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How Many Purple Starfish and Flowers in Stardew Valley?

How Many Purple Starfish and Flowers in Stardew Valley?

Ginger Island is the newest area in Stardew Valley, added in the 1.5 update and expanding the gameplay to feature new maps, NPCs, and challenges. After rescuing Professor Snail from the cave he is trapped in when you arrive, you can help him with his research of the island to gain rewards. One part of this research is a survey of the island.

One of these challenges requires answering, how many purple starfish and flowers are in Stardew Valley?

Screenshot of Stardew Valley. The player is in a small green tent. A text box reads, "Island Survey -- Please report the number of purple flowers present on the island."
Screenshot by the author.

To complete the island survey, you’ll need to answer a series of questions about the details of the island. Namely, you’ll need to know, in order:

  • How many purple flowers are there on Ginger Island?
  • How many purple starfish are there on Ginger Island?

The answers are as follows;

Purple Flowers22
Purple Starfish18

Answering these questions correctly will earn you one Golden Walnut per answer. If you answer incorrectly, then you can return the next day to answer again.

Golden Walnut Stardew Valley

A total of 130 Golden Walnuts can be discovered throughout the island in Stardew Valley, hidden in a variety of places. Players can stumble upon these treasures while exploring, battling monsters, farming, fishing, and mining. Cracking open crates in the Volcano Dungeon is another good way to find them.

Once a player has accumulated 100 of these Golden Walnuts, Qi’s Walnut Room will become accessible, opening up new opportunities and adventures in the game.

The Walnut Room can be found on the western part of Ginger Island. Inside this room, players will find a Perfection Tracker that measures their overall game progress, a Special Order Board for additional quests, and a Vending Machine that trades items for Qi Gems.

How Many Purple Flowers in Stardew Valley?

Screenshot of Stardew Valley. The player character stands beside some greenery, on which is circled a purple flower sprite.
Purple flower sprite. – Screenshot by the Author

The purple flowers referred to in the survey are unbreakable sprites of small, circular purple flowers in clusters of five. They are found on both Ginger Island and in Stardew Valley proper, though the survey is only counting the ones on the island. There are 22 purple flowers on Ginger Island.

You can find them on all sections of the island, and while you can count them by hand, they are fairly easy to miss.

How Many Purple Starfish in Stardew Valley?

Screenshot of Stardew Valley. The player stands on a beach beside a circled purple starfish.
Purple starfish – Screenshot by the Author

The next question refers to a small sprite of a five-legged purple starfish that, again, appears both on the island and on the mainland. They are found on beaches and on sandy terrain. There are 18 purple starfish on Ginger Island. Like the flowers, they are relatively easy to miss (they may appear to be pink).