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Best Junimo Hut Layout in Stardew Valley and How to Get One

Best Junimo Hut Layout in Stardew Valley and How to Get One

In the world of Stardew Valley, hard-working farmers can find companionship not only in villagers and animals but also in the enchanting forest spirits known as Junimos. These spirited entities, once you’ve earned their trust, can prove to be invaluable aides on your farming journey.

Here’s a guide on how to get your very own Junimo Hut and how to position them efficiently.

What is a Junimo Hut?

Junimo_Hut Stardew Valley
Junimo Hut

A Junimo Hut is a special structure in the game “Stardew Valley” that houses magical forest spirits called Junimos. When placed on a farm, these friendly spirits will emerge from the hut to automatically harvest mature crops within a 17×17 radius.

Acquired through the Wizard’s Tower after completing the Community Center, the Junimo Hut not only adds a whimsical touch to farms but also greatly enhances farming efficiency by saving players valuable time during harvest seasons.

How to Get a Junimo Hut?

After completing the Goblin Problem Quest and returning the ink bottle from the witch’s hut, players can purchase the Junimo Hut from the Wizard at his tower.

Completing the Goblin Quest

Completing the goblin quest Stardew Valley
Giving Void Mayonnaise to the Goblin
  1. Start the Quest: After completing the Community Center or Joja Warehouse, you’ll get a mail from the Wizard.
  2. Visit the Wizard’s Tower: Speak to the Wizard about the Goblin obstructing the entrance to the Witch’s Hut.
  3. Encounter the Goblin: He’s stationed outside the Witch’s Hut, west of the Wizard’s Tower.
  4. Learn the Goblin’s Preference: Refer to the book ‘Goblins’ in the library or directly in the Witch’s Hut. It mentions Goblins adore Void Mayonnaise.
  5. Obtain Void Mayonnaise: Use a Mayonnaise Machine with a Void Egg (either from Void Chickens or purchasable from Krobus).
  6. Persuade the Goblin: Hand over the Void Mayonnaise, allowing you entry to the Witch’s Hut.
  7. Collect the Magic Ink: Inside the hut, pick up the Magic Ink in a purple bottle.
  8. Return to the Wizard: Head back to the Wizard’s Tower and give him the Magic Ink to finalize the quest.

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Building a Junimo Hut

Jumino Hut Build Option Stardew Valley
Junimo Hut Build Option

Materials Required:

  • 200 Stone: Can be mined from rocks on your farm, in the Mines, or in the Skull Cavern.
  • 9 Starfruit: Grown during the summer or in the greenhouse, or occasionally available from the Traveling Cart.
  • 100 Fiber: Gathered from grass using a scythe.
  • 10,000g: Your standard currency in Stardew Valley.

Space and Placement:

  • The Junimo Hut occupies a 3×2 space on your farm.
  • When deciding where to place it, consider its range; Junimos will harvest crops within a 17×17 tile area centered on the hut. Ensure it’s placed strategically to maximize the number of crops the Junimos can access.

The Best Junimo Hut Layout for Stardew Valley

Ideally, you’ll want to use a standard farm to have the most room possible for a Junimo-hut-centric farm. This is a late-game item, so it is assumed that you will have ample money and time to create this setup.

Aiming for Junimo huts from the outset is a significant investment of gold and time; you may miss many events in the game if your sole focus is on the huts.

A Stardew Valley standard farm layout optimized for Junimo huts. There are seven huts surrounded by scarecrows and crops, three sheds, a small area for animals, and a small orchard of fruit trees.
A Standard farm layout optimized for Junimo huts.

Supplies You’ll Need

If you intend to cover your entire farm in Junimo hut crop fields, then you will need:

  • 7 Junimo huts (for a total of 140,000g, 1400 stone, 63 starfruit, and 700 fiber)
  • 1332 seeds of your choice
  • 54 Iridium sprinklers (see our sprinkler types guide)
  • 28 scarecrows
  • Upwards of 1100 pathing tiles of your choice

This layout leaves little room for anything other than Junimo huts, so it’s not the most recommended setup. If you want to use Junimo huts primarily but have some room for animals or other endeavors, it might be a good idea to use only 4 or 5 of them and scale back the supplies as necessary.

Creating Your Junimo Hut Layout

Optimizing your Junimo Hut layout is key to maximizing crop yield and farm efficiency. Strategically placing your hut within a 17×17 square, paired with well-thought-out scarecrow positioning and Iridium sprinkler placement, creates an organized, self-sustaining harvest system that both novices and seasoned farmers will appreciate.

1. See How the Layout Will Look on your Farm

Using the stardew Valley planner
Using the Stardew Valley Planner

Using tools like the Stardew Valley Planner can be incredibly beneficial for visualizing how Junimo Hut layouts will look on your farm. While we’ve provided an idealized layout strategy above, it’s essential to remember that every farm in Stardew Valley is unique, with its distinct challenges and opportunities.

The planner allows you to get an overview of your land, factoring in ponds, buildings, and other natural obstacles, ensuring that your layout maximizes both efficiency and aesthetics. By dragging and dropping elements within the planner, you can experiment with various configurations and see which aligns best with your farm’s structure and your personal preferences.

2. Arrange the Huts

Arranging hut around crop fields, stardew valley
Arranging Junimo Huts in the Middle of Crop Fields

Each Junimo Hut has a range that covers a 17×17 tile square, meaning Junimos will harvest crops within this area. When placing multiple huts next to each other, it’s crucial to consider navigation and crop accessibility.

While you can position huts directly adjacent to each other to maximize the harvesting area, doing so can make moving around them more challenging, especially when crops are fully grown and obstruct the view. Therefore, it’s recommended to space each 17×17 Junimo Hut zone two tiles apart.

Moreover, when planting crops around these huts, consider leaving a tile or two clear immediately around the hut itself. This not only aids in visibility but also ensures that you can grab the harvest bag attached to the front of the hut.

3. Adding Scarecrows

Scarecrow layout for Junimo hut Stardew Valley
Scarecrow Layout Stardew Valley

Upon finalizing the location of your hut, it’s a wise strategy to position a scarecrow at each of its four corners. These standard scarecrows offer ample coverage, ensuring that the entire area of crops the Junimos are set to harvest remains protected from pesky crows.

4. Creating Clean Pathways

Putting down pathways Stardew Valley
Placing Paths Between the Huts and Crops

After you’ve strategically positioned your hut and scarecrows within the central region of the 17×17 square, the next step is to organize and delineate your fields using pathways. This setup will lead you to create eight distinct 5×5 squares intended for planting.

For ease of navigation, ensure that paths encompass the hut, providing a buffer of two tiles of space on all sides. An exception is directly in front of the hut, where you’ll allocate three tiles for a more expansive pathway.

Additionally, to clearly demarcate each planting square and facilitate movement, include a single tile of pathway between each of the 5×5 squares. This arrangement not only enhances farm aesthetics but also ensures smooth transitions as you work around the Junimo Hut and adjacent crop areas.

5. Arranging Sprinklers and Crops

Allocating Sprinklers Stardew Valley
Placing Iridium Sprinklers

Concluding the setup, position an Iridium sprinkler at the center of each 5×5 square. With the sprinkler in place, you can then sow your chosen crops in the surrounding tiles. By utilizing the Iridium sprinkler’s extensive range, every crop within these squares will receive consistent watering. This arrangement ensures that your crops are cared for autonomously, transforming this layout into a predominantly self-reliant system.

Tips for Improving the Junimo Hut Layout

Gold Clock Build Option

Here are a couple of tips for improving your Junimo hut layout:

  • As mentioned, filling your entire farm with Junimo huts leaves little room for anything else. Try to split your farm between crops and other endeavors if you want to maximize the overall efficiency of the farm.
  • Having plenty of seed makers available to you can make replanting your fields significantly easier.
  • Speaking of replanting, choosing crops that offer multiple yields – such as blueberries, coffee, and peppers – can make this setup significantly less time-consuming, as you won’t need to reseed the fields every few days.
  • Having a Golden Clock can help mitigate any season-change damage to your pathways.

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