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Ludo Bagman Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

Ludo Bagman Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

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Ludovic Bagman became famous as a Beater for the Wimbourne Wasps and the English National Quidditch Team. When we meet him in the Harry Potter books, he has retired from playing and is working as the Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports.

Bagman played an important role in organizing the Quidditch World Cup in 1994 and organizing the Triwizard Tournament in the same year.

Earlier in his life, Bagman was accused of cooperating with Death Eaters for giving information to Death Eater Augustus Rockwood. Barty Crouch tried Ludo and wanted to send him to Azkaban. But Bagman claimed that he did not know that Rockwood was a Death Eater.

Bagman was acquitted largely due to his celebrity status. One jury member even congratulated him on his performance in a recent Quidditch match as he was acquitted.

While Bagman was never accused of being associated with the Death Eaters again, he did have a serious gambling problem. He made bets with minors Fred and George Weasley, and presumably others, during the Quidditch World Cup. When he lost, he repaid them with leprechaun’s gold, which disappears.

At the same event, he had a run-in with a group of goblins that he owned money. This encounter left him unaware and absent when the area was terrorized by Death Eaters.

During the Triwizard Tournament, he tried to make money by betting on Harry. He tried on several occasions to help Harry and give him an edge, but Harry repeatedly refused. While Harry did win the tournament, the Goblins argued that he tied with Cedric Diggory. So, they wanted Bagman to pay up. This forced Bagman to go on the run.

About Ludo Bagman

BornBefore 1964
Blood StatusPure-Blood or Half-Blood
OccupationBeater, Head of the Department for Magical Games & Sports
Zodiac SignUnknown

Ludo Bagman Personality Type & Traits

Ludo Bagman comes across as highly self-interested and foolish, and he clearly has a serious gambling problem. He rarely considered the consequences of his actions but assumed that he should be able to get off due to his celebrity status.

Ludo Bagman must have had some talent and dedication in order to rise to the position of Beater in the English Quidditch team. It is perhaps that adoration and “celebrity treatment” that he received during this period of his life that seeded many of the problems that he had later in life.

He is clearly willing to bend the rules for his own benefit. Bagman reportedly shared information with the Death Eater Rockwood because he was promised a ministry job in return. Similarly, he was happy to help Harry cheat in the Triwizard Tournament in order to win a bit.

He clearly had a serious gambling problem. For example, he didn’t have the money to repay Fred and George, or his goblin debtors. When the Weasley twins complained to Bagman about the leprechaun gold that he had given them, he simply ignored them, hoping the problem would just go away.

He also showed carelessness in his organization of the Quidditch World Cup. When dealing with the muggles in the area he did not use muggle clothing or refrain from talking about wizarding matters.

Ludo Bagman Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We are never told Ludo Bagman’s birthday, but his competitive nature and the fact that he relies on chance rather than hard work suggests that he might be a Leo or a Sagittarius. These fire signs enjoy risk and believe that they will fly through on the seat of their pants.

Is Ludo Bagman a Pure Blood?

It is not clear whether Ludo Bagman was a pure-blood wizard, but his status within the wizarding community and the fact that he was approached by a Death Eater for information suggests that he was certainly not muggle-born.

His last name is not on the list of the “sacred twenty-eight” families that were still considered pure blood in the 1930s, so he is probably a half-blood.

Ludo Bagman Family Tree

Ludo Bagman FamilyLudo Bagman Family

We don’t know anything about Ludo Bagman’s family tree. We also have not yet encountered any other Bagmans in the wizarding world. He must be of English descent, to play on the English National Quidditch team, and so must be related to some of the other English wizarding families.

Ludo Bagman Wand

We don’t know about the composition of Ludo Bagman’s wand. We do know that he used it to perform a voice amplifying charm on himself during the Quidditch World Cup. He also found a joke wand made by Fred and George Weasley amusing enough to accept it in a bet.

Ludo Bagman Patronus

A Patronus is a non-corporeal protective shield that some wizards can conjure to protect themselves against dark forces, such as the dementors.

We never hear of Ludo Bagman casting a Patronus. It is not clear whether this is a magical skill that he had mastered.

What Happened to Ludo Bagman?

Ludo Bagman goes into hiding after the Triwizard Tournament as goblins were tracking him to pay his debts. He seems to have hidden successfully for several years and throughout the Second Wizarding War, since we don’t hear about him.

He only emerges again in 2014 when the rumor circulates that he will return to the English National Quidditch team. While he did not play in the cup, he did produce at least one article for the Daily Prophet at that time.

Was Ludo Bagman a Death Eater?

While Ludo Bagman was linked to Death Eater Augustus Rockwood as a young man, he claims that he did not know that Rockwood was a Death Eater. He was never associated with Death Eaters again. Also, he did not take Lord Voldemort’s rise as an opportunity to come out of hiding, which suggests that he was not a Death Eater.

Why was Ludo Bagman not in the Movie?

While Ludo Bagman plays an important role in the books, he does not feature in the movies. Many of his plot points are given to other characters, such as Cornelius Fudge. This is likely because Bagman’s back story is relatively complicated. It would have taken a lot of screen time to do it justice. The movie was already more than two and a half hours.

Why was Ludo Bagman in the Woods?

Some suspicion falls on Ludo Bagman when he is found wandering around the woods near the Triwizard Tournament after the attack of the Death Eaters. We learn later that Bagman was jumped by a group of goblins that he owed money who took everything that he had on him and left him disorientated.