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7 Luckiest Minecraft Seeds (1.19) 2022

7 Luckiest Minecraft Seeds (1.19) 2022

Minecraft can provide a truly stunning experience each time you create a new world. With the limitless possibilities of generation, you’re bound to have a wonderful journey each time.

Finding amazing things to explore in a randomly generated world as big as Minecraft’s, however, can be pretty tricky!

You can bridge this gap by using seeds to help you tailor your Minecraft journey to your needs!

On that front, we’re here to help! Today, we’ll be covering 7 of the luckiest seeds in Minecraft (version 1.19) for you to try out.

These include seeds that have weird generation patterns, multiple structures close to spawn, and invaluable loot at world creation!

Top 7 Luckiest Minecraft Seeds

We’ve mentioned the game edition compatible with each seed in front of it. In some cases, the seed may work with both game editions. The location of key areas and structures, however, can vary. If you don’t know how to use seeds, check out this post!

7. Mineshaft Overtaking Ancient City (Java & Bedrock)

Mineshaft Overtaking Ancient City (Overworld)

Starting our list off, this seed would look like, as the picture suggests, every other Minecraft world out there. 

Although it’s true that the overworld of this Minecraft 1.19 seed is underwhelming, it’s what’s beneath that intrigues us.

If you dig down far enough and move to the right coordinates, you’ll slowly notice the terrain changing to the mischievous Deep Dark biome! Move further ahead and you’ll come across an Ancient City, relatively close to your spawn.

Still, an Ancient City at spawn doesn’t warrant this to be considered an extremely lucky seed, right? That’s correct, but an abandoned Mineshaft towering over the Ancient City does!

That’s right, all over this Ancient City runs the network of an Abandoned Mineshaft, sort of acting as a safe passageway over the length of the area. 

One of the pathways of this Mineshaft also leads to a Zombie Mob Spawner placed in a hole on the side of the Ancient City!

Spawn LocationMixed
Ancient City431, -35, 930
Abandoned Mineshaft428, -30, 933

6. Mansion With Ruined Portal (Java & Bedrock)

Windswept Mountain Mansion

This is a Minecraft 1.19 seed that hosts a one-in-a-million type of structural generation.

You’ll start off inside a Plains Village sharing its corner with a massive mountain range. This mountain truly is humongous, extending to the length of the map before it merges into another mountain, increasing its size even further!

The Village, on the other hand, is pretty large in size, hosting multiple villagers including special ones. 

There’s a good amount of buildings to be found here and, naturally, many chests to loot. This would be a wonderful area to make your base before moving on to the next part.

Close to the spawn area, you’ll also find a Woodland Mansion sharing its boundary with the mountain range mentioned previously! 

This Mansion hosts brilliant, high-level loot on its upper floors, making it ideal for raiding as soon as you feel strong enough to take on the hordes of mobs contained within. 

If this seed wasn’t lucky enough, you’ll also find a Ruined Portal generated next to the entrance of the Woodland Mansion. 

It’s actually very unusual to see two structures like this in such close proximity to one another!

Spawn LocationPlains Village
Woodland Mansion93, 122, 55
Plains Village2, 106, -3
Ruined Portal17, 110, 59

5. Mangrove Village at Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Mangrove Village

Here’s a sight we thought wasn’t possible and that too – near your spawn location!

This seed spawns you off near a massive Mangrove Swamp. It hosts the brand new Frog mob and plenty of areas for you to check out. 

The only thing missing from the new biome is a Village type dedicated to it. There aren’t any Mangrove Swamp Villages yet, and that’s exactly what this seed works upon.

Even though this isn’t technically a Mangrove Swamp Village, if you venture into the biome, you’ll find a Savannah Village generated inside the Mangrove Swamp!

It’s extremely rare to find a Village like this being generated inside the new biome, so consider yourself lucky! It actually feels very weird to see these Villagers navigate life inside this treacherous biome.

There are a couple of Farmer Villagers available for trading here as well so this is an excellent area to set up camp.

To top it all off, you’ll also find another Savannah Village nearby surrounded by several different biome variations – which makes for a great sight to see!

Spawn LocationMangrove Swamp
First Savannah Village (Mangrove Swamp)-273, 64, -291
Second Savannah Village236, 90, -208

4. Woodland Mansion, Village & Ruined Portal at Spawn (Java Edition)

Mansion and Village

This seed spawns you off in a small forest located in a Plains biome. 

It contains a Woodland Mansion a mere 50 blocks away from your spawn – which in itself is extremely lucky considering the scarcity of this structure.

But that’s not all. As you come closer to this Mansion, you’ll realize that there’s an entire Plains Village that generates right below the Woodland Mansion! This is the first time we’ve ever seen a Mansion and a Village generate practically at the same location.

This Village also contains a Blacksmith Villager which is the best type of special Villager you can come across, especially in the early game.

What makes this seed even more mesmerizing, and deserving of a place on this list, is a Ruined Portal that generates inside this Plains Village!

So essentially, that’s a Woodland Mansion, a Plains Village, and a Ruined Portal that are practically generated on the same spot! (few blocks away from each other)

This makes the seed perfect if you want to have a kickstart in your survival journey and have content to explore right away, provided you’re able to survive while looting the chests contained in the Mansion and the Ruined Portal.

Spawn LocationForested Plains
Woodland Mansion56, 92
Plains Village47, 108
Ruined PortalSame as Above

3. Multiple Structures at Spawn (Bedrock Edition)

Pillager Outpost & Allay Cage at Spawn

This is another Minecraft 1.19 seed that’s packed to the brim with content. Additionally, all of the features we’re about to tell you regarding this seed are located right at your spawn area!

This seed contains 6 different unique structures right at your starting point. You’ll spawn on a beach/coastal area, in the vicinity of a small-sized Desert Village. 

The first thing you’ll notice here is the towering Pillager Outpost generated right in the middle of the Village! This contains some hostile mobs for you to fight, and a chest at its top containing valuable loot. Raiding this would be an excellent way of obtaining good loot early on.

Once you’re done with this, you’ll be pleased to know, if you haven’t noticed already, that there’s a Shipwreck structure exactly next to this Pillager Outpost!

This contains several chests containing some great loot as well. We’d recommend looting it as early as possible to make the best use of these resources.

Between this Shipwreck and Pillager Outpost is a Ruined Portal! This will be fantastic news for all players who want to explore the Nether early on. This structure, yet again, hosts a chest with some valuable loot for you.

Sharing a boundary on the other side of the Pillager Outpost is a Desert Temple. This contains 4 additional chests on its bottom floor! Just a few blocks away from the entrance of this Desert Temple, you’ll also find an Ocean Ruin.

Once you’re done exploring these structures, you can venture into the enormous Mangrove Swamp located behind them to kickstart your survival journey!

Spawn LocationBeach
Pillager OutpostAt Spawn
Desert VillageAt Spawn
ShipwreckAt Spawn
Desert TempleAt Spawn
Ruined PortalAt Spawn
Ocean RuinAt Spawn

2. Packed Mountain Village (Java & Bedrock)

Packed Mountain (Back view)

Another Minecraft seed that is very lucky in terms of structural generation – you’ll be spawned right at the edge of a Plains Village.

This, however, is no ordinary Plains Village. It’s covered on the top by an enormous mountain and is quite large in size itself. 

The Village generates in an impartial manner with one half perched on the mountainside with the other below it. The strange thing here is that a Pillager Outpost spawns between this divide of the Village!

The Outpost is actually positioned exactly on top of one of the Villager’s houses. That’s the first time we’ve seen something this extraordinary! 

Additionally, an Allay cage also spawns along with this Outpost, which makes this seed excellent if you want to have an early game helper.

But there’s more! A Mob Spawner generates in an exposed cave exactly below the Pillager Outpost. This spawner features multiple mobs including Zombies, Skeletons, and Creepers.

There are multiple chests scattered in this area – two of which can be found in the cave containing the Mob Spawner whereas another is located inside the Pillager Outpost.

Overall an exceptionally lucky seed with a ton of content for you to explore right at the start!

Spawn LocationMountains & Plains
Pillager Outpost1435, 90, -874
Desert Village1435, 82, -883

1. An Assortment of Ancient Cities (Bedrock Edition)

Mountain Containing Ancient City

Our luckiest seed for Minecraft version 1.19 is this one containing a plethora of Ancient Cities, all located relatively close to your spawn area.

You’ll start off in a lush green forested valley covered on all ends by trees. Two mountain ranges run along the length of this valley, forming a sort of creek with the forest in between. 

These mountains are enormous and their peaks are inhabited by tons of mobs including rare Goats! If you follow the right coordinates, you’ll come across a hole at the side of one of these mountains.

This hole leads directly down to an enormous Lush Cave biome filled with berries! This area also provides a safe haven before this next part. If you keep going deeper into this cave, past the Lush Cave, you’ll find the Deep Dark biome.

This eventually leads to an Ancient City where you can fight the Warden! This Ancient City also hosts an Abandoned Mineshaft running above it, connecting different areas of the region from above.

What makes this seed so exceptionally lucky is the fact that it hosts four other Ancient Cities all nearby! We’ve never seen a single seed featuring such a large amount of this structure before. 

There’s a ton of valuable, end-game loot to be found within each of these, so be sure to explore all of them!

Spawn LocationForested Valley
Lush Cave-230, 90, 120
Abandoned Mineshaft-690, -35, -300
First Ancient City165, -20, -215
Second Ancient City-230, 60, 275
Third Ancient City130, -20, 140
Fourth Ancient City-700, -25, -270
Fifth Ancient City-665, -15, 50

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