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Minecraft 1.20 Predictions and Rumors: Everything We Know (August 2022)

Minecraft 1.20 Predictions and Rumors: Everything We Know (August 2022)

Mojang is adamant as ever on focusing all its attention on Minecraft. They’ve delivered significant updates over the years, and the latest Wild Update was no exception. 

We’ve seen new Mobs, Biomes, Items, and massive content expansions introduced to the game.

Following the trend according to which Mojang has timed its releases, the 1.20 update should be right around the corner!

That said, today, we’ll be covering everything that has already been confirmed about the upcoming update, along with some speculations about the new additions that you’ll possibly see in the game!

All About the Minecraft 1.20 Update

The Minecraft 1.20 update currently has no official name or release date. Mojang has remained very closed about giving players any news about it.

However, a few things are likely to be a part of the update, which we’ll cover here!

Minecraft 1.20 Predicted Release Date

Since Mojang hasn’t sent out an official release date, this would only be speculation at this point.

Looking at historical trends, however, the 1.20 update will most likely be released in December 2022.

Mojang releases major updates of Minecraft every 8-16 months on average. These are usually split into two separate parts. 

This trend was seen again in the 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19 updates. Logic dictates that the 1.20 update should come out at the end of the year – so hold tight!

Naming Terminology

You might be wondering what this new update would be called. “Update 1.20” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “The Wild Update” or “Caves & Cliffs”; we’d much prefer the latter!

Mojang has remained quiet on naming Minecraft’s new update as of yet, but it will be called “The Wild Update Part II” in all likelihood. 

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, as mentioned before – Mojang tends to release major content updates in two separate parts. 

Both feature a set of same-themed additions to the game and can be considered sequels to one another.

Secondly, the Caves & Cliffs (Updates 1.17 and 1.18) also came out in two parts.

If Mojang remains faithful to this approach, which they’ve already done for the previous updates, we’ll see “The Wild Update Part II” soon enough.

It is worth noting that each update is named after the set of new content it brings. For example, the Caves & Cliffs got precisely that – massive updates to caves and cliffs. 

As such, if update 1.20 doesn’t follow the pattern of sequels, it’ll definitely be named after the content it brings along with it.

Developments & Bug Fixes

Consistent bug fixes and ensuring the game is in top working order are essential for the player base and developers. 

With pre-releases in version 1.19.1 of the game, a few bug fixes and other developments have been confirmed in the 1.20 update. These include:

  • Various bugs have been fixed, which caused the game to crash under several different conditions randomly.
  • The syntax of a handful of commands has been edited and changed. For example, the message and team message commands have been confirmed to be split into two separate in-going and out-going syntaxes.
  • Massive changes to the game’s Chat system, including its positioning, indicators, and coloring.
  • Bug fixes regarding tools being offset and general quality of life changes.
  • Changes to the experience drops of Sculk Sensors.

Speculated Content To Be Introduced in Minecraft 1.20

Content Most Likely To Be Introduced (Speculation)

Predicted New Mobs in Minecraft 1.20

This one is almost guaranteed. As we’ve mentioned in our mob’s article, adding new types of mobs to the game is right up Mojang’s alley.

Almost every single major update of the game has seen multiple mobs being added. 

In fact, the latest Wild Update (1.19) saw Frogs, Tadpoles, Allays, and the Warden being introduced to Minecraft. That’s four new mobs in a single update!

As such, get ready to make some new friends, or enemies possibly, in your Minecraft world.

Here are some of the mobs that you can possibly see in the 1.20 update.


Fireflies were initially expected to be introduced as a part of the 1.19 Wild Update, but Mojang removed them right before release as they were poisonous to the new Frog mob – whatever that means!

So essentially, Mojang had to remove the fully designed and coded Fireflies from the update because they were in confrontation with another mob. 

We’re willing to bet the developers won’t be eager to throw all their effort into this new mob down the drain like that!

Rest assured, we’ll likely see Fireflies in update 1.20 with a bug fix to the Frog problem.


Vultures were a possible option in the Biome Vote 2019.

Although they didn’t end up being a part of the consequent updates – there’s strong reason to believe they might make their debut in update 1.20.

Firstly, Minecraft lacks hostile airborne mobs, if we’re honest (apologies to the Ender Dragon!).

There isn’t much to count on other than the Phantom mob. Mojang might be looking to spice things up in the air with a few of these treacherous adversaries.

Secondly, Vultures were already a part of the Biome Vote 2019, as we previously mentioned.

This shows that Mojang has already discussed the idea of them being a part of the game!

Lastly, think of where the mob might be added if it becomes a part of the game. It’ll definitely be a part of the Badlands and Mesa biomes! 

These are relatively new biomes and lack the possibilities they provide for adventure.

Adding a new mob to them would be a perfect decision to increase their popularity! 


This one is a bit less likely than the other two, but it’s still possible. Giants have long been present in Minecraft – they’ve just never been used. 

Mojang coded the mob and planned on adding it but never got around to doing it for some reason.

In the simplest terms, Giants are like a huge variant of the regular zombie mob.

Since they’re an unofficial part of the game just sitting there ready to be implemented, it’s possible that Mojang might finally add the mob to the game in the 1.20 update!

Predicted New Biomes in Minecraft 1.20

New Biomes Minecraft 1.20 (Speculated)

Mojang jumps at any chances of adding newer biomes in the game – and we’re not complaining! 

Almost every recent major update to the game has brought new biomes, or massive revamps to older ones.

Even the latest version (1.19) saw the addition of the Deep Dark and the Mangrove Swamp!

Usually, Mojang lets the players decide what biomes to add. For example, they took the inspiration for adding newer biomes to the game in the Caves & Cliffs update from a vote conducted in Minecraft Live 2019.

They’ll probably do this again in Minecraft Live 2022 and work on adding the biome the player base decides to vote for.

Revamped Badlands

In the case of revamping an existing biome – Badlands would be at the top of the list. 

Badlands and Mangrove Swamp lost to Mountains in the Biome Vote 2019. Mountains were then worked on in the Caves & Cliffs update.

However, Mojang also introduced the Mangrove Swamp as a new biome in the 1.19 Wild Update – even though it lost.

That leaves Badlands as the current odd one out, and as such, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say we might just see some work on the biome in the 1.20 update.

Plus, this would go along perfectly with adding Vultures since they’ll naturally spawn in the Badlands biome too!

Adding new biomes or massive edits to existing ones will likely be a huge part of Minecraft’s 1.20 update.

Predicted New Items, Features & Changes in Minecraft 1.20

Of course, with each update, we anticipate newer items and extra features to the game – and update 1.20 is no exception.

However, some things, in particular, are likely to make their debut in the next update. Let’s check these out.


Bundles are a highly anticipated item first announced by Mojang during Minecraft Live 2020.

A bundle is a single item that allows you to hold stacks of multiple items within it. They act as a sort of chest that you can carry around in your inventory!

This is a handy thing to have in the game, but unfortunately – it was never officially added.

They were supposed to be a part of the Caves & Cliffs update but are currently only available in the game by using commands. 

Since Bundles have been teased by Mojang for a while now and haven’t been added two updates after they were intended – it’s possible that they’ll be rolled out in update 1.20.

Village Updates

Village Updates Minecraft 1.20 (Speculated)

If you’re a Minecraft veteran, you’ll have noticed a couple of inconsistencies in Minecraft’s current Village system.

If you’re unaware, Minecraft has a unique Village system set for each of its different biomes. The theme of the Village and its inhabitants change from biome to biome.

Now here’s the weird part – the Meadow biome does not have a Village exclusive to it. Instead, you’ll find Plains Villages in the Meadows biomes as well.

Additionally, Village structures never spawn inside Swamp and Jungle biomes, even though some Villagers generate with both these themes in the game!

We think Mojang might finally address these inconsistencies in the next major update.

Fletching Table Changes

Fletching Table Changes

The Fletching Table is a utility block that acts as the Job Site Block for the Fletcher Villager.

Other Job Site Blocks in the game have at least one use other than acting as the Job Site Block for a villager. This feature is lost in the Fletching Table. 

Since this is the only utility block with no other use except for acting as a Job Site Block – Mojang will likely introduce more benefits to the Fletching Table in the next update.

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The Archaeology System

Archaeology was a new feature in Minecraft that was announced in Minecraft Live 2020.

It was set to be released in the Caves & Cliffs update, which obviously – did not happen.

This system was going to introduce archaeological sites similar to real-life ones that players could find and explore worldwide. 

A new tool called a Brush was also to be introduced, enabling you to dig for treasures buried underneath the earth’s surface. 

Later, Mojang announced that the release of the Archaeology system would be postponed as it required further development to be fully polished and added to the game. 

Features such as the Warden, and the Deep Dark, which were previously announced to be postponed in the Caves & Cliffs update, were ultimately added to the 1.19 Wild Update. 

This indicates that Mojang might be looking forward to adding the Archaeology system to the next update, provided it has fully completed its development process.

Additions to Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities are a huge attraction of the Wild Update.

Infested with Sculk, Shriekers, Sensors, Warden, and highly overpowered loot make for a perfect escape for the hardcore players.

The only con these Ancient Cities have right now is that the huge Portal they contain has no apparent use.

It’s a giant structure of reinforced Deep Slate just sitting there.

These structures’ layout and construction are similar to other portals in the game, such as the End Portal, which shifts you to another dimension.

Additionally, its building blocks, like other portals, are impossible to obtain in a typical survival world. 

Keeping these things in view, these structures fully fit the description of portals used in the game to teleport to other dimensions – yet they don’t serve this purpose.

These structures may be given some use other than just visual appeal in the 1.20 update.

(To be fair, it makes sense that these weren’t introduced as portals to a newer dimension in the Wild Update as it already had many gameplay changes packed within it).

Changes to Diamond Spawn/Ore Distribution

Changes to Diamond Spawn/Ore Distribution  Minecraft 1.20 (Speculated)

Ever since the new Ore distribution system was introduced in update 1.18, the spawn conditions and rates of Diamonds have been massively changed.

Diamonds are essential in Minecraft, whether it’s to show off your riches, make valuable tools, or enhance your cosmetic appeal. 

Under the new Ore Distribution, Diamonds became even rarer than they were, and their spawn conditions became much more stringent. 

As expected, this caused a massive uproar in the Minecraft community.

Many players complained about not finding any Diamonds even after hours and hours of cave exploration.

With such a huge outcry, we can expect Mojang to make some balance changes to the current ore system in the game – or at least to the spawning conditions of Diamonds.

Seeing this happen won’t be too out of the blue because the Ore Distribution system has only recently been introduced.

As such, balance changes and maintenance are expected anyway – it might as well happen in the 1.20 update!

Warden Fixes

Warden Fixes Minecraft 1.20 (Speculated)

The Warden in the current state is a colossus. He has exceptionally high health points and causes massive damage with both melee and ranged possibilities. 

If that wasn’t enough, his attacks also have a short cooldown period, ensuring he can keep on his onslaught no matter what happens. 

Boasting all these things – the Warden seems to be just a tad bit broken right now.

Of course, he was added in the latest update, so there was always going to be a development curve with him, but that’s over now as we prepare for Minecraft’s next major update.

Seeing many players struggling to cope with his high attributes and aggressive nature, Mojang might tone things down and nerf the Warden. 

Another thing to discuss is his item drops. If you defeat the Warden, you’ll notice that he only drops a Sculk Catalyst and some experience points.

This is a terrible reward for slaying a creature of his stature. 

This could be because Mojang probably intended players to try and sneak away from the Warden rather than fight him. 

Regardless of the reason, such a drop from him is criminal.

With that in mind, it’s a genuine possibility for Mojang to listen to its fanbase and increase the rewards you get for fighting this big guy – even if it’s out of pity!

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