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Marjorie Dursley Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

Marjorie Dursley Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

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Marjorie “Marge” Dursley is the muggle sister of Vernon Dursley, making her a family relation by marriage of Harry Potter. A keen breeder of bulldogs, she hated Harry and did everything she could to make him miserable when she visited Privet Drive.

About Marjorie Dursley

BornPre 1961
Blood StatusMuggle
Zodiac SignTaurus (speculative)

Marge Dursley was a muggle born in Britain sometimes before the 1960s and had one brother, Vernon Dursley. Both Marge and Vernon have very old-fashioned ideas about what is right and disdained anything different. They also used bullying to control others. This probably reflects their shared upbringing.

As an adult, Marge went to live in the country where she raised bulldogs, she had at least 12. She seems to be quite wealthy as she holidayed often and always bought her nephew Dudley expensive gifts.

At some point in her life, she would live next door to a retired colonel called Fubster. While she fell in love with him, the feelings were unrequited. Nevertheless, he would often look after her dogs while she was away.

Marge Dursley at Privet Drive

Vernon appears to be Marge’s only brother and she would often visit him at Privet Drive. Their interactions suggest that Vernon is the younger of the pair as he is very accommodating of her needs and respectful of her opinions.

While there she would always shower Dudley with praise and gifts and abuse Harry. On Dudley’s fifth birthday she struck the four-year-old Harry in the shins to let Dudley win at musical statues. One year when she spent Christmas there, she bought Dudley a computerized robot and Harry a box of dog biscuits.

When Marge visited for Dudley’s tenth birthday, Harry accidentally stepped on the paw of her dog Ripper, who chased him up a tree. Marge refused to call the dog off until after midnight.

Marge Dursley criticizing Harry

Marge’s Incident at Privet Drive

Marge spent a week at Privet Drive with Vernon and his family in 1993. Dudley was on his best behavior thanks to a bit of bribery. Harry was also on his best behavior in exchange for his uncle signing his permission form to attend Hogsmeade weekends.

Harry agreed to maintain the façade that he was attending St Brutus’ Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys, since Marge knew nothing of the wizarding world. This gave Marge, who always disliked Harry, great delight.

I still don’t like your tone, boy. If you can speak of your beatings in that casual way, they clearly aren’t hitting you hard enough. Petunia, I’d write to them if I were you. Make it clear that you approve the use of extreme force in this boy’s case.

Marge Dursley, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry took Marge’s cruel taunts and belittling comments for the entire week without complaint. He pretended that he received the cane regularly to please her, as she said banning corporal punishment was namby pamby wishy washy nonsense. She would always compare Harry negatively to Dudley.

However, when Marge started insulting Harry’s parents on the third night, he could not take it any longer. He involuntarily made her wine glass explode in her hand. While the other Dursleys seemed to realize what was happening, Marge put this down to her firm grip.

Then again, on the final night, Marge decided to wax lyrical on Harry’s parents, taking things too far as she was drunk on copious amounts of wine and brandy.

Bad blood will out. I’m saying mothering against your family, Petunia, but your sister was a bad egg. They turn up in the best families. Then she ran off with a wastrel, and here’s the result right in front of us.

Marge Dursley, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Following her words, Harry lost control of his magic and blew her up like a balloon using a non-verbal inflating charm. Despite Vernon’s attempts to save her, she floated away.

Marge Dursley blown up by Harry

She was later deflated and her memory wiped by the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad from the Ministry of Magic. The Dursleys never invited Marge over again when Harry was present.

Fearing that he would be kicked out of school for underage magic, Harry fled to Diagon Alley in the Night Bus. There he encountered the Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge, who was happy to clear everything up as a misunderstanding. He was more worried that escaped prisoner Sirius Black was on Harry’s trail.

Marjorie Dursley Personality Type & Traits

Marge appears to be a wealthy woman with a sense of entitlement and arrogance. She shares her opinion as though it is fact and responds to challenges by speaking louder than the other person.

She has no scruples when it comes to bullying an orphaned boy in the care of her brother and speaking ill of his family in front of him. Marge also had no problem hurting Harry physically, even when he was as young as four.

She is self-indulgent and tends to over eat and drink, like her nephew Dudley. But she would deny this, claiming to simply have a healthy appetite.

These are all signs of a very unhappy person who is taking her unhappiness out on the world. Her fondness for animals suggests that she might struggle with human connections.

Marjorie Dursley Zodiac Sign & Birthday

Marge must be older than Lily and James Potter, so she must have been born pre-1960. She also seems to be Vernon’s older sister, so she could be quite a bit older. Fans speculate that her zodiac sign could be Taurus.

People born under Taurus tend to be very confident in their opinions and firm in their ideas, a trait that Marge shares. They also tend to prefer order to chaos.