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50 Best Lego Cake Ideas

50 Best Lego Cake Ideas

There is something magical about the world of LEGO – a timeless appeal that transcends age, capturing the imagination of both kids and adults alike.

Now, imagine combining this vibrant, colorful universe with the sweet indulgence of cakes. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Welcome to our guide on the best LEGO cake design ideas! Whether you’re planning a birthday party for a LEGO-obsessed child or an adult enthusiast who never really outgrew their love for these vibrant bricks, we’ve got you covered.

From simple, beginner-friendly designs to extravagant, multi-tiered creations, these LEGO cake ideas are guaranteed to be the showstopper at any celebration. Not only will they appeal to LEGO fans, but these cakes will also amaze anyone with a penchant for creative confectionery.

Here are the 50 best LEGO Cake designs.

1. Color Splash Lego Brick Cake

The decoration of this cake is pretty simple. There are sweet edible Lego bricks piled on top of the cake and around the side, and the Lego logo is on the side.

But this cake pops thanks to the icing, which is jet black with splatters of color in the primary colors of the Lego bricks.

2. Lego Movie Cake

Source: @picklesncake

When the Lego Movie came out in 2014, the toy series got a new lease on life with Emmet and his song “Everything is Awesome”.

This cake celebrates the sunny world shown in the movie with sky blue icing and a yellow Lego sun. The three main characters from the movie, Emmet, Lucy, and Batman, are edible figures on the side of the cake.

3. Big Lego Brick Cake

Why not make your Lego fan a cake in the shape of a giant Lego brick, like this one? This one has probably been made in the birthday boy’s favorite color.

The name of the birthday appears on the side of the cake in Lego primary colors, and a few edible Lego bricks are scattered around the cake.

4. Golden Lego Brick Cake

This giant Lego brick cake is decorated with gold icing and looks a bit like a gold brick (that would be an amazing present).

The knobs on top of the Lego cake carry the birthday message “Happy 33”.

5. Yummy Lego Brick Cake

The top layer of this cake is the head of a classic Lego man, and he is licking his lips in anticipation of devouring this cake!

The bottom layer is decorated in thin fondant icing designed to look like the top of Lego bricks. The baker used the same icing to make complementary cupcakes.

6. Lego Brick Waterfall Cake

This mini birthday cake looks a bit like a waterfall of edible Lego bricks falling down the side of the cake. A few sweet treat Lego figures are spotted in amongst the confusion.

The little boy figure on top of the cake is our birthday boy Edric, and one of the Lego figures holds his name. The small cake underneath is, of course, iced in Lego yellow.

7. Classic Lego Head Cake

While there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of Lego characters, originally there was only one. Sometimes he had a snap-on hairpiece or a hat, but he always had the same smiling yellow face.

This cake recreates the head of a classic Lego figure. It is cylindrical and yellow with a smaller neck and a single circle Lego brick top.

8. Simple Lego Brick Cake

This Lego cake is simple but beautiful and will make a lovely birthday treat. It is a simple white cake iced with the name of the birthday boy or girl in the primary Lego colors.

The cake is decorated with a variety of little Lego bricks, both on top of the cake and around the base of the cake.

9. Simple Layered Lego Brick Cake

Source: @_cakesru_

This is a simple two-layered cake with simple white icing that any baker could make, but with lots of great Lego decorations.

There are some classic Lego men sitting at the base and on top of the first later. Thin fondant Lego bricks are attached as decorations on the side and top of the cake.

10. Minimalist Lego Brick Cake

This is a minimalist Lego brick cake for those who like simple things in more muted colors.

It is a simple white cake, ideal for a small party, and is decorated with Lego bricks in light green, yellows, and greys for a light feel.

11. Pastel Lego Cake

Source: @keni_kejki

Prefer pastels to the primary colors that dominate the Lego palette? You can still make a distinctive Lego cake.

This is a pastel purple cake with light blue icing dripping from the top. It is decorated with a variety of sweet Lego bricks in light purples and blues.

12. Lego Box Cake

These days, Legos will often come in a round storage box to help you keep them organized. This cake recreates one of these boxes in white as the central cake.

The lid of the cake box looks as though it is askew, with a few pastel Lego bricks poking out. Others are strewn around the base of the cake. A toy building truck sits nearby as a mini cake, ready to start work.

13. Floating Lego Box Cake

This cake looks like it defies gravity! The cake itself is iced in fairly crude Lego bricks, but on top, it looks as though a Lego box is pouring bricks over the cake. The top of the cake is covered in disorganized Lego bricks and figures.

This baker has placed a variety of plastic Lego figures around his cake, but you could also make some edible figures as a special treat.

14. Lego Construction Team Cake

Who doesn’t love to imagine their little Lego men working hard to construct new buildings and designs? Here they are constructing a cake!

It is supposed to look like the inner cake is made from Lego bricks, and the workers are rolling out the icing finish over the top. The baker has made sweet edible Lego bricks but used toy figures.

15. Number Lego Birthday Cake

Numbered birthday cakes are great for kids, who obsess about their exact age, and for marking big birthdays (like in the cake above).

It is easy to hit the Lego theme. Here, the four is iced to look like it is made out of Lego bricks and even has a little edible Lego logo on top. The zero still has Lego figures at work, rolling up a white icing covering.

16. Lego Friends Cake

Source: @gpjktcakes

In 2013 Lego released their Friends line, a group of female friends who love to have adventures together. It is now a popular toy line and TV series.

This cake is perfect for a fan, with edible figures of the major characters on top. The cake is iced in classic Lego brick style, but in pastel pinks and blues for a girly theme.

17. Emmet Lego Figure Cake

Emmet emerged as a star with the Lego Movie as he tried to become more than he was designed for. This cake is topped by a delicious edible Emmet standing alongside the age of the birthday boy or girl.

The cake itself is shaped and decorated like a round yellow Lego brick with the name of the recipient on the side in the Lego font. A few edible Lego bricks add a finishing touch.

18. Layered Emmet Cake

Emmet is now the face of the staple Lego figure and a favorite with many young Lego fans. This cake is dedicated to him.

The two layers represent the body and the head of the Lego figure in his classic worker’s overalls. the arms ending in classic Lego hands is the ultimate finishing touch.

19. Emmet Figure Cake

It is not difficult to make a cake that looks like a Lego figure, but it will certainly impress guests.

This Lego figure cake is iced to look like Emmet from the Lego Movie. He wears his classic worker’s overalls, lopsided smile, and has distinctive Lego grasping hands.

20. Lego Movie Icing

Fans of the Lego Movie will love seeing all of their favorite characters staring out at them from the side of their cake. On this one, you can see Emmet, Lucy, and Unkitty.

Edible Lego bricks are piled on top of the cake and are linked up around the base. The name of the birthday boy or girl is also iced in Lego brick style.

21. Lucy Head Lego Cake

Source: @elenicakes1

Touch and tomboyish Lucy sits at the heart of both the Lego movies and is a firm favorite among fans. This cake replicates her head.

It is a simple round cake decorated in Lego yellow, but with swirls of black icing to create her distinctive hairstyle. Lucy is ready for the party!

22. Lego Movie Characters Cake

In both the Lego movies and games, rainbows are essential to Unkitty’s powers, and they also make fun and colorful cake toppers. This two-layered Lego cake is topped with an icing Unkitty and rainbow.

Edible versions of the other protagonists – Emmet, Lucy, and Batman – stand on the bottom pater of the cake. They are surrounded by Lego cactuses and icing clouds.

23. Leg Movie Toppers Cake

This two-layered cake is iced in sky blue with edible white clouds and the Lego rainbow. This is already a very cool cake.

The baker has taken it to the next level with edible toppers for Emmet, Lucy, Batman, and Unkitty. Emmet looks like he is holding a chocolatey Lego present in his hand.

24. Unkitty Lego Cake

In the first Lego Movie, Princess Unkitty lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land before joining Emmet’s team. This world of rainbows is celebrated in this cake.

The rainbow icing around the sides is spectacular, and the cake is topped with an edible Unkitty and sweet rainbow. A few sweet Lego bricks are dotted around for good measure.

25. Heroes and Minions Lego Cake

This is a classic Elgo cake, with characters peeling back white icing to reveal a Lego brick construction cake underneath.

This cake mixes characters, with Batman and Superman alongside the Hulk around the base of the cake, and Minions on top. But there is no harm in mixing stories if that’s what the birthday boy or girl loves.

26. Lego Brick Superheroes Cake

This small cake is iced to look like it is made from Lego bricks with delicious fondant icing.

A few of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite Lego superheroes are spotted around, with Lego Iron man and Captain America on the base layer, and Batman, the Flash, and Superman on top. We approve of the Marvel-DC division.

27. Layered Lego Superheroes Cake

Multilayered cakes give you lots of real estate to work a few different themes in detail like this baker has one. They have dedicated a layer to each of the recipient’s favorite superheroes, starting with the Flash, Hulk, Batman, and Captain America, all in their Lego incarnations.

It is details like the bobble on the top of Captain America’s head cake and the Hulk’s hand that will make this cake memorable.

28. Mini Lego Superheroes Cake

You don’t have to make a massive layered cake to squeeze a lot into your design. This central cake is relatively small but looks amazing.

The baker has made edible figures of all the recipient’s favorite Lego superheroes. Spiderman is on top with the number for the birthday boy or girl. The Hulk, the Flash, Batman, and Captain America stand around the sides of the cake.

29. Lego Gotham Cake

Source: @mr.ponk

This cool Lego cake features edible versions of a few of your favorite Lego Bat-verse characters, including Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and Joker.

The cake looks like grey bricks have been knocked away to reveal a tasty bat symbol.

30. Single Layer Lego Batman Cake

Source: @ragekka04

Batman has a huge fanbase, and Lego Batman’s fanbase might be almost as strong! This cake recreates the head of Lego Batman.

The hero’s black bat ears and signature grimace make him immediately recognizable as his Lego iteration, and a few Lego bricks finish off the design.

31. Layered Lego Batman cake

Source: @kat_hick

This cake brings the Dark Knight alive in his Lego form with a round head layer with Batman ears and grimace on top of a body and Bat symbol layer with a long, black Batcape made in icing.

The baker has also made a few darkly iced cupcakes decorated with individual edible bat symbols.

32. Lego Batman Figure Cake

Source: @fresapobre

This baker has impressed by making a freestanding Lego Batman figure cake. It looks complicated, but the blocky style of Lego characters means that it is not too difficult to achieve.

The challenge lies in getting the icing right to reflect the details of the characters. This baker has done a good job, but could you do better?

33. Batman and Joker Lego Cake

Who is Lego Batman without his arch-nemesis Lego Joker? This cake brings the two together on a cake iced to look like the Gotham city skyline.

An edible Lego Batman figure tops the case while the Joker stands at the base. Black, yellow, and grey Lego bricks finish off the design.

34. Lego Joker Cake

Some people prefer the villains to the hero, and there are few better villains than Lego Joker.

This baker has iced their cake in Joker purple, and used fondant icing to create the Gotham skyline around the side of the cake. On top, they have recreated the face of Lego Joker, looking up with his glorious grin.

35. Blocky Lego Superhero Cake

While we love our Lego-themed superheroes, Lego is all about the bricks. The best cakes bring these two themes together.

here we have two blocky layers, the top one decorated to look as though it is made from Lego bricks. Edible versions of our favorite Lego superheroes are then placed around the cake, including Iron Man, the Flash, Captain America, Batman, and Superman.

36. Four Corners Lego Heroes Cake

Four corners cakes are one of the most common ways to divide a cake up between different characters. In this case, the cake is shared by Lego superheroes.

There is Lego Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, and Superman, with an edible Lego figure standing on each section. The sections are also decorated with their colors and symbols.

37. Mini Lego Avengers Cake

Are you looking to make a mini cake for a mini Lego lover? If they are also a fan of the Lego Avengers, they will love this cake which is topped with edible Lego Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man figures.

The cake itself is iced to look like it was made from Lego bricks and covered in blue icing. More edible Lego bricks sit around the base of the cake. What is great about this cake is that it is all edible!

38. Lego Avengers Party Cake

The right cake decoration can be a great way to invite your birthday boy or girl’s favorite Lego friends along to the party.

Four Lego figures, Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man, and Spiderman, sit on top of this cake, ready to join the fun. They are surrounded by delicious Lego bricks. The sides of the cake are decorated in primary Lego colors and look like bricks.

39. Lego Infinity War Cake

Source: @deviarainbow

You will definitely hear a few gasps when your reveal this gravity-defying Avengers cake. It looks like it includes all the heroes and villains from the Infinity War saga, from Spiderman to Thanos. This baker has gone with plastic characters as they focussed on their multilayered cake.

Different layers have been dedicated to some of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite characters, including Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, and Spiderman. But rather than being simple layers, they are stacked askew with Lego brick layers providing the scaffolding.

40. Lego Spiderman Layered Cake


Spiderman is one of the most popular Lego superheroes, so this will be a very popular cake. It is a simple three-layered cake, but it hits the theme strongly with its decoration.

The lowest layer is decorated in printed edible paper showing images of several of the Lego Avengers. The next layer is a classic blue Lego brick. The top layer is decorated with Spiderman symbology, and an edible Lego Spiderman sits on top of the cake.

Edible Lego bricks and Avengers symbols, including Hulk’s fist and Iron Man’s shield, sit around the cake.

41. Lego Star Wars Cake

Star Wars is another popular franchise that has been taken on by Lego. This cake features some of the best Lego Star Wars characters as ediles on top: Darth Vader, Yoda, and a Stormtrooper.

The cake is iced to look like it is made from brack and grey Lego bricks, reminiscent of the colors of the Death Star. It is covered in white icing that looks like it peels aware from the Lego infrastructure.

42. Dark Side Lego Star Wars Cake

There is no question that the Dark Side is tempting, and this Dark Side Lego Star Wars cake will definitely tempt eaters!

The cake is shaped and decorated to look like the head of a Lego Stormtrooper, and an edible Lego Darth Vader figure stands on top.

43. Lego Millenium Falcon Cake

The Millenium Falcon is the most desirable ship in a galaxy far, far away with its supersonic speeds and smuggling holds.

This cake is shaped and iced to look like the Lego Millenium Falcon kit that you can get. An edible Yoda and Stormtrooper stand on either side of the ship.

44. Ninjago Lego Cake

Since its release in 2011, Ninjago has been one of Lego’s most popular franchises. It tells the story of six teenage ninjas, who also happen to be Lego!

This cake brings together the characters with a variety of Ninjago figures placed on the top and around the base of the cake. A variety of edile Lego bricks are also strategically placed.

45. Ninjago Master of Fire Lego Cake

In Ninjago, the red ninja, Kai, is the Elemental Master of Fire. His caring but hot-headed personality makes him one of the most popular characters.

This cake reproduced the Lego figure in two layers with a round body and round lego head with bright red icing to represent his ninja suit.

46. Garmadon Ninjago Lego Cake

Source: @esterbm1

Lloyd Garmadon (the green one) is the leader of the Ninjago ninja group, which makes him the perfect base for a cake. This one recreates his head with folds of delicious green icing.

An edible Lego Master Wu figure sits on top of the cake with some of the ninjas, and they are surrounded by yummy Lego bricks.

47. Ninjago Lego Head Cake

Who loves popping the heads on and off their Lego figures? This cake will satisfy! A classic red cake decorated in the Ninjago theme is topped by five ninja lego heads that look like they have been popped off!

On top of the cake are Lloyd Garmadon, Kai, Cole, Jay Walker, and Zane. But where is Nya, the grey-blue (female) ninja?

48. Lego Harry Potter Cake

Source: @dianasbakes

Harry Potter is a cultural phenomenon, and Lego is a toy phenomenon s together, they are one of the most popular toy lines ever.

This cake is decorated to look like it has been built from edible Lego bricks. The three protagonists, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, stand on top of the cake as edible Lego figures.

49. Hogwarts Harry Potter Cake

The Hogwarts Lego sets are among the most popular on the market, and this cake reproduces some key elements. The cake looks like a portion of Hogwarts, with the doors to the great hall and various edible portraits. The Hogwarts Express train glides over the top.

Edible Harry, Ron, and Hedwig Lego figures stand on top of the cake, and Lego Hermione sits at the base with her cat Cruckshanks and the Sorting Hat not far away.

50. Lego Party Cake

If you are making your Lego cake for a party, it should feel festive. This one hits the mark with a group of Lego characters standing around the cake.

Happy Emmet stands on top, with Batman and Wonder Woman below him, and Lucy, Superman, and an Astronaut below them. The closeness of the characters and the details that fill the cake make it feel like a party.