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Hunter x Hunter Nen Ranking System Guide

Hunter x Hunter Nen Ranking System Guide

Anime shonen shows are popular for their incredible power sources. We have the Ki, Chakra, Reiatsu, and then the Nen.

Nen is a technique that allows users to manipulate their life force (aura) to acquire extraordinary abilities.

To fully master Nen, one must understand the major principles of Nen, discover their aura type and train it to create special techniques.

The Major Principles of Nen

Nen Major Principles Hunter x Hunter

The major principles of Nen are the teachings of the fundamental manipulations of one’s aura flow.

They are categorized into four, namely:

  1. Ten
  2. Zetsu
  3. Ren
  4. Hatsu.


Ten Principle Hunter x Hunter

Although not very useful in combat, Ten remains the most fundamental and significant principle among others.

Basically, once a practitioner opens their aura nodes, the aura tends to start leaking out uncontrollably, which can cause a variety of harm to the user – To fix this, the user must master Ten.

Ten allows users to freely manipulate their aura and keep it from leaking away from their bodies.

Mastering Ten comes easy and impossible to forget after understanding the concept, much like learning how to ride or swim.


Zetsu Principle Hunter x Hunter

While Ten controls the aura flow from the aura nodes, Zetsu stops the flow entirely.

Zetsu completely shuts the aura nodes of a Nen user to stop any energy leaks from their bodies.

This conceals the user’s presence from other Nen users.

Zetsu is best used to stalk or hide from other Nen users. Although effective, it isn’t invisible.

When employing Zetsu, timing is crucial. If it’s off and a user deactivates their aura using Zetsu, other Nen users with keen senses will notice the shift and become cautious.

Using Zetsu also helps relieve fatigue since the total withdrawal of one’s aura helps regain energy.

The use of Zetsu comes with a major setback – exposing the user to Nen attacks since there isn’t any aura to shield them.


Ren Principle Hunter x Hunter

Ren is somewhat similar to Ten, but with an upgrade.

Compared to Ten, Ren concentrates on generating an immense amount of aura outwards, increasing the user’s strength and durability.

Ren can be used to evaluate a Nen user’s strength; the stronger the Ren, the stronger the user.


Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter

Hatsu enables Nen practitioners to use their aura to create distinct, user-specific Nen abilities.

These abilities are influenced by the user’s Nen type, among the six categories of Nen types.

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Nen Types

Nen Types in Hunter x Hunter

There are six main types of Nen (aura):

  1. Conjuration
  2. Emission
  3. Manipulation
  4. Enhancement
  5. Transmutation
  6. Specialization.

These Nen types are identified through a process known as Water Divination, in which the practitioner performs Ren on a glass of water with a leaf floating on top.

The influence of how the water reacts due to the Ren discharge determines the user’s Nen type.

The water becomes tainted if the user is a conjurer, while the water changes color for an emitter.

A manipulator raises the leaf to the water’s surface, a transmuter changes the taste of the water, an enhancer increases the water quantity, and a specialist makes multiple changes to the water.

Although it is possible to employ numerous Nen types, it is typically simpler for a person to learn the one that is most similar to their intrinsic type.

In other words, among the six types, the more closely a class matches a person’s natural type, the more likely they will find it suitable enough to learn.

For instance, if a person is an Enhancer by birth, learning the related Transmuter and Emitter classes will be simple.

However, learning the Specialist class that is farthest away would be challenging.



Kurapika's chains Hunter x Hunter

Users with the conjuration Nen type are referred to as Conjurers.

Conjurers are able to transform or alter their Nen into real objects.

They undergo extensive visualization training, picturing the object they desire to conjure.

Once perfected, they can summon the object whenever they desire in an instant.

These conjured objects can possess special supernatural abilities – Shizuku’s conjured vacuum cleaner, for instance, can suck up objects indefinitely.

Conjured objects can also be bounded with conditions to make them more powerful. This gives a conjurer a shot at defeating any other Nen user regardless of their Nen type.

However, since it is bound to a specific condition, it loses the versatility and flexibility that the other Nen types possess.


Emission Nen Type Hunter x Hunter

Users with the emission Nen type are referred to as Emitters.

Emitters release pure aura to form attack techniques, making it one of the most potent offensive abilities of all Nen types.

However, an emitter’s capacity depends on their aura’s strength; the stronger the aura, the stronger the technique, and vice versa – which, in some ways, lessens its effectiveness.

While the primary purpose of emission is to attack, it can also be utilized to propel or to cast a remote Nen-type effect.

Emission Nen type can be trained to use complex techniques like teleportation and permeation.

Depending on the user, this Nen type is either a tool or just mediocre.


Illumi Manipulation Hunter x Hunter

Users with the manipulation Nen type are referred to as Manipulators.

Manipulators possess the power to influence or control both living and non-living things.

If used effectively, a manipulator can easily defeat other Nen users regardless of their Nen type.

However, it isn’t the most efficient since it depends solely on the manipulator taking control of their opponent.

If they cannot subdue their foe, they are rendered helpless and compelled to use their fighting skills against opponents using Nen techniques.


Netero's Enhancement Hunter x Hunter

Users with the Enhancement Nen type are referred to as Enhancers.

Enhancers are able to strengthen both themselves and items significantly.

With enough practice, an enhancer can develop skin as tough as a tank and punch with immense strength.

This Nen type is best suited for users that prefer hand-to-hand combat.

Gon Freecss is a prime illustration of how effective enhancers can be.


Killu's Transmutation Hunter x Hunter

Users with the Transmutation Nen type are referred to as Transmuters.

Transmuters can alter an aura’s properties to imitate and copy other attributes.

Hisoka’s Bungee gum, which blends and mimics rubber and gum qualities, is a good example. Same with Killua’s godspeed.

Transmutation and Conjuration are easily confused due to their similarities, but they are different.

Conjuration transforms aura into the actual thing, while Transmutation enables the user to make their aura imitate the attributes of a substance.


Neon Nostrade Hunter x Hunter

Specialization is a rare Nen type accessible to only a few characters.

They are individuals whose Nen doesn’t match the other five classifications.

Upon activation, specialists are granted gods-like powers which them unique from other users.

It is unclear how they gain these abilities since Specialization does not adhere to the same principles as the other Nen types.

Hunter x Hunter Characters Nen Type

CharactersNen Type
Gon FreecsEnhancer
Ging FreecsUnknown
Killua ZoldyckTransmuter
Illumi ZoldyckManipulator
Zeno ZoldyckTransmuter
Silva ZoldyckTransmuter
Shizuku MurasakiConjurer
Leorio ParadinightEmitter
Issac NeteroEnhancer
Morel MackernaseyManipulator
Hisoka MorrowTransmuter
Machi KomacineTransmuter
Biscuit KruegerTransmuter
Feitan PortorTransmuter
Neon NostradeSpecialist
Chrollo LuciferSpecialist

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What Is Gon’s Nen Type?

Gon's Jajanken Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss was born an Enhancer but can use other Nen types like Emission and Transmutation.

Who Is the Strongest Nen User?

Meruem, the Chimera Ant King, was the strongest Nen user in the series, rivalled by Chairman Netero.

We can’t tell who the strongest character is now that they are both deceased, and we haven’t witnessed other characters at their full strength.

However, since the show will return after a long hiatus, we anticipate seeing developed characters worthy of the title.

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