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Haley from Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gifts, Heart Events and FAQs

Haley from Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gifts, Heart Events and FAQs

In the vibrant community of Stardew Valley, Haley’s radiant style often overshadows her deeper layers. While at first glance she might seem all about the latest trends and fleeting fancies, there’s a lot more beneath that sunlit exterior.

Our guide is tailored for players seeking to forge a bond with Haley—be it friendship, romance, or even marriage. We’ve meticulously detailed her likes and dislikes, daily routines, key events, and the most effective ways to win her heart. If you’re looking to understand and connect with Pelican Town’s most enigmatic fashionista, this comprehensive insight is your invaluable companion. Dive in to unveil the nuances of Haley and make your journey with her truly memorable.

Basic Information

Haley Stardew Valley

Wondering if Haley is someone you’d like to know better? Before you commit to dating her, here’s a few facts:

Birthday: Spring 14

Occupation: Photographer

Dream: To become a famous photographer

Residence: Lives with her sister, Emily, in a house located in the southeast of Pelican Town.

Relationship Status: Available for romance and marriage by the player, regardless of gender.

Background: At first glance, Haley can seem preoccupied with fashion, beauty, and taking photos. However, beneath the perceived superficiality is a young woman with a desire for genuine connection and recognition. As players delve deeper into her life, they’ll uncover her vulnerabilities, aspirations, and the unique perspective she brings to Stardew Valley.

An Overview of Befriending, Dating or Marrying Haley

In Stardew Valley, players can befriend Haley up to 8 hearts. After reaching this level, there’s an option to date her, deepening the connection. Upon achieving a 10-heart relationship, players can choose to marry Haley, unlocking unique dynamics and interactions.

Befriending Haley

When you befriend Haley, you’ll get to know her a little better, and she’ll occasionally send gifts in the mail. It’s a simple dynamic, allowing you to appreciate her gestures of friendship without delving deeply into her personal life.

Dating Haley

Choosing to date Haley brings you closer to her, unlocking more intimate heart events and unique scenes. It provides an opportunity for players to explore a romantic facet of the relationship, paving the way for deeper connections.

Marrying Haley

Marrying Haley takes the relationship to its fullest potential. She moves in, and together, you can start a family. Living under the same roof means shared responsibilities on the farm. However, it’s a commitment – divorcing costs 50k, and the choice can bring about lingering resentment in the community.

Locating Haley

Arriving outside Haley's House Stardew Valley
Outside Haley’s House

Haley in Stardew Valley is frequently spotted inside her house, which she shares with her sister, Emily, in the southeast of Pelican Town. On sunny days, she loves to take her camera to various scenic spots around the town, including Cindersap Forest and near the Community Center. For those looking to chat with her or present her with gifts, these are the prime locations to find her.

How to Get to Haley’s House

Haley lives at 2 Willow Lane with her Sister Emily. Getting there is simple:

Step One:

Step one to Haley's House Stardew Valley

Starting from your farmhouse, head South towards the pond at the end of your farm.

Step Two:

Step two to Haley's house Stardew Valley

From the pond, take the path South, exiting your farm and entering Cindersap Forest.

Step Three:

Step three to Haley's House Stardew Valley

Continue Southeast along the path, passing by Marnie’s Ranch.

Step Four:

Step four to Haley's House Stardew Valley

Continue East along the path until you reach the border crossing over into the town centre. Haley’s House will be the second one along the river, to the right of Sam’s house.

Haley’s Schedule

To chat with Haley or give her gifts, it’s crucial to know her whereabouts. Like all Pelican Town residents, Haley’s precise schedule varies seasonally. To ensure successful interactions, players should keep tabs on her movements throughout the year.


Haley’s Spring schedule in Stardew Valley is distinct, with nuances that set her apart from other NPCs. While she maintains a consistent set of locations she frequents, the times of her visits vary daily. While this is a general overview of her routine, the exact times may vary depending on the day.

spring Stardew Valley
Time Location
Approx 9:00-11:00 amIn her house
Approx 11:00-12:00 pmWandering around the village fountain.
4:30 pmHeads back to her house.
Approx 5:30-8:30 pmGoes about her house, doing chores, cooking or in her room.
10:30 pm Goes to Bed
Haley’s Spring Schedule


Summer Stardew Valley
Time Location
9:00 amIn her Room
10:30 am Leaving her House to go to the Beach
11:50 am At the beach, upper left.
1:30 pmGoes to Alex’s ice cream stand.
2:30 pm At Alex’s ice cream stand, next to the museum/library.
5:00 pmHeads home
6:20 pmAt home, cooking dinner.
8:20 pmIn her room
11:00 pmGoes to bed
Haley’s Summer Schedule


fall Stardew valley
11:00 am Leaving home to go to the fountain
12:20 pmBy the fountain, left of Community Center
4:30 pmHeads home
5:50 pmAt home, cooking dinner
8:20 pm In her room
10:30 pmGoes to bed
Haley’s Fall Schedule


winter Stardew Valley

Haley’s winter routine in Stardew Valley is notably straightforward. Most days, she comfortably stays indoors, splitting her time between her vanity and the kitchen. However, there’s a notable deviation on Wednesdays when she’s drawn to the fountain from 12:20 to 4:30. Also, mark your calendar for Winter 9th, as Haley makes a special visit to Harvey’s clinic on this day.

Schedule Exceptions

Rainy Days: Rain in Stardew Valley means a change in Haley’s routine. Instead of her usual outdoor activities, she gravitates towards the comfort of her home. Starting her day near her dresser, she then spends time at her vanity. The kitchen attracts her by midday, where she may be preparing comfort food suitable for the rainy ambience. As darkness blankets the valley, she retreats to her bedroom.

Summer Wednesdays: Most summer days see Haley embracing the warmth, often visiting the beach or stopping by the ice cream stand. However, Wednesdays are an exception. On this particular day, she opts for the familiarity of her home. Beginning in her room, perhaps attending to chores or personal tasks, she transitions to the living room by midday. The day culminates with her heading back to her room, foregoing her usual summer wanderings.

Spring Mondays: When spring’s bloom is in full swing, Mondays inspire Haley to adopt a different rhythm. Instead of her habitual visits to the village fountain or town square, she is drawn to the picturesque settings of Cindersap Forest. Armed with her camera, she heads to the river’s edge near Marnie’s Ranch. Here, she immerses herself in a photography session, trying to capture the season’s essence. The serene ambiance of the forest keeps her engaged for hours. As the afternoon fades, she begins her journey back home.

What to Gift Haley

Gifting Haley a coconut Stardew Valley
Gifting Haley a Coconut

Haley in Stardew Valley appreciates gifts like Sunflowers, Pink Cake, and Fruit Salad. Avoid giving her fish or gems. Handing over her favourite items can bolster your connection and advance your in-game rapport with her.

Overview of All Gifts

Reaction Gift
LoveAll Universal Loves (except Prismatic Shard), Fruit Salad, Pink Cake, Coconut, Sunflower.
Like All Universal Likes (except Vegetables), Daffodil
NeutralAll Universal Neutrals
DislikeAll Universal Dislikes, All Eggs, All Fruit (except Coconut), All Milk, All Vegetables, All Mushrooms, Dandelions, Ginger, Hazeulnut, Holly, Leek, Quartz, Snow Yam, Winter Root.
HateAll Universal Hates, All Fish, Clay, Prismatic Shard, Wild Horseradish.
Overview of Haley’s Loved Gifts

Loved Gifts

In Stardew Valley, navigating a friendship with Haley can be a unique challenge given her selective tastes. Unlike many other characters, she’s particularly picky about her gifts. Showering her with loved items boosts your relationship by a notable 80 points. While you can present her with gifts twice a week, daily conversations are also beneficial. Make sure to surprise her with a cherished gift on her birthday to experience a substantial jump in your bond with her.

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How to Make Fruit Salad

Fruit_Salad Stardew Valley
Fruit Salad

Source: The Queen of Sauce television program, aired on the 7th of Fall, Year 2.


  • 1 Blueberry
  • 1 Melon
  • 1 Apricot

Crafting this dish for Haley demands both patience and foresight. The recipe, only available in the second year, combines tree fruit (Apricot) and cultivated crops (Blueberry and Melon). While blueberries and melons, grown during the summer, offer multiple harvests and singular harvests, respectively, the apricot requires a bit more planning. It comes from an Apricot tree that bears its fruits in the spring.

How to Make a Pink Cake

Pink cake stardew valley
Pink Cake

Source: The Queen of Sauce television program, accessible on the 21st of Summer, Year 2.

Ingredients Required:

  • 1 Melon
  • 1 Wheat Flour
  • 1 Sugar
  • 1 Egg

The Pink Cake is a lovely dessert that marries the sweetness of a fresh summer melon with the rich, wholesome flavors of wheat flour, sugar, and egg. Crafting this cake demands a blend of farming and foraging; while the melon is harvested from summer crops, ingredients like wheat flour and sugar can be purchased from Pierre’s General Store, and eggs can be collected daily from your coop, assuming you’re raising chickens.

Apart from crafting it yourself, there are alternative avenues to get your hands on the delightful Pink Cake. A generous reward of 3 Pink Cakes awaits those who complete the Chef’s Bundle on the Bulletin Board. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a slim chance (0.1%) that battling and defeating Big Slimes might yield a Pink Cake as a drop, and equipping a Burglar’s Ring can potentially double this bounty. Lastly, the Statue Of Endless Fortune, a unique item in Stardew Valley, produces a Pink Cake on three distinct occasions every year, aligning with the birthdays of Haley, Jas, and Vincent.

How to Get a Coconut

Coconut Stardew Valley

Primary Locations: The coconut can be found in the vast landscapes of the Calico Desert and the lush environment of Ginger Island. On the latter, it’s specifically obtained by shaking the resilient palm trees that thrive there.

Alternative Means of Procurement:

  • The Oasis: For players not keen on an excursion, the Oasis offers Coconuts every Monday for a price of 400g. This desert shop is your reliable go-to for this exotic fruit.
  • Traveling Cart: Keeping an eye on the stock of the Traveling Cart can occasionally be rewarding. The cart might have a Coconut available for a price ranging between 300–1,000g, though its appearance is random.
  • Gift from Sandy: The friendly merchant, Sandy, who runs the Oasis, sometimes sends a Coconut in the mail as a gracious gift. It’s always heartwarming to receive such tokens from Stardew Valley’s residents.
  • Statue Of Endless Fortune: This remarkable statue is known to produce a Coconut once a year, precisely on Winter 3, celebrating Linus’ birthday.

Universal Loves

Magic_Rock_Candy Stardew valley
Magic Rock Candy

In Stardew Valley, Universal Loves are items that are adored by almost every villager in the game, making them ideal gifts when building relationships. These are treasures that, with a few specific exceptions, will always bring joy when presented. Fortunately, Haley loves all of them.

Item How to Obtain
Golden Pumpkin (+80 friendship points) Obtain it during the Spirit’s Eve festival by completing the maze.
Magic Rock Candy (+80 friendship points) Acquire it in the Desert Trader’s shop in exchange for 3 Prismatic Shards.
Pearl (+80 friendship points)You can find a Pearl at the Mermaid’s Show during the Winter Night Markets
Prismatic Shard (+80 friendship points)Mined from Omni Geodes, Iridium Nodes, or certain monsters like the Serpent in Skull Cavern.
Rabbit’s Foot (+80 friendship points)Harvested occasionally from rabbits raised in a coop, or sometimes found in Skull Cavern.
Table of Universal Loves

Good Gifts for Beginners

Gifting Haley a diamond Stardew Valley
Gifting Haley a Diamond

For newcomers to Stardew Valley, establishing a connection with Haley might feel a bit challenging at first glance. Many of Haley’s adored gifts, like Pink Cake or Fruit Salad, are typically accessible later in your farming journey or even in the second year. However, there’s some good news for those just beginning their adventure. While some of Haley’s favorite items might seem distant, there are gifts that can be procured early.

How to Get a Diamond

Diamond Stardew Valley

The Diamond, a glittering testament to the riches hidden within Stardew Valley, can be an unexpectedly attainable gift option even for players who are relatively new to the Valley. While one might initially reserve such precious items for later in the game, nothing truly restricts the determined from venturing deep into the Mines and presenting this gem to Haley early on.

Primary Locations: The expansive Mines are just east of the Carpenter’s Shop. Specifically, begin your search on floor 50 and onwards, where Diamond Nodes become increasingly prevalent. Gem Nodes scattered throughout the Mines are another potential source of this coveted mineral.

Alternative Means of Procurement:

  • Mines’ Monsters: Before even reaching the deepest caverns, several creatures such as the Red, Purple, Copper, or Iron Slimes, as well as Dwarvish Sentries and Duggies, have a chance to drop Diamonds when defeated. For the most tenacious, the rare Wilderness Golem might also yield a Diamond.
  • Fishing & Panning: Though more uncommon, the rivers and lakes of the Valley occasionally yield Diamonds in Fishing Treasure Chests. Panning in the shimmering spots of water can also sometimes reward you with a gem.
  • From the Trash: Once you’ve conquered the Mines, don’t overlook the humble garbage cans of Pelican Town. They might just surprise you with a discarded Diamond.
  • Fish Ponds: An Ice Pip or Stonefish Fish Pond, when nurtured to a population of nine, may generously produce a Diamond.

How to Get a Sunflower

Sunflower Stardew Valley

unflowers, with their radiant yellow petals and towering presence, serve as a beacon of joy in the farm plots of Stardew Valley. They’re especially significant for players eager to win the favor of certain residents like Haley early in their journey.

Growth Cycle: Sunflowers emerge in all their splendor from Sunflower Seeds within 8 days. Their relatively short growth cycle makes them an appealing choice for farmers keen on quick returns.

Seed Procurement:

  • Pierre’s Store: This local community store, run by the diligent Pierre, stocks Sunflower Seeds for 200g. The central location in Pelican Town makes this a convenient option for many farmers.
  • Jojamart: The ever-expanding Joja Corporation offers Sunflower Seeds at a discounted price of 125g. While the company’s practices may be divisive among the townsfolk, their pricing can be hard to resist for budget-conscious players.

Harvest Rewards:

  • Flower & Seeds: Harvesting a Sunflower not only yields the beautiful bloom itself but also grants the player between 0-2 Sunflower Seeds. This means that with careful planning and a little luck, farmers can often replant and grow additional sunflowers without incurring further seed costs. On average, the number of seeds dropped equates to about 75% to 90% of the total sunflowers harvested.

How to Get a Daffodil

Daffodil Stardew Valley

For players starting their journey in Stardew Valley, gifting Daffodils to Haley is a straightforward choice. While it’s classified as a “liked” gift and grants 40 friendship points — half of what a “loved” gift offers — its sheer availability and the absence of any costs attached make it a valuable early-game option. It may not have the same impact as some other gifts, but its convenience makes it a commendable choice for budding relationships.

Where to Find:

  • Foraging: Daffodils can be discovered in various nooks and crannies of Stardew Valley. These bright blooms naturally occur in spring, often surprising diligent foragers with their presence.
  • Spring Seeds: For those inclined towards farming, Daffodils can also sprout from Spring Seeds, allowing players to cultivate them on their own plots.
  • Pierre’s Special Offer: During the vibrant Flower Dance, Pierre offers up to ten Daffodils for purchase, providing another source of these blossoms.

Gifts to Avoid

Carp Fish in Stardew Valley
Carp Fish

Haley’s distinct preferences in Stardew Valley mean that gifting requires careful consideration. There’s a myriad of items, including many universal choices, that she doesn’t take kindly to. Offering her a disliked gift will subtract 20 friendship points. More perilous still are the items she absolutely detests. Handing her one of these disliked presents could set you back by a substantial 40 friendship points. Treading cautiously and understanding her tastes can ensure that your relationship flourishes without unnecessary hitches.

ItemPoints Subtracted
All Eggs– 20
All Fruit and Vegetables (Except Coconuts)– 20
All Milk – 20
All Universal Dislikes – 20
All Mushrooms – 20
Seasonal Foraged Items: Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Snow Yam, Dandelion, Winter Roots. – 20
All Fish – 40
Clay– 40
Prismatic Shard– 40
Wild Horseradish – 40
Table of Haley’s Liked and Disliked Items

Haley’s Heart Events

heart bar Stardew Valley
Heart Bar

Within the verdant stretches of Stardew Valley, heart events serve as emotional windows, offering insights into the multi-faceted personalities of Pelican Town’s denizens. For Haley, these heart events not only allow players to explore her character depth but also understand the sensitivities that color her interactions and responses.

Unlocking these heart events with Haley requires meeting certain milestones on her friendship gauge and being present at specific locations during designated times. What sets Haley apart is her particularly sensitive nature; unlike most NPCs who might have just one or two pivotal dialogue moments, the choices made during Haley’s events frequently matter. It’s essential to approach her scenes with care, as the words exchanged can significantly influence her perception of you.

Haley’s Two Heart Event

Haley two heart cutscene Stardew Valley
Haley’s Two Heart Cutscene

To trigger the cutscene, enter Haley’s home when she and Emily are both there.

In one of the early interactions with Haley in Stardew Valley, the two-heart event offers a glimpse into her everyday life. When you enter, you find Haley and her sister Emily in the midst of a minor disagreement over household responsibilities, specifically cleaning under the couch cushions. Haley maintains that she took care of it last week, while Emily feels it’s been neglected.

The atmosphere is a touch tense, and you find yourself in the position of having to help resolve the matter. This event provides an early indication of the dynamics between the two sisters and a chance to further your relationship with Haley.

Two Heart Dialogue Option

Haley's reaction to correct dialouge option to two heart cutscene Stardew Valley
Haley’s Reaction to Correct Dialogue Option

During Haley’s two-heart event, your choice of response plays a pivotal role in how the situation with Haley and Emily unfolds. It’s worth noting that, unlike some other Pelican Town residents, Haley is particularly sensitive to the dialogue choices you make. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. “Stop whining and just clean it!”: This direct approach is not well-received by either sister. Haley’s reaction is particularly strong, resulting in a decrease of 50 friendship points. She’ll leave in a huff, and Emily ends up cleaning the cushions.
  2. “Haley, why not have this be your one weekly job?”: Opting for a compromise, this response aims to establish a regular chore for Haley. It’s a more balanced approach, leading to a gain of 30 friendship points. Both sisters agree to the arrangement, even if Haley is less than thrilled.
  3. “Emily, take the high road and do it this time.”: This choice leans more towards taking Emily’s side and insinuates that Haley might be acting childishly. It’s not the best way to gain favor with Haley, resulting in a decrease of 30 friendship points. Haley doesn’t appreciate the implication, but Emily cleans the cushions.

Haley’s Four Heart Event

Haley four heart cutscene Stardew Valley
Haley’s Four Heart Cutscene

To witness this particular moment with Haley, simply enter her home while she’s present.

The event offers a light-hearted glimpse into the day-to-day challenges Haley faces. When you step inside, you find Haley wrestling with a stubborn jar. Her attempts to open it aren’t bearing fruit, and in her mild frustration, she turns to you, inquiring if you’re strong enough to assist.

Four Heart Dialogue Option

Haley's four heart cutscene dialogue stardew valley
Haley’s Four Heart Dialogue Options

When Haley asks if you’re strong you have two options:

  1. “Yes.”
    • Outcome: This answer grants you a +30 boost in friendship points with Haley. Feeling reassured by your confidence, she cheerfully retorts: “Great, then you shouldn’t have any problem opening this jar for me!” By helping her out, you solidify your image as a dependable figure in her life.
  2. “No.”
    • Outcome: Opting for this response leads to a deduction of 30 friendship points. Slightly taken aback, Haley hesitantly replies: “Oh… you aren’t? Hmmm… Well, could you try opening this jar for me anyways?” Even in your uncertainty, she still hopes you might lend a hand.

Haley’s Six Heart Event

Haley six heart cutscene Stardew Valley
Haley’s Six Heart Cutscene

To witness this, head to the beach between 10 AM and 4 PM, provided it’s not Winter.

Upon arriving at the beach, the picturesque sight of the shore is overshadowed by the disheartened demeanor of Haley. The cause? She has misplaced a cherished bracelet, an item presumably of immense sentimental value to her. Seeing her grief provides an intimate look into Haley’s vulnerabilities and the depth of her emotions, a side of her often masked by her outward persona.

Your interaction with her during this moment of distress further shapes the dynamics of your relationship with her, offering you an opportunity to comfort and support her in her time of need.

Six Heart Dialogue Option

Haley six heart cut scene correct dialogue option Stardew Valley
Haley’s Six Heart Dialogue Options

When Haley confides in you, you have two options:

  1. “Relax, I’ll just buy you a new one!” Haley’s reaction to this seemingly cavalier response is immediate and intense. “No, you won’t! This bracelet was passed down to me by my great-grandmother!” she exclaims. Her words make it abundantly clear that the bracelet’s value isn’t monetary but deeply sentimental. Choosing this response results in a decrease of 30 friendship points.
  2. “I’m really sorry…” Opting for a compassionate approach, Haley’s demeanor softens as she replies, “sigh …Maybe it’ll wash up on another shore. I can’t bear to think of it at the bottom of the ocean.” By choosing these comforting words, you earn an increase of 50 friendship points, solidifying your bond with her and further showcasing your understanding of her feelings.

Finding Haley’s Bracelet

Location of haley's missing bracelet Stardew Valley
Location of Haley’s Bracelet

For those keen to aid Haley in her moment of distress, there’s hope. The elusive bracelet can be located on the beach, concealed to the right of Elliott’s cozy cabin, hidden behind a shrub. As you uncover and return the treasured item to its rightful owner, a wave of relief and gratitude washes over Haley. In a genuine gesture of appreciation, she embraces you, ensuring you know the depth of her gratitude. Her heartfelt words, “I won’t forget what you’ve done,” echo the significance of your act, deepening the bond you share with her.

Haley’s Eight Heart Event

Haley eight heart cut scene Stardew Valley
One of Haley’s Pictures from her Eight Heart Cutscene

To trigger this, head over to Cindersap Forest from anywhere between 10am – 4pm in any season aside from Winter.

As you walk through the Forest, you’ll chance upon Haley at Marnie’s ranch, immersed in her passion: photography.

With her camera in hand, Haley enthusiastically invites you to join in her photography session. As she looks around, she’s drawn to Marnie’s cows, seeing a perfect photo opportunity. Uncertain about how to get close to these gentle creatures, she asks for your guidance. In a whimsical moment, Haley, perhaps inspired by a spontaneous urge, attempts to climb atop a cow. This doesn’t go as planned, leading to a slightly comedic situation where she takes an unexpected tumble, ending up covered in dirt from head to toe.

Dating Haley

Gifting Bouquet to Haley Stardew Valley
Gifting a Bouquet to Haley

If you’re looking to form a solid friendship with Haley, the sunlit photographer of Stardew Valley, remember that eight hearts is the maximum friendship level you can reach without diving into the romantic side of things. To ensure a strong platonic bond with Haley, make sure to engage in regular conversations and continue gifting her items she cherishes. Regular interaction will prevent the slow decay of friendship points, preserving the warmth and closeness of your connection.

If, on the other hand, you’re thinking of exploring a deeper, more romantic relationship with Haley, you’ll want to present her with a bouquet. This simple yet profound gesture signals your romantic intent in Stardew Valley. To purchase a bouquet, make your way to Pierre’s General Store, where it’s available for 200g.

When you offer the bouquet to Haley, her eyes will light up, and she’ll understand the depth of your feelings. With the bouquet accepted, the two of you are now officially dating, paving the way for more personal heart events and, potentially, a shared future. However, remember that entering a romantic relationship comes with its own intricacies and emotions. So, think wisely and consider your next steps with Haley carefully!

Haley’s Ten Heart Cutscene

Haley ten heart cut scene Stardew Valley
Haley’s Ten Heart Cutscene

To trigger this cutscene, simply enter Haley’s home when she’s there.

Stepping into Haley’s home, you’re soon given a private tour of a space not many get to see – her dark room. This dimly lit chamber, bathed in red, reveals her passion for photography in its purest form. It’s a space of creativity, dedication, and patience.

Ten Heart Dialogue Options

Haley ten heart dialogue option Stardew Valley
Haley’s Ten Heart Dialogue Option

After Haley shows you her dark room, you have three dialogue options:

  1. “It looks great!” With genuine appreciation in your voice, you commend Haley on her setup. This earns you a warm smile from her and adds a touch of closeness to your growing bond. Your words affirm her dedication and hard work, granting you +10 friendship points.
  2. “What does it do?” Posing a curious question showcases a lack of familiarity with the photography process but shows genuine intrigue. Haley, always eager to share her passion, takes it in stride. While it doesn’t significantly affect your relationship, it provides a learning opportunity.
  3. “I’ve seen better.” Opting for a critical remark might not be the wisest choice in this delicate moment. Your words sting and Haley’s face visibly falls, a shadow of disappointment crossing her features. This unkind comment costs you a significant -50 friendship points and momentarily dampens the warmth between you two.

As the weight of the moment lingers, she turns to you, her eyes searching yours, asking what you’d like to do next. None of the following options affect friendship points:

  1. Help Decorate the Dark Room: Should you choose to offer help in decorating the space, the scene concludes rather abruptly, not quite meeting Haley’s expectations. Your kind gesture appears to miss the mark. Speaking with her after, her annoyance is palpable. She remarks, “Well, the dark room looks great now, thanks”, the frustration evident in her tone and expression.
  2. Make an Excuse and Leave: Opting to make a swift exit might leave Haley feeling somewhat abandoned. As you step out, she can’t hide her disappointment, voicing out, “I thought you had more important things to do…” This sentiment is mirrored in her pained expression when you meet her afterwards.
  3. Try to Kiss Her: If you’re brave enough to act on the palpable tension in the room, leaning in for a kiss, you’ll find Haley reciprocating. She mentions, “I’ve been waiting so long for you to do that.” In a cinematic flourish, she dims the room further, emphasizing the two of you. As you both draw close, the scene fades, capturing a timeless moment. Post-cutscene, meeting her gaze, her face flushed, she simply says, “That was nice.”

Proposing to Haley

Gifting mermaid pendant to Haley Stardew Valley
Gifting a Mermaid Pendant to Haley

If you’ve grown fond of Haley and feel the pull of a deeper connection, moving forward is straightforward. To marry her, all you need to do is propose with a Mermaid Pendant. Upon seeing it, Haley’s eyes will shimmer with delight, and she’ll eagerly set about planning your nuptials.

How to Get a Mermaid Pendant

Speaking to the Old Mariner Stardew Valley
Visiting the Old Mariner
  1. Rainy Weather: Firstly, it must be raining in-game. The Old Mariner who sells the pendant won’t appear unless it’s a rainy day.
  2. Fully Upgraded House: Before you can buy the Mermaid’s Pendant, you need to upgrade your farmhouse; this ensures you have the space to accommodate a spouse. You can do this by visiting Robin.
  3. Reach 10 Hearts with a Villager: In order to propose, you must have reached 10 hearts in a romantic relationship with one of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes.
  4. Go to the Beach: On the day it’s raining, head to the beach on the eastern side of the map. Remember, the Mariner won’t show up on festival days, even if it’s raining.
  5. Find the Old Mariner: You will see a bridge on the far east side of the beach that is broken at first. You’ll need to fix this bridge by using 300 pieces of wood. Once repaired, you can cross the bridge to the tidal pools area. The Old Mariner will be standing there by the northern edge.
  6. Buy the Pendant: Approach the Old Mariner, and he will offer to sell you the Mermaid’s Pendant for 5,000 gold. If you meet all the requirements, you can buy it.
  7. Propose: Once you have the pendant, give it to the villager you’ve reached 10 hearts with to propose.

Married Life with Haley

Marrying Haley Stardew Valley
Marrying Haley

After proposing to Haley, in a mere three days, your wedding bells will ring, celebrating the beginning of your lifelong journey together. Following the heartfelt ceremony, Haley will relocate to the player’s farmhouse, symbolizing your newfound togetherness in your farm life. She will contribute her own personal touch, adding a room adjacent to the bedroom and potentially bringing some of her photography equipment or favorite items with her.

Benefits of Marrying Haley

Cookie Stardew valley
Cookies that Haley Bakes

Choosing Haley as your wife in Stardew Valley is not just about emotional companionship; it also offers tangible, practical benefits that enhance your farming experience. One of the most delightful perks of having Haley as a spouse is her culinary prowess. She often prepares various delicious dishes for the player, ensuring that you’re not just emotionally nurtured but also well-fed during your farming endeavors.

Farm Maintenance

Crops: Every farmer knows the importance of consistently watered crops. Haley ensures that no plant goes thirsty by diligently watering crops during the spring, summer, and fall. This can be a significant time-saver, especially if you have a vast expanse of farmland.

Animal Care: Livestock need consistent care, and Haley helps out by feeding them. This regular attention ensures that your animals remain happy and productive.

Pet Care: A thoughtful gesture, but by ensuring your pet’s bowl is always filled, Haley showcases her nurturing side.

Fence Repairs: The wear and tear of farm life can sometimes compromise the integrity of fences. Haley’s proactiveness in fixing them ensures you won’t wake up to livestock wandering about and crops exposed to potential harm.

Cooking and Baking

Rainy Morning Baking:

  • Cookie
  • Blueberry Tart
  • Pancakes
  • Poppyseed Muffin
  • Maple Bar

Standard Indoor Breakfasts:

  • Fried Egg
  • Omelet
  • Hashbrowns
  • Pancakes
  • Bread

Rainy Night Dinners:

  • Chowder
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Bean Hotpot
  • Parsnip Soup

Haley’s Fourteen Heart Event

Haley's fourteen Heart event Stardew Valley


  • Part 1: Enter the town between 8 am and 3 pm on a day that’s not raining.
  • Part 2: At least one day after Part 1, enter the Farm House between 6:20 am and 5 pm.
  • Part 3: At least one day after Part 2, enter Pelican Town with a Chocolate Cake in inventory between 6 am and 3 pm on a day that’s not raining.
  • Part 1: Haley is on her way home when she chances upon Vincent, Jas, and Penny in a conversation. Jas voices her frustration about her deteriorating math book cover, which makes Penny observe how all their books are in dire condition. Penny, considering the high cost of new books, mentions they have to get by with what they currently have.
  • Part 2: Haley shares her idea of organizing a charity cake walk in the town on the subsequent sunny day. She likens it to a game of musical chairs but with everyone ending up with cake. She asks you to bring along a Chocolate Cake. This prompts the addition of the “Haley’s Cake-Walk” quest to the Journal.
  • Part 3: The town square is buzzing with most of the villagers. Those participating in the cakewalk include Jas, Vincent, Pam, Emily, Caroline, Marnie, Jodi, and Clint. After you hand the chocolate cake to Haley, she halts the cakewalk to start giving out the prizes, with Pam ending up with your cake. As the event unfolds, Haley reveals her motivations. She overheard Penny’s predicament and organized the cakewalk to raise funds for new books. Penny expresses her gratitude to both Haley and the player for this heartwarming gesture. Jas is thrilled, but Vincent seems less enthused about the incoming new books.

Having Children With Haley

child in Stardew Valley
Child in Crib

Once you’ve deepened your bond with Haley and achieved two Farmhouse upgrades, the potential for expanding your family becomes a real possibility. Each evening, there’s a 5% chance that as you and Haley snuggle up, the conversation might drift towards the idea of having or adopting a child.

For couples of opposite genders, the magic of life unfolds, leading to biological children. Meanwhile, same-gender couples are given the beautiful opportunity to adopt. The gender of your first child is determined by chance, but Stardew Valley ensures that your second child will be of the opposite gender.

It’s crucial to note that children in Stardew Valley maintain their youthful charm indefinitely, never maturing beyond their toddler phase. As a sweet touch, once these toddlers start to explore, they may occasionally accompany Haley during town events, leading to precious family memories.

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Does Haley from Stardew Valley like Alex?

Yes, in “Stardew Valley”, there are hints and indications that Haley and Alex have a close relationship, and it is implied that they may have mutual romantic feelings for one another. If the player does not pursue a romantic relationship with either Haley or Alex, some heart events and dialogues suggest a budding relationship between the two of them. However, as with many relationships in Stardew Valley, player actions and choices can influence the direction of character relationships. If the player chooses to court and marry either Haley or Alex, this dynamic will change.

Is Haley a Good Wife in Stardew Valley?

While Haley might come off as standoffish initially, she undergoes significant character development. She blossoms into a caring and understanding partner, making her a rewarding choice for marriage. For players who value in-game meals, Haley is among the best spouses, frequently treating the player to various dishes.

How Old is Haley from Stardew Valley?

Haley in “Stardew Valley” is portrayed as a young adult. While the game doesn’t provide specific ages for its characters, various interactions, events, and her role in the community align with this age range. Her interests, lifestyle, and relationships with other villagers further emphasize her position as one of the younger adult residents of Pelican Town.

Why Does Haley in Stardew Valley Hate Prismatic Shard?

In “Stardew Valley,” Haley’s character is initially portrayed as someone who is a bit vain and concerned about her appearance. The primary reason Haley doesn’t like the prismatic shard is that she thinks it’s “prettier” than she is.

Is Haley from Stardew Valley Rude?

When players first encounter Haley in “Stardew Valley,” she can come across as superficial and dismissive, which some players interpret as rudeness. Initially, her comments may revolve around fashion, looks, and sometimes she may express a certain aloofness towards the player and farm life. However, as players get to know Haley better and progress through her heart events, her character undergoes development, revealing a deeper, more caring side to her. It becomes evident that there’s more to Haley than her initial demeanor suggests.