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Minecraft 1.20.5 Update: Armadillos, Wolf Armor & More!

Minecraft 1.20.5 Update: Armadillos, Wolf Armor & More!

It’s no secret that Mojang brings about a massive update to Minecraft every 1-2 years. These significant updates bring about considerable changes to the games. The next one is Minecraft’s 1.21 update, which is planned to be released in 2024 and is currently unnamed. 

However, minor updates of the current Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales are constantly being introduced. Within these, the upcoming update 1.20.5 promises to bring significant changes, such as a brand new Mob, several new items, and bug fixes!

What is Minecraft Update 1.20.5?

Two Armadillo mobs standing in a Savanna biome

Minecraft 1.20.5 is an upcoming minor update to the game. The update will include new elements, such as the Armadillo mob. The game will also see newly added items such as Armadillo Scutes, Wolf Armor, and Armadillo Spawn Egg come into effect. 

Keeping up its tradition of introducing minor updates to the main game throughout the year, Mojang will introduce the update 1.20.5 shortly. No date has been announced for the update, apart from a vague “coming soon.” 

Nevertheless, it would be safe to assume that the update will be released within a month. The update is unusual as the content it plans to bring is seldom seen in minor updates. Introducing brand new mobs and associated items is generally more of a major update’s region – but we’re not complaining! 

Before we go into the depth of the new features to be introduced, it’s also interesting to note that Armadillo won the Mob Vote in Minecraft’s Live 2023. Mojang acting on the vote and finally presenting them to the game shows that the developers actively listen to the community and work on the changes suggested by the player base. 

New Additions in Minecraft 1.20.5

Here’s a rundown of all the new additions to be found within Minecraft’s update 1.20.5!

Armadillo Mob

The Armadillo is planned to be a Passive mob that will naturally spawn in Savanna biomes. Their spawn rate is designed to be the same as that of Chicken and Pigs. This means that that mob will be abundant in Savannas instead of being a rare sight. 

Armadillos will have 12 HP (equivalent to 6 Hearts) and drop absolutely nothing when killed! The mob drops loot such as Armadillo Scutes (explained later) periodically and when Brushed. The mob can be bred using Spider Eyes, so you can make your own Armadillo Farm quickly to obtain their produce! 

Moving on to its behavior, the new mob remains passive by default. Upon detecting a threat such as Undead Mobs, a sprinting player, or a player mounted/on a vehicle – the Armadillo ‘rolls up’ to protect itself. However, the mob will NOT roll up if fleeing, in water/air, or on a leash. 

It is still being determined if a rolled-up Armadillo will take less or no damage in contrast to its default state. For now, all we know is that a rolled-up Armadillo won’t be able to walk or eat and will not be tempted by food either! 

An Armadillo, in its rolled-up state, will continuously scan for the threats mentioned above in its surroundings for 60 seconds. If no threats are detected, the mob will un-roll and return to its default state. 

Armadillos can also be spawned through a new Armadillo Spawn Egg!

Wolf Armor

An Adult Wolf wearing Wolf Armor in a Savanna biome

Wolf Armor is designed to protect pet Wolf mobs from incoming damage. 

It can be crafted using 6 Armadillo Scutes and provides a protection level of 11 (5.5 Armor Points), the same as the protection offered by a Diamond Horse Armor! Only the owner of a Wolf will be allowed to equip or unequip Wolf Armor from the mob. 

Additionally, you can only equip an Adult Tamed Wolf with the armor. Interacting with your Wolf with the armor in hand will equip it. Using Shears on the Wolf will unequip it. These are currently the only two techniques of equipping and taking off Wolf Armor. 

Lastly, if a Wolf dies while wearing the armor, it will consequently be dropped. 

Armadillo Scutes

An Armadillo Scute is a loot item dropped by an Armadillo. The mobs drop them randomly from time to time or when they’re brushed. 

The exact period between, along with the quantity, of each Armadillo Scute drop is currently unknown and will probably change after experimental scrutiny. However, the drops are expected to occur at a similar rate to that of Chickens laying Eggs. If obtained through brushing, some Durability from the Brush will be lost (the amount is currently undisclosed).

On the Brushing front, you can also automate this process using Dispensers. Lastly, Armadillo Scutes can be used to create Wolf Armor, which, for now, is their only use in the game!

Generic Changes

Following is a list of some generic changes planned to be introduced in Minecraft 1.20.5.

  • The Scute item will be renamed to Turtle Scute.
  • Shulkers will not be able to destroy Armor Stands.
  • Llama Spits can no longer destroy Armor Stands.
  • The Armadillo mob will be required to unlock the ‘Two-by-Two’ achievement.
  • Breeding Armadillo’s will count towards ‘The Parrots and The Bats’ achievement. 
  • Trial Spawners will have the same loot as that in Trial Chambers.
  • New textures and sound effects added to the upcoming Breeze mobs. 
  • Changes to texture of Wind.
  • Minor bug fixes.