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LEGO 76404 Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 Set Confirmed (Images and Analysis)

LEGO 76404 Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 Set Confirmed (Images and Analysis)

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Ever since the first Harry Potter book was released in 1997, people have fallen in love with the Wizarding World.

That’s why it was an obvious choice for LEGO to produce another Harry Potter advent calendar.

First revealed in the 2HY Japanese LEGO catalog, it features several awesome micro builds and Minifigures, and we’re here today to break it all down for you!

The LEGO Harry Potter calendar is set number 76404 and will likely retail for $31.99.

It will be released alongside all the other LEGO calendars on September 1st.

While we don’t have details of everything included in the set, we’ll run through the stuff we DO know.

Minifigures in the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

So far (going by what we can see on the box art), there seem to be only two Minifigures included.

We’re sure there’ll be more than that, but here are two that are confirmed.

Harry Potter

LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure from 76404 2022 Advent Calendar
Harry Potter Minifigure

OF COURSE, we were going to get a Harry Potter Minifigure in a LEGO Harry Potter set!

Coming in his school uniform, he sports his distinctive red Gryffindor robes. He also comes with a wand as an accessory.

He’s a shorter Minifigure with what looks like a fixed leg piece.

While the poseability is pretty bad, it at least makes him smaller and more ‘child-like’.

Nymphadora Tonks

Nymphadora Tonks Minifigure from the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar
Nymphadora Tonks Minifigure

A fan favorite, Tonks is a cool addition to the set.

While her design looks slightly different on the box to the example we provided, you still get many of the same bits.

The only noticeable difference is that she has an open jacket instead of a buttoned-up one, as we’ve seen on other Tonks Minifigures. We love the purple/pink hair piece too!

Oh, and because she’s a witch, she comes with a wand!

So that’s all we know about the Minifigures included in the set at this point!

So let’s move on to what else will be included!

Micro Builds in the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Calendar

As well as Minifigures, all LEGO calendars also include micro builds.

Here are the handful that are confirmed so far;

Quidditch Goalposts

Quidditch Goalposts in the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar
Quidditch Goalposts

This simple micro build contains three distinctive hoops based on the goalposts for the popular wizard game Quidditch.

It’s not as tall as the real thing, but you still get the idea.

It’s to scale with the Minifigures if you want to have a game of Quidditch with them, though!


Hedwig Build in the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

There’s often frost, snow, and coldness in many parts of the world at Christmas, so including Harry’s Snowy owl Hedwig makes absolute sense.

She looks like a small, single piece with a stud on the bottom that can be clipped onto a Minifigure’s hand so they can ‘hold’ her.

The Goblet of Fire

The Goblet of Fire in the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar
The Goblet of Fire

This iconic goblet is a simple little build that includes the goblet itself and a small plinth for it to stand on. Again it’s scaled for Minifigures.

It looks like it also includes a piece of paper, presumably with Harry Potter’s name.

Flying Ford Anglia

Flying Ford Anglia in the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar
Flying Ford Anglia

One of the most memorable scenes in The Chamber of Secrets is when Harry and Ron steal the flying Ford Anglia.

The 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar set recreates this vehicle on a tiny scale.

While it may only be minuscule, looking like it is constructed with only several pieces, it’s still obvious what it’s meant to represent.

Not the most interesting build ever, but still good.

The Hogwarts Express

The Hogwarts Express in the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar
The Hogwarts Express

The grand red and black Hogwarts Express is a magnificent vehicle, and its inclusion in the LEGO 76404 Harry Potter calendar is cool.

For such a small build, it looks to have plenty of detail and play value.

Hopefully, it features a printed piece (or at the very least a sticker) sporting the ‘Hogwarts Express’ name on the front of it.

There also seems to be a station (probably platform 9 3/4 at London Kings Cross), though we’re unsure if that’s a separate build or part of the Hogwarts Express.

It makes sense to be a separate micro build, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Whomping Willow

Whomping Willow in the 2022 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar
Whomping Willow

What this micro build was supposed to be didn’t click for a while.

We can see how it’s meant to represent the Whomping Willow, but LEGO could have probably done a better job.

Although the size and budget constraints probably played a part in that, so we can’t complain.

Plus, it is nicely scaled with the Flying Ford Anglia so that you can recreate the crash scene.

The Whomping Willow might be a bit of a swing and a miss. Though 1 out of 24 isn’t bad!

What’s Missing from the 76404 LEGO Harry Potter Calendar?

Quite a lot so far! We have eight confirmed Minifigures/micro builds (9 if the Hogwarts Express and the station are separate).

So if there are 24 doors, that leaves us with 15 or 16 doors that we have no idea about.

LEGO Harry Potter calendars usually contain around 6 Minifigures and 18 micro builds, so there’s plenty of room for announcing new, fun, and exciting stuff.

Final Thoughts

Does the LEGO Harry Potter calendar look any good so far? Yes!

The two confirmed Minifigures are a little predictable, but if at least four others are included, there will be some surprises.

The micro builds are fun and (except for the Whomping Willow) look great, with many being scaled for Minifigures. This means they have some great play value!

It is well priced and will be a great addition to the Wizarding World of LEGO Harry Potter advent calendars!

So what are your thoughts?

Let us know if you like this set’s confirmed Minifigures or micro builds. Also, what else would you include if it was up to you?

It’s always great to read your thoughts and opinions!