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How to Find Prismatic Slime and Jelly in Stardew Valley? Best Locations & Levels

How to Find Prismatic Slime and Jelly in Stardew Valley? Best Locations & Levels

Prismatic slime is a monster unique to the Wizard’s special order quest, called “Prismatic Jelly”. Not only are the prismatic slimes prettier than their plainer counterparts, but they are also much tougher.

The following guide will give you everything you need to know to find prismatic slimes and successfully harvest the prismatic jelly, without fainting in the Mines!

How to Find Prismatic Slimes

New Special Orders Board in Update 1.5
New Special Orders Board!

To be able to find prismatic slimes, you will need to visit the special orders board and accept a special order from the wizard for “prismatic jelly”. Accepting this quest will cause a small percentage of regular slimes to turn into prismatic slimes.

While this quest is active, you will be able to find prismatic slimes everywhere that slimes are typically found, such as the Mine, the Skull Cavern, and the Quarry Mine. However, they are still relatively rare in those locations. The rarity of finding one is at just over 1% chance, plus the percentage from your daily luck.

Top tip: Complete Secret Note 20 to increase daily luck by 0.025.

Prismatic Slime
Prismatic Slime – Source: Concerned Ape

The prismatic slimes look almost the exact same as regular slimes. The difference is that the regular slimes are a single color such as green or red but the prismatic slimes will change from color to color, like a rainbow!

If you are unsure of how to accept the special order, check the special order board just under Mayor Lewis’s house. This board was a new addition to the game in the 1.5 update, so make sure that you are running the most recent version of the game!

This is everything you need to do in order to start finding prismatic slimes. From here, you just need a good sword and room in your backpack.

How To Get Prismatic Jelly

Prismatic Jelly
Prismatic Jelly – Source: Concerned Ape

To get prismatic jelly, you need to slay a prismatic slime. Accept the Wizard’s special order and travel to the mines (or wherever you choose to go hunting). Then, find a prismatic slime. 

Use a weapon to hit the prismatic slime until it is slain. A rainbow jar containing prismatic jelly will always drop from killing a prismatic slime.

The prismatic jelly should be picked up automatically if you have room in your backpack. The prismatic slimes are pretty tough, much more so than the regular slimes, so be sure to bring the best melee weapon or slingshot you currently have.

If you don’t have a weapon suitable for this, go visit Marlon at the Adventurer’s Guild and see if there is something better you can purchase. The Adventurer’s Guild is just a bit farther east from the Mines and they have plenty of great weapons and other tools.

Completing the “Prismatic Jelly” Special Order Quest

Delivering Prismatic Jelly to the Wizard
Delivering prismatic jelly to the Wizard

In order to successfully complete the special order for prismatic jelly, you will need to take a jar to the Wizard’s house and deliver it to him. The Wizard’s tower is in the southwest corner of the Cindersap Forest and just under the Secret Forest. He will reward you with the recipe for Monster Musk!

This recipe of 30 batwings and 30 slimes creates a perfume that you can wear which will give you ten minutes of enemies being doubled in number. While this might not sound great out of context, it is very useful for those times that you are trying to fulfill a special order for 100 bone fragments in a mere week!

Location of Prismatic Slimes

The prismatic slimes are located in the Mine, the Skull Cavern, and the Quarry Mine. These are places where the slimes are always found, but now a small percentage of prismatic slimes joins them. There are some exceptions such as the Secret Forest.

Some locations will have a better chance of finding prismatic slimes than others will. Your best chances will be in a location that often has a large number of slimes spawned, like certain floors in the Mine.

The Quarry Mine is much smaller than the regular mines, so it is less likely that you will come across a prismatic slime there. Additionally, the skull cavern is much more difficult to survive than the regular mine. You may find plenty of prismatic slimes there, but you are much more likely to faint in the process.

Unless you are seeking an extra challenge or have another quest you are also trying to fulfill at the other locations, the regular mine is the best place to go looking for prismatic slimes. 

What Level of the Mines are the Prismatic Slimes?

Level 5 of The Mines in Stardew Valley
Level 5 of The Mines

Prismatic slimes can be found on every floor of the mines, with the exception of the first. However, some floors have a much higher population of slimes than others. Level 5 and Level 15 are notably good levels for prismatic slime hunting since they often spawn a large number of slimes and are on elevator floors.

If you enter one of these floors and don’t see any prismatic slimes, you can just try the other one using the elevator. Just alternate between the two until one of them has a prismatic slime on the floor.

How Rare are Prismatic Slimes?

Happy Spirits Mean High Daily Luck in Stardew Valley
Happy spirits mean high daily luck!

The rarity of finding a prismatic slime is just over a 1% chance, plus the percentage from your daily luck. The higher your daily luck on a given day, the more you will see prismatic slimes spawned.

To increase your chances and make the prismatic slimes less rare, go to the mines on a day that the fortune teller reports that the spirits are in a good mood. This means your luck is higher that day. Wear any items that modify your luck, and eat something that increases your luck. 

On your luckiest days, you will have around a 2% chance of seeing a prismatic slime. If the fortune teller says that the spirits are displeased or annoyed, the chance of a prismatic slime will be extremely rare — somewhere between 0.3% – 0.8%, so less than a one percent chance.

The Lucky Lunch is a miner’s best friend when looking for treasures! Keep one of these on hand for when you are completing this quest, to have a guarantee of high daily luck.

Can You Get More Than One Prismatic Jelly?

The quest from the Wizard will remain active until you deliver the prismatic jelly to him. This means you can continue gathering more prismatic jelly by slaying additional prismatic slimes. Unfortunately, any and all extra prismatic jelly that you gather will disappear once you deliver one of the jellies to the Wizard or you fail to complete the quest by the deadline. 

Even though you can theoretically gather as many prismatic jellies as you would like, your time is better spent looking for treasures that don’t disappear, such as prismatic shards!

The Prismatic Slime Didn’t Drop Any Jelly!

All of the prismatic slimes will drop a prismatic jelly. If you think you have come across a prismatic slime that has stiffed you, look again at your inventory. It might be on a farther down spot in your backpack.

The moment between slaying the prismatic slime and picking up the prismatic jelly is very fast, so you may not have noticed it as it dropped. 

Happy hunting!

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