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How Old Are the Attack on Titan Characters? Ages Chart & Birthdays

How Old Are the Attack on Titan Characters? Ages Chart & Birthdays

Step into the captivating universe of Hajime Isayama’s blockbuster manga series, Attack on Titan. In this vibrant post-apocalyptic world teeming with Titans and the brave humans who confront them, age is more than just a number—it’s a testament to survival, experience, and growth.

From the fiery spirit of Eren Yeager to the steely resolve of Mikasa Ackerman, from the tactical genius of Armin Arlert to the courageous hearts of the Survey Corps, age has shaped their destinies in ways that are both subtle and profound.

To enrich your understanding of these characters, we have meticulously compiled an ages chart and documented their birthdays, bringing into focus the role of time in shaping the heroes and villains of Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan Character Age Chart

Listed below are the birthdays and ages of the AOT characters in season 1 (S1) and season 4 (S4).

CharacterBirthdayAge S1Age S4
Eren JeagerMarch 30th 1519
Mikasa AckermannFebruary 10th 1519
Armin ArleltNovember 3rd 1519
Levi AckermannDecember 25th30-3434-39
Bertholdt HooverDecember 30th1721
Hange ZoëSeptember 5th28-3233-36
Historia ReissJanuary 15th1519
Erwin SmithOctober 14th35-39n/a1
Sasha BrausJuly 26th1519
Connie SpringerMay 2nd1519
Jean KirschteinApril 7th1519
Reiner BraunAugust 1st1721
Zeke JeagerAugust 1st2529
YmirFebruary 17th17-1921-23
Kennedy AckermannFebruary 4th40-45n/a1
Annie LeonhartMarch 22nd16n/a1
Marco BodtJune 16th15n/a1
Floch ForsterOctober 8th1519
Miche ZachariusNovember 1st40-42n/a1
Moblit BernerApril 24th30-32n/a1
Petra RallDecember 6th22-25n/a1
Dot PyxisSeptember 13th48-5252-56
Gabi BraunApril 14thn/a212
Porco GalliardNovember 11thn/a219
Pieck FingerAugust 5th1721
Colt GriceAugust 12thn/a217-19
Falco GriceFebruary 10thn/a212
Lara Tybur April 3rd24-27n/a1
Frieda ReissFebruary 2ndn/a3n/a

1 Died before season 4
2 Introduced in season 4
3 Died before the events of season 1

Eren Jeager – 15

Eren Jaeger Season 1

Born on March 30th, Eren Jeager is 15 years old during most of seasons 1 – 3, set in 850. This then makes him 19 in season 4 after the 4 year time skip in which Eren underwent a substantial growth spurt, growing from 5’7″ (170.2 cm) to 6″ (182.9 cm).

When season 1 begins with Eren’s hometown being attacked in 845, he is only 10 years old, and Eren swears revenge on the Titans responsible for his mother’s death.

So, once season 1 is in full swing, he joins the 104th Survey Training Corps at 15 years old in the year 850.

Mikasa Ackermann – February 10th

Mikasa Ackermann Season 2

Mikasa Ackermann joins the Training Corps at the same time as Eren at 15 years old, though she is a month older than him, born on February 10th. Like Eren, Mikasa is 19 years old once season 4 starts.

Out of all the characters, Mikasa is often thought to be older than she is. From the moment she is introduced in season 1, she is very emotionally mature and acts more level-headed than many of the adult characters.

Armin Arlelt – November 3rd

Armin Arlelt Season 1

Like his friends, Armin is 15 years old when he joins the Training Corps in season 1. This makes him 19 years old in season 4.

Armin’s maturity is clearly shown in his character’s physical appearance change between seasons 3 and 4.

When we see him again in season 4, his hair is shorter, and he looks more mature despite only growing an inch in 4 years (5’4″ – 5’5″).

Levi Ackermann – December 25th

Levi Ackermann Season 1

Although Levi is short 5’2″ (157.5 cm), the writer and illustrator of the Attack on Titan mangas (Hajime Isayama) confirmed Levi to be in his early 30’s during season 1. His shortness is all the more evident in season 4 when he is in his late 30’s and is still only 5’2″.

Levi is an important commanding officer with much experience fighting and protecting against the Titans despite his height.

Bertholdt Hoover – December 30th

Bertholdt Hoover Season 2

As an upper-classman to Eren in season 1, Bertholdt Hoover is 17 years old. In season 4, he is 21. During most of season 1, Bertholdt is often overlooked despite his height. But once he is discovered to possess the Colossal Titan, he becomes a more prominent character.

At 17 years old, he is not as naive or persuadable as some of the younger characters, affecting his story arc.

Hange Zoë – September 5th

Hange Zoë Season 3

Compared to other leaders in the series, Hange Zoë is estimated to be slightly younger. In season 1, they are approximately in their early 30’s, reaching mid 30’s in season 4.

Hange clearly has some experience under their belt as the leader of the 4th Squad for most of seasons 1-3.

While not as strong as their fellow Corpse leader Levi, Hange is declared the 14th Commander of the Scout Regiment after Erwin Smith’s death.

Historia Reiss – January 15th

Historia Reiss Season 1

In season 1, Historia Reiss joins the 104th Training Corps making her the same age as Eren – 15 years old and then 19 years old in season 4.

Despite being one of the younger characters on the show, Historia is constantly praised by fans for her emotional resilience. She was still only 15 years old when crowned Queen in season 3.

Erwin Smith – October 14th

Commander Erwin Smith Season 1

Based on some flashbacks, Erwin Smith is one of the oldest characters in Attack on Titan. He is estimated to be in his late 30’s during season 1 but is killed in season 3.

Erwin is already an established Commander of the Scouts when Eren joins the 104th Traning Corps in season 1. He is older than lower leaders like Levi, but not significantly.

This is all but confirmed when he is shown to have been in grad school (later teens – early 20s) when his father died around the year 825; this is 25 years before season 1 starts.

Sasha Braus – July 26th

Sasha Braus Season 1

Sasha Braus is first introduced to the series when Eren joins the 104th Training Corps in season 1 as part of the same group. Therefore, she is 15 in season 1 and 19 in season 4. Unfortunately, Sasha isn’t able to make it past 19 years old as she is shot and killed in season 4.

Connie Springer – May 2nd

Connie Springer Season 1

From the moment Connie Springer is introduced at 15 as part of the 104th Training Corps in season 1, he is used as comedy relief. This doesn’t change even when he turns 19 going into season 4.

Connie’s comedy case isn’t helped when he suddenly grows from 5’2″ in season 3 to 5’9″ in season 4. If anything, it just makes his incompetence even more hilarious.

Jean Kirschtein – April 7th

Jean Kirschtein Season 1

Starting season 1 at 15 years old, Jean Kirschtein joins the 104th Training Corps at the same time as Eren. He is 19 when season 4 begins.

Jean is one of the more hot-headed characters of the show, especially in the earlier seasons where he and Eren do not get on well together. He does seem to mature as the series progresses.

Reiner Braun – August 1st

Reiner Braun Season 1

Like Bertholdt, Reiner Braun is a few years older than the main cast in season 1 at 17 years old and 21 in season 4.

Reiner has had his Armored Titan for a lot longer than most of the other Titan shifters. Though he has always been a skilled cadet, having been picked to join the Marleyan Warriors as a child.

Zeke Jeager – August 1st

Zeke Jeager Season 2

Zeke Jeager is not introduced until season 2, but he looks to be about 25 by the time he appears. That makes him 29 during season 4.

Part of his age estimation is based on his connection to Eren. Zeke is Eren’s older half-brother, related by Eren’s father Grisha Jeager.

There is a few years difference between Zeke and Eren, which makes sense regarding Grisha’s relationship timeline with various women.

Ymir – February 17th

Ymir Season 1

Despite being born years before season 1 starts, Ymir is in her late teens when introduced in season 1. In season 4, she is technically in her early 20’s. 

Ymir was transformed and stuck as a Titan when she was an early teen. She then spent the next 60 years as a Titan, only turning human again in the year 845. 

When she was human once more, it was as though she hadn’t aged. So when she is introduced in season 1 (850), she looks to only be in her late teens. 

Kennedy Ackermann – Feburary 4th

Kenny Ackermann Season 3

Kennedy Ackermann is one of the older characters in Attack on Titan. When he is introduced and killed in season 3, he seems to be in his early to mid-40’s. 

This is based on a few scenes we see of him pre-season 1, in the year 829, which is 21 years before the main events of season 1. 

During these scenes, he looks significantly younger, estimated to be in his early 20’s.

Annie Leonhart – March 22nd

Annie Leonhart Season 1

In season 1, Annie Leonhart appears to be a year or so older than Eren and his friends at 16 years old. But how old she is in season 4 is unclear. 

Annie was still frozen in her crystal cocoon entering season 4. Technically, she would be 20 years old, but it is unclear if she can age while frozen.

Marco Bodt – June 16th  

Marco Bodt Season 1

As a member of the 104th Training Corps in season 1, Marco is the same age as Eren: 15 years old. He is a few months younger than Eren, born on June 16th. 

Marco is not lucky enough to make it to season 4, dying at 15. 

Floch Forster – October 8th

Floch Forster Season 1

Another member of the 104th Training Corps, Floch is 15 years old in season 1. He is still alive in season 4, too, reaching 19 years old. 

Miche Zacharius – November 1st

Miche Zacharius Season 1

One of the more established leaders of the Survey Corps, Miche Zacharius is guessed to be in his early 40’s in season 1. But he dies before season 4.

Miche may not be as strong as Levi or as high up in the Corps’ ranks, but he is a skilled Titan tracker. This skill was fine-tuned through years of experience, hence why he is estimated to be older than Levi.

Moblit Berner – April 24th

Moblit Berner Season 1

Based on his rank and secure place in the Survey Corps, Moblit Berner is in his early 30’s during seasons 1 – 3. However, he sacrifices himself to save Hange during season 3. 

There has been much speculation about Molbit and Hange’s relationship amongst fans ever since season 1. 

Molbit was Hange’s vice-captain, but their interactions and his unwavering sacrifice led fans to believe that there was a romantic element to their relationship. 

Petra Rall – December 6th

Petra Rall Season 1

Though one of the smaller adult characters in Attack on Titan (5’2″ – 157.5 cm), Petra is still significantly older than the 104th Training Corps during season 1 in her early 20’s. 

Petra was hand-picked by Levi to be part of his Special Operations Squad. But her rank and overall treatment within the Corps puts her a few years younger than Levi. 

Their age difference didn’t hinder their romantic relationship, which was confirmed after Petra’s death in season 1. 

Dot Pyxis – September 13th

Dot Pyxis Season 1

Dot Pyxis’ is undoubtedly one of the older leaders to appear in Attack on Titan already in his late 40’s when season 1 starts. This makes him in his 50’s in season 4. 

Unlike some of the older characters in the show, Dot’s age is clear from his appearance. His greyed mustache and wrinkled face reflect his time as a senior leader of the Garison Regiment. 

Gabi Braun – April 14th

Gabi Braun Season 4

When Gabi is introduced in season 4, she is only 12 years old – one of the youngest main characters to appear in Attack on Titan. 

However, her age didn’t stop her from killing Sasha Braus, who was a whole 7 years older than her when Gabi killed her. 

Porco Galliard – November 11th

Porco Galliard Season 4

Though only introduced in season 4, Porco Galliard is estimated to be the same age as Eren and the 104th Training Corps at 19 years old. 

Porco’s age is based on how old his older brother Marcel Galliard was when Ymir devoured him while still in her Titan form. 

Pieck Finger – August 5th

Pieck Finger Season 4

Pieck Finger does appear in season 3 but is not a very prominent character. When she does gain status in season 4, she is 21, making her 17 in season 1. 

This is based on her experience come season 4 and how she physically compares to Reiner.

Colt Grice – August 12th

Colt Grice Season 4

Another new addition in season 4, Colt Grice is already 17 years old when he is first introduced. However, he is killed not long after his entrance. 

Colt is the older brother of Falco, who is still young. However, Colt is old enough to be part of the Marleyan Warriors offering Falco a connection by proxy.

Falco Grice – February 10th

Falco Grice Season 4

Falco Grice is among the youngest Attack on Titan characters, only 12 years old when he is introduced in season 4. 

He is the same age as Gabi, though slightly taller, standing at 4’7″ (139.7 cm) compared to her 4’6″ (137.2 cm). Falco is also a few months older than Gabi, born on February 10th, whereas Gabi’s birthday is April 14th. 

Lara Tybur – April 3rd

Lara Tybur Season 2

A minor character to appear in season 2, Lara Tybur is roughly in her mid 20’s but died in the same season. 

Like many of the Attack on Titan cast, Lara’s minor role has major effects. She was in possession of the War Hammer Titan, which Eren then inherits, setting many events into motion. 

Freida Reiss – February 2nd

Frieda Reiss Pre Season 1

Though her story is told in season 3, Freida Reiss died at 18 years old before the event of season 4 began. 

Freida was in possession of the Founding Titan when Grisha Jaeger pleaded with Freida to help him. When she disagreed, Grisha attacked Freida with the intent to steal her Titan abilities. This is how Eren initially can become a Titan. 

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