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Hedwig Character Analysis: Harry’s Owl

Hedwig Character Analysis: Harry’s Owl

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Hedwig was Harry Potter’s snowy white owl that he received as an eleventh birthday present from Hagrid.

Hedwig worked delivering mail. But she was also an important companion to Harry, especially when he was stuck at the Dursleys.

Sadly, Hedwig died during the Battle of the Seven Potters.

About Hedwig

BornPre-1991 to 27 July 1997
Blood StatusOwl
OccupationPost Delivery
Zodiac SignSagittarius (speculative)

Hedwig Biography

Hagrid bought Hedwig from the Eeylops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley as a gift for Harry Potter on his eleventh birthday.

This was the first birthday present that Harry received that he could remember since the Dursleys chose not to mark Harry’s birthday.

Harry named her Hedwig after a figure that he read about in A History of Magic that same day.

Hedwig accompanied Harry back to Privett Drive and then to Hogwarts each year.

Hedwig worked as a mail delivery owl for Harry. She would deliver letters to Hagrid in his nearby hut and even to Charlie Weasley in Romania.

Harry minimized her use when speaking with Sirius Black since he was a fugitive, and Hedwig was quite distinctive looking. It irritated Hedwig to see another owl doing her work.

Initially, Vernon Dursley forced Harry to lock Hedwig in her cage. But Hedwig’s continuous frustrated hooting eventually convinced the Dursleys that she could be let out to fly about.

However, she was forbidden to bring Harry’s wizarding post. But, of course, she still did.

Hedwig was intelligent and proactive. For example, in 1993, she knew that Hermione had a present for Harry and flew there to get it without orders.

Discovering that Harry had fled the Dursleys in the meantime, she could locate him at the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley.

In 1995, when Dolores Umbridge was interfering at Hogwarts, Hedwig was attacked in an attempt to intercept Harry’s mail.

Fortunately, Dobby and Professor Grubbly-Plank could nurse her back to health.

When Harry left Privett Drive for the last time shortly before his 17th birthday, he intended to take Hedwig with him.

As he traveled in the side cart of Hagrid’s enchanted motorbike, Hedwig was with him in her cage. Sadly, a Death Eater Killing Curse struck and killed Hedwig.

Harry was then forced to destroy the side cart in which Hedwig’s body lay to evade the Death Eaters.

Harry was not able to give Hedwig a proper funeral.

Hedwig Personality Type & Traits

Hedwig was loyal and affectionate towards Harry and extremely intelligent and independent thinking in her work.

However, she was also proud. She got upset when she thought that Harry was overlooking her.

While she enjoyed being with Harry, she needed the freedom to spread her wings and fly regularly.

Hedwig Zodiac Sign & Birthday

Hedwig was probably born shortly before her purchase in 1991, but we do not know her birthday.

Her zodiac sign could be Sagittarius. This sign is associated with owls.

People born under this sign tend to be independent, adventure-seeking wanderers. Hedwig certainly needed her freedom to roam.