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How to Link Nether Portals in Minecraft 1.20 (2024)

How to Link Nether Portals in Minecraft 1.20 (2024)

Portals are a life-saver and one of the most underappreciated features of Minecraft. They allow you to conveniently travel between the Nether/The End and Overworld. Still, most people don’t realize that Portals can be used for much more than that!

These Portals can travel thousands of blocks and close large distances in the Overworld if you link them together. This can, however, be a complicated process – but we’re here to guide you through it! Today, we’ll cover everything regarding linking two Nether Portals in Minecraft 1.20. 

How to Link Portals in Minecraft?

You can link two Nether Portals together in Minecraft by matching their coordinates. First, note down the X and Z coordinates of the Portal in your Overworld. Divide both by 8, round them up, and create another Portal in the Nether on these new coordinates. Your Portals will now be linked!

Linking Portals might be slightly complex, but it’s entirely worth it. You can save time by linking multiple Portals and setting them up wherever needed. Since you can’t create End Portals in Survival, these cannot be connected. 

Skipping those, you’re left with Portals to the Netherworld, which are commonly used. Follow these instructions to easily link up your Nether Portals in Minecraft 1.20!

Step-by-Step Guide to Linking Nether Portals

A Nether Portal created in the Overworld
  1. Create a Nether Portal in the Overworld and note down its X and Z coordinate values. 
  2. Divide each coordinate value by 8 and round it up. For example, if your X coordinate value is 127, dividing it by 8 gives 15.875 which can then be rounded up to 16. 
  3. Travel to your newly calculated coordinates in the Netherworld.
  4. Create another Nether Portal here.
  5. Your two Portals are now linked!

Note: In step 2, you only need to perform the calculations for the X and Z coordinates; the Y coordinate should be left untouched for both the Overworld and Nether. 

For example, suppose your XYZ coordinates are 127, 10, and 176 (respectively) in the Overworld. In that case, you will make the following calculations for their corresponding Netherworld coordinates:

X/8 = 127/8 = 15.875 (Rounded up to 16)

Y = 10

Z/8 = 176/8 = 22

Thus, the Netherworld equivalent of your Overworld coordinates, as shown in the above calculations, will come out to be 16, 10, and 22

Additional Information for Linking Portals

When you create a Portal in the Overworld and travel through it, the game automatically creates a corresponding Portal in the Nether where you arrive. For this feature to work correctly, Minecraft searches for existing Portals in the related area in the Nether. 

If the game can locate an existing Portal, it links the Nether and Overworld Portals together. If an existing Portal cannot be found, the game forcibly creates one to help you reach the new dimension. This mechanic can thus be exploited by creating a Portal in the Nether corresponding to the coordinates of the Portal existing in your Overworld – effectively ‘linking’ them together. 

Overworld Teleportation

A Nether Portal created in the Netherworld

At this point, you might also wonder why we’re dividing by the number ‘8’ when we calculate our Netherworld coordinates. The reasoning for this is pretty straightforward – each block traveled in the Nether corresponds to 8 blocks in the Overworld. Since linking two Portals together requires that they exist in the exact location (within both worlds), we have to divide the Overworld coordinates by 8 to find their equivalent coordinates in the Nether!

This information also leads to one of the most valuable uses of linking two Portals: teleportation within the Overworld. Aside from providing ease of access to teleport between two areas, linking Portal together like this can help you traverse considerable distances in the Overworld by simply making a trip to the Nether. Since each block traveled in the Nether equals 8 blocks in the Overworld, you can link two sets of Portals together to quickly ‘teleport’ in the Overworld. 

For example, suppose you want to travel between two Villages located 8,000 blocks apart in the Overworld instead of walking all the way. In that case, you create a Nether Portal in each of the Villages and link them to the Nether through the abovementioned process. 

Now, travel to the Nether from the first Portal and move towards the second set of Portals you linked in the Nether. Once you reach it, teleport back to the Overworld using that Portal. In doing so, you’ll have effectively traveled 8,000 blocks of distance in the Overworld by traveling 1,000 blocks in the Netherworld instead! 

This covers everything you need to know about linking two Nether Portals in Minecraft 1.20. Be sure to let us know in the comments below about all the unique uses you figure out for your newly linked Portals; happy exploring!