol of Game of Thrones and Westeros. This two-layered GOT cake is finished with an iron throne topper.

The second layer is decorated with an edible wolf to represent House Stark, while a dragon sits beside the cake for the Targaryens.

This one reads “30 is coming”, a play on words you’ll find on many Game of Thrones cakes.

2. Simple Iron Throne Cake

Source: @caramelluay

Cakes don’t have to be complex to be impressive. This is a very simple round cake decorated with a distinctive iron throne topper.

The details of the armoring around the bottom of the cake and the lettering with the authentic GOT font make it something special.

3. Layered Dragon and Egg Cake

What would the world of Game of Thrones be without dragons? This cake is topped with an edible dragon egg and a delicious dragon perched on top of it letting out a roar.

The bottom two layers are also on theme. The lowest shows the defenses of King’s Landing, and the second is a simple black layer with a Stark wolf decoration.

4. Layered Black Dragon Cake

The most fearsome of Daenerys’ dragons is her black dragon Drogon, and he perches on the side of this impressive cake.

The bottom layer features regal decorations and the iron throne. The next layer is for leaving a sweet message, and the top layer is iced with golden dragon scales.

5. Dragon and Throne GOT Cake

This cake has just one layer to accommodate the correct number of guests, but it is still cool in its GOT theme.

Both the iron throne and dragon toppers are edible and will impress and delight guests as you cut into this sweet treat.

6. House Banners Cake

There are many houses in Westeros, each with its own traditions and symbols. There is House Stark, Baratheon, Targaryen, Lannister, and more.

This iron throne topper cake also features the major houses with pinned banners on top and edible coat of arms chiels around the side of the cake. Choose to munch on your favorite family.

7. Throne and Dragon Head GOT Cake

This cake combines two of the most important symbols from Game of Thrones in spectacular style, with a detailed iron throne and a large dragon head sitting on top of the cake.

But another element that stands out about this cake is the two soldiers standing in front of the fortified walls of the cake. One is an unsullied soldier, and the other is one of the King’s Guard in his shining helm.

8. Jon Snow and the Iron Throne Cake

This cake achieves a Game of Thrones theme with simple edible toppers and a small birthday plaque that evokes the classic “Winter is Coming” theme.

The toppers are an edible Iron Throne and Jon Snow. But, importantly, Jon does not sit on the throne since he never claimed it for himself.

9. Dark Jon Snow Cake

Jon Snow is one of the most popular characters from GOT, so he is an excellent choice to feature as a cake topper.

This realistic edible cake topper stands beside a detailed Iron Throne. He does not sit on the throne as he was never king of Westeros.

The cake is decorated in black, fitting for the leader of the Night’s Watch.

10. Enthroned Jon Snow Cake

Source: @regalkitchen

This cake shows the ending that many fans would have liked to have seen for the Game of Thrones tv series, but sadly never happened. Make it real for your favorite fan.

An edible Jon Snow sitting on the Iron Throne topper sits on top of this cake, and his direwolf Ghost sits by the cake.

11. Daenerys and Iron Throne Cake

Source: @lasrivas

While Daenerys may have claimed the Iron Throne as her birthright, she sat on the seat for a very short time. This cake uses a Daenerys on iron throne edible topper.

The cake is iced in black, reflecting the dark scenes of the closing season, and an edible dragon sits at Daenerys’ feet.

12. Daenerys Game of Thrones Cake

While Daenerys may have received an unfair ending in the TV series, she is still one of the most popular characters.

This cake celebrates her with a large Daenerys edible topper on a small dragon scale icing cake.

She sits on the Iron Throne in one of her signature dresses and holds her three dragon eggs in her lap.

13. Khal Drogo Portrait Cake

While Dothraki like Khal Drigo would probably prefer a steak to a cake, a fan will still love this Khal Drogo 3D portrait cake.

The baker has taken a lot of care to create a detailed portrait, which is placed on top of a simple white cake. But the small message “the moon of my life” will have a special meaning.

14. House of Faces Cake

Source: @cakeflix

This unique Game of Thrones cake features the Hall of Faces that Arya finds in the House of Black and White while she is learning the ways of the assassins.

The cake is topped by an edible iron throne, and the lower layer represents the green of Westeros with the symbols of some of the Houses.

15. Multi-Layered Game of Thrones Cake

A multi-layered cake gives you space to incorporate all of your favorite themes rather than just picking one.

This one starts with the plate itself, which has some of the moving clockwork parts that feature in the opening credits.

The first two layers feature a dragon on one side and a weeping weirwood tree on the other, while the icing shows bricks and wood.

Above this is a dragon scale layer, topped by an edible iron throne.

16. Iron Throne and Dragon Egg Cake

This cake was made for a baby shower, with the unhatched dragon egg signifying the baby. The egg sits on an iron throne on top of the cake, and both are edible.

The cake itself is decorated in earthy colors with strikes of silver to suggest the potential power of the soon-to-arrive dragon.

17. Dragon Devouring Throne Cake

Source: @artcardia

This cake combines two of the most common Game of Thrones symbols but in a unique way. The Iron Throne that sits on top of the cake looks like it is being devoured by the dragon, which curls around the throne and the cake.

The cake itself is decorated with clockwork symbols, referencing the opening credits. The dripping red icing reflects the blood that is spilled throughout the series.

18. Iron Throne and Map Cake

This cake is topped with an edible Iron Throne, a feature common to most Game of Thrones-themed cakes.

The cake itself is decorated with a map of Westeros, which will appeal to super fans who know the names of all the lands.

19. Black and Silver Thrones Cake

This Game of Thrones cake uses a black and silver color scheme that will look impressive before you cut the cake.

The cake is iced in pure black and decorated with symbols of the various houses in silver icing.

In the picture, you can see the dragons of Targaryen and the wolf of Stark. The cake is topped with a silver edible Iron Throne.

20. Layered Baratheon Crown Cake

Souece: @cakesbyashka

This cake is all about the politics of Westeros, and, unusually, it is topped with an edible version of the Baratheon crown worn by Robert and Joffrey, among others.

The lower layers are decorated with the coat of arms banners of the other houses. There is the Stark wolf, the Targaryen dragons, the Lannister lion, and the Baratheon stag.

21. Scales and Swords Game of Thrones Cake

This cake feels more symbolic than specific than other GOT cakes, but stands out for its detail and color scheme.

The bottom layer features green dragon scales, while the top layer features silver swords that evoke the iron throne but does not represent it. The colors look eery together and create a cool minimalist cake.

22. House Stark Cake

Source: @cupkatie_

This cake celebrates House Stark with a black cake decorated with the Stark wolf and Eddard Stark’s sword Oathkeeper protruding from the cake.

The side of the cake is decorated with various swords, representing the iron throne and the blood spilled in the North.

23. Hatching Dragon Egg Cake

It is impressive to see a round, free-standing cake like this one, and it is decorated with shiny icing scales.

The dragon tail emerging from the egg is a nice touch and alludes to new things to come.

24. Dragon Eggs GOT Cake

This cake is made in the form of two dragon eggs made famous from the series. They have been embellished with the dragons themselves.

A red dragon sits on the yellow egg as though protecting it. If you look closely, you can see the face of a dragon emerging from the green egg.

25. Winged Dragon Egg Cake

This cake features a dragon egg topper with detailed dragon scale icing. The wings of a dragon emerge from the egg, and you can see a small foot at the side.

The cake itself is decorated to look like one of the boxes that the Targaryens keep the precious eggs in.

26. Dragonstone GOT Cake

The two layers of this cake are decorated to look a bit like Dragonstone, the home of the Targaryens.

An impressive dragon sits on top of the cake, defending the keep. This one is plastic, but you could make an edible dragon from marzipan.

27. Blue Dragon at King’s Landing

This cake featured a detailed blue dragon made of edible icing that hugs the side of a two-layered round cake.

The layers of the cake are decorated to look like the bricks of King’s Landing, which Daenerys destroys with her dragon at the end of the series.

28. Dragon and Swords Cake

Source: @mrs.h.bakes

This is a simple round white cake that is decorated on the side rather than the top. Around the bottom of the cake are bricks that look like castle fortifications.

The side also featured an edible dragon with wings outstretched and the many swords that were wielded over the course of the series.

29. Pastel Dragon Cake

Source: @alebrijess

Do you know a Game of Thrones fan that also loves their pinks and pastels? Who said that the two couldn’t mix?

This is a cake decorated with pink scale icing, and a sleepy white dragon sits on top with its long tail hanging down the side. Add a banner for their favorite house.

30. Mini Dragon Cake

Source: @regalkitchen

Who said you can’t make a themed cake because you are only baking for a few people? This small cake is impressive with its large dragon topper.

The cake is iced in blood red and features a detailed design of the Targaryen coat of arms in white icing.

31. Fire Breathing Dragon Cake

Dragons are meant to breathe fire, and this cake incorporates this into its multi-layered design.

The cake climbs, starting with a layer that looks like the rocks and sea, which sits underneath a fortified layer featuring the GOT logo.

On top of this is a regal red layer, followed by a black layer to hold the iron throne.

32. Dragon Scales Cake

Many people who do Game of Thrones cakes will take advantage of dragon-scale icing. This cake starts with that but adds details to take things to another level.

A detailed dragon sits on the side of the cake, reaching up to three dragon eggs protected by another dragon. Skull decorations circle the bottom of the cake.

33. Whitewalker Cake

Give your guests a bit of a scare with this realistic Whitewalker face cake. The right lighting will make this blue and black icing look more than eery.

Exercise your artistic ability to paint on the icing to perfection.

34. Night King Cake

This Night King cake is a work of art almost too good to eat. But guests might manage if you tell them that they are helping save Westeros with every bite.

The detailed painting of the face and the way the armor is created with icing will have people talking about this cake for years to come.

35. Throne and Golden Dragon Cake

Source: @cakeart.ts

This cake is simple, just a round cake with a throne and dragon topper. But the execution makes it something special.

The silver of the throne and the gold of the dragon shine and are reflected in the silver and gold accents on the black icing of the cake.

36. Wolf and Dragon Cake

By the end of the Game of Thrones series, the wolf and the dragon sit on either side of the iron throne, just like they do on top of this cake! There is also a small Baratheon crown, adding a nice detail.

The cake itself is iced in chocolate and features trees and leaves reflecting the weirwoods of Westeros.

37. Your House GOT Cake

Source: @jenwrenbakes

House loyalty is important in Game of Thrones; this person has made a cake with the name of the birthday boy or girl’s house.

The cake has two layers, starting with buttercream dragon scales topped by defensive bricks.

An iron throne sits on top of the cake and can be reached by a ladder or the vines trailing down the side of the cake.

38. Weirwood Cake

Source: @douxtuxla

Weirwoods are central to the religion of the Old Gods, followed by people like Ned Stark. The life-like faces of the trees also make great cake decorations.

This cake is iced to look like the bricks of Winterfell, and a weirwood tree appears on the side with blood-red blooms flowing out.

A silver house Stark medallion sits on the side of the cake, and the Stark sword Oathkeeper protrudes from the top.

39. Crying Weirwood Cake

Source: @cakeflix

The crying of the trees in the weirwood is an important symbol in Game of Thrones and sits at the center of this impressive layered cake.

The lowest layer looks like the ice of the land “beyond the wall”, while the second layer is armored and decorated with the wolf of House Stark.

The weeping weirwood sits on top of this, and an iron throne layer finishes off the cake.

40. White Weirwood Cake

Source: @IGN

This cake might make the perfect treat for a GOT fan who loves the idea of the Old Gods and ancient religions.

The simple white cake forms the base for a weirwood tree, with long roots and branches opening up with red leaves; the weeping face of the tree looks both sweet and eerie.

41. Longclaw Cake

When Jon Snow becomes the Captain of the Night’s Watch, he receives Longclaw, a sword of Valyrian Steel that can kill Whitewalkers.

This is the sword with the wolf handle that sticks out of the top of this cake.

The cake itself is iced to look like the fur of a wolf, and the wolf symbol of House Stark appears on the side of the cake.

42. Winter is Coming Cake

From the very beginning of GOT, we are told that “Winter is Coming,” and it is one of the most important lines uttered in the series on various occasions.

This black cake featured the ominous saying, alongside the iced head of a wolf, representing the North.

43. House Targaryen Symbol Cake

The Game of Thrones spin-off series House of the Dragon focuses on the history of House Targaryen, which is represented by a three-headed dragon symbol.

This cake puts the blood-red symbol on top of a black iced cake, which is enclosed by a wall of armor, including the swords used to make the Iron Throne.

44. Stark and Targaryen Houses Cake

Source: @_emscakes_

Near the end of Game of Thrones, the Starks under Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen unite to take on the Whitewalkers in the North and the Lannisters in the South.

This cake overlays the symbols of the two houses, with the Stark wolf over the Targaryen dragon.

This symbol could represent Jon Snow, whose mother was a Stark and whose father was from the House of the Dragon.

45. House Baratheon Cake

By the time we meet King Robert Baratheon, his kingship has shaped him, and his successor Joffrey Baratheon is even worse!

But the Baratheons were respected enough to hold the Iron Throne after the fall of the Mad King.

This cake is topped by the stag crown of the Baratheon kings. Dragon scales pour down the side of the cake, an ominous sign of things to come.

46. Sleeping Dragon Cake


During the time between the fall of the Mad King and the return of Daenerys Targaryen, it seems that the dragon is only sleeping, as is the edible dragon that sits at the side of this Iron Throne topper.

The side of the cake is decorated with the coats of arms of the various houses, including the stag horns of House Baratheon, the raven symbol of Aryan of the Eyrie, and the golden Kraken of the House of Greyjoy.

47. Chocolate Game of Thrones Cake

Source: @cakesdecor

The chocolate icing of this layered cake makes it look like elaborate woodwork, engraved with intricate patterns and little gargoyle heads around the top.

The most striking features of the cake are the two dragons standing like sentinels on either side of the top layer and the Iron Throne on top.

48. You Sit On The Iron Throne

In Game of Thrones, everyone wants to sit on the Iron Throne. Why not put the birthday boy or girl in the coveted seat in edible form?

This lucky girl has her loyal dog at her side, just like the Stark children with the dire wolf pups.

49. Game of Thrones Book Cake

Source: @paidosdoces

Do you know someone desperately waiting for the next installment of the books to land? Give them a bookish birthday surprise with the GOT cake book.

The edible dragon on top will help ease their disappointment that it is not a real advanced issue of the next George R.R. Martin book.

50. GOT Wedding Cake

Want to do a Game of Thrones wedding cake? Take the same approach as any GOT cake, but rather than topping with Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen figures (remember they were related, and he killed her), go for two crowns.

The Baratheon stag crown encircles the top layer of this cake, while a more delicate crown for his queen sits on the very top of the cake.