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Hunter X Hunter: Hunter License Ranking System and Character Ranks

Hunter X Hunter: Hunter License Ranking System and Character Ranks

In the world of Hunter x Hunter, being a Hunter is the ultimate badge of honor. 

Hunters are elite individuals who have passed a rigorous examination that tests not just their physical prowess, but also their intelligence, creativity, and mastery of Nen.

Upon passing this examination, candidates are issued a license by the Hunter Association.

The Hunter license is similar in appearance to a credit card, but it is slightly thicker and has an inbuilt integrated computer chip.

This license grants various privileges to its holder, such as financial compensation, access to exclusive information, legal protection, and more.

However, these privileges vary depending on the rank and type of license held.

Hunter License Star System Explained

Gon Hunter License Card
Gon Freecss’ Hunter License Card

The Hunter license rank system is used to indicate a Hunter’s level of accomplishments and contributions.

However, it is not a direct measure of the Hunter’s overall strength and abilities.

There are many powerful Hunters who do not have a high rank and some rank holders are not that powerful. 

When trying to gauge a character’s strength, one should keep in mind that the star system is not absolute.

It’s also important to note that the show does not provide a lot of details on the ranking system or the specific process by which characters earn their ranking. 

This article is based on what we know from the show and should be taken as an overview of the subject.

Hunter License Star Ranks In Order (Lowest to Highest)

  • Licensed Hunter (Zero-Star Hunter)
  • 1 Star (Single-Star Hunter)
  • 2 Star (Double-Star Hunter)
  • 3 Star (Triple-Star Hunter)

4. Licensed Hunter (Zero-Star Hunter)

An ordinary licensed Hunter is one who has passed the Hunter examination and been granted a license by the Hunter Association. 

They do not have any stars assigned to their license, indicating that they have not yet reached a high level of experience or contribution. 

While they are still entitled to some privileges, they are not on the same level as Hunters who have at least earned a star on their license.

3. 1 Star (Single-Star Hunter)

A single-star hunter is a Hunter who has earned one star on their license. 

This indicates that they have reached a certain level of skill and experience and have made significant contributions to society.

Examples of single-star hunters include Morel Mackernasey and Cutie Beauty, two outstanding hunters who have made substantial contributions in their respective fields. 

They may not hold the same level of privileges as their upper star-bearing counterparts, but they are on a path toward unlocking the full potential of a true Hunter.

2. 2 Star (Double-Star Hunter)

Double-star hunters are regarded as elite members of the hunter profession.

To be granted this rank, candidates must meet certain requirements set by the Hunter Association. 

This includes adhering to the first five articles of the Hunter Bylaws, which are the association’s collection of rules and regulations. 

Additionally, they must hold a position of authority and have mentored at least one junior student who has earned a star.

Examples of double-star hunters include Biscuit Krueger and Ging Freecss, two renowned hunters known for their continuous contributions to society. 

1. 3 Star (Triple-Star Hunter)

This is the rarest and most challenging rank to obtain in the world of hunters. 

Out of the hundreds of Hunters in the Hunter Association, There are only roughly 3 Triple-Star Hunters.

Candidates applying for this rank must have fulfilled the first six articles of the Hunter Bylaws and have made outstanding contributions to a variety of fields.

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Hunter X Hunter Character Hunter License Ranks Table 

CharacterHunter License Star Rank
Botobai GiganteTriple-Star Hunter
Cheadle YorkshireTriple-Star Hunter
Pariston HillTriple-Star Hunter
Biscuit KruegerDouble-Star Hunter
Ging FreecssDouble-Star Hunter
Linne HorsdoeuvreDouble-Star Hunter
Mizaistom NanaDouble-Star Hunter
Saccho KobayakawaDouble-Star Hunter
Teradein NeutralsDouble-Star Hunter
Bushidora AmbitiousSingle-Star Hunter
Cutie BeautySingle-Star Hunter
Ickshonpe KatochaSingle-Star Hunter
MenchiSingle-Star Hunter
Morel MackernaseySingle-Star Hunter
Sanbica NortonSingle-Star Hunter
TsezguerraSingle-Star Hunter
Gon FreecssLicensed Hunter
KurapikaLicensed Hunter
Hisoka MorowLicensed Hunter
HanzoLicensed Hunter
PokkleLicensed Hunter
Illumi ZoldyckLicensed Hunter
Killua ZoldyckLicensed Hunter
Leorio ParadinighLicensed Hunter

What Level Hunter Is Gon Freecs?

Gon Jajanken Technique

Gon is a Rookie Hunter and doesn’t have a star ranking (zero-star hunter).

To become a higher-ranked Hunter, it’s important to have a specific area of expertise and make substantial contributions to society. 

However, Gon’s main motivation for becoming a Hunter was to find his father and not to climb the ranks of the Hunter Association. 

Although he is strong and capable, he does not meet the criteria for earning stars and climbing the ranks. 

It’s important to remember that the Hunter license ranking system measures Hunter’s accomplishments and contributions, not their overall strength and abilities.

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Does Gon Meet His Dad?

Hunter x Hunter - Gon meets Ging

Yes, Gon did eventually meet his father in the anime. They first met in episode 146 after Gon had only seen his photograph for years, and all Ging could say was “Yo”.

They met again in episode 148 on top of the world tree and had a conversation about their aspirations, adventures, and future goals. 

The anime ended with episode 148 and according to the manga, they are still in contact.