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Haikyuu Characters: Heights, Ages and Birthday Analysis

Haikyuu Characters: Heights, Ages and Birthday Analysis

The Haikyuu anime may only be in its 4th season, but there is already an extensive cast of characters that fans love.

These characters have had their ages, heights, and birthdays officially confirmed in the anime itself or in other Haikyuu media, such as the original manga series. 

Shōyō Hinata, the series’s protagonist, is only 15 years old when he joins his high school’s volleyball team and kicks off the events of Haikyuu. He is one of the shortest characters in the show at only 5’4.1″ (162.8 cm). 

Tobio Kageyama is the same age as Hinata (15 years old) though he is significantly taller at 5’11.1″ (180.6 cm). The Karasuno High volleyball team captain – Daichi Sawamura – is older than most of his team at 17 years old but is an average height of 5’9.6″ (176.7 cm).

When Shōyō Hinata joins the Karasuno High volleyball team, he has big ambitions and dreams.

Even though he is the last person anyone would expect to join the team, Hinata soon proves himself to be a vital key to the team’s success.  

Haikyuu Characters Heights, Ages, and Birthday Chart

Listed below are the heights in feet and cm, ages, and birthdays of the Haikyuu main characters at the start of their debut in the show.

You can find the up-to-date ages and heights of any characters that change throughout the show in the text below this table.

CharacterHeightAge Birthday
Shōyō Hinata5’4.1″ (162.8 cm)15June 21st
Tobio Kageyama5’11.1″ (180.6 cm)15December 22nd
Daichi Sawamura5’9.6″ (176.7 cm)17December 31st
Kōshi Sugawara5’8.6″ (174.3 cm)17December 13th
Asahi Azumane6’0.7″ (184.7 cm)17January 1st
Kei Tsukishima6’2.1″ (188.3 cm)15September 27th
Tadashi Yamaguchi5’10.7″ (179.5 cm)15November 10th
Yū Nishinoya5’2.7″ (159.3 cm)16October 10th
Ryūnosuke Tanaka5’9.8″ (177.2 cm)16March 3rd
Chikara Ennoshita5’9.1″ (175.4 cm)16December 26th
Hisashi Kinoshita5’8.8″ (174.7 cm)16February 15th
Kazuhito Narita5’10.9″ (180.2 cm)16August 17th
Kiyoko Shimizu5’5.4″ (166.2cm)17January 6th
Hitoka Yachi4’10.9″ (149.7cm)15September 4th
Ittetsu Takeda5’5.6″ (166.5 cm)29January 10th
Keishin Ukai5’10” (178.2 cm)26April 5th
Tōru Oikawa6’0.6″ (184.3 cm)17July 20th 
Issei Matsukawa6’2″ (187.9 cm)17March 1st
Takahiro Hanamaki6’0.7″ (184.7 cm)17January 27th
Hajime Iwaizumi5’10.6″ (179.3 cm)17June 10th
Shigeru Yahaba5’11.6″ (181.9 cm)16March 1st
Shinji Watari5’7.4″ (171.2 cm)16April 3rd
Yūtarō Kindaichi6’2.5 (189.2 cm)15June 6th 
Akira Kunimi6″ (182.8 cm)15March 25th
Kentarō Kyōtani5’10.4″ (178.8 cm)16December 7th
Tetsurō Kuroo6’1.9″ (187.7 cm)17November 17th
Morisuke Yaku5’5″ (165.2 cm)17August 8th 
Taketora Yamamoto5’9.6″ (176.7 cm)16February 22nd
Kenma Kozume5’6.6″ (169.2 cm)16October 16th
Shōhei Fukunaga5’10.2″ (178.3 cm)16September 29th
Sō Inuoka6’1″ (185.3 cm)15November 1st 
Lev Haiba6’4.5″ (194.3 cm)15October 30th
Yūki Shibayama5’4″ (162.5 cm)15December 16th 
Kaname Moniwa5’9.4″ (176.3 cm)18September 6th
Yasushi Kamasaki6’1.5″ (186.8 cm)18November 8th
Kenji Futakuchi6’0.5″ (184.2 cm)16November 10th 
Takanobu Aone6’3.5″ (191.8 cm)16August 13th
Yutaka Obara6’1.3″ (186.2 cm)17December 15th
Kousuke Sakunami5’4.6″ (164.1 cm)16August 30th 
Kanji Koganegawa6’3.4″ (191.5 cm)15July 9th
Wakatoshi Ushijima6’2.6″ (189.5 cm)18August 13th
Satori Tendō6’1.9″ (187.7 cm)18May 20th
Tsutomu Goshiki5’11.5″ (181.5 cm)16August 22nd
Kenjirō Shirabu5’8.8″ (174.8 cm)17May 4th
Reon Ōhira5’11.9″ (182.7 cm)18October 30th
Eita Semi5’10.7″ (179.5 cm)17November 11th
Hayato Yamagata5’8.6″ (174.3 cm)17February 14th 
Taichi Kawanishi6’2.1″ (188.3 cm)17April 15th

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Shōyō Hinata – June 21st

Shōyō Hinata

Shōyō Hinata’s story begins when he is 15 years old. He is noticeably shorter than his volleyball teammates at 5’4.1″ (162.8 cm) and is in his first year of high school. Though in the latest season of Haikyuu (season 4), Hinata has grown to be 5’4.6″ (164.2cm).  

His loud personality may make Hinata seem immature for a 15 year old, but Hinata has shown time and time again to be very emotionally mature. He is more observant and socially capable than many of his teammates, making it easier for him to forge strong friendships. 

Hinata is just a generally nice, earnest guy. He is never knocked down for long and dedicates his energy to becoming better at volleyball.

As a first year, Hinata is often underestimated by his opponents. But he is more than capable of being a key player in many of his team’s matches.

Tobio Kageyama – December 22nd

Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama is the same age as Hinata at 15 years old, though he is just a few months younger. He is much taller than Hinata at 5’11.1″ (180.6 cm). In season 4, Kageyama remains the taller of the pair at 5’11.6″ (181.9 cm). 

Kageyama acts as the complete opposite of Hinata with a constant scowl and permanent state of annoyance. This is mostly due to Kageyama’s perfectionism. 

He becomes easily angered when something goes wrong on or off the court, which usually leads to heated debates initiated by Kageyama, making it harder for him to form many connections. 

However, as the series progresses, it is clear that Kageyama does not have any ill intent. He is simply sensitive and wants his team to do the best they can. 

Daichi Sawamura – December 31st

Daichi Sawamura

The Karasuno High’s boys volleyball team captain, Daichi Sawamura, is 17 years old in season 1 of Haikyuu. This makes him one of the most senior members of the team. He remains 5’9.6″ (176.7 cm) throughout Haikyuu. 

Arguably, Sawamura is the best possible option for the captain of the Karasuno High volleyball team. He has a lot of patience for his team, encouraging them to be better without being obsessive or harmful. 

However, there are times when the team becomes too rowdy or tries to challenge his authority. Sawamura’s whole demeanor changes during these moments, and he becomes terrifying enough to push his team back in line.

Even when tested, Sawamura has only respect and love for his volleyball team. 

He will always avoid putting them in danger if there is an alternative but is not afraid to take risks when he knows that his team can successfully take them. 

Kōshi Sugawara – December 13rd

Kōshi Sugawara

As one of the senior members of the volleyball team, Kōshi Sugawara is already 17 years old when season 1 of Haikyuu begins. He is of average height at 5’8.6″ (174.3 cm) but grows slightly to be 5’8.7″ (174.6 cm) by season 4. 

Sugawara works hand-in-hand with Sawamura as Karasuno High boys volleyball team vice-captain. 

Like Sawamura, Sugawara is a genuinely nice guy and is very supportive of his team. However, Sugawara does not have the same leadership qualities as the team’s captain. 

Instead, he is great at encouraging the team to never give up rather than instructing them how to win a game. 

Even when Sugawara himself is no longer part of the team’s starting line-up, he is still as dedicated to volleyball, setting the perfect example of a great player for the rest of the team. 

Asahi Azumane – January 1st

Asahi Azumane

Asahi Azumane is one of the volleyball team’s tallest players in season 1 of Haikyuu at 6’0.7″ (184.7 cm) and is one of the older members at 17 years old. He grows to be even taller in season 4 at 6’1.4″ (186.4 cm). 

With ample stubble and a build like a professional athlete, Azumane seems much older than he is. He would appear intimidating if not for his gentle attitude and constant insecurities. 

This softness means that Azumane gets easily upset, even going as far as to leave the team when he thinks that he has let them down. But once he joins the team again, Azumane’s passion for volleyball pushes him to become more confident in his skills. 

Kei Tsukishima – September 27th

Kei Tsukishima

In season 1 of Haikyuu, Kei Tsukishima is 15 years old. He is one of the tallest first years in season 1 at 6’2.1″ (188.3 cm) but is an average height by season 4 when he is 6’2.8″ (190.1 cm). 

Tsukishima is the perfect example of an antagonistic protagonist. 

He will happily tease his teammates and annoy them with his smug, self-righteous attitude. However, a lot of Tsukishima’s arrogance comes from a place of insecurity. 

At first, he does not want to appear overly invested in volleyball, so he purposely downplays his passion for the sport. Then as the series progressed, Tsukishima allows himself to prove his insecurities wrong and becomes marginally less annoying. 

Tadashi Yamaguchi – November 10th

Tadashi Yamaguchi

Tadashi Yamaguchi is only slightly older than Kageyama by a month, making him 15 years old in season 1 of Haikyuu. But he is one of the shorter volleyball players at 5’10.7″ (179.5 cm). In season 4, Yamaguchi is only a little taller at 5’10.9″ (180 cm). 

Yamaguchi has one of the most meaningful character developments in Haikyuu. 

In season 1, he is timid due to being bullied because of his scrawnier appearance. As the series progresses, Yamaguchi allows himself to open up and become more trusting of his teammates to lift him up rather than insulting him. 

Yū Nishinoya – October 10th 

Yū Nishinoya

Yū Nishinoya is a year older than Hinata in season 1 of Haikyuu at 16 years old. Still, he is noticeably shorter at 5’2.7″ (159.3 cm). Nishinoya remains one of the shortest characters in the show during season 4 when he is only 5’3.2″ (160.5 cm). 

Nishinoya’s energy knows no bounds, making him seem like he has unwavering natural confidence. However, it is revealed that it took a lot of work for Nishinoya to overcome his fears during his childhood. 

Regardless of his shortness, Nishinoya is by far one of, if not the most skilled members of the boy’s volleyball team in season 1. He can focus his intense energy on the game and commit fearlessly to risky moves.

Ryūnosuke Tanaka – March 3rd

Ryūnosuke Tanaka

Ryūnosuke Tanaka is in his second year of high school during season 1 of Haikyuu, making him 16 years old. He is also 5’9.8″ (177.2 cm) in season 1 but grows to be 5’10.2″ (178.2 cm) in season 4. 

Even though he is only of average height, Tanaka purposely tries to make himself appear more intimidating to scare his opponents.

As Tanaka is very hot-headed and easy to rile up, it is not hard for him to switch from being a standard guy to a scary opponent.

Tanaka does direct most of his anger into the game, using it as motivation to beat his opponents. These are some of the only times that Tanaka seems motivated. Usually, he tends to be more of a slacker in his education and volleyball dedication. 

Chikara Ennoshita – December 26th 

Chikara Ennoshita

Chikara Ennoshita is 16 years old and an average 5’9.1″ (175.4 cm). Then, by season 4, Ennoshita is 5’9.3″ (176.1 cm) and has had a few discussions about him potentially becoming a team captain for the next school year.

At first, it does not appear Ennoshita would make a good team captain as he tends to be more reserved than Sawamura. But Ennoshita demonstrates great leadership skills with his fellow second-year teammates. 

He takes the time to understand the intent behind someone’s actions and is very smart. 

Once Ennoshita develops enough confidence to lead those outside of his year, he becomes an important, reliable team member. 

Hisashi Kinoshita – February 15th 

Hisashi Kinoshita

Hisashi Kinoshita is one of the shorter second years in season 1 of Haikyuu at 5’8.8″ (174.7 cm) when he is 16 years old. He only grows by just over 1 cm by season 4, reaching 5’9.2″ (175.8 cm). 

Compared to most of his teammates, Kinoshita takes more of a backseat during matches as one of the team’s substitutes. 

However, despite not seeing as much game-time as others, Kinoshita fully supports his fellow players both on and off of the court. 

He is one of the kindest characters in the show, even if he does get caught up in teasing his teammates sometimes. 

Kazuhito Narita – August 17th 

Kazuhito Narita

Kazuhito Narita is in his second year of high school during Haikyuu season 1, making him 16 years old when the show first begins. He is pretty tall at 5’10.9″ (180.2 cm). He only grows a little to be 5’11.2″ (180.9 cm) in season 4. 

Though he is a dedicated part of the team by the start of season 1, Narita was one of a handful of second years that quit the volleyball team when the previous coach was too aggressive during training practices.

Once that coach left, Narita rejoined the team and fully realized his passion for volleyball.

During the events of the series, Narita usually sticks to the background but is a nice enough guy that gets on with the rest of the team. 

Kiyoko Shimizu – January 6th 

Kiyoko Shimizu

Kiyoko Shimizu is a third year high school student at 17 years old in season 1. She is only 5’5.4″ (166.2cm), but Shimizu’s shortness doesn’t matter much as she is the team’s manager and not a player. Shimizu remains the same height throughout Haikyuu.  

As one of the only girls involved with the Karasuno High boys volleyball team, Shimizu already attracts a lot of attention from both her team and opposing teams. Her natural beauty (which is highlighted often in the show) makes her even more of a distraction. 

There is no doubt that Shimizu can manage a volleyball team. She often sets herself apart from the team emotionally so that she can completely focus on their success.

As she has a background in other sports, Shimizu has some empathy for the ups and downs of volleyball. So, she will allow herself to celebrate her team’s wins and motivate the team when they are down. 

Hitoka Yachi – September 4th 

Hitoka Yachi

Hitoka Yachi is the other manager of the boy’s volleyball team. She is younger than Shimizu at 15 years old and is significantly shorter at 4’10.9″ (149.7cm). Yachi doesn’t noticeably grow by season 4.

Yachi does not become a volleyball team manager until partway through Hinata’s first year playing for the team. When she does officially join, Yachi is nothing like Shimizu. 

She is timid and is easily embarrassed in front of the team. However, Yachi proves herself to be a clever and organized manager. 

She even goes as far as to help some of the players who are struggling with their classes so that they can focus on their volleyball careers. 

Ittetsu Takeda – January 10th

Ittetsu Takeda

Ittetsu Takeda is the coach in charge of Karasuno High’s volleyball teams and is part of the school’s faculty. He is 29 years old in season 1 and stands at 5’5.6″ (166.5 cm), making him shorter than many members of the volleyball team. 

Although he does not have a background in volleyball, Takeda puts in extra effort to understand the sport to help guarantee the team’s success. 

He may seem like a pushover, but Takeda knows what it takes to come out on top. 

Takeda goes out of his way to ensure that the boy’s volleyball team has the best spaces to practice and is persistent in securing new players or matches for the team. 

Keishin Ukai – April 5th

Keishin Ukai

As a former student at Karasuno High, Keishin Ukai is already 26 years old when he is introduced to Haikyuu as the volleyball team’s coach. He is an average height for a volleyball player at 5’10” (178.2 cm), a height which he remains throughout the show. 

Unlike Takeda, Ukai is very familiar with high school volleyball, having been a key player for the very same team when he attended Karasuno High.  

Even though he is passionate about volleyball, Ukai gives off an uncaring air during practices and matches. But privately, he makes an active effort to coach the team as well as possible- even if he appears lazy in front of the team. 

Ukai is not as openly kind or gleeful as Takeda but is not less hard working. 

Tōru Oikawa – July 20th 

Tōru Oikawa

Tōru Oikawa is a third year student at Aoba Johsai High (making him 17 years old in season 1) and is an intimidating height of 6’0.6″ (184.3 cm). Oikawa grows a little as the series progresses, reaching 6’1″ (185.5 cm) by season 4. 

As the captain of Karasuno High’s biggest volleyball rival (Aoba Johsai High), Oikawa is the main antagonist in the first season of Haikyuu. 

Oikawa has the personality of a smug sportsman. He has fun antagonizing his opponents both on and off the court, but Oikawa is more than an uptight athlete. 

He is an excellent captain who is wholly dedicated to his volleyball team. 

Oikawa can pinpoint a weakness in seconds and exploit it to help his team win. However, he can also be kind and encouraging but mostly only to his team. 

Issei Matsukawa – March 1st 

Issei Matsukawa

Issei Matsukawa is one of the older members of the Aoba Johsai High volleyball team at 17 years old. He is amongst the tallest players on his team, standing at 6’2″ (187.9 cm), making him a perfect blocker on the court. 

Like most characters in the series who are as tall as him, Matsukawa appears to be a looming, threatening figure at first.

He has a great perception of a volleyball court, allowing him to pull off higher-skilled moves. 

But despite his intimidating skills, Matsukawa is a pretty laid-back guy who just likes to have fun. 

Takahiro Hanamaki – January 27th 

Takahiro Hanamaki

Another third year Aoba Johsai high player, Takahiro Hanamaki (better known as Makki), is 17 years old in season 1 of Haikyuu. He is one of the tallest characters on the show during the early seasons at 6’0.7″ (184.7 cm), making him a natural volleyball athlete. 

Though he is one of the tallest, more prominent characters visually, Hanamaki tends to keep to himself both on and off of the court. 

Hanamaki is shown to have a good relationship with his team (partially his fellow third years) but is not very reactive or emotional.

During matches, Hanamaki is shown to be very smart and perceptive. He can pick up on details that other players miss when absorbed in the game. 

Hajime Iwaizumi – June 10th

Hajime Iwaizumi

Hajime Iwaizumi may be one of the shorter players on the Aoba Johsai High volleyball team at 5’10.6″ (179.3 cm), but he is more than capable as the team’s vice-captain. Iwaizumi is 17 years old in season 1 of Haikyuu. 

Oikawa and Iwaizumi have been best friends since they were children, so they make such a great team. 

With Iwaizumi’s stubbornness and Oikawa’s charm, they lead the Aoba Johsai High boy’s volleyball team remarkably well. This is why they continue to be Karasuno High’s biggest volleyball rivals. 

Iwaizumi may take a firm hand with his team (mainly when Oikawa is acting childish), but he is a stable force that his team can rely on. 

Shigeru Yahaba – March 1st

Shigeru Yahaba

Shigeru Yahaba is slightly younger than most of Aoba Johsai High’s volleyball players at 16 years old in season 1 of the show. Though he has a sweet, childish face which makes him seem younger, Yahaba is an average high for his age at 5’11.6″ (181.9 cm). 

Yahaba only plays as a backup setter for his team, but that does not mean he is less dedicated to winning. 

There are several occasions in which Tahaba breaks his calm front and openly criticizes other team members for being late to practice or missing it altogether. A criticism that his teammates take to heart. 

Shinji Watari – April 3rd 

Shinji Watari

Shinji Watari is one of the shortest team members of the Aoba Johsai volleyball team at only 5’7.4″ (171.2 cm), but Watari likes the challenge that his shortness brings him. He is also one of the younger team members at 16 years old in season 1 of Haikyuu. 

Watari often goes out of his way to show support for his teammates, even if he does not have a close relationship with them. 

He is the epitome of a nice guy, working hard on his volleyball skills and being a good team player. Though he is quite impressionable, idolizing Iwaizumi and never questioning his team leaders. 

Yūtarō Kindaichi – June 6th 

Yūtarō Kindaichi

Yūtarō Kindaichi is one of the youngest members of the Aoba Johsai volleyball team at 15 years old in season 1 of Haikyuu. He is much taller than Hinata at 6’2.5 (189.2 cm), even though they are the same age. This also makes him the tallest member of his team. 

With a permanent scowl, Kindaichi constantly seems discontent with his performance and peers. However, he is a sensitive character. 

So much so that he seeks out Hinata to ask about Kageyama as they were once teammates, despite them now being rivals.

Kindaichi holds a lot of respect for his older teammates but is confident enough in himself and his volleyball knowledge to challenge them when he thinks a lineup is unfair or when Oikawa demands too much from the team. 

Akira Kunimi – March 25th 

Akira Kunimi

Akira Kunimi’s dull appearance is almost entirely reflective of his personality. He is an average height for an Aoba Johsai High volleyball player at 6″ (182.8 cm), growing ever so slightly during the series to 6″ (183 cm). Kunimi is one of the younger plays at 15 years old in season 1 of Haikyuu. 

From his conservative hairstyle to his constant far-off expression, Kunimi appears withdrawn and uninterested in most things – even volleyball matches. 

He has a mean streak, too, actively disliking anyone who has a loud personality, such as Hinata. But he keeps purposefully quiet during matches to stick to the background. 

Then, late in the game, when the rest of the players begin to tire, Kunimi takes his shot. He puts his all into the game and is often a vital tool for Aoba Johsai High’s wins. 

Kentarō Kyōtani – December 7th

Kentarō Kyōtani

Better known as Mad Dog, Kentarō Kyōtani is considered short for a volleyball player at only 5’10.4″ (178.8 cm). He is only a year older than Hinata at 16 years old, but his sharp features and openly hostile expression give him the appearance of someone who demands authority.  

Kyōtani’s frequent outbursts and lack of respect for his teammates (both older and younger) mean that Kyōtani is terrible at teamwork. This is an issue as teamwork is a key part of playing volleyball. 

Kyōtani can be talked down by very few people, such as Yahaba and Iwaizumi, who do everything they can to keep Kyōtani’s focus on the match rather than his anger. 

This is because Kyōtani is by far one of the best volleyball players on the Aoba Johsai team. The minute he loses his focus, the team knows that they could potentially lose the game. 

Tetsurō Kuroo – November 17th

Tetsurō Kuroo

Like the other high school volleyball team captains in Haikyuu, Tetsurō Kuroo is 17 years old when the show begins. He is an average height for a Nekoma High player at 6’1.9″ (187.7 cm) but is noticeably more muscular, making him seem bigger. 

Kuroo is very sly. He likes to rile up his opponents with taunts, and general provocations, distracting them during a match. But he is also sly in how he can assess a match in seconds and keeps his cards close to his chest. 

How Kuroo acts around his teammates is very different from how he is during matches. 

Kuroo takes it upon himself to lift his team’s spirits at every opportunity. He uses his sly remarks to make his team laugh, making them see Kuroo as a friend and a reliable captain.  

Morisuke Yaku – August 8th 

Morisuke Yaku

Morisuke Yaku is also as short as Hinata when he first debuts on Haikyuu. He stands at 5’5″ (165.2 cm), which is only slightly taller than Hinata despite being 2 years older than him at 17 years old. But unlike Hinata’s height, Yaku’s shortness is a sensitive topic for him. 

Despite putting in extra work so that his height doesn’t become a hindrance during matches, Yaku is still insecure about it. 

Most of the Nekoma volleyball team know to avoid Yaku’s height in discussion at all costs. Simply because Yaku is terrifying when he is angry; so much so that Kuroo calls him ‘demon senpai’. 

When his shortness is kept out of conversations, Yaku is still blunt and hot-headed, but he is 100% supportive of his team and is very proud to be able to play for Nekoma. 

Taketora Yamamoto – February 22nd

Taketora Yamamoto

Taketora Yamamoto may not be the tallest Nekoma High volleyball team member at 5’9.6″ (176.7 cm), but his bigger build and thick eyebrows give him a far more intimidating appearance. Especially compared to other players his age (16 years old) who are leaner in build. 

Yamamoto can understand his own weaknesses better than most other players. This introspective ability allows him to better prepare for the more difficult matches against better teams. 

Even when he becomes overly angry during a match (like Yaku), Yamamoto knows that this anger is a weakness and can rein it in to focus on the game. 

Kenma Kozume – October 16th 

Kenma Kozume

Kenma Kozume is a second year at Nekoma High, making him 16 years old when he first appears in Haikyuu. Even compared to others his height, Kozume’s petite build and quiet personality make him seem much smaller than 5’6.6″ (169.2 cm). 

Kozume is considered a vital member of Nekoma High’s volleyball, lovingly called the team’s brain. 

He is also often called the heart of the team despite being a typically reserved character, rarely becoming overly excited or angry. This often makes Kozume seem cold-hearted, but he is simply shy. 

Kozume’s extreme shyness means that he doesn’t really share his opinions, even though his technique and analytical thinking are vital to his team’s success. 

Shōhei Fukunaga – September 29th 

Shōhei Fukunaga

Shōhei Fukunaga is 16 years old in season 1 of Haikyuu and stands at a typical 5’10.2″ (178.3 cm). However, Fukunaga slouches more often than he stands to his full height, appearing much smaller than his teammates. 

Instead of verbally communicating, Fukunaga prefers hand gestures or one-word responses. He is also a big fan of letting his actions speak for him, such as when he dumped water over Yamamoto and Kenma to break up their fight. 

His lack of conversation and constant slouching may make Fukunaga fade into the background, but he is still an important part of Nekoma High’s volleyball team. 

Sō Inuoka – November 1st 

Sō Inuoka

Sō Inuoka is 15 years old when he debuts in the show, making him one of the youngest Nekoma High volleyball team players. He is 6’1″ (185.3 cm), which is already tall for a 15 year old, but Inuoka’s lankiness makes him appear even taller. 

Inuoka is very much a reflection of Hinata in terms of personality. He is just as high-energy and excitable though he lacks the same smarts as Hinata, which is often his downfall during a match. 

At first, Inuoka starts as a reserve for his volleyball team. He puts in a lot of work to secure a place as a regular player, only to be later replaced by Lev. 

Still, Inuoka can not help but be a nice guy. He does not hate Kuroo or Lev for this change, only using it as motivation to work harder. 

Lev Haiba – October 30th 

Lev Haiba

Lev Haiba is the tallest player on Nekoma High’s volleyball team at 6’4.5″ (194.3 cm), earning him several correlating nicknames such as Skyscraper and Titan. His limbs are almost disproportionately long, making him a natural volleyball athlete despite being only 15 years old. 

In contrast to his appearance, Haiba is very childish. He is more like an oversized, excitable puppy than an intimidating bully. 

Though this does mean that he can sometimes offend people by making jokes that he thinks are funny when they are not. Such as his constant teasing about Yaku’s height. 

Yūki Shibayama – December 16th 

Yūki Shibayama

Yūki Shibayama is the same age as Hinata at 15 years old when he first debuts in Haikyuu but is slightly shorter at 5’4″ (162.5 cm). This makes him the shortest player on the Nekoma High volleyball team, which affects his volleyball abilities. 

Shibayama has to work hard to improve his volleyball skills while also tackling the hurdle of his height during training. But this does not stop Shibayama from giving his all. 

Because he is not as skilled as his teammates, Shibayama tends to be shyer but comes out of his shell as he gains confidence in himself. 

Kaname Moniwa – September 6th 

Kaname Moniwa

Kaname Moniwa is one of the oldest volleyball players in Haikyuu as he is already 18 years old due to when his birthday falls. However, he is one of the show’s shortest team captains at only 5’9.4″ (176.3 cm). 

At first glance, Moniwa would not seem like the best choice of captain for the Date Tech High boy’s volleyball team. 

He is far more timid than he is stern, even when his team members are misbehaving. Because of this, he sometimes has trouble controlling the younger members of his team when they become too rowdy. 

However, Moniwa constantly demonstrates the importance of teamwork in volleyball. He relies on his team as much as they depend on him. 

Yasushi Kamasaki – November 8th 

Yasushi Kamasaki

Yasushi Kamasaki is also already 18 years old when he is introduced to Haikyuu, though he is a few months younger than Moniwa. Compared to Moniwa, Makasaki is not only considerably more muscular but taller at 6’1.5″ (186.8 cm). 

Kamasaki is the perfect vice-captain for Date Tech High. His stern, heavy-handed approach to leadership works harmoniously with Moniwa’s gentler methods. 

When the team’s younger members are being disrespectful, Kamasaki is quick to put them back in line. However, he is just as supportive and determined for his team to succeed as he is strict. 

Kenji Futakuchi – November 10th 

Kenji Futakuchi

Kenji Futakuchi is not the youngest member of Date Tech High’s volleyball team at 16 years old, yet he sure acts like it. He is slightly shorter than Kamasaki at 6’0.5″ (184.2 cm) but thinks that they are on the same level physically and in terms of authority. 

Because of his superior complex and tendency to act like he doesn’t care about his team, Futakuchi often butts heads with Kamasaki, mostly because Kamasaki sees Futakuchi’s potential and how he is wasting it. 

As terrible as he seems, Futakuchi is just an immature teenager who gets a much-needed reality check when he is made the captain of Date Tech’s volleyball team after the captain and vice-captain’s retirement. 

Takanobu Aone – August 13th 

Takanobu Aone

Because Takanobu Aone is very tall at 6’3.5″ (191.8 cm), he could easily be mistaken as being much older than 16 years old if he didn’t proudly sport his volleyball team’s kit most of the time. 

Aone has a lot of respect for his older team members and his opponents. He hates when Futakuchi purposely picks fights with his team captains. 

Perhaps this is because he must put in extra effort to come across as a nice guy rather than an intimidating figure, as his height suggests. 

This kindness often means that opponents underestimate Aone’s abilities during a match. 

Yutaka Obara – December 15th 

Yutaka Obara

Yutaka Obara is 17 years old when he is introduced to Haikyuu but is already the perfect example of the ideal volleyball athlete. He is tall enough at 6’1.3″ (186.2 cm) to have a natural advantage during matches without instantly becoming a target and is full of lean muscle. 

There isn’t much to Obara as a character other than him seeming like a generally nice person. 

He is just as good at volleyball as the rest of the Date Tech High volleyball team. Though he does not get as stressed about losing a game as the rest of his team, making him a good balancing player for his more volatile teammates. 

Kousuke Sakunami – August 30th 

Kousuke Sakunami

At only 5’4.6″ (164.1 cm), Kousuke Sakunami is one of the shortest players on the Date Tech High volleyball team. He is clearly smaller than other players his age (16 years old) with less muscle but is no less important to his team. 

Sakunami’s large, curious eyes make him appear young and childlike, but he has the work ethic of a professional volleyball athlete. 

He constantly puts his all into both practices and matches. This dedication means that Sakunami knows by heart how his team operates and can jump to where he needs to be without being asked or instructed. 

Kanji Koganegawa – July 9th 

Kanji Koganegawa

Kanji Koganegawa is one of the few first years on Date Tech High’s volleyball team, making him 15 years old when first introduced to Haikyuu. He is already one of the tallest players on the team at 6’3.4″ (191.5 cm) at the start of the series, but Koganegawa grows to be the tallest at 6’4″ (193 cm) by season 4. 

As one of the younger players on his team, Koganegawa put his all into practices and matches so that he can be helpful to his team for more than just his height.

Koganegawa’s issue is that he does not have the same smarts as his teammates. 

He is a good volleyball player, but his high energy and stupidity mean that Koganegawa usually focuses on the wrong thing during training, if he can focus at all.  

Wakatoshi Ushijima – August 13th

Wakatoshi Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima is one of the oldest high school volleyball players featured in Haikyuu at 18 years old. While Ushijima’s 6’2.6″ (189.5 cm) height is intimidating, his reputation really sets Ushijima and the Shiratorizawa Academy volleyball team apart from other teams. 

Ushijima does not have to be strict, stern, or even verbal to gain the respect of his team. As one of the top ace players in the country, Ushijima leads his team with stoic confidence. 

On the rare occasion that Ushijima does speak, he does not bother to mince his words. However, this makes his rare praise even more impactful for his team. 

He places himself above anyone who does not show immediate, professional volleyball abilities. This is very obvious in how he speaks to Hinata when they meet. 

Satori Tendō – May 20th 

Satori Tendō

Satori Tendō is in his third year at Shiratorizawa Academy, making him 18 years old when he is introduced to Haikyuu. Even though he stands at a sizable 6’1.9″ (187.7 cm), Tendō styles his hair in upright spikes, which gives him a lot of extra height. 

There is a reason that Tendō earned the nickname Guess Blocker. He is one of the best blockers in Haikyuu as he can assess how other players move during a match in seconds and accurately block their paths. 

Tendō is extremely confident in his volleyball abilities, so he is almost constantly sporting a knowing smirk. It is a reflection of his teasing and cocky nature. 

Tsutomu Goshiki – August 22nd

Tsutomu Goshiki

Tsutomu Goshiki is 16 years old when he debuts in Haikyuu, but his team captain (Ushijima) already sees him as a phenomenal ace player. Goshiki does have the natural height of an ace at 5’11.5″ (181.5 cm), which Ushijima takes full advantage of when training Goshiki. 

With a scowl that can be as threatening as Ushijima, Goshiki is usually regarded as a stubbornly determined player. However, Goshiki is much more excitable and childish. 

He is very proud of the potential that Ushijima sees in him to be the team’s next ace. But Goshiki can become overzealous, showing off his abilities rather than applying them when needed. 

Kenjirō Shirabu – May 4th 

Kenjirō Shirabu

For a Shiratorizawa Academy volleyball player, Kenjirō Shirabu is short at 5’8.8″ (174.8 cm), making him stand out from his team during matches. Shirabu is 17 years old when he is introduced to Haikyuu but is only in his second year of high school. 

Though they are in the same year, Shirabu has very little patience for Goshiki and how he views himself as better than the rest of the team. 

Shirabu himself works just as hard as his teammates in both volleyball and his academics. 

Generally, he is very good at keeping up with the pressures of his high grades and physical demands, but Shirabu will snap at Goshiki instantly. 

Reon Ōhira – October 30th 

Reon Ōhira

Like many on the Shiratorizawa Academy volleyball team, Reon Ōhira is 5’11.9″ (182.7 cm) but is so muscular that he appears much bigger than he is. Ōhira is one of the oldest members of his team at 18 years old and has more than earnt his place as vice-captain. 

Ōhira and Ushijima make great leaders together. Though not necessarily because of their personalities but more because of their matching abilities. 

While Ōhira does communicate more openly with his team than Ushijima and offers more hands-on support, he can be just as stoic. Ōhira’s stoic tendencies usually help to calm the team rather than intimidate them. 

Eita Semi – November 11th 

Eita Semi

Eita Semi is thought to be slightly younger than his fellow third years when he is introduced to Haikyuu at 17 years old. He is also somewhat shorter than most of the Shiratorizawa Academy volleyball team at 5’10.7″ (179.5 cm) but seamlessly fits in with his personality. 

Semi is often sporting a fierce scowl, warning his opponents and teammates to stay away. However, he is willing to soften up and accept when someone is more skilled than him. 

Semi very easily snaps whenever he is slightly annoyed or teased by his team but cares deeply about the individual success of his teammates and the team as a whole. 

Hayato Yamagata – February 14th 

Hayato Yamagata

Hayato Yamagata is 17 years old during his introduction to Haikyuu when he plays as a libero for Shiratorizawa Academy’s volleyball team. He is one of the shortest members of his team at 5’8.6″ (174.3 cm). 

As with most of Shiratorizawa Academy’s volleyball players, Yamagata puts on a cold front yet can not help but get caught up in a game. 

Off of the court, Yamagata stands up for his team’s younger members, especially when Ushijima doesn’t realize how hurtful his blunt comments can be. 

Taichi Kawanishi – April 15th 

Taichi Kawanishi

Taichi Kawanishi is in his second year at Shiratorizawa Academy, making him 17 years old when he debuts in Haikyuu. He is easily identifiable amongst the team because of his fiery ginger hair, though he is also noticeably tall for his age at 6’2.1″ (188.3 cm). 

There are few instances where Kawanishi lets any of his emotions show. But when he does, they tend to be dramatic such as when he cries after losing a game. 

If it were not for his teammates directly telling Kawanishi to have more confidence in himself, most would mistake Kawanishi’s stoic tendencies for cockiness.