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Is Hinata Dead in Boruto? Unraveling the Mystery

Is Hinata Dead in Boruto? Unraveling the Mystery

Ever since the beginning (the prologue) of the Boruto series, Hinata’s presence has been marked by an unsettling absence that has left fans speculating and questioning.

The uncertainty surrounding her fate began with Kawaki’s cryptic proclamation in the Boruto prologue; “I’ll send you (Boruto) where I sent the Lord Seventh.”

While this ominous declaration raises concerns about Naruto’s fate, it doesn’t explicitly comment on Hinata. However, the absence of any mention of her has led fans to speculate about her whereabouts and well-being.

What has become of Hinata? Is Hinata still alive?

Is Hinata Dead in Boruto?

Hinata is alive and well in the Boruto series. However, she has been kidnapped and sealed away alongside Naruto to an alternate dimension where time is frozen. This drastic action was taken by Kawaki in an absurd attempt to protect them from the Otsutsuki threat.

While this revelation certainly brings relief to those concerned about Hinata’s fate, the future remains uncertain. We cannot predict if the series’ creator intends to bring any harm to her character in the future. All we can do now is hope for her safe return and a reunion with her family in the Boruto series.

2 Interesting Theories About Hinata Death

1. Boruto Prophecy of Losing Everything:

In previous episodes, Momoshiki delivered a chilling prophecy to Boruto, ominously stating, “Those blue eyes shall eventually take everything away from you.” This cryptic message has sparked a multitude of interpretations among fans.

Some believe that Momoshiki’s reference to “blue eyes” pertains to Boruto’s mysterious Jougan, seeing it as the catalyst for his downfall. Others view the phrase “blue-eyed” as an idiom, symbolizing naivety and innocence, suggesting that Boruto’s innocence may lead to his undoing. Then, some associate these “blue eyes” with Eida’s sinister Senringan, which she used to manipulate reality, potentially turning the world against Boruto.

Regardless of which theory holds true, one fact remains: Boruto is destined to lose everything. This “everything” encompasses his home, loved ones, comrades, and even his parents, including Hinata. The implications are clear, and the speculation is unsettling: Hinata’s future may be in jeopardy due to the grim prophecy that foretells Boruto’s loss of everything.

2. Narrative Catalyst

In the world of storytelling, the writer holds all the power when it comes to a character’s fate. Even if it wasn’t the original plan to kill off Hinata, the creator, Kishimoto, can change his mind and decide what’s best for the story.

Hinata has always been the kind of person who’s willing to sacrifice herself for loved ones. This selfless nature could be a way for the creators to take her character in a new direction, reshaping the dynamics of the story.

While her fate isn’t set in stone, the writers’ authority means there are many possibilities for Hinata’s future in the story.

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Did Hinata Die in The Pain Arc?

Hinata vs Pain

No, Hinata did not die in the Pain arc of “Naruto.” She was gravely injured while trying to protect Naruto from Pain, but she was saved by Sakura and received medical attention in time to survive her injuries.

The pain arc scene was one of the most defining moments for Hinata. Her unwavering determination to confront Pain, even when she knew her chances of success were slim, showcased her incredible resolve. She was fully prepared to sacrifice herself to protect Naruto.

Like everyone, Naruto, too, initially believed that she had lost her life. This realization fueled his anger, causing him to lose control and unleash his powerful Nine-Tails fox form, ultimately leading to Pain’s defeat.

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How Strong is Hinata?

Hinata Gentle Step Twin Lion

Hinata’s strength has grown significantly throughout the “Naruto” and “Boruto” series. Initially, she was portrayed as a shy and timid character with modest combat abilities. However, over time, her determination and training allowed her to become a formidable ninja.

In the “Naruto” series, she honed her skills as a member of Team 8 and developed her unique Gentle Fist style, which utilizes chakra to target an opponent’s internal organs, disrupting their abilities. She also gained confidence and courage, even facing formidable foes like Pain to protect Naruto.

In “Boruto,” Hinata’s role shifts to that of a mother and wife. While she is no longer a shinobi, her experience as a ninja and her mastery of Gentle Fist make her a formidable protector for her family. Her combat abilities remain a force to be reckoned with.

Hinata’s strength is not just physical but also emotional and mental, as her unwavering love and determination to protect her loved ones drive her to overcome challenges and adversity.

Is Hinata Stronger Than Neji?

Neji vs Hinata

It’s evident that Neji was significantly stronger than Hinata, a fact that remains true even after his unfortunate passing. Neji was widely recognized as one of the most exceptionally talented members of the Hyuga clan during his lifetime. While Hinata made commendable progress and developed her own unique techniques, she did not reach the same level of skill and prowess as Neji.

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