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How To Get Hay in Stardew Valley (3 Methods and Benefits)

How To Get Hay in Stardew Valley (3 Methods and Benefits)

In the lush landscape of Stardew Valley, it’s not just the crops in the ground or the fish in the water that hold value. Hay, an often-overlooked treasure, plays a pivotal role in the life of any ambitious farmer. It’s the lifeline for your livestock, ensuring they’re nourished through every season, come rain or shine.

But how does one go about securing this golden bounty? Let’s delve deep into the art and science of obtaining hay in Stardew Valley.

How To Get Hay

Players can obtain hay through three primary methods:

Method 1: Building a Silo

Character with Silo Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, a silo stands out as an invaluable infrastructure for hay management. It can hold up to 240 pieces of hay.

Firstly, a silo facilitates automatic storage: when players cut tall grass using a scythe, the hay is directly deposited into the silo, simplifying the collection process. This feature ensures that farmers always have a consistent and organized supply, especially crucial during the winter months when grass becomes a rare sight on the farm.

Furthermore, with the silo’s built-in capacity indicators, farmers can keep a keen eye on their hay reserves. This aids in better resource planning, ensuring livestock never go hungry and reducing the potential for resource wastage.

Gather Materials

  1. Stone (100): Stones are a common resource in Stardew Valley. You can get stones by breaking rocks on the farm, in the Mines, or in the Quarry.
  2. Clay (10): Clay can be a bit trickier to come by. It’s usually obtained by tilling soil with a hoe on the farm or in the Mines. Additionally, worms or artifact spots, recognizable by the wiggling worms on the ground, often yield clay when dug up.
  3. Copper Bar (5): To obtain copper bars, you’ll first need to mine for copper ore. This ore is primarily found on the upper levels of the Mines. Once you have a sufficient amount, you can smelt the copper ore in a furnace to produce copper bars.

On top of these materials, you’ll also need 100g as part of the construction cost. Once you’ve gathered all the necessary resources, head to Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop to commission your new silo.

Build Silo at Robin’s Carpenter Shop

Building a Silo Stardew Valley
Build Option for a Silo

Building a silo in Stardew Valley involves a visit to Robin’s Carpenter Shop, the go-to place for all farm-related constructions.

First, ensure you’re heading to her shop between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. Do remember that it’s closed on Tuesdays as Robin goes to an aerobics class at Pierre’s.

Once there, strike up a conversation with Robin and navigate to the “Construct Farm Buildings” option. As you peruse through various construction possibilities, you’ll find the “Silo” among the list. Upon selecting it, you’ll be prompted to confirm the construction by choosing “Build.”

The final step in this process requires you to decide the placement of your silo on your farm. Using an interactive map layout, pick the perfect spot for your new structure. With all decisions made, Robin and her team will commence construction, ensuring your farm is soon equipped with a brand-new silo to aid in hay management.

Using the Silo

Filling a Silo is simple. Just use a scythe to cut down tall grass that grows on your property. As you cut the grass, hay is collected and sent directly to the silo up to its maximum capacity.

When it’s time to feed your animals, hay can be dispensed from the silo through the hopper located inside each animal dwelling, be it barns or coops. This hopper acts as an intermediary, allowing you to easily withdraw the hay stored in the silo and place it onto the feeding benches for your animals.

For those with deluxe versions of barns and coops, the process is further streamlined. An autofeeder in these upgraded buildings will automatically pull hay from the Silo and dispense it to the animals.

Method 2: Harvesting Hay

Scything Grass Stardew Valley
Harvesting Grass for Hay

For those who don’t have the materials to build a silo, there’s an easier option. Players can acquire hay by harvesting grass and wheat around their farm.

Visit Pierre’s Shop:

  • Location: North of the town square.
  • Timing: Between 9 AM and 5 PM. Note: The shop is closed on Wednesdays.

Purchase Grass Starter:

  • Engage with Pierre to access his inventory.
  • Scroll through the items and select “Grass Starter” to purchase.

Planting the Grass:

  • Return to your farm.
  • Choose a suitable location and plant the Grass Starter seeds.

Allow the Grass to Grow:

  • Resist the urge to harvest immediately.
  • Let the grass grow and spread for a few days to maximize its yield.

Harvesting Hay:

  • Once the grass has spread satisfactorily, equip your scythe.
  • Cut the grass down to obtain hay.

Benefit of Planting Grass:

  • Animals on your farm can graze on the planted grass directly.
  • This natural grazing not only saves the effort of manual feeding but also beautifies your farm with animals enjoying their natural habitat.

Method 3: Buying Hay

The main place to get Hay is Marnie’s Ranch. If you’re a newer player, here’s how to find it.

Directions to Marnie’s Ranch

Step One:
Step 1 of directions leading to Marnie's Ranch in Stardew Valley

Exit your Farmhouse and walk South until you reach the very end of your farm.

Step Two:
Step 2 of directions leading to Marnie's Ranch in Stardew Valley

Enter Cindersnap Forest and walk a few paces. When you come to the signpost, veer East.

Step Three:
Step 3 directions to finding Marnie's Ranch Stardew Valley

There you’ll spot Marnie’s Ranch. Head on in to buy your hay.

How to Buy the Hay

Buying Hay from Marnie Stardew Valley
Buy Option at Marnie’s Ranch

From Marnie: Marnie’s Ranch is one of the primary sources, where hay is available for 50g a piece. This ranch, run by the friendly Marnie, can be a lifesaver, especially during winter months when grass is sparse.

From the Desert Trader: Alternatively, the Desert Trader offers an intriguing barter deal for those exploring the Calico Desert. Here, players can exchange a single Omni Geode for a bundle of three hay. This trade can be particularly appealing for those with an abundance of geodes and an immediate need for hay.

Tips and Tricks for Optimising Hay Growth

Character fencing grass in Stardew Valley
  1. Efficient Grass Planting: Rather than planting grass starters right next to each other, space them out. Grass spreads to adjacent tiles, so giving them room can save on initial costs and allow for a more efficient spread.
  2. Grass Growth Timing: Plant grass starters in the early or mid-season to allow for maximum growth and spread, optimizing hay yield when harvested.
  3. Silo Before Scything: Before cutting down large amounts of grass, ensure you have a silo. This way, grass that’s cut down with the scythe gets converted into hay and stored automatically.
  4. Optimizing Silo Storage: If your silo is almost full, you can pull hay out and store it in chests. This way, you can continue harvesting hay from grass even if the silo reaches its maximum capacity.
  5. Winter Preparation: Remember that all grass dies starting winter. Make sure to harvest all your grass by the end of fall to maximize your hay storage for winter.
  6. Protect Your Grass. If you let animals graze, they’ll eat the grass, which can reduce the spread over time. Consider fencing off a section of the grass to ensure it keeps growing and spreading.

The Purpose of Hay

Hay has a variety of uses in Stardew Valley. Here are a few:

Feeding Animals

Feeding Animals with Hay Stardew Valley
Feeding Animals

Hay is an indispensable resource for any farmer who raises animals. Every animal housed within coops and barns requires hay for sustenance, particularly when fresh grass isn’t readily available.

Each day, these animals consume one unit of hay, which the farmer places on a feeding bench inside their respective shelters. During the winter months, when grass is non-existent, the significance of hay becomes even more pronounced. Without it, animals cannot be fed, impacting their well-being and productivity. Whether it’s sourced directly from the farm or purchased from local stores, hay stands as a vital lifeline, ensuring the health and happiness of livestock throughout the year.

Completing the Fodder Bundle

Fodder bundle Stardew Valley
Fodder Bundle

To complete the fodder bundle, players are required to contribute 10 hay, highlighting its importance not just as animal sustenance, but also as a valuable commodity for community-driven tasks.

Successfully fulfilling the Fodder Bundle not only brings players one step closer to reviving the Community Centre but also rewards them with a heater. This item is particularly beneficial as it helps in keeping animals warm during the cold winter months, ensuring their comfort and happiness.

Tailoring The Grass Skirt

Character in grass skirt Stardew Valley
Character Wearing Grass Skirt

When used in the spool of the Sewing Machine, hay transforms into a vibrant Grass Skirt, creating a fashionable piece for your character to wear.

Additionally, hay offers its golden hues to the dyeing process, serving as a yellow dye in the dye pots.

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