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Minecraft Movie Release Date & Everything we Know so Far

Minecraft Movie Release Date & Everything we Know so Far

For years, Minecraft enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated a film adaptation of their beloved game. The rich lore and boundless adventures make Minecraft a fitting candidate for the big screen.

While we’ve seen a few Minecraft-inspired projects, such as Netflix’s special Minecraft: Story Mode and its accompanying video game, these stuck to the game’s iconic blocky visuals. Now, Mojang is venturing into new territory with Minecraft: The Movie, their first live-action adaptation.

This is an exciting prospect that fans have eagerly anticipated since whispers of a movie first emerged in 2014. However, several questions remain.

Why has it taken so long for the movie to materialize? And when can fans expect the Minecraft Movie to be released? Let’s delve into the details.

Minecraft Movie Release Date

The Minecraft movie is currently slated to be released on April 4, 2025. It has been delayed a few times, but it is currently on track for this release date.

On February 27th 2014, the creator of Minecraft (Notch, aka Markus Alexej Persson) confirmed the plan to create a Minecraft movie.

He addressed the rumors in a Tweet, saying he ‘wanted to be the leak!’ 

In the same Tweet, Notch confirmed that he was working on a ‘potential Minecraft Movie’ in partnership with Warner Brothers. Though there have been numerous release dates and subsequent delays since 2014, the 2025 release date looks much more certain.

What Will the Minecraft Movie be About?

Given the highly adaptable nature of the Minecraft universe, plot details of the upcoming Minecraft movie remain as elusive as an Enderman in the night. Various renditions of the project have emerged over time, leaving fans curious about which elements, if any, will be incorporated into the final film.

In an April 2019 blog post, Mojang revealed the plot for Minecraft: The Movie. It centers on a teenage girl and a band of adventurers who must save the blocky Overworld from the nefarious Ender Dragon, lest their world be destroyed.

Minecraft Ender Dragon
Minecraft’s Ender Dragon

The plot disclosed in Mojang’s 2019 blog post was conceived when Peter Sollett was the designated director and writer. Now, the film’s direction has passed to Jared Hess, with Hubbel Palmer and Chris Bowman as screenwriters. Yet, there hasn’t been any news suggesting a shift in the central plot.

Despite the game’s inherent lack of a linear narrative, it features distinctive locales that might be showcased in the movie. These include The Nether, a perilous, hellish dimension, and The End, an archipelago of floating islands protected by the formidable Ender Dragon.

The game also hosts a roster of iconic adversaries, such as Creepers and Endermen, which the movie could leverage for instant recognition and thrilling encounters.

While we wait for more details to emerge, we can only speculate and hope that the movie will encapsulate the game’s distinctive essence and do justice to its myriad classic elements.

What Characters and Cast Will be in the Minecraft Movie?

In a thrilling reveal in April 2022, it was announced that Hollywood star Jason Momoa, known for his roles as Aquaman in the DCEU and the formidable antagonist in Fast X, is set to be the lead actor in the Minecraft movie.

While the details regarding his character are still kept under wraps, there’s speculation that Momoa might be stepping into the blocky shoes of ‘Steve,’ the default male avatar that’s widely recognized by Minecraft players. The default female avatar is known as ‘Alex,’ but as of now, there’s no word on who will be playing her.

Steve and Alex
Steve and Alex

Adding more anticipation, Matt Berry, celebrated for his role in the comedy series What We Do in the Shadows, joined the cast in May 2023. Berry’s character remains a mystery, further heightening the excitement and speculation among fans about his potential role.

Notably, there were previous reports in 2016 suggesting Steve Carell as part of the Minecraft movie cast. However, these turned out to be outdated as the film underwent significant reworks, leading to Carell’s departure from the project. Known for his roles in The Office and Despicable Me, Carell is no longer believed to be attached to the movie.

Who is Directing the Minecraft Movie?

The Minecraft movie is being directed by Jared Hess, who is known for directing the films Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. Hess is a quirky and creative filmmaker who is known for his offbeat humor and his ability to create memorable characters. He is a good fit for the Minecraft movie, as he is able to capture the creativity and imagination of the video game.

Jared Hess was announced as the director of the Minecraft movie in April 2022. He will be working from a screenplay by Chris Bowman and Hubbel Palmer, who previously worked with Hess on the 2016 heist comedy film Masterminds.

When and Where is the Minecraft Movie Filming?

According to Production List, filming for the Minecraft movie is set to begin on August 7, 2023, in New Zealand.

Why Was the Minecraft Movie Delayed? 

The development of the Minecraft movie has been marked by continuous shakeups, revisions, and unforeseen circumstances that have led to significant delays in its release. The initial stages saw Shawn Levy, known for films like Night at the Museum and The Adam Project, appointed to direct the movie, with a script by Kieran and Michele Mulroney.

However, citing “creative differences” with Mojang, the creators of the game, this team left the project in 2014. Levy had envisioned the movie as an adventure film with a Goonies-like vibe.

In the ensuing years, the film was set to be directed by Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame. The movie, as described by producer Roy Lee, was going to explore the concept of player agency within the digital open-world of Minecraft.

However, with a change in studio leadership, from Greg Silverman to Toby Emmerich, McElhenney’s version of the project no longer aligned with the new studio vision, leading to his exit from the project.

Following this, the movie underwent another transformation in 2018 when Adam and Aaron Nee were brought on board to rewrite the script. The following year, Peter Sollett took up the director’s mantle, intending to focus the narrative on a female protagonist battling an Ender Dragon.

Shortly after, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Allison Schroeder took over scripting duties from the Nee Brothers.

The movie’s progression then encountered an unforeseen halt with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, leading to the pause of production and further delaying the release.

In the latest development, Jared Hess, renowned for his work on Napoleon Dynamite, was announced as the director. Despite the long and tumultuous journey, the team behind the Minecraft movie remains dedicated to bringing the much-loved game to the big screen, albeit later than initially planned.

Will the Minecraft Movie Be Faithful to the Video Game?

The Minecraft movie is likely to be faithful to the spirit of the video game, but it may not be a 1:1 adaptation. The filmmakers have said that they want to make a movie that appeals to fans of all ages. However, they also want to stay true to the game’s unique elements, so it is likely that the movie will retain some of the game’s blocky world and creative gameplay.

The filmmakers have also said that they want to use the movie to explore some of the deeper themes of the video game. For example, the video game often explores the nature of creativity and imagination. The movie may use these themes to tell a story that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Ultimately, it is up to the filmmakers to decide how faithful the Minecraft movie will be to the video game. However, it is clear that they are committed to making a movie that is both enjoyable for fans of the game and accessible to a wider audience.