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Kendra Dumbledore Character Analysis: Personality Traits and Secrets

Kendra Dumbledore Character Analysis: Personality Traits and Secrets

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Kendra Dumbledore was the mother of Albus, Aberforth, and Ariana Dumbledore. Her daughter developed a magical malady following an attack and Kendra devoted her life to caring for her daughter. She as eventually killed by her in a magical accident.

About Kendra Dumbledore

Born1851 – Summer 1899
Blood StatusMuggle Born (rumored)
Zodiac SignScorpio (speculative)

Kendra Dumbledore was the witch who married Percival Dumbledore. She went on to have three children with him, Albus, Aberforth, and Ariana, while living at Mould-on-the-Wold, a wizarding village.

According to Ron Weasley’s Great Aunt Muriel, she was:

… a terrifying woman, simply terrifying. Muggle-born, though I heard she pretended otherwise.

Aunt Muriel on Kendra Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Kendra’s daughter was a talented young witch and already had some limited control over her powers as a child. At the age of six, some muggle boys saw her practicing magic, and in their fear attacked her. She was emotionally and mentally scarred and lost her magical control. The magic turned inwards, sending her mad, and sometimes bursting out of her violently.

Percival sought revenge on the boys and was sent to Azkaban for his actions. He refused to reveal the reason for what he did because he did not want his daughter sent away as a threat to the Statute of Secrecy. He was labeled a muggle-hater.

Attempting to protect her family, Kendra moved them to Godric’s Hollow, where they were relatively unknown. There she could care for her daughter in private and protect her from prying eyes.  

Neighbor Bathilda Bagshot said that she only knew the girl existed because she saw Kendra take her on a midnight stroll around the garden once. Albus Dumbledore said that his mother devoted her life to the care of his sister.

Kendra was eventually killed when her daughter was 14 years old in one of her magical explosions. She left her children orphaned. Without Kendra, her daughter Ariana died only a few months later.

Kendra Dumbledore Personality Type & Traits

Kendra’s own children describe her as fond of keeping secrets. Aberforth noted that Albus learned secrets and lies at his mother’s knee. While this statement no doubt reflects Aberforth’s resentment, it does suggest that Kendra trusted very few people.

Nevertheless, Kendra must have had a big heart as far as her family was concerned. She was willing to make big personal sacrifices to keep her family together.

Kendra Dumbledore Zodiac Sign & Birthday

Kendra Dumbledore was born in 1851 and died in the summer of 1899. We are never told her zodiac sign, but she seems like a Scorpio. People born under this water sign have strong and deep running emotions. But life’s hard knocks teach them not to trust so they tend to keep many secrets.

Why Would Kendra be Ashamed of a Squib Daughter?

Ron’s Great-Aunt Muriel suggests that Kendra hid her daughter because she was ashamed that she was a squib. While this was not the case, it is interesting that Muriel thought that Kendra was the type to be ashamed of such a thing, especially if she was muggle-born, as Muriel again suggests.

This seems to suggest that Kendra took great pride in her magical abilities, and those of her sons, and so would not want to admit that she could have a child without magic.