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How to Get a Pearl in Stardew Valley (5 Methods and Benefits)

How to Get a Pearl in Stardew Valley (5 Methods and Benefits)

In the world of Stardew Valley, the pearl stands out as a sought-after prize. This lustrous gem born from the heart of the ocean, is coveted by many yet held by few.

With five distinct methods to procure this treasure, the journey to acquisition can be as intricate as the pearl itself. Our guide offers a clear and systematic breakdown of each method, ensuring that your pursuit is well-informed and efficient. Dive in and discover the best strategies to secure your very own pearl.

Overview of the Different Methods

Deciding between methods for getting a pearl Stardew Valley

We’ve summarised all the methods below, so once you’ve found the one that suits your playing style, scroll on for a more detailed breakdown.

Guaranteed Methods

These methods are best for players who want a pearl as fast as possible.

  1. Night Market Method: Ideal for players currently in the winter season or those who don’t mind the seasonal wait. The Mermaid Show presents the most straightforward and prevalent avenue to secure a pearl.
  2. Fish Pond Method: Suited for players with a focus on long-term investment and profitability. If you’re keen on optimizing fish ponds and relish the prospect of producing aged roe, this is your go-to method.
  3. Ginger Island Method: Tailored for the more seasoned players who have navigated their way to unlocking Ginger Island’s treasures.

Non-Guaranteed Methods

These methods are for players who are curious as to the odds of getting pearls during their regular gameplay.

  1. Artifact Trove Method: A good fit for the ardent artifact collectors. While a pearl isn’t a sure shot, other potential rewards from the trove can greatly assist in enriching the library’s collection.
  2. Shrine of Challenge Method: This is the pinnacle of challenges, best reserved for the advanced players who have not only unlocked the Shrine of Challenge but also excel in both mining and combat against formidable mobs.

Method 1: Getting a Pearl From the Night Market

Character at Night Market Stardew Valley
Exploring the Winter Night Markets

The Night Market is a unique event in Stardew Valley, offering players a range of activities, games, and opportunities to acquire rare items. This is the easiest way to get a pearl, as it requires no resources and little effort.

How to Visit the Night Market

The Night Market is held annually during the Winter season, from the 15th to the 17th. It starts at 5:00 PM and lasts until 2:00 AM.

To visit the Night Market, head down to the Beach during this timeframe. On the Ocean Pier, outside Willy’s Shop, you’ll see a variety of different stalls and boats.

Complete the Mermaid’s Puzzle

Mermaid Show stardew valley
Watching the Mermaid’s Show

One of the most interesting characters at the night market is the mermaid. She performs from 5 pm – 12:30 am, and If you complete her puzzle, she’ll grant you a pearl.

1. Attend the Mermaid’s Show. The show takes place in a submerged boat at the far right of the Night Market. Enter, and you’ll find seats awaiting the audience. The show will commence shortly after you arrive and lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes.

2. Note the Sequence. As the mermaids perform, they’ll display a sequence of notes. These are not just for show; they are the key to the puzzle. The correct sequence is: 1-5-4-2-3

3. Input the Sequence. After the performance concludes, approach the small platform with the five clam shells. Input the sequence by clicking on the shells in the correct order.

4. Claim Your Pearl. Once the sequence is successfully inputted, a pearl will appear as a reward. Collect it, and the pearl is yours!

Go Fishing in the Night Submarine

Night Submarine Fishing stardew Valley
Night Submarine Fishing

If you miss the mermaid show and are feeling lucky, you could try to catch a pearl on the night submarine.

1. Locate the Submarine. As you explore the Night Market, make your way towards the eastern dock. There you will find a submarine with a Captain ready to guide you on your deep-sea journey.

2. Pay the Entry Fee. Accessing this special fishing spot requires a fee of 1,000g. Upon payment, the Captain will usher you into the submarine, taking you to the ocean depths.

3. Start Your Fishing Adventure. With your preferred fishing rod, cast your line and delve into the unique catches this spot offers.

4. The Hunt for the Pearl. As you reel in your catches, there’s a chance you might obtain a pearl. While the probability is slim, it’s worth noting:

  • The base chance of securing a pearl stands at 0.4%.
  • Equip a Curiosity Lure to enhance this probability to 0.9%.
  • There are a multitude of unique fish that can only be caught here. One such fish, the Blobfish has the ability to provide a player with pearls if placed in a fish pond.

Method 2: Getting a Pearl from Fish Ponds

Character with Pearl Between two fish ponds Stardew Valley
Two Different Types of ‘Pearl Producing’ Fish Ponds

For those who don’t want to wait until Winter to get a Pearl, filling fish ponds can be a quicker, albeit resource-heavy option. There are two sea creatures that provide pearls: the Blobfish and the Crab.

Building a Fish Pond

Fish Pond Build Option at Robin's Carpenter Shop in Stardew Valley
Fish Pond Build Option at Robin’s Store

To house either a crab or a blobfish, you must first build a fish pond.

1. Gather 200 Stones. Stones can be commonly found throughout Stardew Valley. The best locations include the Mines, Quarry, or simply around your farm. Using a pickaxe will allow you to collect them.

2. Gather 5 Seaweed and 5 Green Algae. These can be acquired by fishing in various bodies of water throughout the valley. They’re commonly caught as random items while fishing.

3. Earn 5,000g. This can be earned from various farm activities, from selling crops, artisan goods, or other farm produce.

4. Visit Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop. Robin’s shop is located next to the Mountain Lake and operates between 9 am and 5 p.m. With your materials in your inventory, interact with Robin and select the fishpond option in her build menu.

How to Get a Pearl Through a Crab Pond

Character with Crab Pond Stardew Valley
Throwing a Crab into a Pond

Crabs are more common than blobfish and guarantee a pearl, making this the easier method between the two fish pond options.

Find a Crab

One reliable method to secure these creatures is by deploying a Crab Pot in any saltwater location, where it passively traps these critters.

For those inclined towards combat, facing off against the Rock Crab or the fiery Lava Crab offers a chance of obtaining a Crab, with drop rates of 15% and 25%, respectively. If luck is on your side, the wandering Traveling Cart might also have a Crab among its random assortment of goods for sale.

Complete Quests to Populate the Crab Pond

Crab Request Stardew valley
Crab Quest

While Crabs don’t naturally gift players a pearl, once a pond reaches maximum capacity, Willy will reward you with a pearl.

Over time, the crab will express specific needs or quests via an exclamation bubble above the pond. By fulfilling these requests, which can range from providing certain items to meeting specific conditions, players encourage the crab’s well-being and multiplication.

Meeting the crab’s needs is integral to successfully populating the pond, leading to a thriving aquatic community that, with diligent care and attention, can reach its maximum capacity.

Quest ItemCrab Population Growth
5 x Clay From 3 to 5 Crabs
10 x Bug Meat or 5 x QuartzFrom 5 to 7 Crabs
1 x Sea Urchin or 5 x Solar EssenceFrom 7 to 10 Crabs
Quest Items for Increasing Crab Population

How to Get a Pearl Through a Blobfish Pond

Character with Blobfish pond Stardew Valley
Throwing a Blobfish into a Pond

While Blobfish are harder to find, they naturally produce pearls. This makes them the better option for players who would prefer a lower chance of getting multiple pearls over the guarantee of one pearl.

Find a Blobfish

As mentioned before, this rare fish can be caught during the submarine ride offered at the Night Market, located at The Beach. When venturing into the depths on this ride, anglers have a 10% chance of hooking a Blobfish, a chance that doubles to 20% if armed with a Curiosity Lure.

Alternatively, for those preferring the open air, using Magic Bait in the southwest corner of the beach offers another shot at catching this unique creature. From the left-most pier, casting your line westward yields a 3.3% chance of catching the Blobfish, which again nearly doubles to 6.8% when using the Curiosity Lure.

Complete Quests to Populate the Blobfish Pond

Blobfish Quest Stardew Valley
Blobfish Quest

Similarly to the crabs, the Blobfish populate their pond by requesting items from the player. By attentively addressing these requirements, players will help the fish multiply.

Once the pond is at full capacity, Blobfish have a 2% chance of producing pearls. They also produce warm totems, a handy way to teleport around the farm.

Quest ItemBlobfish Population Growth
3 x Coral, 2 x Frozen Tears or 2 x Sea UrchinFrom 1 to 3 Blobfish
5 x Coffee Beans, 1 x Mayonnaise or 1 x PizzaFrom 3 to 5 Blobfish
1 x Cookie, 1 x Green Tea or 1 x WineFrom 5 to 7 Blobfish
1 x Rainbow Shell or 1 x Rice PuddingFrom 7 to 10 Blobfish
Quest Items for Increasing Blobfish Population

Method 3: Getting a Pearl From Ginger Island

Character with Peal on Ginger Island Stardew Valley
Pearl on Ginger Island

Getting to Ginger Island requires completing the Community Center, repairing Willy’s Boat, and Unlocking different areas. This makes it one of the most difficult methods for newer players. However, for those familiar with the island, finding a pearl is very simple.

Dig at the Marked Location on Ginger Island

Journal Scrap 6 Stardew Valley
Journal Scrap 6

The above image is a map torn Journal Scrap 6. Journal Scraps are similar to secret notes but exclusive to Ginger Island. Once players dig at the spot, located southeast of the Island Farmhouse, they’ll be rewarded not only with a pearl but a golden walnut.

Note that the journal scrap simply provides a helpful map, and it is not necessary to discover it before you obtain the pearl.

Method 4: Artifact Troves

Character with Artifact Trove at Clint's Stardew Valley
Getting Clint to Open the Artifact Trove

The Artifact Trove is a rare item that contains ancient curiosities. Should a player obtain one, there’s a 3.9% chance a pearl will be inside.

Obtaining an Artifact Trove from the Desert Trader

Character at Desert Trader with Artifact Trove Stardew valley
Receiving an Artifact Trove from the Desert Trader

The Desert Trader offers an Artifact Trove in exchange for 5 Omni Geodes. It’s a surefire way to secure a trove if you’re willing to part with your geodes.

Omni Geodes are valuable because they can contain a variety of minerals, artifacts, ores, and more. Players can find them primarily by mining in The Mines (floors 21-120), the Skull Cavern, or by panning.

Once you have an artifact trove, bring it to Clint at the Blacksmith’s where he’ll open it for 25g. While the chance of finding a pearl isn’t very high, there’s a variety of unique items such as the Golden Pumpkin or treasure chest.

Obtaining an Artifact Trove through Regular Gameplay

For those not invested in finding omni geodes, there is a chance to get an artifact trove through general gameplay.

  • Haunted Skulls Drop: Once you complete the Vault Bundle, the Haunted Skulls become potential drop sources for the Artifact Trove.
  • Supply Crates on the Beach Farm: For players who have upgraded the Farmhouse at least two times, the Beach Farm’s Supply Crates might yield an Artifact Trove.
  • Artifact Spots in the Dig Site: Ginger Island’s Dig Site occasionally reveals an Artifact Trove when players dig at Artifact Spots.

Method 5: Activating the Shrine of Challenge

Shrine of Challenge Stardew valley
Shrine of Challenge

The Mines in Stardew Valley are known not only for their abundant minerals but also for the secrets and challenges they house. One of these secrets, the Shrine of Challenge, makes pearls forgeable throughout the mines.

Unlocking the Shrine of Challenge

Danger in the Deep quest in Stardew Valley

Before players can harness the power of the shrine, they first must unlock Qi’s Walnut Room and complete the “Danger In The Deep” quest. Following the successful completion of the quest, the Shrine of Challenge becomes accessible on floor 120 of The Mines.

This shrine isn’t just ornamental; it functions as a toggle switch that changes the nature of the mine’s enemies. With a simple activation, players can alternate between normal enemy variants and their more formidable “dangerous” counterparts. However, it’s worth noting that upon toggling, the change in monster variants won’t take effect until the next day.

On the very day, a player triumphs over the “Danger In The Deep” quest, a note from the enigmatic Mr. Qi will be waiting at the shrine. This message serves as a temporary barricade; Mr. Qi informs the player that he has momentarily disabled the shrine’s function, urging them to return the following day.

Foraging for Pearls

With the shrine set to its dangerous setting, the Mines transform, introducing the Radioactive Nodes. These nodes are a gateway to obtaining Radioactive Ores, an essential resource.

Most importantly for pearl seekers, foraging in this heightened challenge environment provides a chance to stumble upon the coveted pearl. This method of acquiring pearls requires a mix of bravery, persistence, and a bit of luck. Still, the rewards — not just in pearls but in the thrill of the challenge — make it an endeavor worth undertaking.

The 4 Benefits of Having a Pearl

Gifting Pearl to Emily Stardew Valley
Gifting a Pearl to Emily

1. Pearls Have a High Sell Value

The most immediate value of a pearl is its selling price. For those looking for a quick profit, a pearl can be sold for a substantial 2,500g. Given its rarity, this price tag can provide a healthy boost to a player’s income.

2. Pearls Can be Traded with the Desert Trader

The Desert Trader, always on the lookout for rare items, values the pearl highly. In a unique trade deal, the trader is willing to exchange a luxurious Birch Double Bed for a pearl. This elegant piece of furniture can enhance the aesthetic of any player’s home, making it a trade many find worthwhile.

3. Pearls are a Universally Loved Gift

The intrinsic beauty of the pearl is universally acknowledged by the residents of Stardew Valley. As a result, it stands as a universally loved gift. Handing a pearl as a present guarantees a positive reaction from any villager, making it an exceptional item for forging or strengthening relationships.

Whether you’re trying to win someone’s heart, mend a relationship, or just spread joy, the pearl serves as a failsafe gift.

4. A Pearl can be Tailored into a Bridal Veil

For those who have a penchant for fashion, the pearl offers another intriguing use. With the right tailoring tools and expertise, a pearl can be transformed into a breathtaking Bridal Veil. Donning this accessory not only showcases your sense of style but also your resourcefulness and creativity in the world of Stardew Valley.

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