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How Old Are the My Hero Academia Characters: Ages Chart & Birthdays

How Old Are the My Hero Academia Characters: Ages Chart & Birthdays

My Hero Academia is one of the few animes where many of the character’s ages are confirmed in the show itself.

Other character ages that may not have been outright established can be guessed based on context clues. 

Izuku Midoriya is 14 years old when season 1 begins and 15 years old by episode 3. After a few months timeskip season 2 and 3, Class 1-A is entering their second year of high school, meaning Izuku must be 16. 

Every one of Izuku’s classmates is the same age as Izuku, with some turning 16 before the end of season 2 and others just before season 3 starts based on when their birthdays fall in the school year.  

All Might is the oldest main character in My Hero Academia at 49 years old, while Endeavor is 3 years younger at 46 years old. Tomura Shigaraki (the main antagonist of My Hero Academia) is merely 20 years old in season 1 and 21 in season 3. 

Following Izuku’s journey to becoming a Pro Hero despite being born Quirkless, My Hero Academia primarily takes place at U.A. Highschool – at least for the first few seasons.

As Izuku rushes to catch up with his classmates who have had years to master their abilities, Izuku must learn what it means to be a hero in a world where evil seems unstoppable. 

My Hero Academia Character Age Chart

Listed below are the birthdays and ages of My Hero Academia’s main characters from season 1 to how old they are currently.

Izuku MidoriyaJuly 15th14-16
Katsuki BakugoApril 20th14-16
Shoto TodorokiJanuary 11th15-16
Ochaco UrarakaDecember 27th15-16
Tenya IdaAugust 22nd15-16
All MightJune 10th49
EndeavorAugust 8th46
Tomura ShigarakiApril 4th20-21
Himiko TogaAugust 7th 17-18
DabiJanuary 18th23-24
Fumikage TokoyamiOctober 30th15-16
Mirio TogataJuly 15th18
Shota AizawaNovember 8th30
EriDecember 21st6
Momo YaoyorozuSeptember 23rd15-16
Kyoka JiroAugust 15th15-16
Yuga AoyamaMay 30th15-16
Tsuyu AsuiFebruary 12th15-16
Eijiro KirishimaOctober 16th15-16
Mina AshidoJuly 30th15-16
Toru HagakureJune 16th15-16
Denki KaminariJune 29th15-16
Mashirao OjiroMay 28th15-16
Mezo ShojiFebruary 15th15-16
Hanta SeroJuly 28th15-16
Koji KodaFebruary 1st15-16
Rikido SatoJune 19th15-16
Minoru MinetaOctober 8th15-16

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Izuku Midoriya – July 15th

Izuku Midoriya

In season 1, episode 1 of My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya is 14 years old. There is a time skip between season 1, episode 2 and episode 3 where Izuku’s determination to become a Pro Hero despite being Quirkless is channeled into 10 months of intense training, ending when Izuku is 15.

Like the rest of Class 1-A, Izuku attends a school trip at the end of season 2, which is thought to occur in the summer. This makes him 16 by the time the new school year begins at the beginning of season 3. 

Izuku defies all odds when he is gifted All Might’s One For All Quirk mere hours before the U.A. Highschool entrance exam, which he passes despite the exam being his first time using a Quirk. 

There is a flashback scene during season 1 episode 1 where a much younger Izuku stands up to Katsuki Bakugo at only 4 years old. This scene sets the tone for Izuku’s character for the rest of the show; he is a sensitive, caring, and morally-just person. Or, in simpler words, the perfect example of everything a hero should be. 

During his first year at U.A. Highschool, Izuku proves himself to his fellow Class 1-A students as a loyal friend and powerful hero. 

Katsuki Bakugo – April 20th

Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo is one of the only other characters that appear in season 1 episode 1, along with Izuku.

At only 4 years old Katsuki’s superiority complex was already an issue, bragging to his junior high classmates about going to U.A Highschool despite not taking the entrance exam yet. Katsuki does pass the exam at 15 years old like the rest of Class 1-A and turns 16 sometime towards the end of season 2. 

For most of seasons 1 and 2 of My Hero Academia, Izuku and Katsuki are clear rivals. During the flashback scene in season 1 episode 1, it is a 4-year-old Katsuki that Izuku stands up to while Katsuki is tormenting another child for being Quirkless. 

From that point on Izuku becomes the center of Katsuki’s torment for having no Quirk, while Katsuki thinks that his own Quirk is superior to everyone else’s. 

However, Katsuki gets humbled on several occasions once he starts U.A. Highschool. He doesn’t completely lose his hot-headedness, but he becomes a better person. He even apologizes to Izuku for how he had treated him when they were younger. 

Shoto Todoroki – January 11th 

Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki may be the same age as Izuku and Katsuki – 15 in season 1 and then 16 sometime during season 2 – but he has a lot more pressure forced onto him than most other characters his age by the time he starts U.A. Highschool. 

To begin with, Shoto is a frigid and distant character. He is the youngest son of Endeavor and despite his older brother having immense power, Shoto is shown to receive the full brunt of his father’s obsession. The emotional consequences of which set him apart from his more innocent classmates. 

Shoto’s Quirk is Half-Cold Half-Hot, meaning that he can produce both fire and ice. However, Shoto inherited his fire half from his abusive father. Shoto purposely neglects the Half-Hot portion of his Quirk as a show of defiance.

Ochaco Uraraka – December 17th

Ochaco Uraraka

In season 1 of My Hero Academia, Ochaco Uraraka is 15. She turns 16 at some point toward the end of season 2 before the Forest Training arc. 

Ochaco may be one of the oldest in her class due to when her birthday falls (December 17th), but Ochaco is presented as being quite childish. Especially when feeling extreme emotions which tend to be very dramatized. 

Her motivation for becoming a hero is that she simply wants to make people happy, which is innocent reasoning compared to other more intense characters.

While her motivations never change, Ochaco herself does mature as the series progress, though she typically remains a happy-go-lucky character.

Tenya Ida – August 22nd 

Tenya Ida

One of the most mature and respectable students in Class 1-A, Tenya Ida is actually one of the youngest in his class. He is 15 in season 1 but because his birthday falls towards the end of the school year (August 22nd), Tenya is one of the last students to turn 16. 

Some other students see Tenya as a little uptight and boring as he puts his all into his studies. But Tenya is happy enough with his friends and studies, having earnt the title of Class 1-A’s representative and as the best male student in the class. 

Where Tenya excels academically, he falls short socially. He would thrive in a room of middle-aged politicians, but as a 15-year-old, he comes off as blunt and strict to others his age.

All Might – June 10th  

All Might

All Might’s age is revealed by default when Izuku takes his provisional hero license exam in season 3. All Might is said to be Endeavor’s senior by 3 years, making him 49 years old and the oldest main character in My Hero Academia. He is also the tallest by a substantial height at 7’3″ (221 cm). 

After many years of being the world’s Number 1 Pro Hero (aka the world Symbol of Peace), All Might finally retires in season 3 (episode 50). He decides to keep his Foundational Hero Studies teaching post at U.A. Highschool to teach potential heroes what it means to be a hero. 

When he is in his hero form, All Might’s age doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference to him. He is still in peak hero shape with firm muscles and the charisma to match his legacy. However, outside of his hero persona, All Might (aka Toshinori Yagi) looks more worn down, especially after retirement. 

Endeavor – August 8th 


Though he is 3 years younger than All Might at 46 years old, Endeavor has been obsessed with trying to be better than All Might in hopes of stealing the title of Number 1 Pro Hero since he was still in school. 

Due to their age gap, it is unlikely that All Might and Endeavor would have had much interaction in school. But in the Pro Hero scene, Endeavor has always been second best to All Might. He was willing to emotionally abuse his oldest son Dabi and his youngest son Shoto to ensure that they would carry on their father’s obsession. 

When Endeavor ascends from his position of Number 2 Pro Hero to Number 1 Pro Hero by default after All Might’s retirement, he is forced to realize what his actions have done.

Tomura Shigaraki – April 4th 

Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki is noticeably older than My Hero Academia’s main protagonists at 20 years old in season 1 and then 21 in season 3. He is much younger and, arguably, more powerful than many of the Pro Heroes that he fights against as the leader of the League of Villains. 

Tomura has worked his way to becoming the Grand Commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Everything good that Izuku stands for, Tomura is the opposite of. So much so that Tomura inherits the All For One Quirk which is the direct opposing Quirk to Izuku’s One For All. 

Tomura’s general disgust for life itself and his position as a leader at such a young age has clearly taken a physical toll on him. In flashbacks, we see that Tomura once looked shockingly like Izuku. But at only 20 years old, he looks like he has been touched by his own Decay Quirk. 

Himiko Toga – August 17th 

Himiko Toga

In season 1, Himiko Toga is 17 years old and is 18 years old from season 3 onwards. Just like Tomura is the exact opposite of Izuku, Himiko is comparable to Ochaco, even down to their heights. However, while Ochaco is happy and pure of heart, Himiko is cheerful and evil to the bone – or to the blood, as her Quirk may attest. 

Like many of the other teenagers in My Hero Academia, Himiko explores what it means to love someone and form new attachments throughout the series. But Himiko has a very twisted vision of love. She will be in the middle of trying to kill someone but then develop a deep affection for them which happens with Izuku. 

Dabi – January 18th


The older brother of Shoto by 8 years, Dabi (previously known as Toya Todoroki) is 23 years old in season 1 and turns 24 at some time during season 2. 

Being 8 years Shoto’s senior means that Dabi had 8 more years to experience their father’s obsession and abuse, only to be pushed aside when Shoto’s Quirk proved to be more useful for Endeavor’s intentions. 

Shoto grew to resent his father and defy his fabricated purpose in his own way. Dabi, on the other hand, harbored his father’s obsessive tendencies long after he was pushed aside.

When he discovered a breakthrough with his own Quirk and his father didn’t care enough to see it, Dabi’s obsession turned from beating All Might to seeking revenge on his father. By the time he is introduced to the show, Dabi has had years to stew with that obsession and has only grown stronger. 

Fumikage Tokoyami – October 30th 

Fumikage Tokoyami

Though it is a little hard to determine how old Fumikage Tokoyami is by looks alone due to his combination of human body and raven head, he is in the same homeroom as Izuku. This means that Fumikage is 15 in season 1 and turns 16 before the beginning of season 3. 

Because of his Dark Shadow Quirk, Fumikage does show a lot of interest in darker, more archaic past times which makes some people a little wary of him. But Fumikage isn’t as shy nor mysterious as he seems, becoming quite sociable when teaming up with other classmates. 

His loyalty and lack of hesitation to team up with his friends to do what needs to be done to keep everyone safe means that despite his darker Quirk, Fumikage’s allegiances are never questioned. 

Mirio Togata – July 15th 

Mirio Togata

As an older student close to graduating from U.A. Highschool, Mirio Togata is already 18 years old by the time that Izuku meets him in season 1. Mirio is looked up to not just by the younger students but also his fellow peers having already mastered his Permeation Quirk before he has even graduated Highschool. 

It is this mastership that earned Mirio the title of the top student at U.A. Highschool and was also why he was supposed to be the next in line to be gifted the One For All Quirk by All Might before Izuku received the Quirk. 

He missed out on getting the One For All Quirk from All Might, but Mirio was offered the Quirk by Izuku after Mirio lost his own Quirk while saving Eri. Despite having lived with and having spent 18 years mastering his Quirk, Mirio refused Izuku’s offer. 

Shota Aizawa – November 8th

Shota Aizawa

At 30 years old, Shota Aizawa is the perfect homeroom teacher for the ambitious but often rowdy Class 1-A. Shota, much like many of his students, has a Quirk that could easily be used for evil.

He has the ability to temporarily disable another’s Quirk. But instead, Shota shows his students how there is always the choice to be good. 

How Shota does this can be… questionable. He is a strict authority and will not hesitate to keep his students in line, especially those that may be more swayed toward villainous paths. Because of his age and experience, Class 1-A do look up to Shota both as a hero and as a teacher. 

Eri – December 6th 


Eri is the youngest main cast member of My Hero Academia at only 6 years old (though she isn’t the smallest – Minoru beats her in that post). She may be the youngest, but Eri has gone through a lot in her 6 years.

The adoptive granddaughter of The Boss of the Shie Hassaikai, Eri was given up by her mother after her Quirk destroyed her father. But Eri’s Quirk was exploited by the villains, forcing Eri to see only fear in her abilities. 

Eri is eventually rescued by the heroes and brought to U.A. Highschool to learn to control her Quirk and learn to be a kid again. 

Momo Yaoyorozu – September 23rd 

Momo Yaoyorozu

Like Tenya, Momo Yaoyorozu is only 15 years old in season 1 and 16 in season 3. However, Momo is extremely mature both physically and socially, representing Class 1-A as vice president.

Her Quirk – a Creation Quirk – relies heavily on fat cells to function properly. This means that Momo is a lot more physically developed (particularly in the chest and hip areas) than the other girls in her class as her body acts as extra storage for these fat cells. 

Momo cares little about the amount of clothes she ends up losing in battle as a result of her Quirk, even though she is often judged by her classmates and opponents for it. Still, Momo is secure enough in herself and her abilities to overlook this teenage gossip. 

Kyoka Jiro – August 15th 

Kyoka Jiro

Not many of the teenagers in My Hero Academia fit into typical teenage stereotypes, but Kyoka Jiro does. She is 15 in season 1 and turns 16 during the school trip at the end of season 2, making her one of the youngest in her year. Yet, Kyoka is able to keep the more annoying, rumbustious students in line with her quick-witted comments. 

Kyoka appears uncaring and aloof, able to keep it together in times of stress. Like most angsty teens, Kyoka has a love for rock music though she is a little insecure about this as she struggles to relate it to her heroism.

Apart from that, Kyoka is fairly confident in her abilities. But she is a complicated character who has her own internal struggles such as doubts about her appearance. 

So, all in all, the most ‘normal’ teenager in the whole of My Hero Academia. 

Yuga Aoyama – May 30th 

Yuga Aoyama

Though he is the same age as the rest of his classmates (15 in season 1 and 16 towards the end of season 2), Yuga Aoyama likes to think that he is more important and larger than life than his classmates. He is overdramatic, preferring to keep the limelight on his flair and fancy French heritage. But this is all an act. 

Yuga was born Quirkless, which his family did not take as well as Izuku’s family. They went into debt to get Yuga a Quirk, which led to Yuga getting caught up with the villains and forced to be a spy for them. 

From a young age, Yuga has been carrying more guilt, insecurity and fear than most of his classmates will ever experience, which he covers up with his dramatic personality. 

Tsuyu Asui – February 12th 

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui’s appearance is clearly affected by her Frog Quirk, making her look younger than she is. But Tsuyu is in Class 1-A, so she is therefore 15 years old in season 1 and turns 16 in season 2. 

It is mostly Tsuyu’s 4’11” (149.9 cm) height and the slight dip in her mouth that gives her a younger appearance. Still, it is Tsuyu that others look up to in times of difficulty.

Tsuyu acts like the older sister of Class 1-A, taking on a nurturing but strict demeanor. She is not the leader of the class in the same way that Momo and Tenya are, but she is focused and a great emotional crutch for her classmates.

Eijiro Kirishima – October 16th  

Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima is a welcome change to the typical masculinity-obsessed teen trope. He is 15 years old in season 1 and then 16 in season 2, and already has his own developed understanding of what it means to be a man. 

Like many of the other U.A. Highschool students, Eijiro gains more confidence in his Quirk as the series progresses though it takes a while as he doesn’t see how his Hardening Quirk can benefit his Pro Hero ambition. 

It is not his abilities nor other people’s that Eijiro uses to judge how ‘manly’ someone is, but rather their character. The braver and more heroic they are, the more of a man Eijiro considers them. This is a far more mature opinion than Katsuki who thinks that he is better than others purely because of their abilities.

Mina Ashido – July 30th 

Mina Ashido

As a member of Class 1-A, Mina Ashido is 15 in season 1 and turns 16 between seasons 2 and 3. Her bright pink skin and high levels of energy would mean that Mina could be mistaken for an excitable child if it were not for her strong, athletic build. She channels a lot of her energy into dancing, giving her a more toned physique than most other girls her age. 

Though her academic scores are not the highest, Mina does put a lot of effort into her work and is pretty much a model hero. She has a generally positive outlook on life and a strong moral compass for someone just starting highschool which is infectious to those around her.

So much so that she was able to help some bullies in middle school change their tune and stop tormenting some underclassmen. 

Toru Hagakure – June 16th

Toru Hagakure

Because she is in Class 1-A, it is clear that Toru Hagakure must be 15 years old in season 1 and turns 16 before season 3. However, Toru has an Invisibility Quirk which means that it is basically impossible to estimate her character’s age on looks alone. 

While some 15-year-olds would be insecure and perhaps prudish about their body, Toru is not afraid to fight undressed if it will give her an advantage. After all, her opponents can not see her so it doesn’t embarrass Toru like it does her opponents. 

Denki Kaminari – June 29th 

Denki Kaminari

Denki Kaminari is the typical 15-year-old high schooler which doesn’t change even when he turns 16 with the rest of the class. Denki does his best to try and flirt with the girls in his class, showing off his ability whenever he can, though he is rejected more often than not. 

Denki is perhaps one of the most insecure high schoolers in My Hero Academia. His academics are lacking because he spends more time trying to get girls instead of focusing on his school work. But when it comes to the arts, Denki thrives. 

Mashirao Ojiro – May 28th 

Mashirao Ojiro

A loyal and noble member of Class 1-A, Mashirao Ojiro is 15 in season 1 and 16 by the time season 3 starts. He is easily identifiable by his Tail Quirk which, unsurprisingly, has left him with a tail. 

Unlike other members of Class 1-A, Mashirao doesn’t enjoy the spotlight very much. In this instance, his Quirk works against him, making him stand out rather than blend in.

In a fight, it is clear that Mashirao shows great mastership over his Quirk in a way that many of his peers are yet to show. 

Mezo Shoji – February 15th

Mezo Shoji

Mezo Shoji is the same age as the rest of Class 1-A (15 in season 1 and then turning 16 at some point during the school trip), but his height would suggest that he is much older than most of the other students. 

Mezo is 6’1″ ½ (186.7 cm) which makes him the tallest in Class 1-A by half an inch and taller than many of the teachers at U.A. Highschool. The face mask that Mezo constantly wears also makes it harder to distinguish his age based on appearances alone. 

Because Mezo is so aware of how terrifying he can appear as a consequence of his Quirk (including the addition of 4 extra arms and a mangled face which scared a little girl when Mezo was younger), he overcompensates by being a great friend to everyone from the minute he meets them. 

Hanta Sero – July 28th 

Hanta Sero

Hanta Sero is a very creative 15 year old (and then 16 year old in season 3). He is just as deserving of his place at U.A. Highschool as any of his classmates. His Tape Quirk is not as flamboyant or spectacular as other Quirks, so he has had to think up ways to stand out in a fight – which he does brilliantly. 

Though he is able to take and make teasing jokes with little malice, Hanta is the first to call out his classmates when they are being irrational, mean or simply crazy. Hanta tries to keep spirits high in Class 1-A, remaining confident and willing even after a defeat. 

Koji Koda – February 1st 

Koji Koda

Koji Koda is one of the many students in Class 1-A whose Quirk has clearly affected his appearance, which would make it difficult to tell exactly how old he is if he were not enrolled in U.A. Highschool. As it is, we know that Koji Koda is 15 years old in season 1 of My Hero Academia and turns 16 some point before season 3. 

His Anivoice Quirk has given Koji a skull in the shape of a jagged rock and a robust body. Though his looks are a little deceiving as Koji may look like a tough guy but he is a very gentle force. 

Koji is likely to get overly nervous in social situations, much preferring to fade into the crowd. His nerves do dissipate a little more when in a fight, doing everything he can with his Quirk to protect himself and his friends. 

Rikido Sato – June 19th 

Rikido Sato

Rikido Sato is 15 years old in season 1 and 16 by season 3, though he is built to look like he is much older. Rikido is very similar to Koji in the fact that he looks like he would be an intimidating muscle-man but is rather a softie. 

Due to his Sugar Rush Quirk, Rikido relies heavily on a high sugar intake to fuel his abilities. This is why he is such an avid baker, often using sweet treats as a way to make friends. Essentially, at only 15 years old, he looks like he could be a Pro Hero, but may need to build some emotional resilience first. 

Minoru Mineta – October 8th 

Minoru Mineta

Despite being a whole 9 years older than Eri at 15 years old in season 1 and 16 at some point in season 2, Minoru Mineta is still the shortest cast member of My Hero Academia at only 3’6″ 1/2 (108 cm). He is also the weirdest and most emotionally immature.

Minoru is just a general outcast even though his Quirk could be quite an asset to Class 1-A. He lacks a verbal filter, does not handle stress very well, and tends to make people uncomfortable with his comments. But he is very intelligent for his age so his classmates put up with him. 

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Himiko toga is not 18 toga is said to be 17 in season 5 of my hero academia in episode 109 by chitose kizuki so you’re wrong this is not meant to be a hate comment I’m just correcting you and even the author of the manga my hero academia confirmed that toga is 17 in the meta liberation army arc manga and that manga arc was adapted to season 5 the author is the creator of my hero academia and the anime is an adaption