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7 Luckiest Minecraft Seeds (1.20)

7 Luckiest Minecraft Seeds (1.20)

Minecraft can provide a truly stunning experience each time you create a new world. With the limitless possibilities of generation, you’re bound to have a wonderful journey each time.

Finding amazing things to explore in a randomly generated world as big as Minecraft’s, however, can be pretty tricky!

You can bridge this gap by using seeds to help you tailor your Minecraft journey to your needs!

On that front, we’re here to help! Today, we’ll be covering 7 of the luckiest seeds in Minecraft (version 1.20) for you to try out.

These include seeds that have weird generation patterns, multiple structures close to spawn, and invaluable loot at world creation!

Top 7 Luckiest Minecraft Seeds

We’ve mentioned the game edition compatible with each seed in front of it. In some cases, the seed may work with both game editions. The location of key areas and structures, however, can vary. If you don’t know how to use seeds, check out this post!

7. Cherry Grove Zombie Village (Java & Bedrock)

Zombie Village with Cherry Grove in the background

Starting the list strong, this seed will spawn you directly inside an entirely abandoned Zombie Village. You’ll find several buildings here, completely covered by Spider Webs! Finding a Zombie Village at spawn is usually rare – but there’s more!

Right next to this Village, there’s a clearing that contains the newly added Cherry Grove biome! This is a fantastic opportunity to experience what the new Cherry Trees are all about.

Lastly, a Ruined Portal is just a short walk from the Cherry Grove biome. Here, you can find a chest with some amazing loot to help you get started on your new Minecraft journey!

Spawn LocationPlains
Zombie Village-13, 81, 10
Cherry Grove-24, 123, 120
Ruined Portal 91, 65, 89

6. Mansion With Ruined Portal (Java & Bedrock)

Windswept Mountain Mansion

This is a Minecraft 1.20 seed that hosts a one-in-a-million type of structural generation.

You’ll start off inside a Plains Village sharing its corner with a massive mountain range. This mountain truly is humongous, extending to the length of the map before it merges into another mountain, increasing its size even further!

The Village, on the other hand, is pretty large in size, hosting multiple villagers including special ones. 

There’s a good amount of buildings to be found here and, naturally, many chests to loot. This would be a wonderful area to make your base before moving on to the next part.

Close to the spawn area, you’ll also find a Woodland Mansion sharing its boundary with the mountain range mentioned previously! 

This Mansion hosts brilliant, high-level loot on its upper floors, making it ideal for raiding as soon as you feel strong enough to take on the hordes of mobs contained within. 

If this seed wasn’t lucky enough, you’ll also find a Ruined Portal generated next to the entrance of the Woodland Mansion. 

It’s actually very unusual to see two structures like this in such close proximity to one another!

Spawn LocationPlains Village
Woodland Mansion93, 122, 55
Plains Village2, 106, -3
Ruined Portal17, 110, 59

5. Mangrove Village at Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Mangrove Village

Here’s a sight we thought wasn’t possible and that too – near your spawn location!

This seed spawns you off near a massive Mangrove Swamp. It hosts the brand new Frog mob and plenty of areas for you to check out. 

The only thing missing from the new biome is a Village type dedicated to it. There aren’t any Mangrove Swamp Villages yet, and that’s exactly what this seed works upon.

Even though this isn’t technically a Mangrove Swamp Village, if you venture into the biome, you’ll find a Savannah Village generated inside the Mangrove Swamp!

It’s extremely rare to find a Village like this being generated inside the new biome, so consider yourself lucky! It actually feels very weird to see these Villagers navigate life inside this treacherous biome.

There are a couple of Farmer Villagers available for trading here as well so this is an excellent area to set up camp.

To top it all off, you’ll also find another Savannah Village nearby surrounded by several different biome variations – which makes for a great sight to see!

Spawn LocationMangrove Swamp
First Savannah Village (Mangrove Swamp)-273, 64, -291
Second Savannah Village236, 90, -208

4. Woodland Mansion, Village & Ruined Portal at Spawn (Java Edition)

Mansion and Village

This seed spawns you off in a small forest located in a Plains biome. 

It contains a Woodland Mansion a mere 50 blocks away from your spawn – which in itself is extremely lucky considering the scarcity of this structure.

But that’s not all. As you come closer to this Mansion, you’ll realize that there’s an entire Plains Village that generates right below the Woodland Mansion! This is the first time we’ve ever seen a Mansion and a Village generate practically at the same location.

This Village also contains a Blacksmith Villager which is the best type of special Villager you can come across, especially in the early game.

What makes this seed even more mesmerizing, and deserving of a place on this list, is a Ruined Portal that generates inside this Plains Village!

So essentially, that’s a Woodland Mansion, a Plains Village, and a Ruined Portal that are practically generated on the same spot! (few blocks away from each other)

This makes the seed perfect if you want to have a kickstart in your survival journey and have content to explore right away, provided you’re able to survive while looting the chests contained in the Mansion and the Ruined Portal.

Spawn LocationForested Plains
Woodland Mansion56, 92
Plains Village47, 108
Ruined PortalSame as Above

3. Double Village & Woodland Mansion Island (Java & Bedrock)

Woodland Mansion and Double Villages on an island

A fantastic Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales seed if you want a content-packed start – this one spawns you off next to a Woodland Mansion on a medium-sized island. 

The ocean surrounds you on all fours, and two medium-sized Villages provide the only safe haven on the island.

These Villages are connected and are covered by a small forest. The first Village is hidden among the trees of the forested area. The second one, almost forming a Coastal Village, is at the island’s edge opposite the Woodland Mansion.

Once you’ve set up camp in the Villages and prepared your tools – feel free to raid the Woodland Mansion and fight off some terrible mobs!

Spawn LocationSurvival Island
Woodland Mansion100, 99, 45
First Village130, 76, 122
Second Village82, 63, 192

2. Windswept Overworld (Java & Bedrock)

Windswept terrain floating about

This has to be one of the most extraordinary Windswept terrain seeds in 2023. The spawn area is at the bottom of a mountain, and everything around you is Windswept!

This means that the terrain – including all mountains, blocks, and structures in this seed are generated in haphazard, irregular patterns. You’ll find several mountains and chunks of blocks floating in the sky – forming islands!

There’s also a Ruined Portal right next to your spawn area, featuring a chest with valuable loot. 

Although you won’t find many options in terms of structures in this seed, the weird generation patterns of the environment alone are incredible enough to go ahead and give it a try!

Spawn LocationMixed
Ruined Portal 66, 67, 138

1. Cliffside Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansion in a Taiga Forest

A Cliff-centric seed, this Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales world features huge, ice-capped hills around you! 

You’ll spawn at the top of a maximum-height mountain made from snow and ice blocks. Below you, you’ll find a substantial forested valley containing Taiga and Birch trees. These mountains are fantastic for setting up a cliffside base.

Following the coordinates below, you can also find a Ruined Portal hanging at the edge of your spawn mountain! Further yet, there’s also a Woodland Mansion that generates at the foot of this mountain. 

The mansion is filled with hostiles though, so it’s better to set up camp and prepare before planning a raid!

Lastly, one of the mountains here also features a vast, exposed Lush Cave entrance – just aching to be explored!

Spawn LocationPlains
Ruined Portal8, 125, 115
Exposed Lush Cave-233, 110, 125
Woodland Mansion78, 97, 364

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