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LEGO Monkie Kid 2023 Sets Speculation: Everything We Know So Far

LEGO Monkie Kid 2023 Sets Speculation: Everything We Know So Far

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LEGO Monkie Kid may not be the most well-known LEGO theme, but the sets are no less fun or innovative. 

Monkie Kid is a LEGO TV show that originally aired in Asia. However, the sets themselves were sold worldwide. 

Then in 2021, western LEGO fans could watch the show for the first time, boosting the theme’s popularity.

2022 has been a strong year for LEGO Monkie Kid, riding on the back of a 2021 distribution agreement. 

But can LEGO Monkie Kid fans expect any new sets in 2023?

LEGO Monkie Kid Theme Continuation Confirmed 

The Vice President of Design at LEGO, Matthew Ashton, hosted a Q and A on his personal Instagram in September 2021.  

LEGO fans are always eager to know what themes to look forward to in the coming years.

Whether to start saving for future sets or to know how much room they need to clear on their shelves for the next wave of releases.

During the Instagram Q and A, one fan asked: “what theme in Lego do you currently work on?” 

Aston responded with more information than anyone expected so early on in the LEGO production schedule. 

He confirmed that he was working on at least 10 set themes that are planned to continue going into 2023. 

As well as LEGO City and LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Monkie Kid was confirmed as one of those themes. 

The theme’s continuation was not necessarily a shock to LEGO fans. 

Especially considering the recent agreement between Amazon and LEGO around the same time Ashton hosted the Q and A. 

However, the official confirmation has left fans excitedly guessing what 2023 could bring for LEGO Monkie Kid.

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LEGO Monkie Kid 2023 Set Speculation  

The Monkie Kid series was initially only available to watch in Asia and was not marketed to western audiences. 

Merch, sets, and exclusive releases were hard to find outside Asia. They were only available via official LEGO stores or rather than through second-hand buyers like Amazon. 

But that didn’t stop LEGO fans from all over the world from trying to partake in the LEGO Monkie Kid fandom. 

On September 8th, 2021, LEGO announced a distribution partnership with Amazon. 

This agreement meant that the LEGO Monkie Kid series would be available to watch in the US for the first time. 

Before this agreement, there were rumors of a lack of interest in the LEGO Monkie kid theme. At least in the UK. 

But since fans in the west have been able to watch the series themselves, LEGO has continued to release LEGO Monkie Kid sets with great positive reviews. 

With the confirmation that the theme will continue into 2023, it seems that LEGO Monkie Kid is finally getting the recognition that it deserves. 

All of the sets LEGO has released since the distribution announcement have been related to the most recent season of LEGO Monkie Kid. 

Out of 11 sets released in 2022 so far, 10 have depicted scenes from Monkie Kid season 3, which aired on April 17th, 2022, in China. 

Monkie Kid Season 3 Poster

That being said, the series has now reached a much larger audience than when it first aired in Asia. 

There is the possibility that LEGO will revisit the earlier seasons of the show in their 2023 sets rather than basing sets on the recent season 3.

This would give new western fans of the LEGO Monkie Kid fandom a better chance to enjoy the show’s earlier seasons before a new season is released.