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How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20

After the significant changes introduced to Minecraft’s Ore Distribution system two versions ago, finding Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20 is anything but an easy task. Being one of the most precious resources in the game, it can be complicated to get your hands on some of those sweet, blue Diamonds.

There’s no need to stress, though; we’ll outline some of the easiest and quickest strategies to obtain the mineral here!

Multiple Ores of Diamonds coupled with a Diamond hung on a portrait

4 Best Methods of Obtaining Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20

Mining at Y Level -59 is the best method of obtaining Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20. Diamonds exclusively spawn in one pattern between Y Levels 16 to -64. However, due to the existence of Bedrock at lower levels, Y Level -59 is the optimal location to mine for Diamonds.

Even though you have a higher chance of finding Diamonds the deeper you go – doing so isn’t a great idea. You’ll come across indestructible Bedrock at lower underground levels, which will significantly hinder your mining speed.

We recommend mining at Y Levels -59 or -58 to avoid this for a much more efficient mining experience.

Update 1.20.2 of Minecraft introduced slight changes to Diamond generation. Firstly, the Ore will generate more frequently in Deepslate areas. The exact frequency of this remains undisclosed.

Secondly, Diamond Ore has an additional blob placement now – being uniformly distributed between Y levels -4 to -64. This generation has a spawn frequency of 2 and a maximum blob size of 8. Ore generated in this pattern also has a 50% chance of being discarded due to air exposure.

Now that you understand the resource’s generational patterns, let’s move on to the best strategies you can employ to find it.

Note: All techniques mentioned here are viable and effective methods of finding Diamonds (as of update 1.20).

1. Strip & Branch Mining

Strip or Branch Mining are incredibly effective and consistent methods of obtaining Diamonds. In fact, they’re the only methods you can use to be guaranteed to find the resource eventually. 

To employ either of these, first, go down to the recommended mining level, i.e., anything close to Y Level -59 (but not lower). Now, try digging horizontally instead of your initial vertical direction. 

For Branch Mining, you should dig long corridors, branch them off at the end, and repeat the process. This method is very efficient as it lets you quickly cover a ton of ground. Another option is to strip mine. With this, you should mine in 2-block tall and 1-block wide patterns. Try to leave at least a 2-block space between each corridor you create in this fashion. 

If these techniques sound too fancy – you can mine in a regular 3×3 pattern. In any case, mining like this at the optimal level is bound to lead you to those precious Diamonds!

2. Exploring Caves & Structures

The most straightforward and effortless method of obtaining Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20 is not through mining but through exploring! 

Huge underground exposed caves are standard in every Minecraft world. Try to seek these out, and whenever you find one – explore it. Due to their generation patterns, these caves already feature tons of exposed regions, which saves up a tremendous amount of time you’d otherwise spend mining. 

Most of the time, you must actively explore the cave, and you’ll naturally run into Diamonds. A similar method of obtaining Diamonds, albeit less effective, is to explore structures. 

Some structures, such as Desert Temples, Bastion Remnants, Shipwrecks, Mineshafts, Nether Fortresses, and Strongholds, can feature treasure chests containing Diamonds! However, you can’t use these to actively find the resource as it’s a matter of chance!

3. Moss Mining

Moss Mining with a Diamond Pickaxe in a cave

This is a relatively newer technique for obtaining Diamonds, but it’s undoubtedly effective. Moss Mining can help you save time and effort by making it easier to mine tough blocks. 

To do this, you’ll need Moss and Bone Meal items. Find an area of a cave that you’d like to mine and place the Moss block there. Now, using the Bone Meal on this block, you can spread Moss over to the other blocks in the cave. 

Blocks covered in Moss can be mined using a Hoe and are much easier to get through. If you effectively use this technique, you can quickly cover a lot of space. This isn’t strictly limited to Diamonds either, as it’s possible to obtain pretty much any resource this way.

The only downside is you might need access to large quantities of Bone Meal in the early stage of your game.

4. Lava Pools & Deep Dark Mining

For separate reasons, both these techniques are relatively less effective for finding Diamonds in Minecraft 1.20 than the ones mentioned above. However, you can still mix these up with your main strategy to have a higher chance of obtaining Diamonds. 

Firstly, exploring areas near exposed pools of lava in underground caves is an excellent practice. These areas generally contain abundant amounts of minerals – including Diamonds. Additionally, exploring these sections requires relatively little mining, so you won’t have to sacrifice much time in doing so. 

Your second option is to explore the Deep Dark biome and dig around the Sculk blocks. This technique resembles Moss Mining in that Sculk blocks are easily mined and quickly displaced. The only downside to this one is that you could accidentally spawn the Warden!

A small, final tip – it’s a worthwhile practice to enhance your Pickaxe or Hoe with a Fortune Enchantment when mining. Doing so increases the yield of Diamonds during your expedition. Happy exploring!