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Major Events & Spoilers in Boruto: Updated to Chapter 80, Ep 293 (2023)

Major Events & Spoilers in Boruto: Updated to Chapter 80, Ep 293 (2023)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is a spin-off series from Naruto, one of the most popular anime series of all time.

The story follows the exploits of Naruto Uzumaki’s son, Boruto, and his comrades from the Hidden Leaf Village’s ninja academy finding their ninja path.

It’s no secret that many Naruto fans aren’t interested in watching Boruto.

While part of the hate is reasonable, it isn’t entirely justified. The series isn’t at all bad when approached with an open mind.

Below are some insights/spoilers from the series’ major events to prove this.

Be warned, Major Spoilers ahead! (This article will be updated as the series progresses).

Spoilers updated to; Chapter 80 of the manga & S1, Ep 293 of the anime.

1. The Time-skip Prologue

Boruto Timeskip2

We got a time-skip prologue in the first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Konoha village was destroyed, the great stone faces were gone, and Naruto and Sasuke were nowhere to be found.

We did see Boruto fighting Kawaki using Sasuke’s sword and wearing his cloak and headband.

During the battle, Kawaki declared that he would send Boruto where he sent the Seventh Hokage.

This scene has caused a stir among fans who believe Naruto and Sasuke are dead. Some people believe Kawaki killed them, while others believe they are trapped in another dimension.

We believe there are high chances they aren’t dead but trapped in another dimension since Kawaki never mentions their death explicitly.

This would be the ideal approach to get them out of the picture and allow Boruto to shine without upsetting the fans.

The time-skip prologue was a brilliant approach to capture the attention of Naruto fans and get them hooked on Boruto, keeping them in suspense.

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2. The Return of The Otsutsuki

The Otsutsuki

We all thought sealing Kaguya would put an end to the Otsutsuki, but we thought wrong.

Since the fourth great ninja war, Sasuke has been exploring other dimensions and gathering information about the remnants of the Otsutsuki clan.

He confirmed that there are still a few after discovering an entire shrine of alters and holographic images dedicated to them.

On the way back, Sasuke encounters Kinshiki and Momoshiki, two Otsutsuki seeking out Kaguya’s whereabouts.

Sasuke fought them with just one hand, a sword, and his rinne-sharingan but fled when he realized he couldn’t fight them both at the same time.

3. Killer B Almost Lost His Tailed Beast, Gyuki

KillerB vs Kinshiki

Momoshiki and Kinshiki eventually arrived in the real world and set off on their quest to find Kaguya’s scattered chakra. Their search led them to Killer B, where they immobilized and defeated him.

Afterward, Momoshiki extracts Gyuki’s chakra from Killer B. However, despite the attacks, Gyuki and B both survived and later fully recovered.

B was able to survive because Momoshiki didn’t absorb the real Gyuki but the clone.

4. Naruto Also Almost Lost Kurama

Naruto Captured

Unsatisfied with Gyuki’s clone chakra, Momoshiki and Kinshiki invaded Konoha in search of more chakra; Naruto-tailed beast, Kurama.

They appeared in Konoha during the Chunin Exams and created massive chaos.

Naruto and Sasuke fought together to protect the village but to no avail. Ultimately, Momoshiki captured Naruto.

Momoshiki and Kinshiki took Naruto to another dimension and bound him to begin the ritual of extracting Kurama’s chakra from inside him.

After absorbing half of Kurama’s chakra over time, Sasuke, Boruto, and the four other Kage arrived to rescue Naruto.

5. Boruto Travelled Back in Time

Boruto and Younger Naruto

Urashiki Otsutsuki sent Boruto and Sasuke back in time using Karasuki, a turtle-like device.

They must keep the timeline to avoid interfering with the future, like in any other time-travel situation.

Boruto encountered the younger version of his father, Naruto, and bonded with him, learning things about him that changed how he perceived him.

Since it was a filler arc, it didn’t add to the main plot. However, it provided a deeper understanding of the original Naruto plot from a different perspective.

We also discovered that the sharingan is capable of erasing memories. Sasuke used his sharingan to wipe the memories of younger Naruto and Jiraiya to keep the timelines in order.

However, karma offers Boruto access to a variety of unknown powers. As the mark evolves, it also allows Momoshiki to manifest and take complete control of his body for brief bursts during which he can act freely.

6. The Rise of a New Villain Group – Kara

Kara members

Kara is a secret organization comprised of human cyborgs and an Otsutsuki (Ishikki) with the sole goal of cultivating a new god tree to collect its chakra fruit.

This group is divided into two categories: The Inners and Outers.

The Inners are the core members of Kara, familiar with the organization’s ultimate plan and important agendas.

They are virtually monsters in terms of strength, except for Amado, who is merely a scientist.

Each Inner has a unique tattoo of roman numerals on their face and wears black hooded cloaks to distinguish themselves.

Outers are individuals that uphold Kara’s philosophy. The Inners task them to carry out operations for them, serving as conspirators and spies.

They’re not given access to such information and are easily dispensable.

7. Naruto Adopts a Son – Kawaki

Kawaki, boruto and naruto

Kawaki was introduced as the future vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki and the Kara organization’s ultimate tool.

Just like Boruto, he holds the karma, a backup copy of an Otsutsuki’s consciousness, granting him the ability to tap into the powers of the Otsutsuki.

He was found and brought to Konoha by team 7, where he was adopted by Naruto Uzumaki, who trained him and treated him like family. Soon, the two developed a father-son bond.

8. Boruto Becomes an Otsutsuki Vessel

Boruto Becomes an Otsutsuki Vessel

Karma is a diamond-shaped seal exclusive to the Otsutsuki Clan. It serves as a backup file for the consciousness of an Otsutsuki.

An Otsutsuki can use the karma seal they placed on a vessel to resurrect themselves after death. Afterward, the seal will modify someone’s genetic pattern, transforming them into an Otsutsuki.

Momoshiki Otsutsuki implanted the karma seal on Boruto before his death to revive himself using Boruto’s body as a vessel.

9. Technology is Taking Over

Scientific ninja tool

Back in Naruto’s days, strength was acquired through hard labor, training, dedication, and more training.

However, because of technology’s early emergence in the new-gen Boruto, ninja tools are now available to assist shinobi in their endeavors.

The Scientific ninja tools are in four categories, namely:

Condenser Type:

This technology allows shinobi to conduct jutsu without using their chakra; in fact, anyone with no ninja training can utilize ninjutsu so long they know how to use the equipment.

The device uses a chakra condenser to amass the chakra required to unleash a jutsu through a specific mechanism that scans Scroll Cartridges.

Naruto disapproves of this equipment in Konoha as he still believes that the old ways of becoming strong are the best approach.

Bionic Type:

This technology creates prosthetic limbs and artificial organs based on the engineering of traditional puppets and research into the unique properties of Hashirama Senju’s cells.

Amplification Type:

This technology is powered by the user’s chakra or activated by a jutsu, enhancing and amplifying their natural abilities.

Advanced Technology Type:

This category features enhanced traditional ninja tools that use cutting-edge scientific and technological developments.

These include nonmetal kunai made of super-hard ceramics and compact communication devices, to mention a few.

10. Boruto Gets a Dojutsu – Jougan

The Jougan

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “dojutsu,” it refers to eye techniques such as the Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan.

The Jougan is a new dojutsu that is exclusive to Boruto. It allows him to detect and visualize chakra pathways, as well as perceive and travel across dimensions.

The eye is somewhat linked to the Otsutsuki, as they are the only ones aware of its great power and the impending doom that comes with it.

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11. Naruto Unlocked A New Mode – Baryon Mode

Naruto Baryon Mode

The Baryon mode is Naruto’s newest and strongest transformation.

His chakra and Kurama fuse to create new energy—giving birth to an otherworldly level of strength, reflex, and speed, as well as the ability to drain the enemy’s life force per hit. However, this fantastic power-up comes at a hefty price.

Naruto unlocked the baryon mode when battling Isshiki. This was one of the most challenging battles in the series, prompting Kurama to activate Baryon Mode as a last resort.

12. Naruto Tailed Beast, Kurama Dies

Kurama Death

Kurama died due to the setback of the newly unlocked Mode – Baryon Mode, and there’s no sign of his resurrection later in the series.

The Baryon Mode grants Naruto tremendous power. But If overused, it consumes the life force of Kurama and wipes it from existence entirely.

This tragic death was crucial in defeating Isshiki and allowing Naruto to live another day.

Naruto is now weak due to Kurama’s death, and he will no longer be able to use the Baryon Mode or any of his other Tailed transformations. This has prompted fans to speculate that he will die soon.

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13. Sasuke Loses His Rinnegan

sasuke loses rinnegan

A lot happened during the battle with Isshiki Otsutsuki; Kurama died, Boruto got possessed, and Sasuke lost his Rinnegan. What a battle!

Boruto, possessed by Momoshiki Otsutsuki, stabbed Sasuke, causing him to lose his Rinnegan.

The battle against Ishikki would have resulted in Sasuke losing more than just his Rinnegan if Naruto hadn’t unlocked the Baryon mode, which, unfortunately, resulted in the death of Kurama (The nine tails fox).

14. Jiraiya appears in Boruto

Kashin Koji and Jiraiya

Hold your horses! This isn’t the real Jiraiya but a clone with a striking resemblance and the ability to use Jiraiya techniques, such as Toad Summons, Rasengan, and even sage mode.

Amado created Kashin Kojin to kill Isshiki Otsutsuki. His body has been with Scientific Ninja Tools by Amado, making him significantly overpowered.

15. Kawaki Lost His Karma

Kawaki loses his karma

Kawaki lost his karma following Isshiki’s forced reincarnation into Jigen’s body.

This is because once an Otsutsuki reincarnates using a vessel, all other karma implanted onto other vessels are simultaneously erased, serving as a precaution to reduce the possibility of making duplicates of the same person.

16. Amado Betrays Kara for Konoha

Amado and Naruto

Amado is the brains behind Kara, equipping them with the latest scientific ninja technology and artificial power-ups.

In essence, Kara would not exist without him. He nevertheless betrays the organization despite his contributions.

He deflected to Konoha and provided them with every vital information on Kara, which resulted in the demise of Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Although the reasons for his betrayal have not yet been determined, many believe that Amado may have ulterior motives and could ultimately emerge as the story’s true villain.

17. Kawaki Gets A New Karma

Kawaki karma seal

Kawaki lost his karma after Isshiki’s forced reincarnation into Jigen’s body. Somehow, he gets the karma back, stronger and better than the last.

Apparently, Amado implanted a new Karma on Kawaki to use as a weapon without his consent. This forces Konoha and fans to doubt his trust and believe he has ulterior motives.

Additionally, the fact that he gave the karma a special emergency shutdown command code that only he can use tells a lot.

18. Boruto Dies 


Yes, just as you read, Boruto does indeed die in the series, but only briefly before being brought back to life.

In a battle against Code, Boruto activates his karma which allows Momoshiki to take control of his body.

Battling to keep Momoshiki from having complete control over him. Boruto asked Kawaki to put an end to him, which he did by driving a hole in his chest.

However, Momoshiki restored his blood and essential organs with Otsutsuki DNA, reviving him and turning him into a complete Otsutsuki vessel, ready to become ten tail sacrifice. 

19. Code Takes on The Role As the Leader of Kara

Code and Ishikki

Ishikki, the biggest threat in the series, was finally defeated with the combined effort of Naruto, Sasuke, Kawaki, and Boruto.

Most of the work was completed by Naruto utilizing his Baryon Mode, drastically shortening Isshiki’s life span per hit.

Isshiki decided to reincarnate into Kawaki’s body as he was close to passing away. Although he believed he had successfully imprinted Kawaki with a Karma, Kawaki had employed a shadow clone to trick him.

Isshiki eventually ran out of time and passed away without completing any of his ambitions.

Despite his death, Isshiki’s soul connected with Code through his white karma and explained the cause of his death. Isshiki then instructed Code to carry on the will of the Otsutsuki.

Code has since vowed to avenge Isshiki and has taken the role of the leader of Kara.

20. The Era of Cyborgs   


Cyborgs are scientific ninja tool-powered warriors created by Amado for Kara.

The majority, if not all the Inners in Kara, are cyborgs, making them god-tier characters.

In addition to the Inners, Amado built Eida and Deamon, two stronger cyborgs, for the sole purpose of defeating Jigen.

Jigen ordered Boro to annihilate them both after realizing they were capable of defeating him. However, Boro secretly hid them away due to the effect of Eida’s powers to enchant anyone.

Eida possesses the Senrigan, a dojutsu that gives her the ability to perceive everything that has ever occurred in the world, even events that took place in other dimensions, until the moment she was born.

In addition to the Senrigan, Eida can “capture the minds and hearts” of anybody she interacts with (except for blood relations, Otsutsuki Sumire, and Sarada), making them fall utterly in love with her and invariably follow her instructions.

While Daemon can instantly reflect an opponent’s attack based on their intent, he needs to hold someone’s hands for this to happen.

Although we don’t yet fully grasp their role in the series, we know they are significant additions.

21. Code Is Currently the Strongest Character in The Series


Code, like Kawaki, was a survivor of Jigen and Amado’s experiment, which birthed the white karma seal – A power greater than even Jigen’s.

The white karma seal is so powerful that Amado had to install limiters in his body to keep his power in check.

However, now that Isshiki is gone and Code is free of his limiters, he is regarded as the series’ strongest character.

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22. Major villains From Kara Organization Deflects To Konoha

Eida and Daemon Deflect to Konoha

Strangely, The Kara organization has recently lost three important members to Konoha. First, it was their brilliant scientist, Amado. Now it’s their two strongest allies, Eida and Daemon.

It should be noted that Eida is not the most reliable ally since she joined the village to further her own interests and get closer to Kawaki, not because she cares about the greater good.

Regardless of her motivation for deflecting, Konoha benefits from her decision to remain in the village as they’re indirectly protected from a surprise attack by code while also receiving firsthand information from her.

While Code might have lost notable strong allies, his newly unlocked ability to create an infinite supply of mindless allies compensates for his loss.

23. Sasuke Grew Back His Left Arm

Sasuke Left Arm Glitch

Sasuke and Naruto both lost their left and right arms during their ultimate duel in the fourth shinobi world war.

While Naruto chose to use a prosthetic arm, Sasuke decided to live without one as a way to atone for his past actions.

Fast forward to episode 282 (around 8 minutes – 32 seconds) of the Boruto series. The animators for a split-second forgot that Sasuke is supposed to be missing an arm. 

Fans weren’t too upset about the glitch since it only lasted for a split second.

Most viewers concurred that such mistakes are inevitable in the messy process of producing animations on a weekly basis.

24. Boruto Losses His Right Eye

Boruto loses his right eye

First it was Sasuke, now Boruto. Like teacher, like student, it seems!

In chapter 78, Kawaki attacked Boruto with murderous intent in an effort to protect Naruto & Konoha from the Otsutsuki-possessed Boruto.

Sarada got caught in the crossfire, and in danger of being attacked by Kawaki, Boruto intervened to protect her but ended up losing his right eye in the process, blinding him permanently.

While Boruto might have lost his sight, he fully unlocks the Jougan as we see him using it proficiently in the prologue of the story.

This event brings us a step closer to the time skip, as it shows the origin of Boruto’s scar from the prologue.

25. Sarada Unlocks Mangekyo Sharingan

Sarada Unlocks Mangekyo Sharingan

As we continue our discussion about eyes and dojutsu, let’s shift focus to Sarada’s latest achievement: her Mangekyo Sharingan.

The Mangekyo Sharingan is the evolved form of the base Sharingan, which is awakened through a traumatic event, typically the death of a close friend or relative.

In Sarada’s case, nobody dies per se. She had just learned that Boruto had died and been resurrected, and on top of that, he is in a terrible situation where he is being sought out and considered an enemy by everyone in the village. Together, these incidents traumatized her, eventually setting off her Mangekyo Sharingan.

It’s also worth noting that Sarada’s Mangekyo Sharingan design differs significantly from those of her predecessors. Also, Fans speculate that her Mangekyo Sharingan might just be the strongest of all.

26. Boruto Is Exiled and Considered an Enemy of The Leaf

Boruto as an Enemy of the leaf

Chapter after chapter, Boruto’s life seems to be taking a downward turn. First, he faced death (but was resurrected), then he lost his right eye, and now he’s in exile, considered an enemy of the leaf.

You might be curious about how the son of the Hokage could end up exiled and viewed as an enemy of the village. Well, that’s all thanks to the incredible power of Eida, a cyborg and member of Kara created by Amado.

In Chapter 79, Eida unconsciously taps into her immense power and unlocks a god-level ability to alter reality, leading to a shocking turn of events.

She swaps Boruto’s life with Kawaki’s, making everyone in the village, except Sarada and Sumire, believe that Kawaki is the true son of the Hokage.

As a result, Boruto is seen as an outlaw, accused of killing his brother and betraying the trust of the Hokage. The situation has taken a drastic and unexpected twist, leaving us with even more questions and suspense.

27. The Time Skip Prologue’s Mysteries Have Been Unraveled

Time skip Boruto

In the first episode of the Boruto series, a lot unfolded during the time skip prologue. We witnessed Konoha in ruins, with Boruto and Kawaki engaged in a fierce battle.

What caught fans’ attention was Boruto wearing Sasuke’s cape and wielding his sword. Adding to the intrigue, there was the enigmatic phrase, “I’ll send you where I sent the seventh Hokage, Boruto.”

These events sparked numerous fan conspiracies and theories, leaving us with more questions than answers. However, the latest manga chapters have shed light on the mysteries, providing clarity on the reasons behind these intriguing occurrences.

First mystery from the prologue: the phrase “I’ll send you where I sent the seventh Hokage, Boruto.”

The mystery began to unfold in chapter 77 of the manga. Kawaki, filled with hatred for all Otsutsuki, believed that nowhere was safe for Naruto, especially with Otsutsuki-possessed Boruto in the picture.

Kawaki took drastic action in a bold attempt to protect Naruto from the Otsutsuki threat and prevent Naruto from stopping him from killing Boruto. He sealed Naruto and Hinata in a different dimension where time stands still.

Second mystery from the prologue: “Boruto wearing Sasuke’s cape and wielding his sword”

In Chapter 79, a dramatic turn of events occurs as Eida’s powers alter reality, leading everyone in the village (except Sarada and Sumire) to view Boruto as an enemy of the leaf.

In the hunt for Boruto, the supposed outlaw, Sasuke encounters his daughter Sarada. She passionately pleads with him to believe and trust in Boruto’s innocence, insisting that something is amiss.

Taking a leap of faith, Sasuke puts his life and legacy on the line, choosing to believe his daughter and help Boruto escape the village.

From this revelation, it becomes evident that Sasuke was with Boruto throughout the years, training, explaining how he came to possess Sasuke’s cape and sword in the prologue. However, the mystery of Sasuke’s fate remains unanswered; we are yet to know if he is alive or not.

28. The Timeskip Is Near!

The first part of the manga wrapped up on April 20, 2023, with Chapter 80 showing Boruto as an enemy of the leaf, exiled and ready to start training with Sasuke. Following this chapter, the studio announced a hiatus, with plans to resume in September.

Towards the end of the manga, we got some significant revelations and events that suggest a time skip is coming soon. Fans can look forward to the next part, where they’ll likely get to see the time skip and exciting new developments in Boruto’s story.

If you haven’t started watching or reading Boruto yet, there’s no better time than now.

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29. The Time Skip Is Here!

The second part of the manga kicks off with a thrilling 3-year time skip, where we find ourselves in a world that’s both familiar and radically altered.

The entire village (except Sumire and Sarada) is still under Eida’s omnipotence spell, Naruto and Hinata are still trapped in another dimension, and Kawaki is still bent on killing Boruto.

While certain elements from the previous part of the manga persist, there are some substantial changes in the mix, which promise to spice things up in unexpected ways.

30. Sarada Is Stuck As A Genin

Sarada is stuck as a genin

Sarada finds herself in a rather odd situation, remaining a Genin due to her unwavering belief that Boruto is not an enemy of the Leaf. She’s consistently defended him, trying to make everyone see that they’re being manipulated by Eida’s powers.

Despite her Genin status, Sarada boasts skills that rival Jounin-level abilities. She’s mastered the Chidori, her father’s signature move, excels in taijutsu, and possesses the powerful Mangekyo Sharingan. It’s clear that titles like “Genin” don’t necessarily reflect her true capabilities. After all, even Naruto became Hokage while technically a Genin.

31. A New Hokage Has Been Selected

Shikamaru As The 8th Hokage

It’s not surprising that Konoha had to consider appointing a new Hokage given Naruto’s unfortunate predicament (trapped in another dimension).

Before the release of chapter 81, fans were buzzing with various theories and speculations about who the next Hokage might be and what qualifications that person would bring to the table. The contenders in the discussion included Sakura, Kakashi, Konohamaru, and Shikamaru.

Chapter 81’s arrival finally unveiled Shikamaru as the new Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, with Konohamaru serving as his right-hand man. This dynamic duo might seem like a logical choice by the creator, but the question lingers: is Shikamaru truly the ideal fit for the Hokage role?

Shikamaru undeniably ranks among the most intelligent characters in the entire Naruto universe. He had previously served as an advisor to the Seventh Hokage, Naruto, lending his strategic brilliance to the village.

Shikamaru’s profound intellect certainly equips him to guide Konoha in the right direction. However, when it comes to combat, doubts begin to surface. It’s unclear if Shikamaru can hold his own in battle compared to his formidable predecessors.

Nonetheless, we’ll have to patiently await the unfolding of his Hokage tenure. Some fans speculate that Naruto might make a triumphant return, just in time to reassume his seat as Hokage. Only time will reveal the outcome.

32. Major Characters Get New Cool Design

Mitsuki New Character Design

Considering the time-skip, it’s no surprise that the Major characters are getting new designs. While fans have had a glimpse of Kawaki’s and Boruto’s character designs in the prologue time-skip, we bet you all wouldn’t see the designs of Mitsuki, Sarada, and other major characters coming. The mangaka deserves a big shout-out for a job well done.

33. Code Is Ready For War

Code's Humanoid Army

The last time fans saw Code, he was working on creating an army of humanoid creatures from the 10-tailed beast to revenge Isshiki and complete his cause. Over the years, Code has mastered creating these humanoid beings, amassing thousands of them ready for action. This ultimately led to his invasion of Konoha.

34. Boruto is Back!

Boruto is Back

After three long years, Code made a bold move by invading Konoha in search of Boruto, hoping he would swoop in and save the day. And Boruto did just that, arriving with a new look that screamed confidence and a hint of cocky strength, as if he’d become an overpowered hero ready to take on anything.

What caught the fans’ eyes was the fact that he was wearing Sasuke’s cape and sword, as shown in the time skip prologue. But here’s the twist – Boruto’s back with Sasuke’s gear, yet there’s been no sign or word about Sasuke’s whereabouts. This leaves the question; Is Sasuke still alive?

35. Boruto Unlocks a New Rasengan

Boruto New Rasengan Uzuhiko

During Boruto’s battle against Code in chapter 82, he unveiled a new Rasengan called Rasengan Uzihiko, which is essentially a swirling vortex of chakra that envelops him turning himself and his surroundings into Rasengan, similar to Sasuke’s Chidori Stream.

It’s safe to say this jutsu could be one of the most powerful offensive and defensive moves in his arsenal. But who knows, there just might be even more impressive jutsu that he’s developed during his intense training over the years.