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LEGO Avatar 2023 Line Up, Rumors and Predictions

LEGO Avatar 2023 Line Up, Rumors and Predictions

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At LEGO Con in June 2022, LEGO revealed two brand new LEGO sets inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar. 

If that wasn’t enough, four more sets were announced in July 2022 at the San Diego Comic Con.  

The collaboration will be released on October 1st, 2022 to celebrate Avatar: The Way Of The Water, which hits theatres on December 16th, 2022. 

Usually, popular films like Avatar that aren’t superhero franchises or pre-planned series such as Harry Potter only receive one wave of LEGO sets. 

A recent example of this release method is LEGO’s Minions: Rise Of Gru wave.

It comprised of 7 sets that, while staggered over 12 months, were one cohesive release wave. 

But rumors in the LEGO community suggest that the 2022 wave of LEGO Avatar sets will not be the last. 

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LEGO Avatar 75576

Any thoughts about the LEGO Avatar theme continuing into 2023 were only based on fan speculation until a few days ago. 

Instagram user 1414falconfan (a LEGO fan who posts potential rumors) made a post on July 28th, 2022 about 2 potential LEGO Avatar 2023 sets. 

The sets were listed on Amazon Canada the same day and were accidentally published for the public to see. 

As should be expected, the set listings are now hidden. But 1414falconfan was quick to note down the available information about the sets. 

One of the sets was LEGO Avatar 75576. 

There was no name given to the set in the Amazon listing. Though it was listed as having 259 pieces. 

This is a similar size to the recently announced LEGO BrickHeadz Avatar 40554 Jake Sully and His Avatar, which is 246 pieces. 

LEGO BrickHeadz Avatar 40554 Jake Sully and His Avatar 2022
LEGO BrickHeadz Avatar 40554 Jake Sully and His Avatar 2022

The set will be released in October 2022 for $19.99. So it can be assumed that LEGO Avatar 75576 will be a similar price.

Though the October 2022 set will be part of the LEGO BrickHeadz, so the prices may differ slightly. 

According to 1414flaconfan, the release date for LEGO Avatar 75576 will be January 1st, 2023. 

As 1414falconfan points out in their post (and then in the comment section), it is possible that the rumored set will have an exclusive LEGO release at the end of 2022 and then be available via Amazon in 2023. 

1414falconfan Comment Section

This would make sense given when Avatar: The Way Of The Water is set to release. 

The confirmed first wave of LEGO Avatar sets will depict scenes from the first Avatar film and general concepts to do with the franchise. 

For example, LEGO Avatar 75572 Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight. 

LEGO Avatar 75572 Jake And Neytiri's First Banshee Flight 2022
LEGO Avatar 75572 Jake And Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight 2022

None of the confirmed 2022 sets directly link to the new Avatar film. 

So it would make sense for LEGO to release a few sets that clearly depict events and scenes from the new film closer to the film’s release date rather than waiting for the new year. 

There is always the chance that the two sets that 1414falconfan reported are part of a whole second wave that fans don’t know about yet. Rather than cleverly timed LEGO exclusives. 

LEGO Avatar fans can only wait and see. 

LEGO Avatar 75578

The second rumored LEGO Avatar set for 2023 is LEGO Avatar 75578. 

It was also listed on Amazon Canada at the same time as LEGO Avatar 75576 with the same release date: January 1st, 2023. 

But as discussed, there is the possibility that the set will be available in LEGO stores and at before it becomes available elsewhere. 

LEGO Avatar 75578 is thought to be significantly bigger than LEGO Avatar 75576 at 528 pieces. 

This is closer in size to LEGO Avatar 75571 Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch at 560 pieces, marketed at $39.99.

LEGO Avatar 75571 Neytiri Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch 2022
LEGO Avatar 75571 Neytiri Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch 2022

LEGO’s preview of the October 2022 set shows a lot of action, depicting a pivotal battle in the Avatar film.

The set includes two Minifigures, a few scenery builds (with glow-in-the-dark pieces), and the main builds. A robot-like suit and a Na-vi Thanator. 

Due to the similar size of LEGO Avatar 75576, it will likely be just as action-packed with a similar setup in terms of builds and Minifigures. 

LEGO Avatar 75575 + 75577 

It is typical of LEGO for their themed sets to follow numeral codes in chronological order. 

This can be seen in the recently announced LEGO Avatar sets for 2022 – LEGO Avatar 75571, 75572, 75573, and 75574. 

However, the 2 sets rumored above for January 2023 break that order. 

They skip LEGO Avatar 75575 and 75577.

Speculation amongst fans suggests that this could mean the sets above are part of a more significant release wave in January 2023 that there is as of yet no proof of. 

There is also the possibility that LEGO will release a few exclusive or promotional sets that follow the LEGO Avatar theme. 

But these are typically given another numeral code altogether and would not cause a break in the order. 

A larger second LEGO Avatar wave in 2023 seems more likely. 

More sets in the 2023 wave will allow for a more focused take on Avatar: The Way Of The Water rather than the original 2009 film.  

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