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Kreacher Character Analysis: Black Family House-Elf

Kreacher Character Analysis: Black Family House-Elf

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Kreacher was a house-elf that served the Black family. He was fanatically loyal to his mistress and at least some other family members.

He helped Regulus Black find one of Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

Following the death of Regulus and his mistress in 1985, Kreacher was left alone in the Black family home until Sirius Black, the son that his mistress had disowned, returned in 1995.

This displeased him, and he contrived with more distant relatives to trick Harry Potter, resulting in Sirius’ death.

This made Kreacher the property of Sirius’ heir Harry, which displeased Kreacher until he realized that Harry was continuing the work of his master Regulus.

This allowed the two to bond, and Kreacher chose to actively help Harry complete his mission to destroy Horcruxes.

About Kreacher

Blood StatusHouse Elf
OccupationBlack Family Servant
Zodiac SignCancer (speculative)

Kreacher Biography

Kreacher was the house-elf of the Black family. It is unclear exactly how long he served them, but he died at the age of 666, so it could have been a considerable period of time.

He was fanatically loyal to his last mistress Walburga Black, and repeated her beliefs about “mudbloods” and “blood traitors”.

Kreacher and the Horcrux

Kreacher was also very fond of one of Walburga’s two sons, Regulus. He treated both Kreacher and his mother well, earning Kreacher’s respect.

This was in contrast to Walburga’s other son Sirius Black, who she eventually cast out of the family.

Regulus joined the ranks of the Death Eaters but soon started to mistrust the Dark Lord and decided to work from the inside to bring down Lord Voldemort.

When his lord asked for the assistance of a house-elf, he let him use Kreacher, telling the elf to return directly to the house later and tell him what had happened.

Lord Voldemort used the house-elf to test the defenses that he had put in place around his Slytherin Locket Horcrux.

He used the elf to enter the cave with him, as he would not be detected as a second magical being.

The dark lord then forced Kreacher to drink the poisonous potion in the basin so that he could place the locket inside.

The potion gave Kreacher terrible delusions and left him in extreme pain. Lord Voldemort left Kreacher there to die at the hands of the Inferi that he had placed there.

But Kreacher did not die because his master had ordered him to return to him.

The dark lord also forgot that house-elves can apparate in and out of places that wizards can’t.

He was able to return home, where Regulus restored him to health. He was also able to tell Regulus everything he saw.

Kreacher and the Death of Regulus Black

Regulus had Kreacher take him back to the cave. He was armed with a fake locket to replace the one that the dark lord had placed there.

But unlike Lord Voldemort, he did not abuse Kreacher. He drank the potion himself and then gave the locket to Kreacher, ordering him to disapparate away, keep the locket safe and secret, and destroy it if he could.

It broke Kreacher’s heart to leave his master behind and see him dragged into the water by the inferi, but he had no choice as he had to follow orders.

He tried many times to destroy the locket without success. This failure may have contributed to his deteriorating mental condition.

Kreacher and the Order of the Phoenix

When Walburga died in 1985, the Black family home was left empty. Regulus was dead, and Sirius was in Azkaban.

Kreacher was left alone in the house for many years with only a portrait of his mistress for company.

But in 1995, Sirius Black showed up, and he also turned the house over to the Order of the Phoenix to use as its headquarters.

This upset Kreacher since his mistress had disowned Sirius, and the Order was full of “mudbloods” and “blood traitors”.

He was forced to serve but was extremely unhappy about it and made this clear by constantly muttering insults under his breath.

The Order worked to clean the house of dark magic to make it a suitable headquarters. This included throwing away many of the things that Kreacher considered precious.

He would often retrieve discarded items and hide them in his personal “nest”. This would lead Sirius, who was traumatized by his family home, to berate Kreacher cruelly.

Kreacher is what he has been made by wizards, Harry. Yes, he is to be pitied. His existence has been as miserable as your friend Dobby’s. He was forced to do Sirius’s bidding, because Sirius was the last of the family to which he was enslaved, but he felt no true loyalty to him. And whatever Kreacher’s faults, it must be admitted that Sirius did nothing to make Kreacher’s lot easier.

Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Kreacher Betrays Sirius

In Order headquarters, Kreacher overhead sensitive information, but he was forbidden to share it or leave the house.

But one day in December 1995, when the household was worried about whether Arthur Weasley would survive, Sirius yelled at Kreacher to “get out”.

He wanted him to get out of the kitchen, but Kreacher used the ambiguity in his words to leave the house.

He went to the Malfoy family home, where he found the close relatives of the Blacks, Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

While Kreacher was limited in what he could tell them, he told them enough that they hatched a plan that would let Lord Voldemort lure Harry Potter to the Department of Mysteries.

Kreacher returned to the Black home, and when the moment was right, he injured Buckbeak to ensure that Sirius would be occupied elsewhere.

He was then waiting when Harry tried to contact Sirius using the Floo Network.

Kreacher bent the truth in such a way as to make Harry believe that Sirius was at the Department of Mysteries being tortured by Lord Voldemort.

Harry and some of his friends went there directly, where they were ambushed by waiting Death Eaters.

Members of the Order of the Phoenix did show up to help them, as did Lord Voldemort and Albus Dumbledore in the final moments of the battle.

The only person to lose their life during the battle was Sirius Black.

Harry Inherits Kreacher

Sirius left everything to his godson Harry Potter in his will. This meant that Kreacher also passed into his service.

Dumbledore had to check whether this had been effective, as the Blacks may have used dark magic to prevent their property from passing out of the family.

But despite Kreacher’s reluctance, Harry was able to give him orders.

Kreacher knew too much to be set free, so instead, he was given work among the house-elves of Hogwarts.

While Harry was not inclined to order Kreacher about, when he needed someone to monitor Draco Malfoy for him, he thought of Kreacher.

When he summoned Kreacher, he appeared mid-fight with another house-elf, Dobby.

A friend of Harry’s, Dobby, attacked Kreacher when he insulted Harry. But while Kreacher might not have liked Harry, he had to obey and participated in the surveillance task alongside Dobby.

Kreacher eventually learned the information that Harry needed about Draco’s activity.

But he also noted that he would prefer that the young Death Eater was his master. Kreacher gave Harry a box of maggots for Christmas.

Kreacher Tells His Story

Harry left Kreacher at Hogwarts when he, Hermione, and Ron left on their quest for Horcruxes.

But when the trio were hiding out at the Black home, they realized that it must have been Regulus who took the locket. They also remembered having seen it and thrown it away.

Harry summoned Kreacher to ask about the locket, hoping that it was one of the things that he had saved.

Kreacher arrived and reluctantly admitted that he had saved the locket and shared the story of how it came into his possession.

This softened the attitude of the trio of wizards towards the elf. They started to treat him better and even gave him a Black family heirloom to keep as his own.

Kreacher realized that they wanted the same thing as his master Regulus. The relationship between them improved.

However, Kreacher was distressed to report that he no longer had the locket because Mundungus Fletcher had stolen it.

Harry ordered Kreacher to find Fletcher and bring him to them, which was the first order Harry gave Kreacher that he was happy to follow.

Sadly, Fletcher also no longer had the locket since it had been confiscated from him by Dolores Umbridge.

So, Harry, Hermione, and Ron hatched a plot to break into the Ministry of Magic and retrieve it.

After this, they could not return to the Black home since Death Eaters probably took it over. This also made it risky for them to summon Kreacher.

Kreacher and the Battle of Hogwarts

In the trio’s absence, Kreacher seems to have returned to Hogwarts.

He was there when they showed up looking for the final Horcruxes and when the final battle of the war broke out.

Kreacher led the house-elves of the castle into battle to defend the school, Harry, and the memory of his old master Regulus.

It is unknown what Kreacher did after the war. It is unlikely that Harry would have wanted him at home, so he probably freed Kreacher.

This may have meant that he stayed at Hogwarts, which had become a haven for free house-elves and those without families to serve.

He died in an unknown year at the age of 666.

Kreacher Personality Type & Traits

Kreacher was exceptionally loyal to his home and especially his mistress.

He loved his master Regulus because he treated Kreacher well and was considered a good son by Kreacher’s mistress.

The elf didn’t like Sirius because he treated Kreacher badly, and his mistress also considered him a disappointment. H

e wholeheartedly adopted the attitudes of his family and defended them and his family home against what he perceived as a threat.

By the time Harry met Kreacher, he does not seem to have been in his right mind.

This is probably due to seeing his master Regulus die horribly and being unable to carry out his final wishes.

He was also alone in the black family home for more than 10 years, with no one for company but a portrait that railed against mudbloods and blood traitors.

Kreacher Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We do not know when Kreacher was born, but his personality suggests that his zodiac sign could be Cancer.

People born under this sign are incredibly loyal and family-oriented and are likely to buy into ideas and beliefs shared by their families. They are also very sensitive.