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LEGO 41706 Friends Advent Calendar 2022 Set Confirmed (Images and Analysis)

LEGO 41706 Friends Advent Calendar 2022 Set Confirmed (Images and Analysis)

We’re back with another recently rumored LEGO advent calendar, this time, it’s the ever-popular LEGO Friends calendar!

As with all the other LEGO calendars, this one was revealed on the official LEGO website and features a whole range of micro builds and Minifigures for you to enjoy.

Luckily we’re here today to break it all down for you!

The LEGO Friends calendar will likely retail for $34.99 / £21.99 when it is released alongside all the other LEGO calendars on September 1st.

There’s some great stuff in there, so without further ado let’s delve in and see what we’ve got!

UPDATE: We have now published our in-depth review of the 2022 LEGO Friends advent calendar. See days 1-24 in detail, with images and analysis!

LEGO Friends 2022 calendar Mini-dolls

LEGO 41706 Friends Advent Calendar 2022 Minifigures

As usual, the LEGO Friends calendar will feature plenty of Minifigures (known in the Friends world as Mini-dolls), so here who is included.

As one of the most popular LEGO Friends characters, it was inevitable that Olivia would pop up here.

This is the first time we’ve got her in her wintry outfit. While the headpiece looks to be the same one as we often get in other sets (the one with the usual curly hair and glasses), the body and legs are new.

She looks to have a purple sweater and pants on, with a complimenting pink skirt and shoes. It’s a nice warm winter look!

Another LEGO Friends fan favorite, this Ava Mini-doll looks to be exactly the same as the one that you can get in many other sets.

There appears to be no change to her, as she is sporting her usual pigtails, blue patterned dress, and blue shoes.

It would have been nice (and probably more appropriate) to stick her in a more Christmas-themed outfit!

Up next is Santa Claus. Surprisingly we’ve never had a Santa Mini-doll before. In fact, the closest we’ve got is a giant Friends Santa build.

We love the long red robe and iconic bobbled hat.

The black shiny boots are a great addition; he even comes with a sack of goodies for all the girls and boys! Nice!

Also included in the set is an unidentified child who – as far as we can tell – is a new Mini-Doll!

We’ve done our research, and we can’t find any other LEGO Friends Mini-dolls like this one.

Still, this unknown child is a nice mold, with an impressive afro-style hair piece and wintry red and blue attire.

And finally we get an adorable baby reindeer. That’s right – it’s not just human characters that we have in the LEGO Friends calendar!

Complete with big antlers and adorable eyes, the only other place we seem to be able to find this baby reindeer Mini-doll is in the LEGO Friends 43172 Frozen 2 Elsa’s Wagon Adventure set.

Still, it’s a great addition and a fantastic way to get hold of this Mini-doll if the Frozen 2 set isn’t for you.

Mini-Dolls thoughts

There’s a nice little range of dolls available in this LEGO Friends calendar!

Olivia is great, the two smaller kids look cool, and you can’t beat Santa when it comes to an advent calendar. And we of course adore the baby reindeer!

So with that being said, let’s move on to the micro builds!

LEGO Friends 2022 calendar Micro Builds

LEGO 41706 Friends Advent Calendar 2022 everything

As with all LEGO calendars, the LEGO Friends one comes with plenty of micro builds!

We’re not going to go through every single one of them, but there are some real interesting choices.

First, we have a red and gold throne, several stalls, a sleigh, a snowman, a Christmas tree, and bunch of present in different sizes, shapes and colors

Then we have a log fire, a selfie stick and camera, a hot chocolate station (complete with a chocolate fountain), and even a snowball cannon!

There’s also a festive looking hurdle – perhaps for the baby reindeer to jump over!

Micro builds thoughts

There are some great inclusions here, and all of them work well with the Mini-Dolls that we get.

The Christmas theme is very evident, and everything is colorful and designed to look great in a scene.

Luckily all of the micro builds are scaled for the Mini-dolls, so you’ll get plenty of play value from them!

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2022 Set in numbers

Set number41706
Release dateSeptember 1st, 2022
Price$34.99 / £21.99
Number of Minifigures5
Number of micro builds19
Total number of pieces312

Final Thoughts

Does the LEGO Friends calendar look worth it to us? Yes – providing this is your kind of thing.

We appreciate not everyone likes the LEGO Friends style, and that’s fine! But if you like this style of character and building, then it’s worth spending your money on.

And at $34.99 / £21.99, you really can’t go wrong. Considering the price of sets such as the LEGO Star Wars calendar or the LEGO Marvel calendar, you’re getting a deal with this one!

You get some very cool Mini-dolls – some that have been available before, others are new.

Plus, the baby reindeer is a nice touch and a rarity to get your hands on.

So what are your thoughts?

Let us know if you like this LEGO Friends set’s confirmed Mini-dolls and micro builds. Also, what other characters or builds should have been included?

We always love to read your thoughts and opinions!