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How to Make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley (Step-by-Step Guide)

Among the plethora of artisan goods in Stardew Valley, truffle oil stands out as a testament to both patience and strategy. This distinct product not only holds significant economic value but also opens doors to advanced gameplay. As we delve deeper into the world of truffle oil, you’ll discover the steps to produce it and the multifaceted benefits it brings to your Stardew Valley journey.

What is Truffle Oil?

Truffle Oil Stats Stardew Valley

Truffle oil, a luxurious artisan product in Stardew Valley, is crafted from truffles discovered by free-roaming pigs.

Truffle oil represents a higher tier of farming products. Originating from truffles, which are only discovered by mature pigs when they’re outside, this oil can be produced using an Oil Maker. Its importance isn’t just monetary—though it does fetch a good price—it also holds significance in bundles and crafting. As players progress, understanding and producing truffle oil can become key components of their farming strategy.

Why do you need Truffle Oil?

To Make Money

Truffle Oil profit Stardew valley
End of Day Profits From Selling Truffle Oil

Truffle oil is a prime artisan product, selling between 1,065 to 1,491 gold, making it a lucrative venture for farmers.

When players process truffles through the Oil Maker, the resulting truffle oil can be sold for 1,065 gold. However, for players who have adopted the Artisan profession, the selling price jumps significantly to 1,491 gold, offering a substantial increase in revenue.

Given that raw truffles sell for a base price of 625g, transforming them into oil is great for farmers looking to optimize their earnings. Investing time and resources into truffle oil production can yield handsome returns.

To Complete the Artisan Bundle

Artisan Bundle Stardew Valley

Truffle oil is a key item required to complete the Artisan Bundle, one of the vital components in restoring the Community Center to its former glory.

Within the framework of Stardew Valley’s restoration projects, the truffle oil’s role is pivotal. It’s one of the items that can be used to fulfill the Artisan Bundle in the Community Center. Successfully completing this bundle not only propels players a step closer to completely restoring the center but also grants them a practical reward—a keg. This keg allows players to further their artisanal endeavors, crafting beverages like wine and juice.

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To Craft a Rain Totem

Rain Totem Stardew Valley
Summoning Rain with the Rain Totem

Truffle oil is a crucial ingredient for crafting Rain Totems. These totems, once activated, ensure rainfall the following day, proving invaluable for farming strategies and specific fish-catching opportunities.

Stardew Valley offers a myriad of tools for players to influence their environment, and the Rain Totem stands out as a game-changer. Crafted using truffle oil, hardwood, and pine tar, the Rain Totem grants players the ability to summon rain for the upcoming day. This is particularly useful for those aiming to water a large number of crops without the use of sprinklers or to capitalize on certain fish that are more prevalent during rainy conditions such as the Walleye.

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To Complete the Mayor’s Need Quest

Mayor's need quest Stardew Valley
Letter from Lewis in the Mail

On Summer 21 in the second year, players can receive a special quest titled “Mayor’s Need.” In this quest, Lewis discreetly requests a bottle of truffle oil. Players who fulfill this secretive request within two days will earn a reward of 750 gold and a boost in their friendship with the mayor.

How To Make Truffle Oil

To produce truffle oil in Stardew Valley, players require a deluxe barn and mature pigs. These pigs will then find truffles, which the player can put in an oil maker to make truffle oil.

List of Total Materials

Truffle Oil Checklist Stardew Valley

Making truffle oil is a long and expensive progress. While some players might already have a barn or certain materials, we’ve provided a checklist of the total materials needed to make truffle oil from scratch. This includes everything from buying and upgrading a barn to purchasing a pig and crafting an oil maker.

Step One: Buy a Standard Barn

Standard Barn Build Option Stardew Valley
Building Option at the Carpenter’s Shop

In Stardew Valley, expanding your farm and housing larger animals requires the construction of specific buildings, with the standard barn being one of the primary structures.

Materials Needed

  • Wood (350 pieces): This common resource can be collected by chopping down trees on your farm or in the Cindersap Forest. Using upgraded axes can help you gather wood more efficiently.
  • Stone (150 pieces): Stone is another abundant resource in the Valley. It can be obtained by breaking stones on your farm, in the Mines, or in the Quarry. Upgraded pickaxes improve the efficiency of gathering stone.
  • Gold (6,000g): Gold can be earned in various ways, such as selling crops, foraging, fishing, or mining.

The Process

  1. Gather the necessary resources: Before heading to Robin, ensure you have all the required materials and gold. This might require a few days of preparation, especially if you’re starting from scratch.
  2. Visit Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop: Located in the north-east corner of the Valley, near the Mines, the Carpenter’s Shop is where you’ll find Robin. It’s open most days from 9 AM to 5 PM, but note that it’s closed on Tuesdays.
  3. Select the Standard Barn from the Shop Menu: Once you’ve entered the Carpenter’s Shop, interact with Robin and choose the “Construct Farm Buildings” option. From here, you can select the Standard Barn.
  4. Choose a Location: After selecting the barn, you’ll be given the chance to pick its location on your farm. Ensure it’s in a suitable spot, as moving it later requires additional effort and resources.
  5. Construction Time: Once everything is set, Robin will take a few days to build your barn. You can carry on with your regular farm activities in the meantime. After the construction is complete, you can start housing animals like cows and goats.

Step Two: Upgrade to a Big Barn

Big Barn Stardew Valley
Upgrading Option at the Carpenter’s Shop

Upgrading your farm facilities is essential for accommodating more animals and unlocking additional features. After establishing your standard barn, the next step in the progression is the big barn.

Materials Needed

  • Wood (450 pieces)
  • Stone (200 pieces)
  • Gold (12,000g)

The Process

  1. Go Back to Robin’s Carpenter Shop: As with the standard barn, head to Robin’s shop, which remains located in the north-eastern part of the Valley.
  2. Choose the Big Barn Upgrade: Interact with Robin and navigate to the “Upgrade Farm Buildings” option instead of the construct option. Here, you’ll see the option to upgrade to a big barn.
  3. Wait for the Upgrade Completion: Once you’ve initiated the upgrade, Robin will require a few days to finish the process. You don’t need to select a location this time since the upgrade will be applied to your existing standard barn.

Step Three: Upgrade to a Deluxe Barn

Deluxe Barn Stardew Valley
Upgrading Option at the Carpenter’s Shop

After you’ve settled with a big barn, you need the deluxe barn. This top-tier barn offers the maximum space for your livestock and introduces the ability to house pigs, which are key to obtaining truffles.

Materials Needed

  • Wood (550 pieces)
  • Stone (300 pieces)
  • Gold (25,000g)

The Process

Simply Repeat the process under Step Two. This time, when you upgrade your barn, you’ll see the option to upgrade to a ‘deluxe barn.’ This is the final building upgrade you need in order to start producing truffle oil.

Step Four: Buy A Pig

Option to buy pig Stardew Valley
Option to Buy a Pig at Marnie’s Ranch

In Stardew Valley, pigs are one of the more unique and profitable animals you can raise, especially when it comes to truffles. Here’s how to go about adding a pig to your livestock.


  • A Deluxe Barn: Before you can buy a pig, you’ll need to have upgraded to the deluxe barn.
  • Gold (16,000g): Buying a pig isn’t cheap. You’ll need 16,000g on hand to purchase one.

The Process

  1. Head to Marnie’s Ranch: Located south of your farm and just west of the Cindersap Forest, Marnie’s Ranch is your go-to spot for livestock purchases.
  2. Visit Marnie’s Shop: Marnie’s shop is open most days from 9 AM to 4 PM, but it’s essential to remember that it’s closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  3. Select the Pig: Once inside, browse Marnie’s livestock offerings until you find the pig. Ensure you have the 16,000g needed and make your purchase.
  4. Assign the Pig to Your Deluxe Barn: After purchasing, you’ll be prompted to choose which barn your new pig should call home. Ensure you’ve selected your deluxe barn.

Step Five: Raise Your Pig

Looking After baby pig Stardew Valley
Petting a Baby Pig

Once you’ve taken the step to purchase a pig in Stardew Valley, your journey with your new four-legged friend truly begins. Like all animals in the game, the key to getting the most out of your pig lies in proper care and understanding its needs.

Daily Care For Your Pig

  1. Feeding: Pigs, like all barn animals, need to eat to stay happy. Ensure they have access to hay every day, either from a dispenser inside the barn or by letting them graze outside when the weather is good.
  2. Affection: Daily interactions are crucial. Petting your pig daily will increase its affection towards you, which has a direct correlation with its performance in finding truffles. A simple click on your pig each day can make all the difference. This is important because the happier your pig, the better its performance will be in truffle hunting. A pig’s happiness is gauged by its heart level, visible when you click on the animal.

Step Six: Let Your Pig Hunt for Truffles

pig hunting for truffle Stardew Valley
Pig Uncovering Buried Truffle

Once your pig reaches maturity (10 days old), you can open the barn door to let them out. Here, they will roam around looking for truffles. When a pig finds one, simply click to add it to your inventory.


  1. Weather Matters: Pigs will only hunt for truffles on days when the weather is clear. This means no truffle-hunting during rain or winter.
  2. Happiness Counts: A happy pig is a productive pig. The more content and well-taken care of your pig, the higher its chances of finding multiple truffles during its outing.
  3. Space to Roam: While pigs can find truffles in any outdoor space, providing a spacious, grassy area for them to wander increases the likelihood of truffle discoveries.

Step Seven: Make an Oil Maker

Crafting an oil maker Stardew valley
Oil Maker Inventory Crafting Option

An oil maker is necessary for converting certain farm products into valuable oils, most notably the coveted truffle oil.

Materials Needed

  1. 50 Slime: These can be collected from slimes defeated in the mines or from a slime hutch on your farm.
  2. 20 Hardwood: Hardwood is a rarer type of wood. You can obtain it by chopping down mahogany trees, large stumps with a copper axe (or higher), and large logs with a steel axe (or higher). If you’ve chosen the Lumberjack profession, regular trees might also drop hardwood.
  3. 1 Gold Bar: To make a gold bar, you’ll need to smelt 5 gold ores in a furnace. Ensure you’ve also got a piece of coal on hand to fuel the furnace.


  1. Reach Farming Level 8: Before you can craft the Oil Maker, you need to level up your farming skills. Once you hit level 8 in farming, the crafting recipe for the Oil Maker becomes available.
  2. Open Crafting Menu: Click on the hammer icon, usually located at the bottom right of your screen, to access your crafting menu.
  3. Locate the Oil Maker: Scroll through the available recipes until you find the Oil Maker.
  4. Craft It: Once you have all the necessary materials, click on the Oil Maker icon. The machine will then be added to your inventory.

Step Eight: Make Truffle Oil

Using oil maker Stardew Valley
Putting a Truffle into an Oil Maker

To make truffle oil in Stardew Valley, place a truffle into the Oil Maker. After 6 hours in-game, the truffle oil will be ready for collection.


  1. Gather Your Truffles: Ensure you’ve collected truffles from your farm. Remember, the quality of the truffle (regular, silver, gold) doesn’t affect the quality or value of the truffle oil produced.
  2. Interact with the Oil Maker: Approach your Oil Maker and right-click (or press the appropriate button on your console) to access its inventory.
  3. Insert the Truffle: Place a truffle from your inventory into the Oil Maker.
  4. Wait: The Oil Maker will begin its process, which will take 6 hours in-game time. You’ll see and hear it working during this period. Patience is key here.
  5. Collect Your Truffle Oil: Once the process is complete, the Oil Maker will display the truffle oil icon above it, indicating it’s ready. Interact with the machine again to collect your truffle oil.

Tips and Tricks For Getting the Most out of Truffle Oil

Character with multiple bottles of truffle oil Stardew Valley
Extracting Oil with Multiple Machines

Choose the Artisan Profession

  • When you reach farming level 10, choose the Artisan profession. This increases the value of truffle oil by a significant 40%, boosting your profits.

Invest in More Necessities

  • Bulk Crafting: If you have a surplus of truffles, consider crafting multiple Oil Makers to produce truffle oil simultaneously.
  • Buy More Pigs: If you don’t have a surplus of truffles, consider saving up to buy more pigs. Having several pigs increases the overall chances of finding truffles daily.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell Truffles

With the Botanist profession, every foraged item, including truffles, is of iridium quality. Although the quality of truffles doesn’t affect the truffle oil’s quality or value, iridium quality truffles sell for more than truffle oil without the Artisan profession. Hence, on days when you might not have time (or the necessary Oil Makers) to process all truffles, selling iridium quality truffles directly can be a more lucrative option.

QualitySell Price
Price Table For Truffle Quality

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