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Marietta Edgecombe Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

Marietta Edgecombe Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

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Marietta Edgecombe was a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1990s. She was a member of Ravenclaw house and close friends with Cho Chang. Her mother worked for the Ministry of Magic while it was denouncing Harry and Dumbledore, but she still became a reluctant member of the DA. She later betrayed the group to Dolores Umbridge, for which she was branded a sneak.

About Marietta Edgecombe

Blood StatusPure Blood or Half Blood
OccupationHogwarts Student
Zodiac SignLibra (speculative)

Marietta at Hogwarts

Marietta must have been born into a wizarding family as her mother worked for the Ministry of Magic. When she arrived at Hogwarts, she was sorted into Ravenclaw house. She was probably in the same year as Cho Chang, a year above Harry, as the friends were almost always together. She was one of the giggle girls present when Harry wanted to ask Cho to the Yule Ball.

Marietta Joins the DA

In the summer of 1995, Dumbledore started to tell people that Voldemort was back, but the Ministry and the Daily Prophet denied this. When Marietta returned to school, she was very skeptical of Harry’s story. Nevertheless, Cho convinced Marietta to accompany her to the founding meeting of the DA at the Hog’s Head in Hogsmeade.

Marietta displayed obvious suspicion of Harry, and she screamed when Harry said Voldemort’s name and spilled her butterbeer down her front. She was not impressed when Cho signed her name to the parchment of people present at the meeting, but reluctantly added her own name.

Marietta attended meetings reluctantly with Cho. Her mother had already informed her to stay on the good side of Professor Umbridge who had banned all unauthorized student gatherings. But she still attended out of loyalty to her friend and a desire to protect her. She was not impressed when Cho became nervous when Harry was watching her, on one occasion accidentally setting Marietta’s sleeve on fire.

Marietta Betrays the DA

After attending six months of DA meetings, pressure from her family made Marietta give in and decide to share information with Umbridge. Rather than attending the DA meeting where Harry was teaching the group to cast Patronuses, she was with Professor Umbridge, revealing information about the DA.

This allowed Umbridge to set her Inquisitorial Squad on the group and apprehend Harry escaping. Umbridge then called the Ministry of Magic Cornelius Fudge to the school to confront Dumbledore and secure Harry’s expulsion.

However, Umbridge could not rely on Marietta to provide further testimony. Hermione had cast a jinx on the piece of parchment that members of the DA signed. As a result, the word SNEAK appeared on Marietta’s face in pimples and pustules. When she saw her face in the mirror, she hid her face and would only speak through muffled hands.

While Umbridge was coaxing Marietta to speak to the Minister and simply nod in response to questions, the Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt, a secret member of the Order of the Phoenix who arrived with the Minister, cast a memory charm on her so that she could not provide any further information. This gave Dumbledore the opportunity to take responsibility for the group, save Harry, and make his escape from Hogwarts.

Marietta the SNEAK

The whole school knew that only Harry and Marietta had seen the incredible events in Dumbledore’s office that had left Dolores Umbridge the principal of Hogwarts. But Marietta could not tell anyone because of the memory charm. Madam Pomfrey was also unable to make any difference to the word SNEAK written on her face.

Cho tried to defend Marietta’s action to Harry. She acknowledged that she was wrong, but also recognized that she was in a difficult position because her mother works for the Ministry. Cho also thought that Hermione’s jinx on the parchment was a terrible trick. Harry disagreed, saying that the jinx was excellent and pointing out that Ron’s dad also works for the Ministry. This was the final straw as far as Harry and Cho’s romantic relationship was concerned.

On the Hogwarts Express on the way home, Marietta had to wrap her face in a balaclava. She sat with Cho and avoided Harry. When she returned to school the next year, she was using heavy makeup to try and cover the still visible word. She continued to be friends with Cho and avoid Harry.

Marietta Edgecombe Personality Type & Traits

Marietta is portrayed as a loyal friend to Cho Chang. She stood by her through her grief at losing Cedric Diggory in the Triwizard Tournament, and she attended DA meetings with Cho despite her reluctance. However, she seems to have had a weak character as far as her family and authority figures were concerned. They were able to convince her to betray the DA.

Marietta Edgecombe Zodiac Sign & Birthday

While we are not specifically told that Marietta is in the same year at Hogwarts as Cho, this is very likely as the two are almost always together. So, she was probably born in 1978/9, and started Hogwarts in 1990. We do not know her zodiac sign, but fans suggest that she may be a Libra.

Libras are intelligent like Ravenclaws and are also loyal friends. But they can be easily influenced by others and will sometimes do things that are out of character to gain attention or win respect, like we see Marietta do with Professor Umbridge.

What did Hermione do to Marietta Edgecombe?

Hermione put a jinx on the parchment that everyone who attended the DA signed. The purpose of the jinx was to reveal who betrayed the group if it was to happen. It was this jink that caused the word SNEAK to appear on Marietta’s face. While Madam Pomfrey was unable to reverse the jinx, and the words were still visible after the summer, they would have faded with time.

Did Umbridge use Veritaserum on Marietta?

It seems that Umbridge used pressure rather than Veritaserum to get Marietta to reveal the secrets of the DA. However, we do know that Umbridge used Veritaserum regularly. When she captured Harry using her fireplace to contact Grimmauld Place, she asked Snape to provide her with more Veritaserum. He expressed his surprise that she had already used the supply that she had given him, and noted that it would take considerable time to make more.

Was Marietta under the Imperius Curse?

Kingsley Shacklebolt cast a spell on Marietta to stop her from talking to Cornelius Fudge. But he did not use the Imperius Curse, and unforgivable curse, on the teenager, but rather a Memory Charm.

What happened to Marietta Edgecombe?

We do not know what happened to Marietta Edgecombe. Presumably, she finished school during Dumbledore’s final year as Headmaster, like Cho Chang. There is no evidence that she returned to Hogwarts to fight in the final battle, or what she did during or after the Second Wizarding War.