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Harry Potter Patronus List and Personality Meanings: What Does Yours Mean?

Harry Potter Patronus List and Personality Meanings: What Does Yours Mean?

What is a Patronus?

The Patronus Charm is a famous defensive spell that protects witches and wizards against dementors. It is a very challenging spell that produces a magical creature specific to the one who casts it. Each individual’s Patronus says a lot about their personality and who they are as a person.

What does a Patronus signify?

A Patronus signifies protection. It also speaks to the personality of the one who casts it. Patronuses identify the underlying, hidden parts of you that come out in a magical form.

You will see these characteristics described thoroughly in this article. Scroll down for an A-Z list of every Patronus.

Harry Potter Characters and their Patronuses

Harry PotterStagHeroic and brave
Albus DumbledorePhoenixRebirth
Lily PotterDoeLove and protection
James PotterStagHeroic and brave
Severus SnapeDoeLove and protection
Hermione GrangerOtterCurious and friendly
Ron WeasleyJack Russell TerrierLoyal and stubborn
Remus LupinWolfPowerful and protective
Luna LovegoodHareAdaptable and quick-witted
Ginny WeasleyHorsePassionate
Nymphadora Tonks Jackrabbit / WolfPowerful and protective
Minerva McGonagallCatWatchful and loyal
Arthur WeasleyWeaselSpontaneous
Fred WeasleyMagpieIntelligent and curious
George WeasleyMagpieIntelligent and curious
Dolores UmbridgeCatWatchful and loyal
Aberforth DumbledoreGoatKind
Cho ChangSwanGrace and transformation
Seamus FinniganFoxWise
Harry Potter Patronuses and Meanings

For a comprehensive analysis of the characters and their patronuses, see our in-depth guide.

Complete List of Patronuses

The Patronus meanings below are displayed in alphabetical order. Use the letters below to page jump to the Patronus you are looking for.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

You can also find a list of all the Harry Potter spells (including the correct pronunciation, origin, and description).

Abraxan Winged Horse

Those with an Abraxan Winged Horse Patronus are said to be dominant, powerful, and strong leaders. Just like other horse Patronuses, they represent true freedom. Dementors won’t send a chance against these large creatures.

An interesting note, Abraxan hair is also used as an ingredient in making potions.


Adder Patronus

The Adder Patronus represents determination, cunning, and being free-spirited. An adder is a tough and cunning snake and just like those who cast this Patronus, they know what they want and go for it. If this is your Patronus, you work hard and exceed the limitations that others put on you.

Typically, adders will fiercely attack when threatened, which means a Dementor should be afraid of going up against this fearless Patronus.


Albatross Patronus

Considered the rarest Patronus, the albatross symbolizes good luck, stability, and trustworthiness. Those who conjure this Patronus are the epitome of what it looks like to be reliable and faithful.

These birds are a force to be reckoned with and can scare off any Dementor with their 11-foot wingspan alone.


Aardvark Patronus Meaning

Witches and wizards with an aardvark Patronus are independent, resilient, and true fighters. They are very driven and have a strong survival instinct. Those with this Patronus also work hard for what they want and achieve what they set their mind to.

While they are very loyal, they can be extremely opinionated and strong-willed, but of course, they have a soft side too. Dementors would be wise to steer clear of this Patronus.


Badger Patronus

The badger Patronus represents ambition and determination. A badger is the mascot of the Hufflepuff house animal and accurately represents famous Hufflepuff wizards such as Cedric Digory. Badgers are down-to-earth and fiercely defend those close to them.

With the badger Patronus, you’re in safe hands since they frequently take on animals (or Dementors) larger than themselves when threatened.

Basset Hound

Bassett Hound Patronus

The basset hound Patronus represents kindness, protection, and determination. You should never underestimate their protective and driven nature, especially among Slytherins. Those with the basset hound Patronus are unique, somewhat odd individuals – which is why a lot of Hufflepuffs also have this Patronus.

Basset hounds have an incredible sense of smell and make great tracking dogs, so they will do great at sniffing out a sneaky Dementor.

Bat (unusual)

Bat Patronus

The bat Patronus is representative of rebirth, honesty, and empathy. Though a bat commonly represents fear, the casters of this Patronus understand that facing your fears is what helps you grow as a person.

Although bats are commonly associated with fear, they actually represent rebirth. So, a bat Patronus will help you face possibly your biggest fear – a Dementor.

Bay Mare

Bay Mare Patronus

The bay mare Patronus is representative of freedom and living life on your own terms. Bay Mares are gentle and compassionate, but they are also strong and resilient. This Patronus will stand up to any Dementor fearlessly and won’t back down from even the scariest battles.

Bay Stallion

Bay Stallion Patronus

A Bay stallion Patronus is spirited, passionate, and always ready for a fight. Having this Patronus means you often have a dominant personality and are fiercely loyal to your loved ones. Dementors have no idea what they are in for when they come up against this fiery Patronus.


Beagle Patronus

The Beagle Patronus symbolizes happiness, curiosity, and free-spirited nature. Not only do Beagles have an upbeat personality, but they also enjoy bringing joy to others. Those who conjure this Patronus are loyal (almost to a fault) and will do anything in their power to protect the ones they love.

Since Dementors thrive on fear and darkness, this is a great Patronus to bring happiness and light to defeat them.

Black and White Cat

Black and White Cat Patronus

People with the black and white cat Patronus are watchful guardians and fiercely loyal to their friends and family. Similar to how black cats are incorrectly represented as dark omens, the casters of this Patronus are also commonly misunderstood individuals.

Sometimes black cats are referred to as “tuxedo cats,” and the white in their coat signifies good things to come in the future. Witches and wizards lucky enough to have this Patronus have creative minds and often think outside the box.

Black Bear (unusual)

Black Bear Patronus

A black bear Patronus will fiercely protect those they love. They are free-spirited, clever, and can be very gentle in nature. Though black bears often spark fear, they also have a sweet side. Those who conjure the black bear Patronus have prominent personalities to match and are great at adapting to any situation.

Although they sometimes get into trouble, they do their fair share of self-reflection and work to better themselves. The black bear Patronus is powerful and so is the witch or wizard who casts it, so Dementors better beware!

Black Mamba

Black Mamba Patronus

A black mamba Patronus symbolizes bravery and boldness. Though they are shy and avoid conformity, they push through their fear and stand their ground.

Black mambas can easily outrun any human, they do not use their speed as a predator, but to flee from danger. Rest assured, this Patronus will fight for you every time and pose a threat to even the scariest of Dementors.

Black Mare

Black Mare Patronus

The black mare Patronus is spiritual, mysterious, and does not fear the unknown, or even death itself. Having this Patronus means you are highly motivated, passionate, and some of the best friends you could ever have.

Black Stallion

Black Stallion Patronus

A black stallion Patronus is passionate and mysterious like black mares, but they have bolder personalities. The caster of this Patronus shares the same dominant nature. Additionally, they are free-spirited, adventurous, and they know exactly who they are and stand up for what they believe in.

Black Swan (very uncommon)

Black Swan Patronus

Black swans are one of the most protective and loyal animals. Witches or wizards who cast a black swan Patronus are often very loving, empathetic, and caring towards their friends and family.

The black swan Patronus perfectly matches Ravenclaw, which is a very open-minded and caring house. A black swan Patronus will defeat the darkness of a Dementor with a light of love and kindness.


Blackbird Patronus

A Blackbird Patronus is the epitome of intelligence, intuition, and deep thought. Blackbirds are fiercely protective and will come to the aid of those it loves when most needed. Though blackbirds are not the most ferocious animals, they are one of the most mysterious and magical.


Bloodhound Patronus

A bloodhound Patronus is associated with being gentle, easy-going, knowledgeable, and friendly. Bloodhounds will set their sights on a Dementor with its keen sense of smell and relentlessly chase it away. Similarly, those with this Patronus know what they want and do not stop until they achieve it.

Bloodhounds are rumored to sense Dementors coming, giving you extra time to prepare or escape.


Borzoi Patronus

Borzois are strong creatures that are generally reserved in nature, but aggressive when threatened. If you have a borzoi Patronus it means you handle life’s obstacles with grace and poise. You may be overly emotional or sensitive but probably view this as a weakness. However, this is your greatest strength that helps you relate to others and love them well.

Dementors are fast, but Borzois are arguably faster, reaching up to 35-40 mph. A borzoi will be a swift, powerful, and strong Patronus against even the fiercest Dementor.

Brown Bear

Brown Bear Patronus

A brown bear Patronus symbolizes courage, strength, and immense patience. People with this Patronus are wonderful leaders with great patience and inner strength. Additionally, the casters of this Patronus are very intelligent and wise.

Brown bears have one of the largest comparative brains of any mammal and because of this, they have a high cognitive function. This Patronus will use both their brains and their size to fight off a Dementor.

Brown Hare

Brown Hare Patronus

A brown hare Patronus is small but mighty – meaning they are usually underestimated. The Brown hare is indicative of someone who is patient and intelligent. These animals are usually timid, but handle life’s obstacles with grace and poise.

Dementors likely will not detect these adorable Patronuses until it’s too late. Even the caster of this Patronus cannot fully understand its power.

Brown Owl (unusual)

Brown Owl Patronus

Brown owls are swift predators that are wise, brilliant, and exceptional guardians. Casters of this Patronus tend to be visionaries, quick-witted, and guardians. The brown owl Patronus is great for hunting down Dementors, which means you’ll be in safe hands.

Another notable fact about these cute creatures is that they settle down with one mate for life, and similarly, you probably choose your friends and lifelong relationships just as carefully.

Buffalo (unusual)

Buffalo Patronus

A buffalo Patronus symbolizes strength, loyalty, and unbridled determination. Casting this Patronus means you are fiercely loyal and stand up for what you believe in. A buffalo is a force to be reckoned with, and Dementors will find that out soon enough.

In addition to standing at 6 feet tall and potentially weighing over 2,000 pounds, buffalos can also charge up to 40mph. This is the perfect Patronus to challenge a Dementor since they will never back down from a fight.


Buzzard Patronus

A Buzzard is swift, fierce, and opportunistic. This Patronus is commonly found in Slytherins because buzzards capitalize on the work of others. Witches and wizards who conjure the buzzard Patronus are focused, honest, somewhat introverted, but have excellent communication skills.

They gravitate towards those similar to themselves and value their ancestry, again just like Slytherins.

Calico Cat

Calico Cat Patronus

People who cast the calico cat Patronus are quirky and loved by many. Calicos cats are rare, sweet-natured, and make friends quickly. This Patronus is commonly found in the Ravenclaw house since calico cats are very unique, loving, and independent.

While they may not be the most talented fighters, they are observant and know the right time to strike. Dementors, beware!

Capuchin Monkey

Capuchin Monkey Patronus

Capuchin monkeys are lively and brilliant creatures. If you have this Patronus, you likely value friendship and loyalty, and your friends know they can always count on you.

Notorious for using tools and rocks to crack open fruit and drinking the juice inside, these monkeys prove just how smart they are. 

This is an excellent Patronus to have when up against a Dementor.

Cheetah (unusual)

Cheetah Patronus

Having a cheetah Patronus means you are confident and have a fiery personality. Common to Slytherin, you are likely very independent, but have a close circle of lifelong friends that you will do anything for.

Cheetahs can run up to 70mph and will easily chase down even the fastest Dementor. With the cheetah Patronus, you are in safe hands!

Chestnut Mare

Chestnut Mare Patronus

Having a chestnut mare Patronus means you are fiery and headstrong. Known as passionate and adventurous, chestnut mares do not easily back down from a fight and protect those they love. This Patronus is a great defender against even the fiercest of Dementors.

Chestnut Stallion

Chestnut Stallion Patronus

Being able to cast a chestnut stallion Patronus means you are bold, impulsive, and are not afraid to take dangerous risks. Witches and wizards with this Patronus are risk-takers, but often unfairly labeled as reckless.
Stallions are typically more protective of their master and will charge down that Dementor (with pleasure) to protect you. The chestnut stallion Patronus mostly forms for people who are in Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Chow Dog

Chow Dog Patronus

Casting a chow dog Patronus means you are lovable, sweet, and a good judge of character. Chow dogs are intelligent, independent, but like to have time to themselves. They will only listen to authority if they trust those in charge – much like a Gryffindor.

Chow dogs are wary of outsiders and they will fiercely protect those they love. In moments when you feel sad or in need of help, they will be there for you.


Having a crocodile Patronus means you are assertive and self-assured, but not overly showy. Crocodiles symbolize patience, primal energy, and tradition. They are often reserved, they can quickly become aggressive when they feel it is necessary.


Crow Patronus

Having a crow Patronus means you are crafty and cunning, but often misunderstood similarly to how crows are associated with dark omens. Crows have a creative intelligence, a keen eye, and are very good at spotting hidden dangers.

Crows are social animals, dependable, and protective of the people they care about. You can count on this Patronus to learn how to take down a Dementor and then perfect their skill for the future.

Dapple Grey Mare

Dapple Grey Mare Patronus

A dapple grey mare Patronus symbolizes freedom and passion for all that life has to offer. Those with this Patronus are energetic, enthusiastic, and the life of the party. The dapple grey mare Patronus is simply a ball of contagious, joyful energy, which is the perfect defense against a Dementor.

Dapple Grey Stallion

Dapple Grey Stallion Patronus

Having a dapple grey stallion as your Patronus means you are prideful and stubborn, but devoted to yourself and protective of those you love. You find comfort with stability and have a lot of hobbies and activities that you enjoy.

When you set their mind to something, you will keep at it until they achieve it. Dapple grey stallions will be there whenever you need help, no matter what. Dementors will find it hard to deter these headstrong creatures!


Deerhound Patronus

Having a deerhound Patronus means you are unbelievably determined and work hard to achieve your ambitions. Deerhounds are loyal and want to help those they love. If you have this Patronus, those who are closest to you are lucky to have you in their corner.

Deerhounds are trained to hunt, so a deerhound Patronus will do a great job of tracking and taking down Dementors. They can run fast and far, with exceptional endurance. Rest assured, this Patronus will fight hard for you.

Doe (unusual)

Doe Patronus

A doe Patronus symbolizes relentless love and protection. Having a doe Patronus means you are gentle, nurturing, and will stop at nothing to keep those you love safe.

The doe is most notable for being both Severus Snape’s and Lily Potter’s Patronus. We see this in how Snape loves Lily until his final breath and how Lily sacrifices herself to save Harry. If a dementor has never gone up against a fiery mother doe, then they have no idea what they’re in for.


Dolphin Patronus

A dolphin Patronus means you are very graceful, lovable, and intelligent. Those who conjure this Patronus are sociable and have a playful side to them, but they are also fierce protectors when necessary.

Dolphins are very people-oriented and make friends very easily. Their loving and caring nature is their biggest strength and their natural inner light will block out the darkness of dementors.

Dolphins use something called echolocation that helps them track down and catch their prey. Echolocation is done by making clicking noises that bounce sound waves off their target to reveal where the prey is and how big it is.

Therefore, dolphins are essentially natural Dementor hunters that will get the job done quickly.

Dragon (very rare)

Dragon Patronus

Having a dragon Patronus means you are a remarkable leader and firmly hold your beliefs. You are not afraid to stand up for what you know is right, no matter the consequences. You spark both fear and respect in your enemies.

The dragon Patronus is very rare, and it is also known for being extremely difficult to produce, so it must be cast by a talented witch or wizard. Dragons are known for being powerful and assertive. These ferocious, natural fighters can fly and breathe fire, meaning the Dementor does not stand a chance.


Dragonfly Patronus

A dragonfly Patronus is representative of joy and light with a strength of heart and mind, and the casters of this Patronus are no different. Dragonflies are small, yet mighty and very fast creatures. They are also viewed as elegant, poetic creatures.

They take an aerial approach to catching their prey so that their mark, in this case, a Dementor, does not know what hit them.

Dun Mare

Dun Mare Patronus

Having a dun mare as your Patronus means you are probably very independent, and you go wherever life takes you. You prefer to be your own boss and do not like taking orders from others.

You are always up for an adventure, and you enjoy living life to the fullest. Dun mares have an elegant, unique coat color that makes them exquisite creatures.

Dun Stallion

Dun Stallion Patronus

A dun stallion Patronus is a bit more serious than a dun mare Patronus and they symbolize stability and structure. While those who conjure this Patronus do have a wild side, they are also level-headed and practical.

While they may not attack the Dementor as passionately as a dun mare Patronus would, you can rest assured that they will be successful in their more calculated approach.


Eagle Patronus

An eagle Patronus exemplifies freedom, boldness, dominance, and power. They are very headstrong and have fantastic eyesight. Witches and wizards with this Patronus find comfort in things that are familiar to them and are typically homebodies.

However, they also enjoy the adventurous side of life and trying new things. They set lofty goals for themselves and work hard to achieve them.

Eagles are also known as “kings of the skies” since they are one of the biggest birds of prey worldwide. This majestic Patronus will defeat any Dementor that dares to cross your path.

Eagle Owl (unusual)

Eagle Owl Patronus

If your Patronus is an eagle owl, then you likely enjoy time to yourself, and you gain energy from solitude. You tend to keep a small circle of close friends, and you would do anything for them. Surprisingly, eagle owls are incredibly agile and fast, meaning they will take down any Dementor swiftly.

The eagle owl is one of the largest birds of its species, and many use its feathers in potion-making due to its magical healing abilities.

Elephant (unusual)

Elephant Patronus

Those who conjure an elephant Patronus have excellent communication skills and remain loyal to their loved ones for life. You are likely very in tune with your empathetic side and find fulfillment in caring for others.

Not only are elephants the largest land mammals in the world, but they are also very knowledgeable. They utilize their tusks and trunks to pick up items and move them, and for defending themselves.

A full-grown elephant, weighing up to 14,000 pounds, charging a Dementor will get the job done.

Erumpent (very rare)

Erumpent Patronus

Erumpent Patronus’ are very rare, and they are generally mild-mannered, but you do not want to provoke them, and this is true for the witches and wizards who cast them as well. They are very resilient and tough.

An erumpent is a magical creature that resembles a rhinoceros. While male erumpents are typically not very big, females could reach up to five times the size of an average hippopotamus.

They also have a giant horn that is sharp enough to pierce metal, causing whatever it hit to explode. When threatened, these creatures are a true force to be reckoned with, and with one strike of their horn, your dark assailant will explode before your eyes.


Falcon Patronus

Those who have a falcon Patronus are known to have a dark side and a distraught soul. However, they channel their energy into overcoming the difficulties of life and growing through them.

Falcons are some of the fastest animals in the world, and there are records of them diving at speeds of over 200mph! Falcon’s wings are thin and tapered so that they can go this fast, enabling them to change direction quickly. A flying Dementor is not swift enough for this Patronus!

Field Mouse

Field Mouse Patronus

If you have a field mouse Patronus, you are probably a great listener, very kind and caring, and more than likely a member of Hufflepuff House. What field mice lack in stature, they make up for in speed, perception, and skill.

Dementors should never underestimate the resilience of a field mouse Patronus simply because of its small size.

Field mice can detect predators with their extremely sharp senses. Because they are always aware of their surroundings, this makes them adaptable to any environment or situation. They are more active at night to avoid their innumerable predators, so they are no stranger to the darkness of a Dementor.

Fire-Dwelling Salamander (very rare)

FIre Dwelling Salamander Patronus

The regal and unique fire-dwelling salamander Patronus is born to withstand the most difficult trials that life throws at it. Having this Patronus means you thrive even in stressful situations, and you enjoy overcoming obstacles and difficulties.

This creature is born from fiery flames and survives as long as its flames do, although it can survive for up to 6 hours outside of them if treated well.

Not only do they have an extraordinary beginning, but their blood also has healing and regenerative abilities. A dementor might even be one of the easier conquests of this Patronus.


Fox Patronus

Those with a fox Patronus are usually thought of as crafty, devious, sly, and calculating animals – much like Slytherins. Foxes indeed embody these qualities, but additionally, they are wise, adaptable, and loyal. Your close friends and family know your true nature and never have to question your loyalty to them.

A fox’s strategy of capturing its prey is to lay low to camouflage itself and then pounce with great force when the time is right. Their skills will come in handy when you encounter the looming darkness of a dementor. Your fox Patronus will leap out of the shadows to come to your aid.

Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier Patronus

Fox terriers are adorable and spunky dogs that are well-loved by all and give plenty of affection in return. Fox terriers, along with the caster of this Patronus, generally work wonderfully in groups or teams.

They are considered highly intelligent, resourceful, and tend not to fear many things – including Dementors.

Ginger Cat

Ginger Cat Patronus

Ginger cats are known for their tiger-like appearance and tend to be very friendly and laid-back. Someone with this Patronus likely has many friends and family who adore them, and they love them in return. Their personality is curious and open to exploring all kinds of hobbies and activities because they want to get the most out of life.

As you can guess, because they make deep and lifelong relationships, they will go to the ends of the earth to protect them, especially from a Dementor.


Goat Patronus

Aberforth Dumbledore is the only known owner of the goat Patronus and he was known to keep goats as his pets. We don’t know much about this Patronus, other than that goats are sweet, loving creatures. Dragons were fed goats as you might remember from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but rest assured, a goat Patronus will not back down from any Dementor.


Goshawk Patronus

Those with a Goshawk Patronus are driven and ambitious. Maybe you have heard the term “watch like a hawk,” and this phrase rings true since hawks are considered careful and watchful birds of prey. They are not only determined but intelligent and wise too.

A goshawk is simply a hawk and tends to be on the larger side of the species. They occupy branches high in the trees to look for their target and then snatch it up in a swift swoop. A Dementor will never know what hit them.

Granian Winged Horse (very rare)

Granian Winged Horse Patronus

If your Patronus is a granian winged horse, you are most likely a stubborn, independent, and competitive individual. Granian winged horses are so fast that witches and wizards initially used them to bring messages before using owls. Not only are they physically speedy, but they also enjoy a fast-paced life and like to push the limits.

Before you can even blink, this Patronus will take care of the cruel Dementor, and you can continue on your way.

Grass Snake

Grass Snake Patronus

Those with a grass snake Patronus are very perceptive and flexible, and they are not fazed by much. They are not confrontational and will look for any opportunity to run, but when the need arises, they become aggressive and defensive. You might be a member of Slytherin House if this is your Patronus.

In theory, these snakes are primarily harmless since they are not poisonous. Sometimes they are referred to as “water snakes,” and rightfully so because they are excellent swimmers.

Interestingly, one of their tactics is to “play dead” by going limp and secreting blood from their nose and mouth. They can also flare out their head to look like a terrifying cobra. These techniques will fool even the smartest of Dementors.

Gray Squirrel

Grey Squirrel Patronus

The gray squirrel is one of the most hard-working animals, and so are the casters of this Patronus. Gray squirrels prepare for the worst, so they are no strangers to difficulty and handle it exceptionally well. If you have this Patronus, you likely have a lot of energy and make friends easily.

Gray squirrels spend months storing up food for the winter, proving just how patient they can be against even the most persistent Dementor.

Great Grey Owl (unusual)

Great Grey Owl Patronus

Those who have the great grey owl Patronus are excellent listeners and very attentive to their friends. Additionally, the witches and wizards who cast this Patronus have dominant personalities. They are great at adapting to any and all situations.

The great grey owl is the largest in length and has high standards and strong morals to match. In general, they are not prone to aggression, but a mother owl will fiercely protect her young – just like how Molly Weasley is defensive of her children.


Greyhound Patronus

People with the greyhound Patronus are often misunderstood as lazy or lethargic since they tend to be mild-mannered and laid-back. Greyhounds are large and muscular while simultaneously gentle and sweet. The witches and wizards who cast this Patronus also have a soft side, easy-going side to them.

They are not easily ruffled and prefer to keep the peace. If a conflict arises and they need to step in, you can count on them to be there.

People once used greyhounds for racing since they can reach speeds over 40mph! This means your greyhound Patronus will quickly chase down any Dementor.


Those with a hare Patronus are quick-witted and very intelligent. Hares are extremely fast and they scurry away from their predators, avoiding capture. Witches and wizards with this Patronus adapt well to most situations and understand that the difficulties in life make them stronger. Additionally, a jackrabbit is a form of a hare, and Nymphadora Tonks had this Patronus until hers later took the form of a wolf.

A hare Patronus will either bounce around the Dementor until it finally makes its swift attack, or it might surprise you and fight right away. Just like one of the owners of this Patronus, Luna Lovegood, the hare is unique and you never know what to expect.


Hedgehog Patronus

Casters of the hedgehog Patronus are often worried about their own wellbeing and that of their friends and family. Hedgehogs are cute and lovable creatures commonly kept as pets by humans, even lending emotional support to some owners. It’s likely that your loved ones rely on you the same way.

These creatures can sometimes be cautious, so you probably assess all sides of a situation before acting.

Hedgehogs have their namesake because they scavenge under bushes and hedges for their prey. Additionally, they have a unique defense mechanism – they roll up into a ball when threatened so that their pokey spikes are facing outward towards their predator.


Heron Patronus

Witches and wizards who have a heron Patronus are unique and determined. Herons are known for being cunning, intelligent, and quick-witted. The Hogwarts Houses are associated with the elements, and herons are unique because they reside in three elements – earth, water, and air.

Herons hunt their prey by remaining perfectly still until their target wanders unsuspectingly into their reach.

A fun fact is that this is J.K. Rowling’s Patronus.

Hippogriff (very rare)

Hippogriff Patronus

Hippogriffs are a rare Patronus that is half-eagle and half-horse. Hippogriffs are extremely dangerous and powerful, the type of creature that people tend to revere and hold in high respect. Those who have this Patronus are passionate and fierce, but they have a loving side to them as well.

Dementors should know to never cross these Patronuses because they are powerful and deadly.


Hummingbird Patronus

Those with the hummingbird Patronus tend to be free-spirited and seek to enjoy life to its fullest. Even though they are tiny, hummingbirds are big protectors. You stand up for what you believe in and your loved ones.

If you have ever put out a bird feeder for a hummingbird, you know that you might miss them if you are not watching for even a few seconds. Hummingbirds can reach speeds of up to 45 mph, and the smallest species weighs a mere 1.95 grams! You can be sure of one thing – a Dementor will have no idea what hit it with this Patronus!


Husky Patronus

While huskies are a big ball of fun-loving energy, they are also very in touch with their emotions and cope well with stress – just like the casters of this Patronus. They are highly intelligent and simultaneously very humble. You are likely very loving and affectionate towards those around you.

Huskies were utilized initially as sled dogs in polar regions for transport. Physically they have a double-layered coat to keep them warm, and metaphorically they also have layers to their complex nature. This Patronus will stop at nothing to protect you.

Hyena (unusual)

Hyena Patronus

You are probably familiar with the poor reputation hyenas have been given. However, hyenas, and those who cast this Patronus, are very loyal, clever, and creative creatures. Ironically, many characterize them by their high-pitched “laugh,” but they actually have a great sense of humor.

They have strong jaws for devouring their prey, and they are fiercely protective and loyal of their territory and young. Dementors, beware!

Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound Patronus

Ibizan hounds are an exquisite and long-legged dog breed. However, do not let their appearance fool you because, in reality, they are pranksters and clowns. If you have this Patronus, you are probably extremely intelligent along with having a goofy side. These dogs are also quite active and energetic.

They are known escape artists, so either they will help you get away from a Dementor or stand up and fight on your behalf. Either way, the Dementor does not stand a chance!

Impala (unusual)

Impala Patronus

Having an Impala as your Patronus means you likely tackle life’s challenges with ease. Impala are beautiful, medium-sized antelopes that use graceful leaps and bounds to evade predators and catch prey. They quickly acclimate to different environments and are very perceptive of their surroundings.

This Patronus will surprise even the most observant Dementor with its agility.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound Patronus

Irish wolfhounds are reserved, soft-spoken, and patient creatures. Those with this Patronus exhibit a quiet inner strength that helps them remain calm even in the most stressful situations.

However, this Patronus is not one you should ever underestimate. While they have deep stability, they are not afraid to fight back and defend themselves if you mess with them or their loved ones.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russel Terrier Patronus

Having a Jack Russell Terrier as your Patronus means you’re very loyal to your loved ones. And you face your fears to protect your family and friends, even when it’s hard. However, Jack Russell terriers can also be stubborn and independent when they don’t get their way. Understandably, this is Ron Weasley’s Patronus.

This Patronus will hold their ground against any Dementor.

King Cobra (unusual)

King Cobra Patronus

King cobras live up to their name as they represent royalty and power. They can be highly aggressive when threatened and swallow their prey without a single bite. However, if you have this Patronus, you are bold but also friendly toward family and friends – much like Slytherins.

King cobras are the longest venomous snake on earth (the longest one reaching almost 20 feet in length). Many people revere king cobras with respect and awe. With their intimidating stance, this Patronus might scare off a Dementor without even bearing its fangs.


Kingfisher Patronus

Kingfishers are very confident and ambitious, and they are also gorgeous, stunning creatures. People with this Patronus likely place value in other people’s opinions of them and how they look. You also have high standards and goals you set for yourself, but you work very hard and usually achieve them.

One look at this Patronus and Dementors will be fleeing in the opposite direction.


A ladybird is a small beetle, but it makes a mighty Patronus. It can sneakily approach a Dementor without being seen because of its size, and then it will attack. If you have this Patronus, people might misunderstand or underestimate you, but you consistently prove yourself to be trustworthy, strong, and reliable.

Leopard (unusual)

Leopard Patronus

Those with a leopard Patronus are outstanding leaders and people respect and look up to them. Not only are they determined, but very friendly and easy-going as well.

Leopards are very graceful creatures and avid tree climbers. You will most likely find a leopard lounging on a tree branch during the day since it primarily hunts at night.

Leopards stalk their prey quietly and sometimes do not pounce until they are within 5 feet of it. A Dementor will never see this Patronus coming!

Leopardess (unusual)

Leopardess Patronus

While Leopardesses do encompass similar character traits of a leopard, they are also known for being fiercely protective mothers. Those who conjure this Patronus are bold, fearless leaders. They take care of and train their young to kill prey, climb trees, and hide if necessary and can adapt to all situations.

Rest assured, this Patronus will not let a Dementor come near you.

Lion (unusual)

Lion Patronus

Many associate lions with bravery, courage, and heroism – granted, it is the mascot of Gryffindor House. Those with this Patronus are willing to make sacrifices for the ones they love – and sometimes even people they do not know. Lions are fierce fighters when threatened.

Additionally, lions are the “kings of the jungle,” as they do not have many predators. Although lions also have a soft side, they exhibit this in how they care for their cubs and share food with them.

Lioness (unusual)

Lioness Patronus

Those with a lioness Patronus are fierce protectors. They are very sure of themselves and confident in their decisions. Dementors will be sorry they ever dared to mess with you when a mother lioness comes for them.

For good reason, lionesses are the “queens of the jungle.” These protective mothers are wary of intruders and will do anything to protect their cubs from harm. Although they do not share the beautiful and intimidating mane of a lion, a Dementor will soon be sorry if it ever underestimates a lioness.

Little owl (unusual)

Little Owl Patronus

A little owl Patronus is precisely what their name implies; tiny, adorable, and sweet. But what they lack in size, they make up for in their bold personality. If you have this Patronus, you are likely very observant, well-spoken, and even a bit sarcastic.

While they are mostly independent creatures, little owls do have a close-knit group that they trust.

These watchful little owls dive on their prey from above, and your Patronus will do the same to your dark assailant.

Lynx (unusual)

Lynx Patronus

Lynxes are large, furry wildcats that are naturally skilled, night hunters. If you have this Patronus, you are a unique individual and people love you for it. You enjoy solitude, but just like how lynxes travel in small-knit groups, you have a close circle of friends and family you trust.

Additionally, these cats use their excellent hearing and sight for catching prey. Their eyesight is so incredible that they can often spot small rodents over 200 feet away!

No matter the time or the place, your lynx Patronus will stealthily attack even the strongest of Dementors.


Magpie Patronus

Widely known for their songs and calls, magpies are also one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. They are also curious birds that can sense danger from far away.

A common trait that magpies likely share with the witch or wizard who casts this Patronus is that they are homebodies and prefer comfort and familiarity. You might feel misunderstood by those around you, but your family and friends know the real you.

An interesting fact about magpies is that when they come across a dead fellow magpie, they will use their calls to do a “funeral” for it. They can also sense danger, so they will be able to tell if a Dementor is coming.

Manx Cat

Manx Cat Patronus

The manx cat is a level-headed, quirky, and somewhat mischievous member of the feline family. They are known as watchful guardians of their territory and can be vicious if provoked. If the Manx cat is your Patronus, you may identify with their ability to stay calm even in the most stressful of situations.

You might attach yourself to certain people and feel protective of them. Your friends and family love you for your unique personality and cute quirks.

Manx cats tend to attack prey larger than themselves, so a Dementor would be no issue for them.

Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier Patronus

A marsh harrier Patronus is a bird of prey, and they are true survivors. Highly intelligent and witty, they are stealthy hunters and out-of-the-box thinkers. Along with this Patronus, you likely know how to get yourself creatively and logically out of challenging situations.

Although a marsh harrier Patronus may not take down a Dementor in a typical fashion, they will get the job done, nonetheless.

Mastiff Dog

Mastiff Dog Patronus

Mastiff dogs are massive, broad-shouldered dogs with a big heart to match. Those with this Patronus are fiercely loyal. It would be difficult to find a more loving and protective best friend, both as a Patronus and a caster.

If their enormous size (roughly the weight of a full-grown man) does not scare off a Dementor, then just wait until this intimidating Patronus comes to your aid when it sees you are under attack.


Mink Patronus

Minks are furry little creatures that somewhat resemble a ferret. While they can be resourceful, wise, and witty little critters, they also can be mischievous and crafty – much like Slytherins. However, those with this Patronus seek safe environments and overall security.

This Patronus will go to any means to protect you from even the sneakiest and most cruel Dementors.


Mole Patronus

If you have a mole Patronus, you may share character traits such as ambition and independence, and you are likely very goal-oriented. You also might struggle with fitting in and caring too much about what others think of you.

If you have ever had a mole tear up your backyard, then you are familiar with how well they can wreak havoc. They prefer to live underground in what most people would consider solitary confinement, but they love it. Similarly, those with a mole Patronus enjoy their alone time.

Nevertheless, this Patronus will pop out of the ground at a moment’s notice to protect you.

Mongrel Dog

Mongrel Dog Patronus

Mongrel is simply another term for mixed-breed or mutt, meaning those who cast this Patronus are diverse and unique. They are scrappy fighters but can also be mild-mannered and easy-going. They make friends quickly and always stand up for them, which is excellent for you when you are up against a Dementor!

Mountain Hare

Mountain Hare Patronus

If you have this Patronus, you might share these remarkable character traits: adaptability and learning from your mistakes. You grow stronger because of what you have been through and use it to your advantage.

Since they are so fast, mountain hares commonly use distraction as a technique for evading predators. This Patronus will likely do the same with a Dementor, dancing around it to avoid capture and striking when it is ready.

A famous Harry Potter character that has this Patronus is Nymphadora Tonks.

Nebelung Cat

Nebelung Cat Patronus

Even though Nebelung cats are beautiful in coat and color, their sweet, loving personality is even better. These cats are eternally loyal to their chosen humans, meaning if this is your Patronus, they are devoted to you for life.

They are quiet yet powerful and reserved yet achieve great things. A Nebelung cat Patronus will defend you with their life.


Newfoundland Patronus

With a calming presence and kind demeanor, Newfoundlands are indeed a man’s best friend. If you have this Patronus, you are probably one of the most loving, affectionate, and kind friends someone could have. You have your friend’s and family’s trust because you’ve earned it.

Newfoundlands are essentially giant fluffballs. Warmth and happiness follow any interaction with this lovable Patronus, so a Dementor’s darkness does not stand a chance.


Nightjar Patronus

Witches and wizards with a nightjar Patronus are intelligent, quick-witted, and intelligent – like Slytherins. They are very determined and goal-oriented. If you have this Patronus you likely exceed expectations either set by yourself or others.

Nightjars live up to their namesake in that they are mainly active at night. Camouflaged plumage makes it simple for nightjars to blend into their surroundings and supports their skilled hunting habits.

Nightjars are medium-sized birds that many refer to as “goatsuckers” because, as the legend goes, they were seen in fields sucking milk from goats.

The clever, smart nightjar Patronus will outwit any Dementor that dares to come your way.

Occamy (very rare)

Occamy Patronus

An occamy Patronus is said to only be conjured by a “pure soul.” Those with this Patronus will do anything for the people they love, including making significant sacrifices. In general, they crave the attention of others and thrive off it.

This creature is a cross between a bird and a serpent, and usually, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor House members summon them. As depicted by both Ravenclaws and Gryffindors, occamys are thoughtful and creative.

They use their logic to think through all situations and their possible outcomes. Lucky for you, this wise Patronus is a fierce defender.


Ocicat Patronus

While it resembles a wild cat, an ocicat is a domesticated house cat with spots and stripes. This Patronus is a ball of energy; active, athletic, playful, and free-spirited – much like the witches and wizards who cast it. They will attack a Dementor with warmth, light, and energy.

Whether they chase their prey more for food or for fun is a mystery. With a slightly rebellious side, they can get into trouble, but they mean no harm.

Aside from a fun-loving personality, your ocicat Patronus is exceptionally loyal to you and will put up a fight when necessary.


Orangutan Patronus

Orangutans are solitary and brilliant animals. They use their wisdom to their advantage and know how to remain calm. If you have this Patronus, you are most likely a very reasonable person with a good head on your shoulders.

Orangutans share behaviors and skills they have learned over time with their young, and some can use objects as tools.

This Patronus will not be ruffled in the slightest by any Dementor, big or small.

Orca (unusual)

Orca Patronus

Orcas, also known as killer whales, are the “protectors of the sea” and are natural-born leaders. Those who conjure an orca Patronus frequently stand up for what they believe in and exhibit bravery in the face of fear. Understandably, orcas hold the title of one of the most excellent hunters in the entire ocean.

Whales, in general, have complex communication skills, and they guide both fishermen and fish where they need to go. An orca Patronus is a formidable force indeed.

Oryx (unusual)

Oryx Patronus

An oryx is one of the largest members of the antelope family. It is an animal that has a compelling presence that makes others respect them easily. If this is your Patronus, you may share their resilience and bravery.

Oryxes have a unique defensive technique where they surround their young to safeguard them from predators. An approach they might use to shield you from a Dementor’s kiss.


Osprey Patronus

An osprey Patronus is one-of-a-kind, and so are their casters. You are likely spontaneous, open to new adventures, and you enjoy learning about anything and everything. You are also courageous and brave.

Ospreys are fascinating birds that have incredible eyesight and can see fish under the water from the sky. They catch their prey in one fell swoop, completely submerging themselves underwater.

With one swift dive, ospreys will incapacitate any Dementor.


Otter Patronus Hermione Granger

Otters are nature’s fuzzy, cuddly, and friendly pets. Their curious demeanor makes them fearless, granted they also do not have many predators. If you have this Patronus, you likely have a close circle of people you are loyal to for life.

Otters are both land and water animals that enjoy community, and you will often see them holding hands with one another. This is one of the reasons they are so often associated with friendship.

Otters are arguably happier than a Dementor is dark and sad, so maybe their warmth will scare off a Dementor without even a fight!

Peacock (unusual)

Peacock Patronus

Peacocks are natural show-offs, and if you have this Patronus, you may share the character trait of pridefulness. You might be easily annoyed, but you can be level-headed when necessary. You also have good friends who keep you in check.

You cannot miss the vibrant and dazzling plumage of a peacock. Their bright feathers attract mates but also intimidate any potential enemies. Hopefully it scares off a Dementor, but if it doesn’t, then this Patronus will not rest until the Dementor is taken down.


A pekingese is a type of small dog, and those with this Patronus are very loyal, kind, and affectionate. While some think they aren’t very adequate guard dogs, if you mess with those they love, then they are a force to be reckoned with. Dementors, beware!

Pheasant (unusual)

Pheasant Patronus

Pheasants are big-hearted, regal birds who sometimes struggle with pride, which gets them into sticky situations. So, if you have this Patronus, you may find yourself in a similar place. However, they are also very noble and symbolize virtue.

Unfortunately, because they are very trusting, sometimes other people take advantage of them. But in a battle with a Dementor, you can be sure they will never back down, no matter what!

Phoenix (extremely rare)

Dumbledores Phoenix Patronus

The extremely rare phoenix Patronus is most famously known for being Albus Dumbledore’s Patronus in the Harry Potter world. In fact, he is the only known caster of this Patronus. If you are the caster of this Patronus, you are indeed a loyal friend, and you have a quiet inner strength.

It symbolizes resurrection, and rightfully so because it dies in an explosion of flames and resurrects from the ashes. It is known to be loyal to its owner for a lifetime and will never look for another one. Their tears have healing powers which already make this bird extremely powerful.

Phoenixes are arguably the most unique and dominant Patronus of them all. Even if a Dementor happened to hurt you, not that this Patronus would let it, then it could use its healing powers to help you.

Piebald Mare

Piebald Mare Patronus

Piebald mares are good-natured and gentle, and if you have this Patronus, then you probably are too.

The term “piebald” in piebald mare refers to the horse’s color. For example, a white horse with black patches.

Each Patronus is as unique as the witch or wizard that conjures it since no two horses have the same pattern of patches.

Piebald Stallion

Piebald Stallion Patronus

Piebald or “pinto” stallions are free-spirited and also have a strong fight-or-flight response. Those with this Patronus are confident and bold. When facing a Dementor, you can be sure they will only fight for you and never flee. Lucky for you, they have great endurance and will do anything to protect you!

Pine Marten

Pine Marten Patronus

Sometimes referred to as the “American” pine marten, pine martens are cute but dangerous when threatened. Casters of this Patronus are often perceived as extroverted and playful, but they will defend you fiercely.

This Patronus is an aggressive little fighter with strong perseverance; after all, some pine martens travel over 10 miles per day! Dementors better beware.

Polar Bear (unusual)

Polar Bear Patronus

Many associate polar bears with magic and being great strategists. This Patronus is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. While those who conjure this Patronus are fierce and vicious in battle, they do have a soft side with their loved ones.

Hopefully, you have never gotten too close to a polar bear in the wild because it is one of the largest species of bears and can be violent if they are hungry.

Because they are native to polar regions, their white fur helps them camouflage into their surroundings to catch their prey and evade hunters, their only actual predators.


Polecat Patronus

Polecats are not actually a part of the cat family; they more closely resemble a ferret or weasel. Most commonly a Gryffindor House Patronus, if you have this Patronus, you are probably very opinionated and sure of yourself. You enjoy the spontaneous side of life and are always looking for a new adventure.

One slightly terrifying aspect of the polecat’s hunting method is that they paralyze their prey by biting through their skull into their brain and then keeping it alive until it is ready to devour it.

If they choose to use this method on a Dementor, then you genuinely have nothing to fear.

Python (unusual)

Python Patronus

You might be surprised to know that pythons are gentle giants that can be very shy even though they are one of the biggest species of snakes. Similarly, those with this Patronus are strong, yet can be timid when not in fighting mode.

Many cultures revere and respect this massive non-venomous beast and even use their fat, blood, and skin in medicine. They also make wonderful pets. Pythons kill their prey by constriction and can eat animals as large as deer.

So, your python Patronus will have no problem taking down any size Dementor.

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat Patronus

Ragdoll cats are more like dogs than cats due to their kind and sweet nature, in addition to following you around everywhere. These beautiful and laid-back cats like to keep the peace and avoid conflict at all costs – like the witches and wizards that cast this Patronus.

This means they have loads of loyal friends that would do anything for them, and they would do the same in return. They are a force to be reckoned with and every Dementor should fear this Patronus.


Rat Patronus

Not many people are thrilled to find out their Patronus is a rat. Seemingly thought of as pests, rats are actually very intelligent, clever, and goal-oriented. They can be headstrong and extremely hard workers. You would be lucky to have this Patronus fighting for you!


Rattlesnake Patronus

If you have a rattlesnake Patronus, you may be overconfident and lash out sometimes when you feel insecure. However, you protect and stand up for your friends, and they know they can always count on you.

Rattlesnakes are poisonous and use their loud rattle to scare their enemies. They stealthily lie in wait for their prey and then strike at just the right time.

Raven (unusual)

Raven Patronus

Ravens are mysterious and intelligent, and they can mimic human sounds. They keep to themselves and prefer to be watchful guardians. If you have this Patronus, then you likely share their quick-wit and fiery passion.

You should never underestimate a raven, and neither should a Dementor.

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel Patronus

Those with a red squirrel Patronus have a unique and curious personality. They are excellent communicators and care deeply for others. Additionally, they are fierce fighters.

Dementors better not mess with a red squirrel Patronus because they can be ferocious when threatened. They will protect you no matter what.

Rhinoceros (unusual)

Rhinoceros Patronus

A rhino Patronus is a tough and resilient creature who will never back down from a fight. They charge down their enemies and use their horns to spear them if necessary. Yet while this Patronus, and those who cast it, are fierce fighters, they have a soft side as well for their family and friends.

However, contrary to popular belief, rhinos are not typically aggressive animals. So, when the need arises, they will fight for you and always be trustworthy, loyal friends.


Robin Patronus

Robins are one of the perfect Patronuses to battle your dark assailant because they represent warmth and growth after a long winter. The casters of this Patronus usually share a welcoming, kind, and cheerful personality.

Robin Patronuses will consider you as their own and go to any length to protect you. Rest assured, after a Dementor’s encounter with this cheerful Patronus, they will think twice before bothering you again!


Rottweiler Patronus

Having a rottweiler as your Patronus means you are likely a gentle, calm, yet confident person. You care deeply for a small group of chosen people that you will always be devoted to. Sometimes you feel misunderstood because people think you are aggressive when in reality, you are extremely kind-hearted.

Nevertheless, this Patronus will never back down from a Dementor and will fight for you with its life.

Runespoor (very rare)

Runespoor Patronus

A runespoor is a three-headed snake that can reach up to 7 feet in length and is commonly associated with dark magic. Some say only deep-thinking, complex witches and wizards cast this Patronus.

With a runespoor Patronus, you have nothing to worry about because it will use all three heads to attack a Dementor viciously.

Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat Patronus

Russian Blue Cats are exquisite, regal creatures associated with peace, light, harmony, and life. People with a Russian Blue Cat Patronus are likely very intelligent and in touch with their emotions. They love to care for others and find joy in simplicity.

This is one of the best Patronuses to send a dark Dementor on its way.


Salamanders can be very dangerous as some species are poisonous. They are also highly adaptable and can regenerate lost limbs. People who have this Patronus likely overcame many obstacles in life and are stronger for it.

These powerful Patronuses are bright in color to scare away potential predators.


Salmon Patronus

If you have a salmon Patronus, you are most likely an ambitious, wise, and resilient person. You have good instincts, and you should trust them. Salmon defy the laws of nature when they go up waterfalls without any limbs. They are determined and will always get the job done, especially when it comes to a Dementor.

Scops Owl (unusual)

Scops Owl Patronus

Scops owls are unique, and the owners of this Patronus are usually one-of-a-kind. They are more introverted and enjoy time to themselves. Unlike other animals, they make themselves smaller when threatened to avoid confrontation.

However, scops owls also have very sharp talons and beaks, so they are well-equipped for any battle.

Seal (unusual)

Seal Patronus

Seals look adorable on the outside, but they can be fierce fighters when needed. If you have a seal Patronus, you are likely very confident and do not care what others think about you. For this reason and others, people gravitate to you and your playful, energetic personality.

But they better not underestimate you, or they might get a glimpse of your fiery side!

Seals range in stature but can reach lengths over 7 feet and weigh over 7,000 pounds! They will take down even the largest Dementor.

Shark (unusual)

Shark Patronus

Many people think of sharks as one of the scariest predators in the ocean. More than likely as the owner of this Patronus, people often misunderstand you. In reality, you (along with sharks) make excellent leaders, even if you can be a bit intimidating sometimes.

You are sociable and adapt well to diverse environments. You also enjoy having control over any situation. When facing a Dementor, this Patronus will take charge quickly and send the Dementor running for the hills.


Shrew Patronus

Shrew Patronuses are proof that you may be small, but you can still overcome great things. They scare easily, but they also stand up for what is right and have a strong heart and mind. The same goes for those who cast this Patronus.

Some species of shrews are poisonous, so one fatal bite from this Patronus is enough to send any Dementor on its way.

Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat Patronus

Siberian cat Patronuses and their casters are fearless, independent, and protective. Lucky for you, they are also intuitive, meaning they know just the right time to strike during a fight. Although sometimes quiet and timid in nature, this Patronus will never back down from a Dementor.

Snowy Owl (unusual)

Snowy Owl Patronus

The most famous snowy owl in Harry Potter was the beloved Hedwig. In general, people associate snowy owls with magic, wisdom, and the future. A snowy owl Patronus is very loyal to its caster and will fearlessly protect you against any harm.

As we know with Hedwig, they will go so far as to sacrifice their own lives to save yours.


Sparrow Patronus

If you have a sparrow Patronus, then you are probably a very social person. Sparrows enjoy spending time in large groups and feeling needed by those around them. They are brilliant birds that think quickly on their feet and are incredibly resilient.


Sparrowhawk Patronus

Sparrowhawks are very alert and driven birds who will not stop until they have achieved their set goal – much like the witches and wizards who cast this Patronus. You are a wonderful and tactful leader.

Sparrowhawk’s hunting tactics rely on the element of surprise. They swoop down from the air to catch their unsuspecting prey. 

Lucky for you, once this Patronus sets its sights on a Dementor, it will not rest until the Dementor is defeated.

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat Patronus

Since sphynx cats are one of the most affectionate breeds of cats you will ever meet, those with this Patronus are extremely loving and friendly. They are eternally loyal and will protect you at all costs.

Interestingly, sphynx cats are often more dog-like because they follow their owners everywhere and have very energetic personalities. This positive Patronus will surely send a dark Dementor on its way.

St. Bernard

St Bernard Patronus

People call St. Bernards “nannies” for kids because of their protective and sweet nature. They will never act viciously toward you but will be the most loyal best friend you could ever have. Those who have this Patronus are strong and resilient.

These massive dogs look intimidating and will easily scare off any Dementor that intends to harm you.

Stag (unusual)

Stag Patronus

Most famously known for being Harry Potter’s Patronus, stags symbolize heroism, bravery, and new life. Owners of a stag Patronus make extraordinary, influential leaders and honestly care about the wellbeing of others. You are likely confident in yourself and stand up for your beliefs.

This Patronus will never back down in the face of fear but will fight back fiercely.


Stoat Patronus

Stoats are a type of weasel. They are especially vicious because they not only take over the nests of the prey they kill but also line the nest with their dead prey’s fur for warmth. A stoat Patronus, and the witch or wizard who casts it, embody resilience, adaptability, and cleverness. Dementors better beware of these tiny but feisty creatures.


Swallow Patronus

Swallows tend to find strength in numbers to protect themselves from predators. If you have this Patronus, you are likely very ambitious, passionate, and goal-oriented. Many associate them with everything that brings happiness and peace.

Those dark Dementors do not stand a chance!


Swift Patronus

Swifts are one of the fastest birds, and some can fly over 100mph! These Patronuses, along with their owners, are very driven and work hard to accomplish their goals. Sometimes they can be impatient, but only because they set such high standards for themselves.

Rest assured that the swift’s upbeat and cheerful personality will drive away any darkness brought on by a Dementor.

Thestral (very rare)

Thestral Patronus

A thestral Patronus is extremely rare. Since only people who have witnessed death can see thestrals, many associate them with loss of life. However, those with this Patronus are genuinely gentle, kind, and powerful.

Thestrals are extremely fast and will stop at nothing to protect the ones they love. Dementors beware!

Tiger (unusual)

Tiger Patronus

Tigers are one of the most prominent members of the cat family. Tigers are courageous, graceful, and fierce cats that should never be underestimated. If you have this Patronus, you are definitely unique and one-of-a-kind.

Additionally, tigers are strong swimmers, sometimes swimming over 15 miles per day! Their hunting tactics consist of simply overpowering their prey or, if it is a larger animal, they bite the neck and wrestle their prey to the ground.

Tigress (unusual)

Tigress Patronus

A tigress is one of the most protective, selfless, and strong cats in the animal kingdom. If this is your Patronus, then you are a natural-born leader with strong moral values. You take charge, and people respect and look up to you.

A mother tigress will fight endlessly to protect her young and be incredibly fierce when needed. Dementors won’t know what hit them.

Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese Cat Patronus

A Tonkinese cat is a mix between a Siamese and a Burmese cat. Sometimes thought of as more dog-like, these cats are curious, playful, and love to be affectionate. The witch or wizard who conjures this Patronus is said to be curious and adventurous.

So maybe their next conquest is taking down a Dementor!

Tortoiseshell Cat

Tortoiseshell Cat Patronus

Tortoiseshell cats are representative of wisdom, and their casters are said to be wise beyond their years as well. In certain cultures, some think these cats bring good fortune. They are very protective and loyal creatures.

They can also be headstrong and get angry quickly if provoked, so Dementors better watch out!

Unicorn (very rare)

Unicorn Patronus

Known as one of the most famous magical animals, unicorns are mighty and majestic. Those who produce this Patronus are said to be pure of heart. They can tend to be mysterious as well.

Sadly, many use unicorn blood to keep people alive at a significant cost. This Patronus will defend you with their mighty horn against the fiercest of Dementors.


Vole Patronus

Voles are extremely fast for such a small animal, not to mention fantastic swimmers as well. This Patronus and their casters have various interests and hobbies since they love to be busy. One of the activities they love is taking care of other people.

They are tiny but mighty, so they should never be underestimated.

Vulture (unusual)

Vulture Patronus

For a long time, vultures have had a lousy reputation bestowed upon them when they are actually efficient, fearless, and introverted creatures. If you have this Patronus, then you are probably willing to stand up for what you believe in when no one else will.

For example, if threatened by a Dementor, this Patronus will not hold back with their fury.


Weasel Patronus

What weasels lack in size they make up for in quick-witted intelligence. Owners of this Patronus are spontaneous, playful, and intuitive. But they can also be a bit chaotic.

Their defense tactic is to outsmart their enemies successfully.

West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terrier Patronus

West Highland Terriers (lovingly called Westies) are exceptionally kind and affectionate. Witches and wizards who conjure this Patronus are very friendly and loyal as well.

Luckily for you, a Westie Patronus can sense when a Dementor is close and warn you. Not only that, but they will fight hard to defend you.

White Mare

White Mare Patronus

Only an exceptional and unique witch or wizard produces a white mare Patronus. Likely you are free-spirited, and you take care of others. White mares are warriors and fight endlessly for their loved ones.

White Stallion

White Stallion Patronus

Not only are white stallions brave and daring, but they can also be stubborn. They ride a fine line between self-assured and prideful. If you have this Patronus, you likely struggle with the same thing.

One thing you can always count on with a white stallion Patronus is they will never back down from a battle and will protect you with everything they have against a Dementor.

White Swan

White Swan Patronus

White swans are one of the most beautiful and graceful creatures. They are protective and loyal to both their young and their mates. Casters of this Patronus are also beautiful inside and out.

Legend says swans could remove their skin and turn into fair maidens, so they are often associated with transformation. However, do not let their beauty fool you; they are fighters when the need arises.

Wild Boar

Wild Boar Patronus

As the name implies, wild boars are “wild” warriors that do not shy away from confrontation. Those with this Patronus can channel their passion into achieving their dreams. They embody strength, independence, and power.

Wild Rabbit

Wild Rabbit Patronus

Owners of the wild rabbit Patronus tend to be a bit quirky yet fully confident in who they are. Others are envious of their drive and passion that helps them achieve the loftiest of goals.

This Patronus will do anything to protect you, even if it means leaping in between you and a Dementor to save you!


Wildcat Patronus

If you have a wildcat Patronus, you are likely a passionate, confident person many people look up to and respect. You may keep to yourself and enjoy solitude, but you care deeply for others.

Wildcats can be highly territorial, meaning they will stop at nothing to protect their family and friends.


Wolf Patronus

Wolves are powerful protectors who find strength in numbers as they always travel in a pack. If you have this Patronus, then you should trust your instincts as they are usually spot on.

A wolf Patronus will never fail to fight for you and defend you against anything that comes your way, including a Dementor.

Wood Mouse

Wood Mouse Patronus

A wood mouse Patronus is proof that bravery and courage come in all sizes. Those with this Patronus are brilliant, easy-going, and wise. These tiny creatures can be shy, but if provoked, they will fight back.

Woolly Mammoth (rare)

Woolly Mammoth Patronus
An interpretation of what the Woolly Mammoth Patronus may look like

A woolly mammoth Patronus is rare because Patronuses don’t usually take the shape of an extinct animal. This Patronus is quite large, resembling an elephant, but with tusks. Any Dementor will run off based on the mere size of the woolly mammoth.

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Friday 8th of December 2023

im the dragon


Friday 24th of November 2023

are there butterflies?

Mitchell McLain

Sunday 12th of February 2023

What's the difference between very uncommon and unusual?


Thursday 28th of December 2023

@Mitchell McLain, uncommon and unusual are the same, however there is a difference between those two and rare/extremely rare

Gabriela O

Tuesday 31st of January 2023

I got a wildcat for Slytherin House! Would love to read more!


Tuesday 6th of September 2022

Does anyone know what the Abraxan Winged Horse symbolizes?