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Mafalda Hopkirk Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

Mafalda Hopkirk Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

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Mafalda Hopkirk is a British witch who worked for the Ministry of Magic in the Improper Use of Magic Office. She sent Harry Potter letters on two occasions regarding his use of magic outside of school. Hermione Granger used Polyjuice Potion to assume Mafalda’s identity when she infiltrated the Ministry of Magic with Harry and Ron.

About Mafalda Hopkirk

Born19 Feb-20 March pre-1973
Blood StatusPure Blood or Half Blood
OccupationMinistry of Magic employee
Zodiac SignPisces

Mafalda Hopkirk Early Life and Career

Mafalda Hopkirk is a British witch who would have attended Hogwarts, like her contemporaries. After school, she went on to work at the Ministry of Magic in the Improper Use of Magic Office.

In 1992, Mafalda sent a letter to Harry Potter telling him that if worked magic at his muggle home he may be expelled. It was in fact Dobby the house-elf who had used a hover charm to float a cake. But as Harry was the only wizard registered at the address, the Ministry assumed that it was Harry.

Dear Mr Potter, We have received intelligence that a Hover Charm was used at your place of residence this evening at twelve minutes past nine. As you know, under age wizards are not permitted to perform spells outside school, and further spell work on your part may lead to expulsion from said school (Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, 1875, Paragraph C). We would also ask you to remember that any magical activity that risks notice by members of the non-magical community (Muggles) is a serious offence under section 13 of the International Confederation of Warlocks’ Statute of Secrecy. Enjoy your Holidays! Yours sincerely, Mafalda Hopkirk.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

She was working in the same position on 2 August 1995 when Harry was detected casting a Patronus charm in front of his cousin Dudley due to two Dementors attacking the boys. She sent Harry a letter advising him that he had been expelled from school.

This was a drastic action as the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, was trying to discredit Harry. Fortunately, Dumbledore was able to get Harry a fair hearing and the charge was dismissed.

Mafalda Hopkirk during the Second Wizarding War

When Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters took over the Ministry in the summer of 1997, Mafalda continued in her role. It is unclear whether she knew what was happening at the Ministry or where her loyalties lay.

In late 1997, when she was Apparating to work, Mafalda was ambushed by Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They stunned the witch and took some of her hair to complete a Polyjuice Potion that would allow Hermione to assume her identity and gain entry to the Ministry.

Inside the Ministry, Hermione, as Mafalda, acted as a stenographer for the Muggle-Born Registration Committee. While there, she was sat close to Dolores Umbridge. She was able to steal the Slytherin’s locket Horcrux that Umbridge was wearing and replace it with a counterfeit locket before escaping with Harry, Ron, and several muggle-born wizards.

Mafalda Hopkirk Personality Type & Traits

The color of Mafalda’s Polyjuice Potion was a pleasant heliotrope, which suggests that she was generally a good-natured person. But she was clearly scared to step out of the boundaries of the known and expected. She continued to work at the Ministry of Magic even after she began to witness questionable activities.

Mafalda Hopkirk Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We do not know Mafalda’s exact birthdate, but we do know that her zodiac sign is Pisces. People born under this sign tend to be highly empathetic and caring. However, they also thrive in groups and may suppress their own needs and opinions to support the people around them.