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“Give The Sand Dragon His Last Meal” Step-by-Step Guide in Stardew Valley

“Give The Sand Dragon His Last Meal” Step-by-Step Guide in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a treasure trove of mysteries waiting to be discovered. One such mystery is the task of feeding the Sand Dragon his ‘last meal.’ This can be a challenging quest without the right guidance, but fear not, this comprehensive guide is here to help you!

Step 1: Repairing The Bus

The adventure isn’t over yet. Before thinking about feeding the Sand Dragon, we first need to make the Calico Desert accessible. Here’s how:

The desert is only accessible by bus, which is unfortunately broken down at the start of the game. To repair the bus, you have two options:

Option 1: The Community Center Route

Refurbish the Community Centre in Stardew Valley

If you’ve chosen to refurbish the community centre, you just need to complete the vault bundle. Don’t fret about foraging for rare seasonal or artisan items – the vault bundle uniquely requires gold instead of items.

The catch? It requires a hefty sum of gold – a total of 42,500g to be precise! Once completed, the Junimos – the magical forest spirits who inhabit the Community Center – will repair the bus overnight, enabling travel to the Calico Desert.

Option 2: The Joja Route

Joja Community Development Form in Stardew Valley

On the other hand, if you’ve succumbed to buying a Joja Membership, you could then buy the bus repair in the Joja Community Development Form for 40,000g.

It might seem like the easier option, but remember, you’re trading the charm of the community-driven route for convenience. The bus repair will be instantaneous after purchase.

Step 2: Preparing To Enter The Desert

Getting on the repaired bus to Calico Desert in Stardew Valley
Getting on the repaired bus to Calico Desert

The Calico Desert isn’t just a barren wasteland; it houses tough monsters and provides a harsh environment. So, before you step on the bus, ensure you’re well-equipped. Load up on health restoration items, sturdy armor, and a reliable weapon. Also, save 500g for the bus fare.

Now, all that’s left to do is wait until 10:10am when Pam is available to drive you. 

Step 3: Discovering The Dragon

The quest message ‘Give The Sand Dragon His Last Meal’ has misled many a Stardew Valley player. If you’ve spent some time in the skull cavern, you’ve likely encountered some dragon-like creatures like the serpent or pepper rex.

These, however, are distractions. The dragon isn’t a monstrous creature lurking in a cavern. To find it, once you’re in the desert, head east past Sandy’s Oasis store until you stumble upon a colossal skeleton – the Sand Dragon. A cryptic inscription on it reads, “Its maw gapes at the desert sun. Even in death, it yearns for a taste.”

Step 4: Deciphering The Dragon’s Riddle

Feel free to crack the riddle yourself. But if you’re stumped, we don’t blame you. This enigmatic note refers to the item we need – the Solar Essence. Let’s break it down:

“Its maw gapes at the desert sun. Even in death, it yearns for a taste.”

  1. “The desert sun”: Refers to a solar-themed game item.
  1. “Its maw gapes”: Implies that this is the part of the dragon we need to interact with.
  1. “Even in death, it yearns for a taste”: Suggests feeding it something eternal, like an essence.

Step 5: Acquiring Solar Essence

Fighting a ghost for solar essence in Stardew Valley
Fighting a ghost for solar essence

Solar Essences are dropped by specific monsters within the Mines and other cavernous regions of Stardew Valley. Here are the targets ranked from easiest to hardest. 

Ghosts (Most Common Source)

These ethereal beings float eerily through the levels 51-90 of the Mines. They might seem harmless, but don’t be fooled. They can take a good amount of damage before they’re defeated, but they’re also the easiest and most common source of Solar Essence.

Squid Kids

These tentacled terrors can be found between levels 80-120 of the Mines. Beware of their electric attacks, and always be ready to dodge!

Metal Heads

Primarily located in the Iron Ore levels of the Mines (around levels 40-79), these creatures can pose a considerable challenge, especially for beginners.

Mummies (Least Common Source)

Encountered within the treacherous Skull Cavern in the desert, these creatures can be tough to deal with, but with the right strategy, they can yield Solar Essences. Remember, each time you knock a mummy down, it isn’t defeated. You need to use a bomb to finish it off for good.

So, gather a good weapon and some food, and happy hunting! 

Not wanting to brave the mines? If you’ve unlocked Krobus, he’s always stocking solar essence in his store.

Step 5: Feeding The Sand Dragon His Last Meal

Giving the sand dragon his last meal in Stardew Valley by clicking on it's maw with the solar essence
Feeding the dragon by clicking on it’s maw with the essence

With Solar Essence in your inventory, interact with the Sand Dragon to trigger a cutscene where you “feed” it. Voila! You’ve completed the challenge. All that’s left to do is return home, where you can inspect the lumber pile outside your door.

After rummaging around, you’ll find the exclusive club card. This grants you access to the casino at the back of Sandy’s Oasis. Simply present your card to the bouncer, and go explore!

Mr Qi's Casino casino at the back of Sandy’s Oasis

So there you have it – your comprehensive guide to feeding the Sand Dragon in Stardew Valley. With the right preparations and a bit of courage, you’ve conquered the mystery of the ‘last meal’ and unlocked the secrets of Mr. Qi’s casino. 

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