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Is Ciri Geralt’s Daughter In The Witcher?

Is Ciri Geralt’s Daughter In The Witcher?

The Witcher is gaining more and more popularity since the show started on Netflix. With a second season streaming, curiosity is spiking even more. Its mystical world has captured the attention of many people worldwide, especially thanks to the mysterious plots, multiple timelines, and ongoing questions. 

One question that seems to spark a lot of interest in fans, regards the relationship between the two main characters, Ciri and Geralt.

Is Ciri Geralt’s Daughter?

There is a short answer and a long answer to this question. 

Ciri is not Geralt’s biological daughter. She is, however, his adoptive daughter bound to him by destiny and the Law of Surprise. 

So whether Ciri is Geralt’s daughter or not is really up to interpretation. What do you consider a father-daughter relationship to be like?

Geralt has taken his job as a father very seriously and is quite protective of Ciri. He becomes her guide, her mentor, and a real father figure to her. He promises he will keep her safe and does whatever is in his power to keep that promise. 

What is Ciri’s and Geralt’s relation?


The Witcher series follows Geralt’s journey and his search for Ciri. The story spans a 40 year period. The main character, Geralt of Rivia, looks for a young girl bound to him because of the law of Surprise. This is an ancient law that allows him to claim Ciri as his daughter.

Despite their white hair and resemblance, Ciri and Geralt are not related to each other by blood. Their destinies are however intertwined. Ciri is Geralt’s adoptive daughter because of the Law of Surprise. Throughout the story, both characters go through quests in four kingdoms that end up drawing them to one another. 

Geralt becomes Ciri’s father by actually saving her real father’s life before Ciri is even born. This is how the story unfolds: Ciri’s grandmother was not thrilled about her father and tried to have him killed during a banquet. Geralt is present at the same banquet and intervenes to save his life.

After that, Ciri’s father asks Geralt how he can repay him and Geralt invokes the Law of Surprise. By this law, Geralt is owed either the first thing the man he saved is greeted with when he gets home or something that is a surprise to both parties. Geralt asks for the second option and that surprise turns out to be an unborn child: Ciri. 

Whether Geralt knew that Ciri was in the womb at that time and asked for this on purpose or not, is not specified in the story clearly. Some argue that he did and that is a way for Witchers to gain heirs or recruits and that Geralt just followed what his brotherhood had taught him. Others just assume Geralt took the whole deal jokingly and did not know that he would suddenly become a father this way. 

Whatever the case, Ciri and Geralt are bound to each other by destiny even before she was born. This is probably why everyone often refer to her as a ‘child of destiny’ or bound to Geralt ‘by destiny’. 

What Is The Law of Surprise?

The Law of Surprise is an ancient tradition in the Witcher universe. It is a life debt, meaning it is evoked when someone saves someone’s life. It can be paid in two ways. The saver can ask for the first thing the saved man is greeted with when he gets home or something that comes as a surprise to both the saved man and the saver. 

In many cases, this means a good crop but in some cases, the surprise can be a pregnancy. If so, the child claimed is known as a ‘child surprise’. This is one of the main ways how witchers recruit new trainees to later put on trials.  

How Did Ciri And Geralt Meet?

Ciri and Geralt meeting

The way Ciri and Geralt meet is different in the books and in the Netflix series. In the series, Ciri and Geralt meet in Brokilon Forest by chance. The encounter happens years after Ciri was born and Cintra has been attacked. In the books, however, Ciri and Geralt meet before Cintra has fallen.

As per the books, Ciri meets Geralt when she runs away because she does not want to marry the prince she is promised to. She runs into the forest and a monster attacks her. At this point, Geralt comes to her rescue and gets her home safely to her grandmother. After the invaders attack Cintra, Ciri meets Geralt again when she’s on the run. 

In the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher, Ciri’s and Geralt’s first encounter is different. Despite being granted her by the Law of Surprise, Geralt does not claim her right after she was born. Even when Ciri turns six years old, Geralt still refrains himself from demanding her.

He actually convinces himself he does not believe in destiny. He only starts looking for Ciri after invaders attack Cintra, the place where Ciri lives. This is when he realizes the need he has to protect his daughter. 

Finding Ciri, however, proves to be a real challenge for Geralt. This is because Ciri’s grandmother Calanthe tries to hide her from him. But when Cintra is under attack and Calanthe is on the death bed, she asks Ciri to look for Geralt, knowing he would protect her. 

Geralt finally meets Ciri in the Brokilon Forest when she is on the run for her life after Cintra has fallen. 

Who Is Ciri’s Real Father?

Ciri’s real father is Duny, the Urcheon of Erlenwald and a cursed prince from the south who fell in love with Ciri’s mother, Pavetta of Cintra. He later becames Emhyr van Emreis, the emperor of Nilfgaard.

Before marrying Pavetta and becoming Ciri’s father, a mage cursed Duny and made him look like a monster. This fact did not sit well with Pavetta’s mother, Calanthe, who did not want the heir to the throne to marry a cursed man that looks like a hedgehog. Therefore, she tries to kill him but Geralt intervenes and saves Duny’s life, allowing him and Pavetta to get married. 

Their story however does not have a happy ending as Duny and Pavetta are presumed dead in a shipwreck, but this did not stick either. As the story unfolds, Duny is alive and he is the ruler of Nilfgaard.

So Ciri’s biological father, Duny, is actually Nilfgaard’s White Flame, Emhyr van Emreis, the emperor of Nilfgaard, the country that attacked Cintra. 

Does Geralt Have a Daughter?

Geralt does not have a biological daughter but he has Ciri, his adoptive daughter claimed by the law of surprise. According to what Geralt himself has revealed throughout the series on Netflix, Witchers are sterile and they cannot have biological children. 

Witchers are not born as such. They are created through intensive trials and mutations that give them immense powers but leave them infertile in the process. They can, however, claim someone to be their child through the Law of Surprise. 

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