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Hagrid Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

Hagrid Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

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Rubeus Hagrid is a part giant wizard who worked at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, first as groundskeeper, and later as Professor for Care of Magical Creatures.

While he attended Hogwarts as a young wizard, he was expelled under suspicion of causing the death of other students through the spider Aragog, but he was framed by fellow student Tom Riddle. Professor Dumbledore protested his innocence and secured a place for him to work at Hogwarts.

He was a member of the Order of the Phoenix and supported Albus Dumbledore. Hagrid was also responsible for reintroducing Harry Potter into the wizarding world and the two became great friends.

He had a passion for dangerous magical creatures such as giant spiders, dragons, and hippogriffs, which often got him into trouble.

About Rubeus Hagrid

Born6 December 1928
Blood StatusHalf-Giant
OccupationHogwarts Gamekeeper Care of Magical Creatures Professor
Wand16-inch oak, unknown core, later incorporated into a pink umbrella
Zodiac SignSagittarius

Rubeus Hagrid Early Life

Rubeus Hagrid was born on 6 December 1928 to a wizard rather and giantess mother named Fridwulfa. When Hagrid was three years old, his mother left the family. She returned to her giant community, and Hagrid was raised by his father.

Hagrid has few memories of his mother but thinks of his father fondly. Being part giant, he outgrew his father by the age of six. He eventually grew to a height of eleven and a half feet tall. While this is enormous by human standard, it is very small for a giant.

My dad was broken-hearted when she wen’. Tiny little bloke, my dad was. By the time I was six I could lift him up an’ put him on top o’ the dresser if he annoyed me. Used ter make him laugh…

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Both Hagrid and his father were thrilled when he was accepted at Hogwarts, despite his giant heritage. He began studying in 1940 and was sorted into Gryffindor House.

Even as a young wizard, Hagrid already had a fascination with magical creatures. In his third year at Hogwarts, he acquired a young Acromantula spider that he named Aragog. He kept the spider inside a cupboard at Hogwarts.

The First Opening of the Chamber of Secrets

That same year, fifth-year student Tom Riddle, who would go on to become Lord Voldemort, had released Slytherin’s monster from the Chamber of Secrets and it was terrorizing the school. It even killed a student by the name of Myrtle Warren.

When Riddle realized that the school might close as a result of his actions, and that he would have to return to his London orphanage, he decided to frame Hagrid for his own crimes. He told the headmaster Armando Dippet about Hagrid and Aragog, implying that they were responsible for the crimes.

Hagrid was able to help the innocent Aragog escape into the forest, but he was expelled from Hogwarts. Hagrid was pleased that his father had already died a short time before this as he would have been devastated by this news.

As part of his expulsion, he was forbidden from practicing magic and his wand was destroyed. However, Hagrid kept the pieces. Albus Dumbledore later integrated them into a pink umbrella that Hagrid would use to case clumsy spells.

Albus Dumbledore, who was then Head of Transfiguration at Hogwarts, believed in Hagrid’s innocence. He convinced the headmaster to let the orphan stay on at the school and train as gamekeeper.

Hagrid During the First Wizarding War

Always loyal to Albus Dumbledore, Hagrid was one of the founding members of the Order of the Phoenix during the First Wizarding War.

The war ended when Lord Voldemort hunted down James and Lily Potter. He killed the couple. But when he tried to kill their son Harry, he was himself thrown from his body due to Harry’s mother sacrificing herself to save her son.

Dumbledore sent Hagrid to the home of the Potters to retrieve the boy and deliver him to the home of his mother’s sister, Petunia Dursley. Hagrid did so on an enchanted motorcycle that he had borrowed from Sirius Black, who he encountered in the chaos following the destruction of the Potter’s home.

No, sir – house was almost destroyed but I got him out all right before the Muggles started swarmin’ around. He fell asleep as we were flyin’ over Bristol.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Hagrid and the Return of Harry Pottter

After the death of his parents, Harry Potter spent almost ten years living in the muggle world with his Aunt Petunia, her husband Vernon Dursley, and their son Dudley. The Dursleys hated magic and hid Harry’s true identity from him and lied to him about what happened to his parents.

When letters started to arrive for Harry telling him that he had a place at Hogwarts, Vernon Dursley tried to avoid the situation by not opening the mail. As the letters continued to arrive in increasingly large numbers, he took his family to a remote cabin where he thought no one would be able to reach him.

When Albus Dumbledore did not receive a response from Harry, he sent Hagrid to find the boy and discover what was happening. Hagrid arrived just after midnight on Harry’s eleventh birthday and accidentally broke down the door with the force of his knocking and entered to everyone’s surprise.

A giant of a man was standing in the doorway. His face was almost completely hidden by a long, shaggy mane of hair and a wild, tangled beard, but you could make out his eyes, glinting like black beetles under all the hair.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

You’re a Wizard, Harry

He gave Harry a birthday cake and revealed to him that he was a wizard. When Vernon Dursley protested and pulled out a shotgun, Hagrid twisted the gun into a knot. Then Hagird saw Dudley Dursley eating Harry’s birthday cake while everyone’s backs were turned. He used his umbrella wand to give the boy a pig’s tail.

When Vernon Dursley continued to object, Hagrid put him in his place.

If he wants ter go, a great Muggle like you won’t stop him. Stop Lily an’ James Potter’s don goin’ ter Hogwarts! Yer mad. His name’s been down ever since he was born. He’s off ter the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world. Seven years there and he won’t know himself. He’ll be with youngsters of his own sort, fer a change, an’ he’ll be under the greatest headmaster Hogwarts ever had…

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Hagrid then escorted Harry to Diagon Alley so that he could buy all of his school supplies. They started with a visit to Gringotts to retrieve gold from Harry’s volt. The pair then secured a wand and schoolbooks for Harry. Hagrid got Harry a white owl called Hedwig as an eleventh birthday present.

Hagrid and the Philosopher’s Stone

When Hagrid took Harry to Gringotts to get his gold, he also retrieved an item from the high-security vault 713. This was the only known philosopher’s stone, which had the power to grant immortality. Made by alchemist Nicolas Flamel, Dumbledore feared that Lord Voldemort might come after the stone. The headmaster had Hagrid remove it from Gringotts to hide it at Hogwarts. This proved sensible, as the day after Hagrid retrieved the stone, the vault was broken into.

Albus Dumbledore created a safe place for the stone, off a third-floor corridor at Hogwarts. He invited many of the Hogwarts professors to contribute to the protection of the stone. Hagrid also participated, placing a massive three-headed dog at the entrance to the space holding the stone.

At this time, Lord Voldemort was working through Quirinius Quirrell, the Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. Wanting to learn the secret of getting past the dog, which Hagrid called fluffy, he disguised himself as a dragon dealer and met Hagrid at the Hog’s Head in Hogsmeade. Under the influence of a lot of mead and the excitement of getting a dragon egg, Hagrid revealed to him that the way to get past fluffy was to play music, as this would send him to sleep.

Hagrid and Norbet

Meanwhile, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were also trying to discover the secret of the third-floor corridor. They thought that it was too much of a coincidence that Hagrid would be offered a dragon’s egg at this time. They discovered Hagrid in his hut when the egg was hatching. This led them to question Hagrid about his interaction with the dragon dealer. The trio realized that Hagrid had shared the secret of getting past Fluffy.

As chaos ensued in the castle around the Philosopher’s Stone, Hagrid was largely oblivious as he was caring for his new young dragon Norbett, and keeping him secret since dragon trading is illegal. He eventually saw reason and that he would not be able to keep the dragon at Hogwarts. Ron organized for his brother Charlie, who worked with dragons, to come to Hogwarts and secretly take the dragon.

For this activity, Harry and Hermione were caught out of bed after hours, along with Draco Malfoy, who had turned them in, and Neville Longbottom, who had tried to help them. As a result, the group had detention in the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid.

There they discovered a creature that was killing unicorns and drinking their blood to sustain itself. This turned out to be Lord Voldemort, who later made an attempt on the Philosopher’s stone with Quirrell, only to be thwarted by Harry with the help of Ron and Hermione.

Hagrid and the Chamber of Secrets

In the following school year, Hagrid found himself in Azkaban for a short spell when the ghost of Tom Riddle, through an enchanted diary, used Ginny Weasley to reopen the Chamber of Secrets and release Slytherin’s monster.

Since Hagrid had been found guilty the last time the chamber had been opened, he was a prime suspect. The Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge, under pressure from the Lucius Malfoy on the school governors, sent Hagrid to Azkaban.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were hidden under the invisibility cloak while Hagrid was being arrested. He was able to tell them that they should follow the spiders into the Forbidden Forest to learn about what happened the last time the chamber was opened.

Harry and Ron did just this after Hermione was petrified by the serpent. They learned what Hagrid had really been up to at the time. The air also realized that the girl who had been killed by the monster last time was the ghost Moaning Myrtle. They were able to secure vital information from her as well.

His innocence was soon proven as the attacks continued and Ginny Weasley was kidnapped and taken into the Chamber of Secrets. Harry, using his knowledge of parseltongue and with the help of Hermione and Ron, was able to find the chamber, kill the serpent, and save Ginny. He was also able to show that it was the enchanted diary that was responsible for opening the chamber, and that Lucius Malfoy had deliberately given the dark magical object to Ginny Weasley.

Hagrid was soon released from Azkaban and able to return to Hogwarts to the delight of his friends.

Hagrid and Buckbeak

Harry Potter with Buckbeak the Hippogriff
Harry Potter with Buckbeak the Hippogriff

In the 1993/1994 school year Hagrid became the Care of Magical Creatures professor following the retirement of Silvanus Kettleburn.

Students begin this subject in their third year, and for their very first lesson Hagrid decided to introduce them to hippogriffs. These are creatures with the body of a horse and the wings and head of an eagle. While Hagrid explained that they are proud and temperamental creatures, Draco Malfoy nevertheless went on to insult the hippogriff Buckbeak. In response, it hurt his arm.

Draco exaggerated his injury, even to the point of rescheduling a Quidditch game to give him more time to recover. His father Lucius Malfoy, on the board of school governors, convinced the Ministry of Magic to issue an order of execution for Buckbeak.

Hagrid vowed to do everything he could to fight the order and save Buckbeak, with the help of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. He also lost much of his teaching confidence and stuck to tamer lessons such as flubberworms.

Hagrid’s appeal through the justice system failed and Buckbeak was scheduled to be executed at sunset on 6 June 1994. Fortunately, Harry and Hermione were able to save Buckbeak using a time-turner, and do so in such a way that the Ministry could not suspect Hagrid of being involved. The part-giant spent the night celebrating with a bottle of firewhisky.

Hagrid, Love, and the Triwizard Tournament

The following year, Hogwarts had the honour of hosting the first Triwizard Tournament in a century. Hagrid was very involved in its organization. But he was also distracted during the year as he met Madame Maxime, the headmistress of Beauxbatons academy. She is also part giant, though vehemently denied it.

She arrived in carriages pulled by Abraxans. Her first encounter with Hagrid was when she explained to the gamekeeper that they only drink single malt whisky and need a firm hand. Hagrid was clearly smitten immediately.

Hagrid helped Charlie Weasley to prepare the dragons for the first Triwizard Task. He took Madame Maxime to see the dragons, with Harry as well under his invisibility cloak. Hagrid thereby shared the secret of the first task with most of the champions. Madame Maxime would surely tell her school’s champion Fleur Delacour, and Harry went on to tell fellow Hogwarts Champion Cedric Diggory. Viktor Krum was also told about the dragons by his headmaster Igor Karkaroff.

Hagrid and Madame Maxime

At the Yule Ball that followed, Hagrid attended with Maxime. This is where he revealed his life story to her and the fact that he was a giant. This was overheard by Harry and Ron. When it became clear that he assumed that Maxime was part giant as well, she was highly offended stating that she just had big bones.

Unfortunately, the Animagus reporter Rita Skeeter also overheard the conversation. She later reported in the Daily Prophet that Hagrid was part giant. Due to prejudice around giants, Hagrid received a lot of hate mail and hid in his hut for a few weeks. Professor Grubbly-Plank took over his classes.

However, Dumbledore refused to accept Hagrid’s resignation, and Harry, Hermione, and Ron also insisted that Hagrid return to classes. Dumbledore also assured Hagrid that he had received plenty of mail from former students who greatly respected Hagrid and would be appalled if he was forced to leave the school because of this.

Later, when an incident with a sick and confused Barty Crouch Snr left Durmstrang Champion Viktor Krum stunned, Igor Karkaroff accused Dumbledore of foul play. Hagrid lost his temper with Karkaroff, slammed him into a tree, and demanded an apology. But he let him go at Dumbledore’s request.

Hagrid contributed to the construction of the maze that the Champions would face in the final task, including placing some of his blast-ended screwts as obstacles.

When Harry returned, with Cedric’s dead body and reporting that Lord Voldemort had returned, Hagrid comforted the boy. He admitted to Harry that he believed that Voldemort would return since he was not really human enough to die. He told Harry, Ron, and Hermione that he would travel with Madame Maxime during the summer on an important mission.

Hagrid and the Giant Colony

With the return of Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore was looking for allies, so he sent Hagrid and Madame Maxime to the giant colonies. If they could not recruit the giants to actively help, perhaps they could at least prevent them from joining Lord Voldemort.

Following Dumbledore’s advice, they brought gifts for the chief giant, specifically eternal Gubraithian Fire and a goblin-made battle helmet. These did allow them to win over the Gurg Karkus for a time.

Dumbledore wanted us ter take it very slow. Let’em see we kept our promises. We’ll come back tomorrow with another present, an’ then we do come back with another present — gives a good impression, see? An’ gives them time ter test out the firs’ present an’ find out it’s a good one, an’ get ’em eager fer more. In any case, giants like Karkus — overload ’em with information an’ they’ll kill yeh jus’ to simplify things.

Harry Potter and the Hlaf Blood Prince

But two Death Eaters in the region for the same reason managed to incite an uprising and the giant Golgomath killed Karkus and took his position. He ordered his followers to attack Hagrid and Maxime and they were forced to flee.

While there, Hagrid also discovered that while his mother had died years earlier, he had a half-brother called Grawp. He had a hard time with the colony because he was considered very small for a giant. Hagrid, therefore, decided to take Grawp back to Hogwarts with him.

Grawp and Hagrid made the journey back separately from Madame Maxime, who could not continue to tolerate Grawp’s violent behavior.

Hagrid and the High Inquisitor

Hagrid returned to Hogwarts well after term started, with Professor Grubbly-Plank covering his classes. While he initially refused to talk about what he had been doing, he eventually confided in Harry, Hermione, and Ron about his mission to the giants. He did not, however, mention Grawp. But the tri did notice that Hagrid seemed to be badly wounded and that he was not healing.

Upon his return, Hagrid found that Dolores Umbridge had been sent to Hogwarts as High Inquisitor. Among other things, she was assessing the performance of all the teachers. Due to her prejudice against part humans, she deliberately set out to give him a poor assessment. Hagrid was placed on probation.

When Dumbledore was forced to leave the school when the activities of the DA were discovered, Hagrid knew that it was only a matter of time before Umbridge forces him out. At this time, he decided to share the secret of Grawp’s existence so that the trio could look after him if Hagrid was forced to leave.

Hagrid and Grawp

During a Quidditch game in which Ron played, but Harry could not because he was banned from playing by Umbridge, Hagrid took Harry and Hermione to meet Grawp. The giant started to call Hermione “Herme”, as her name was too difficult to pronounce. The two agreed to take care of Grawp if necessary.

When Lee Jordan released nifflers into Professor Umbridge’s office, Hagrid was suspected. Umbridge used it as an excuse to have Hagrid removed from the school. She may have intended to have him arrested as she led a group of Aurors to Hagrid’s hut in the middle of the night. But the students who were taking part in the Astronomy exams were able to see what was happening.

The Aurors tried to stun Hagrid but to little effect thanks to his giant skin. But when his dog Fang tried to help, he was stunned. Hagrid responded by lifting up the unfortunate Auror and throwing him ten feet. Meanwhile, Professor McGonagall was descending to help Hagrid. She was seriously injured when she was hit by several stunning spells simultaneously. Further enraged, Hagrid knocked down two more Aurors before fleeing carrying the stunned body of Fang.

Hagrid went into hiding but was able to return when the return of Lord Voldemort was finally exposed and Albus Dumbledore was able to return to the school.

The Death of Aragog

Things seemed to return to normal the following year, but with greatly increased security protection. For example, the Ministry wanted to send an army of Aurors to accompany Harry and the Weasleys to Diagon Alley to get their school supplies. But Dumbledore stated that Hagrid would be sufficient.

Hagrid was upset when Harry, Ron, Hermione, and all the other sixth years, decided to drop Care of Magical Creatures. He was quite distant with the trio for several weeks. But it turns out that he was more upset that his old arachnid pet Aragog was ill than about the classes.

When the spider finally died, Hagrid asked the trio to attend the funeral. They were reluctant to break school rules by leaving the castle. In the end, under the influence of Felix Felicis potion, Harry did attend the funeral and took Professor Horace Slughorn with him. The potions master was keen to get some of the venom from the dead spider.

They buried Aragog in Hagrid’s pumpkin patch and Hagrid and Slughorn drank heavily and mourned the spider. A mixture of the booze and the emotions caused by the event allowed Harry to convince Professor Slughorn to give Harry an important memory about Tom Riddle and Horcruxes.

Hagrid and the Death of Albus Dumbledore

Not long after these events, Draco Malfoy found a way to sneak several Death Eaters into the school. This culminated with Draco disarming a greatly weakened Dumbledore on top of the Astronomy Tower, and Severus Snape casting the Killing Curse on the headmaster.

Like many of the other members of the Order of the Phoenix on site, Hagrid joined the battle against the Death Eaters. Thorfinn Rowle tried to curse Hagrid but could not because of his giant skin. Instead, he set Hagrid’s hut on fire as a distraction while the Death Eaters were fleeing.

Hagrid did not hide his grief at the death of his dear friend Albus Dumbledore. He was the one who placed the body to be interred. At the funeral, Hagrid was comforted by his younger brother Grawp.

Hagrid and the Battle of the Seven Potters

Hagrid was among the members of the Order of the Phoenix tasked with safely escorting Harry away from the home of the Dursleys just prior to his 17th birthday. While many of the members used Polyjuice Potion to assume Harry’s identity, Hagrid was charged with getting the real Harry to safety.

Hagrid and Harry set off in Sirius Black’s motorbike but were almost immediately set upon by Death Eaters. Hagrid had made several additions to the bike to help them evade capture. These included a button that produced dragon fire, another that released a net, and yet another that produced a solid wall.

The Death Eaters soon realized that the real Harry must be with Hagrid as he chose to disarm an imperiused Stan Shunpike rather than use a more brutal curse. He had done the same unexpected thing in the graveyard in Little Hangleton. Lord Voldemort arrived to personally to deal with Harry.

Sadly, Hedwig did not make it. But while the motorcycle was torn apart, Hagrid and Harry fell to safety in the house of Ted and Andromeda Tonks. From there they were able to take a Portkey to the Burrow and reunite with the others.

He returned to the Burrow later in the summer for Harry’s 17th birthday and the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour. He gave Harry a mokeskin pouch which made objects irretrievable by anyone but their owner.

Hagrid in Hiding

Hagrid returned to Hogwarts when it fell under Death Eater control, preumably to protect the students. At the request of Severus Snape, he was placed in charge of students on detention. While the Carrows, two new Death Eater teachers, probably thought that going into the Forbidden Forest was a good punishment, Snape probably knew better that Hagrid would care for the students.

However, Hagrid foolishly held a Support Harry Potter party in his hut. After this, he was forced to go into hiding, presumably with his brother Grawp. This was reported on Potterwatch for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to hear.

We have heard within the last few hours, that Rubeus Hagrid, well known gamekeeper at Hogwarts School, has narrowly escaped arrest in the grounds of Hogwarts, where he has rumoured to have hosted a Support Harry Potter party, in his house. However, Hagrid was not taken into custody, and is, we believe, on the run.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Hagrid and the Battle of Hogwarts

Hagrid stayed close in the Forbidden Forest. He therefore heard when Lord Voldemort arrived and threatened the school, demanding that they turn over Harry Potter. He and Grawp went to the castle for the final battle. But Hagrid was captured when he tried to save the Acromantula spiders that were climbing the walls of the castle.

Heard You-Know-Who from up in our cave. Voice carried, didn’ it? “Yeh got ’til midnight ter gimme Potter.” Knew yeh mus’ be here, knew what mus’ be happenin’. Get down, Fang. So we come ter join in, me an’ Grawpy an’ Fang. Smashed our way through the boundary by the forest, Grawpy was carryin’ us, Fang an’ me. Told him ter let me down at the castle so he shoved me through the window, bless him. Not exac’ly what I meant, bu’ – where’s Ron an’ Hermione?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Hagrid was present when Harry turned himself in and was apparently killed by Lord Voldemort. The Dark Lord then made the grieving Hagrid carry Harry’s body to the castle to show those still resisting that the “boy who lived” was finally dead.

When Harry revealed himself, fighting resumed. The gamekeeper fought alongside Grawp, the hippogriff Buckbeak, and the tame Thestrals that he kept in the Forbidden Forest.

Hagrid Later Life

Hagrid continued to work at Hogwarts for many years and was still there when Harry’s own children attended the school. He soon befriended Harry’s youngest son Albus, much in the same way he had Harry.

While he continued to hold a soft spot for Madame Maxime in his heart, the two never married as she was just too sophisticated to be a good match for the down-to-earth giant.

Rubeus Hagrid Personality Type & Traits

While Hagrid’s most notable physical characteristic is his size, the thing that stands out most about him is the size of his heart. He was loyal to those he cared about and always looked for ways to support people in need. This also connects with his love of misunderstood magical creatures.

While Hagrid was certainly intelligent, he was also impulsive and often spoke and acted without thinking. He clearly did not consider the consequences of raiding a baby dragon or bringing a full-grown giant to Hogwarts. He also often let things slip accidentally.

Hagrid wears his heart on his sleeve. He could be trusted to do what was right, even if he didn’t always do it the right way. As Albus Dumbledore said in the first chapter of the first book:

I would trust Hagrid with my life.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Rubeus Hagrid Zodiac Sign & Birthday

Hagrid was born on 6 December 1928, which means that his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarians love danger and excitement. This could explain Hagrid’s passion for dangerous creatures. The fire sign is big hearted, but they also tend to be loners and feel like they are separate from the people around them.

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