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LEGO Star Wars 2023 Sets Lineup, Rumors and Predictions

LEGO Star Wars 2023 Sets Lineup, Rumors and Predictions

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During LEGO CON 2022 LEGO officially announced 2 new LEGO Star Wars sets ready for their 2023 lineup.

But a behind-the-scenes video played at LEGO CON showed well-loved LEGO designer César Soares teasing a large blurry image.

He claimed this image to be the whole 2023 lineup of LEGO Star Wars sets.

The 2 sets officially revealed at the CON (the LEGO 75323 The Justifier set and the 75337 AT-TE Walker) are to be released on August 1st 2022. But they are not part of the 2023 lineup.

This reveal and behind-the-scenes video left fans trying to decipher what the censored 2023 lineup could possibly consist of and whether the 2 announced sets for later this year hint at any clues.

Typically, there are about 40 LEGO Star Wars sets released every year.

Based on the 2022 release lineup, the 2023 winter wave may be released around January 1st 2023. This wave may include unnamed LEGO Star Wars set 75345.

The summer wave may be released around August 1st 2023. Potentially smaller spring and autumn release waves will be woven in between.

Though because 2023 is set to be a big year for Star Wars, the dates that LEGO chooses to release sets may correlate with the Star Wars media.

LEGO Star Wars 75345

Very little is known about the LEGO set numbered 75345.

What is known is that it is a Star Wars-themed set and will likely be released with the 2023 winter wave.

In April 2022, LEGO added the 75345 set to a 2023 setlist hidden on their Building Instructions Portal database.

The addition came alongside other themed LEGO sets. For example, several Marvel sets and a couple of LEGO City sets.

The 75345 set was tagged as a Star Wars set.

But there are no other context clues about the set nor any official announcement as of yet.

LEGO Star Wars 2023 Annuals

Though most of LEGO’s 2023 Star Wars sets are still shrouded in mystery, the LEGO Star Wars 2023 Annual is already available for pre-order.

It is to be released in September 2022, ready for the new year.

Like every other LEGO annual, the 2023 Star Wars annual will feature a collectible-worthy Minifigure.

This year it is a Greef Karga figure.

Greef Karga Minifigure

Up until the annual’s announcement, this particular variety of Greef Karga Minifigure was only available in the August 1st 2021 set, the Lego 75311: Imperial Armoured Marauder.

The Greef Karga Minifigure pieces will be the only actual pieces of LEGO included in the 2023 Star Wars annual.

But the book will be full of LEGO-themed games, puzzles, and stories based on LEGO’s rendition of Star Wars.

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LEGO Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sets

So far, LEGO has only announced 1 set inspired by the 2019 Jedi: Fallen Order video game.

The LEGO Star Wars 75335 BD-1 set is available for pre-order now and will be released on August 1st 2022.

The BD-1 set is not part of the LEGO 2023 Star Wars lineup. Though it hints at what could be included in the lineup.

LEGO Star Wars 75337 BD-1 Set

LEGO Star Wars designer Michael Lee Stockwell said during an interview with Brickset that there were no Jedi: Fallen Order LEGO sets because “age ratings can affect the product we release.”

The game is a fairly violent game, rated T for teens in America.

As such, the themes of Jedi: Fallen Order don’t really fit the family-friendly appeal of LEGO.

However, Stockwell still suggested that LEGO had not completely written off releasing Jedi: Fallen Order inspired LEGO sets.

LEGO has shifted towards producing more adult-centric LEGO sets in recent years.

A whole section of the official LEGO website is dedicated to adult LEGO fans.

There is even a sub-section within the adult-friendly version of the site that features adult-targeted LEGO Star Wars sets, such as LEGO 75308 R2-D2 and LEGO 75313 AT-AT.

The higher age rating of the Jedi: Fallen Order video game may no longer cause a clash with LEGO’s own age rating or brand ideals.

Some fans think because there is a sequel video game to Jedi: Fallen Order that may be released in 2023, LEGO is gearing up to release a new wave of Jedi: Fallen Order sets that correspond with the sequel.

These sets would appear in the 2023 LEGO Star Wars lineup. Though there is no official confirmation of this.

However, considering the timing of the sequel game and the LEGO Groups growing recognition of its adult LEGO Star Wars fanbase, fans should expect to see at least 1 Jedi: Fallen Order LEGO set in 2023.

Star Wars European Celebration Event 2023 Announcements

If there were to be a set announcement, it would probably come during the 2023 Star Wars European Celebration Event.

It was at the 2022 event that LEGO revealed a whole load of LEGO Star Wars goodies.

From the LEGO Star Wars 75338 Ambush on Ferrix set (to be released August 1st 2022) to a new LEGO Star Wars series on Disney +.

There is a high chance that Star Wars fans can expect a look at the new Jedi: Fallen Order sequel game during the event and find out about any new LEGO sets.

Unless LEGO makes an announcement sooner, of course.