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60 Most Popular Female Naruto Characters Ranked

60 Most Popular Female Naruto Characters Ranked

Naruto is a legendary anime, loved by countless people worldwide for various reasons.

The biggest reason Naruto is still popular even amongst the younger generation is due to the fantastic cast of characters.

The anime does an outstanding job of introducing new characters and displaying their growth in extraordinary ways.

The female cast of Naruto is definitely one of the best among the most popular anime.

There are numerous female characters in the show, and each one is unique and special in their own way.

This article will share the 60 most popular female characters of Naruto from all seasons and movies.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

60. Fuki

ZodiacAries (Estimated)
Age12 (Part I)
Height128 cm (Estimated)

At the bottom of the list is Fuki, a student at the academy in the Konoha Village.

The infamous Fuki is well-known in the community as an evil bully. Additionally, she frequently appears in the flashbacks of the main cast, along with her friend Ami.

What’s more, Fuki and her friends always pick on Sakura for her large forehead. She is also amongst the girls who are in love with Sasuke Uchiha.

59. Kaede

ZodiacCancer (Estimated)
Age8 years (Estimated)
Height129 cm (Estimated)

Next is Kaede, a kunoichi of the Konoha Village who appears in the anime and the movie “The Last: Naruto the Movie”.

Kaede plays a trivial role in the anime but immediately catches the eyes of the fans.

As Naruto becomes the Hero of the Village, Kaede and her friends fall in love with him.

Moreover, she starts flirting with him, ignoring her own responsibilities and missions.

In short, the young Kunoichi is popular in the fandom for not-so-good reasons.

58. Sara

ZodiacLeo (Estimated)
Height160 cm (Estimated)
JutsuRyūmyaku Chakra Control

The former queen of Roran, Sara, is quite popular in the Narutoverse for her beauty and personality.

Even as a child, Sara is well-aware of her duties as the future Queen of Roran and tries her best to protect the city, which is her mother’s treasure.

Undoubtedly, her brave personality and her unwavering nature make her an exceptional Queen.

Furthermore, Sara’s singing abilities also touched the hearts of many fans.

57. Suiren

Height152 cm (Part I)
JutsuSenbon Shower, Sensing Technique, Water Release: Hiding in Drizzle Technique

Next is a Kunoichi from Amegakure, Suiren, a loyal teammate of Fuyo and Ajisai.

As a side character, Suiren only appears for a short while but keeps fans at the edge of their seat.

The Kunoichi’s sensory abilities, along with her intelligence, made it easy for her to advance in the Chunin exams of the Konoha Village.

The display of her skills in the anime and how she communicates with her teammates during the exam is quite interesting for fans.

56. Hinoko

ZodiacSaggitarius (Estimated)
Age14 years
Height152 cm (Estimated)
JutsuChakra Needle Technique

Hinoko, also known as Soku, is a notable Anbu of the Konoha Village.

The young Anbu is quite witty, creating her own signature technique while she is a student at the academy.

Hinoko created the Chakra Needle Technique, a powerful method that also helped her become an Anbu later.

In short, her witty nature with a hint of tomboyishness makes her incredibly popular in the fandom.

55. Shiho

BirthdayJune 18
Age17 years (Part II)
Height164 cm (Part II)

At the 55th spot is Shiho, a remarkable Kunoichi from the Konoha Village.

Shiho is an intelligent girl working in the Cryptanalysis team of Konohagakure.

Admittedly, she plays a vital role in decrypting the message of Jiraya after his death.

Shiho’s intelligence, combined with her playful personality, makes her popular with fans.

Furthermore, she develops feelings for Shikamaru, making her character in the anime even more interesting.

54. Amaru

ZodiacCapricorn (Estimated)
Age15 years (Part II)
Height159 cm (Part II)

Amaru of the Land of Fire appears in the movie “Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds”. She is an orphan and lost her parents at a very young age.

The poor girl went through a lot as she had a strange illness, and most people shunned her for it.

Amaru was always alone, but the great doctor, Shinno, treated her illness and showed her kindness. Therefore, she also decided to become a doctor and followed in his footsteps.

Amaru’s character development is a treat to watch in the anime, making her well-known in the community.

53. Sari

Age15 years (Part II)
Height166 cm (Estimated)

Sari, a close friend of Matsuri, is a noteworthy Genin from Sunagakure.

The Kunoichi makes numerous appearances with Matsuri in the anime and comes to Gaara’s aid when the Akatsuki captures him.

As a side character, Sari is barely visible in some of the scenes, but she still managed to leave an impact on fans.

She’s the kind of Kunoichi that Gaara remembers and some of the fans do as well.

52. Miina

ZodiacCancer (Estimated)
Age5 years (Part II)

At the 52nd spot on the list is Miina, an absolutely adorable child that is impossible not to love.

For the short time she is in the anime, Miina’s shy and playful personality is a breath of fresh air for fans.

Undeniably, her love for the sensei and her brother Leo touched the hearts of many.

Moreover, she possesses some fascinating skills like Clairvoyance and is very brave for her age.

51. Koharu Utatane

BirthdaySeptember 1
Age68 years ( Part I), 72 – 73 years (Part II)
Height153 cm (Part I & II)
JutsuObject Extraction Technique

Next is a legendary woman who was once a part of Team Tobirama, Koharu Utatane.

Koharu is an incredibly responsible and stern Kunoichi, always keeping the best interests of the Village in her mind.

She chooses every action carefully, taking note of what would be the best choice for her Village.

At times she supported Danzo but also knew when to confront him for his wrongdoings.

Overall, Koharu is a badass woman and admirable to many fans.

50. Mebuki Haruno

Mebuki Haruno
ZodiacSaggitarius (Estimated)
Height172.5 cm (Part II)
JutsuFrying Pan Attack

Sakura Haruno’s mother, Mebuki Haruno, had no trouble making her place in the anime.

She is a remarkable Kunoichi of the Konoha Village and is also a member of the Allied Mothers Force.

Like most of the mothers in the series, Mebuki has very little screen time, but each one is super entertaining for fans.

Additionally, Mebuki excels in taijutsu, which also explains Sakura’s extraordinary strength.

Overall, she’s a kind and caring lady, well-known in the Naruto Fandom.

49. Suzume

BirthdayOctober 19
Age31 years (Part I)
Height165.6 cm (Part I)

Next is Suzume, a Kunoichi of the Konoha Village.

Suzume is barely seen in the anime, but the show’s original fans know her well.

Moreover, she is a Chunin and plays a critical role in teaching Kunoichis at the academy.

Suzume primarily trained Ino and Sakura in hiding their identity as Kunoichi.

Additionally, her unique personality and curly hair set her apart from most and make her interesting to fans.

48. Naho

ZodiacCancer (Estimated)
Height130 cm (Estimated)

Naho of the Land of Fire stole the hearts of many fans with her first appearance in the anime.

The young girl is absolutely too adorable to miss and left a good impression on the whole fandom with just minimum screen time.

Like many girls, Naho falls for Sasuke and is terribly infatuated with him when he saves her. However, once she sees his cold side, Naho gets scared of him.

Admittedly, there isn’t much to her story, but her kind heart makes up for it in the best way.

47. Haruna

ZodiacVirgo (Estimated)
Height152 cm (Estimated)

The beautiful Daimyo of the Land of the Vegetables, Haruna, is one of a kind.

The poor girl went through a lot as a child due to her strict father.

Moreover, Haruna was kept as a hostage and was constantly under surveillance.

The terrible past had adverse effects on her, making her a cold-hearted and cruel person.

However, her past shows fans that she is incredibly hurt and confused by all that happens to her and is not actually a bad person.

Additionally, Haruna is a pretty smart girl and a good strategist as well.

46. Hanare

Age27 years (Part I)
Height168 cm (Estimated)
JutsuEye Mind Reading

Hanare of the Jomae Village has a standard of her own regarding attractiveness and skills.

The Kunoichi from the Land of Keys got incredibly famous in the fandom due to her interaction with Kakashi.

In a flashback, Kakashi is shown carrying Hanare on his back which helps her feel better.

Most fans start speculating that she is Kakashi’s love Interest, but it’s quite the other way around as Hanare falls in love with him.

Additionally, the two accidentally kissed, making Hanare even more popular amongst the fans.

45. Matsuri

Age17 years (Part II)
Height158 cm (Part II)
JutsuCertain-Kill Treasured Tool Meteor

Up next is a Genin from Sunagakure, Matsuri, who is teamed up with Mikoshi and Yukata in the anime.

Matsuri has quite a rough past as the poor girl witnessed the murder of her parents.

Since then, she’s incredibly reluctant to use violence or any kind of weapon.

However, under Gaara’s tutelage, Matsuri becomes much more confident and bold and begins to use weapons as well.

Undeniably, her journey is admirable for many fans, making her a popular female side character in the Naruto fandom.

44. Isaribi

Age12 years (Estimated)
Height146 cm (Estimated)
JutsuKaima Form, Water Release: Large Projectile

Isaribi of the Land of the Sea is an interesting character with a tragic past.

The poor girl is mistreated in the anime and is used by Amachi, who worked under Orochimaru.

Many experiments are performed on her to share the ability to breathe underwater with other Shinobis.

The poor treatment by the villagers and Amachi made Isaribi quite cynical and rude.

However, since the fans know her background, most have come to care for her deeply.

43. Ameno

ZodiacCapricorn (Estimated)
Height162 cm (Part I)
JutsuMedical Water Release: Jellyfish, Medical Water Release: Water Mosquito, Medical Water Release: Water Scorpion, Mystical Palm Technique

Ameno of Sunagakure is a noteworthy medical ninja and a teammate of Shishio and Koji.

Her capabilities as a medical ninja are excellent, as she can quickly heal her target in a matter of seconds.

What’s more, Ameno is very polite and caring towards everyone, yet also serious where required.

Undeniably, her calm nature and remarkable skills add to her charm as a kunoichi and make her famous amongst the fans.

42. Fūka

ZodiacTaurus (Estimated)
Height173 cm
JutsuColour Course Change, Earth Release: Hiding in Rock Technique, Earth Release: Rock Pillar Spears, Execution by Kiss, Earth Release: Mud Spore, Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique, Hair Binding Technique, Hiding with Camouflage Technique, Lightning Release:, Electromagnetic Murder, Lightning Release: Lightning Rod, Temporary Paralysis Technique, Water Release: Snake’s Mouth, Water Release: Stormy Blockade, Wind Release: Spiralling Wind Ball, Wind Release: Flower Scattering Dance

Next is Fūka, a stunning Kunoichi whose beauty attracted everyone in the anime and the fandom.

In the anime, Fūka is introduced with a group of grave robbers responsible for stealing four of the corpses of the Twelver Guardian Ninja.

Although Fūka played quite a horrifying role here, her elegance and methods enchanted all the fans, significantly raising her popularity.

Moreover, she’s well aware of her strength, using it to her benefit by killing her opponents.

41. Kazamatsuri Moegi

Kazamatsuri Moegi
BirthdayJune 8
Age8 years (Part I), 12 years (Part II)
Height121.8 cm (Part I), 139 cm (Part II)
JutsuBouncy Bouncy Technique, Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall, Earth Release: Gravel, Sexy Technique, Water Release: Water Hail

Kazamatsuri Moegi, a Kunoichi of the Konoha Village, is adored by the whole Naruto fandom.

Admittedly, Moegi’s growth as a strong Kunoichi is shown throughout the Naruto series and in Boruto as well.

Even as a Genin, Moegi’s strength is unmatched, as her punches made Konohamaru fall a few meters away.

Overall, Moegi grew up to be an outstanding Kunoichi and a great role model for the young girls in the Narutoverse.

40. Shizuka

ZodiacCancer (Estimated)
Height168 cm (Part II)
JutsuDance Performance: Second Step, Nadeshiko-Style Deep Crimson Dance Performance, Nadeshiko-Style Hardliner Gale Fist, Nadeshiko-Style Hardliner Revolving Cut, Violent Whirlwind

Let’s talk about Shizuka, the Kunoichi and leader of the Nadeshiko Village.

Shizuka became the talk of the town due to her exceptional capabilities and the strange law of her Village.

According to the law, Shizuka has to marry the student of Jiraya, who manages to defeat her.

Additionally, the young Kunoichi has defeated countless foes and almost took down Naruto as well if it weren’t for his quick thinking.

Shizuka’s fight with Naruto is one of a kind in the anime, which significantly raised her popularity in the fandom.

39. Yugao Uzuki

Yugao Uzuki
BirthdayNovember 3
Age22 years (Part I)
Height169.2 cm (Part I)
JutsuDance of the Crescent Moon, Enclosing Technique, Hazy Moon Night, Sensing Technique, Shadow Clone Technique

Next is Yugao Uzuki, a renowned Anbu of the Konoha Village. The beautiful Anbu member appears quite a few times in the anime, from childhood to adulthood.

Fans feel especially connected to her as they witnessed a significant portion of her life. Yugao is skilled in Kenjutsu and has worked under Kakashi for quite a few years.

She also investigated the downfall of the Uchihas and discovered Sasuke as the only survivor of the massacre.

Additionally, the poor girl had given up on combat after the death of her lover, Hayato.

However, being the strong independent lady she is, Yugao got back up on her own two feet and continued to perform her duties as the captain of Anbu.

38. Natsuhi

JutsuMysterious Peacock Method

Natsuhi is a Jonin of the Hoshigakure Village and an incredibly competent Kunoichi.

As a Jonin, Natsuhi also participated in the star training with her husband.

Additionally, she is so strong that she passed the training and didn’t get affected by the negative impact of the Star.

Her strength and powers are unmatched, making her attractive to the Naruto Fandom.

What’s more, Natsuhi tries to protect the Village after her husband’s death, and the Third Hoshikage admires her abilities too.

37. Tsuchi Kin

tsuchi kin
BirthdayJuly 6
Age14 years (Part I)
Height150 cm (Part I)
JutsuBell Ring Genjutsu, Shadow Senbon

Next is the Kunoichi from Otogakure and also a ember of Team Dosu, Kin Tsuchi.

Kin first appears in the Chunin Exams to test and observe Sasuke’s abilities. Furthermore, the Kunoichi came with the other members under the direct orders of Orochimaru.

Kin’s outstanding capabilities make her an incredibly tough opponent, even for Shikamaru.

Admittedly, most fans liked her for her bold attitude and the comments she made on Sakura.

However, Kin tends to be a bit overconfident, leading to her demise in the anime.

36. Ameyuri Ringo

Ameyuri Ringo
BirthdayJune 7
Height143.5 cm (Part II)
JutsuLightning Release: Depth Charge, Lightning Release: Lightning Fang, Lightning Release: Thunder Gate, Silent Killing, Thunderswords Technique: Thunderbolt

Ameyuri Ringo of the Kirigakure Village is as powerful and fearsome as she looks.

The incredibly skilled Kunoichi is quite merciless towards her opponents, making her popular amongst the fans.

Ameyuri is famous for never missing her prey and pursuing them till they die.

Additionally, she was one of the previous generation’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

Her position in the anime and capabilities make her famous in the fandom.

35. Princess Chiyo

Princess Chiyo
ZodiacAries (Estimated)
Age12 – 13 years (Estimated)
Height143 cm (Estimated)

Next is the princess of the Land of This and the daughter of the daimyo, Chiyo.

Princess Chiyo is quite witty and intelligent, noticing the most minor details in her surroundings.

She was quickly able to tell when Naruto was disguised as Shu.

Moreover, she’s skilled and brave, even threatening Naruto with a weapon on his neck to reveal his identity.

Princess Chiyo’s memorable personality made her quite famous in the community.

34. Sasame Fuma

Sasame Fuma
Age13 years (Estimated)
Height138 cm (Part I)

The Kunoichi of the Fuma Clan, Sasame Fuma, leaves a massive impact on fans with her first appearance in the anime.

Sasame meets the main characters, Naruto, Sakura and Jiraya in the Land of Rice Paddies as they are on a mission to look for Sasuke.

Orochimaru took the young Kunoichi’s cousins, and she decided to use Naruto and others to get them back.

However, she later joins forces with them to return her clan to their former glory.

Moreover, Sasame’s relentless efforts for her clan and loyalty make her a loveable character.

33. Hotaru

BirthdayAugust 20
Age17 years
Height153 cm (Part II)
JutsuWater Release: Wild Water Wave

Next is Hotaru, a member of the Tsuchigumo clan and a Kunoichi from Tschigumo Village.

Hotaru’s filler arc in the anime is one of the most entertaining arcs, raising her popularity among fans.

Admittedly, she’s an incredibly determined young woman, willing to put in the extra effort for her training with Utakata.

What’s more, she possesses a natural talent and learned chakra control in a brief period.

Hotaru’s relentless efforts and beautiful bond with Utakata made her a fan favorite character in the show.

32. Samui

BirthdayJanuary 7
Age29 years (Part II)
Height168 cm (Part II)

Samui is a Jonin and a kunoichi from Kumogakure, wielding great strength.

The woman is quite mature as a person and mostly quiet in the anime.

Her astounding beauty and curvy figure made her quite famous in the Naruto fandom.

As a character, she’s pretty interesting in her own way and is quite strong as well.

Moreover, Samui displays incredible competence in Kenjutsu and uses Kanto in most of her battles.

She’s a decent character who appears from time to time in the anime and also took part in the Fourth Shinobi war.

31. Naori Uchiha

Naori Uchiha
ZodiacPisces (Estimated)
Height166 cm (Part II)

Naori Uchiha is a noteworthy Kunoichi from Konohagakure and played a small role in the series.

The Uchihas have their own charm, and it’s almost impossible not to find them attractive in the anime.

Many fans like Naori due to her fantastic set of skills and calming personality.

The young Uchiha displays excellent skill in Kenjutsu and is one of the few who are capable of using Izanami.

What’s more, Naori also awakened her Mangekyou Sharingan, which made her even more attractive to fans.

30. Kurotsuchi

BirthdaySeptember 6
Age18 years (Part II)
Height163.6 cm (Part II)
JutsuEarth Release: Earth Flow Spears, Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique, Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique, Earth Release: Opening Earth Rising Excavation, Earth Release: Rock Shelter, Lava Release: Ash Stone Seal Technique, Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique, Water Release: Water Trumpet

On the 30th spot is the grandaughter of Third Tsuchikage and a Kunoichi of Iwagakure, Kurotsuchi.

The young Kunoichi is very much like the lovable Tsuchikage, Onoki.

Her audacious personality and great confidence in her skills make her quite charming.

Additionally, she displays incredible strength in the fourth shinobi war, effectively tackling thousands of Zetsu.

The fact that she is such a strong Kunoichi helped her become the Fourth Tsuchikage years later.

Overall, she’s quite an interesting character and not the kind that anyone can ignore.

29. Yugito Nii

Yugito Nii
BirthdayJuly 24
Age29 years (Part II)
Height170.2 cm (Part II)
JutsuCat Claw, Cat Flame Roaring Fire, Claw Creation Technique, Flying Claw, Great Cat, Claw Attack, Mouse Hairball

Next is the Jinchuriki of Two-Tails and a Jonin from Kumogakure, Yugito Nii.

The Kunoichi is in a league of her own and is an extraordinarily courageous and confident woman.

As a Jinchurki, her skills are unmatched, and even the renowned Killer B looked up to her.

Yugito is an intelligent woman and displays her strategic skills when she effortlessly leads the Akatsuki into a trap.

Moreover, her battle prowess and exceptional control over Matatabi make her an admirable character for the whole fandom.

28. Ayame

BirthdayFebruary 14
Age17 years (Part I)
Height160 cm (Part I)

Ayame of Konohagakure is a waitress at the most popular restaurant of the Naruto series, Ramen Ichirak.

Admittedly, Ayame gets all the fame in the fandom due to the importance of the restaurant in the anime.

However, she is incredible in many ways, showing a cheerful personality always.

She’s one of the very few people who never saw Naruto as a dangerous kid due to Kurama.

Moreover, Ayame is a hard-working and kind woman, making her character extremely loveable to fans.

27. Ruka

ZodiacCapricorn (Estimated)
Height160 cm (Estimated)
JutsuWater Release: Water Formation Wall

Ruka is a Kunoichi of Kirigakure who makes her first appearance during the Fourth Shinobi War.

Although Ruka wasn’t a central character in the anime, she still caught the eyes of many fans due to her fiercely loyal nature.

Additionally, the young Kunoichi was ready to put her life on the line for her leader, Monga, without any second thought.

Therefore, she even put up a great fight against the reincarnated Pakura.

Overall, Ruka is a decent character and is liked by many fans.

26. Mito Uzumaki

Mito Uzumaki
BirthdayMay 3
Height169.3 cm (Part II)
JutsuNegative Emotions Sensing

For various reasons, Mito Uzumaki is one of the most respected Kunoichi from Uzushigokaure.

Her graceful aura and responsible nature make her a pretty charming character.

Mito migrated to Konohagakure and married the very first Hokage, Hashirama Senju.

What’s more, she took it upon herself to become the first Jinchurki of the Nine-Tails as well.

During her lifetime, Mito also shows excellent care towards Hashirama and the Village.

Undeniably, her calm, gentle and loving nature can makes everyone fall in love with her.

25. Guren

ZodiacAries (Estimated)
Height168 cm (Part II)
JutsuCrystal Armour, Crystal Release Techniques, Crystal Release: The Gods’ Crossings Technique, Crystal: Giant Hexagonal Shuriken, Crystal: Hexagonal Shuriken: Wild Dance, Jade Crystal Clone Technique, Pressure Points of Harm and Death, Telescope Technique

Guren of the Otagakure stole the spotlight with her incredibly unique Kekkei Genkai, Crystal Release.

As a child, Guren is always shunned for her powers, but Orochimaru specifically takes notice of Guren for her powers.

What’s more, she became one of the strongest subordinates of Orochimaru.

Guren’s character developed adequately in the anime, making her even more attractive to fans.

Furthermore, her arc is quite entertaining due to her superb skills and personality.

24. Chiyo

BirthdayOctober 15
Age73 years (Part II)
Height149.1 cm (Part II)
JutsuMechanical Light Shield Block, Mystical Palm Technique, One’s Own Life Reincarnation, Puppet Performance: Skilful Achievement with a Human Body, Puppet Technique, Reverse White Secret Technique: The Uematsu Collection of Ten Puppets, Sealing Technique: Lion Closing Roar, Three Jewels Suction Crushing, White Secret Technique Secret Art: Collection of Illusions, White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets, White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu, Collection of Ten Puppets: Heaven Attack

The outstanding puppeteer and retired counsellor of Sunagakure, Chiyo, has a massive fan base.

Grandma Chiyo and her grand-son Sasori’s bond raised her popularity quite a bit in the anime.

Furthermore, Chiyo also loved Sasori unconditionally, but she knew he had fallen too deep.

Therefore, she made the right decision to help Sakura in killing him, which made her character even more loveable.

Grandma Chiyo’s unmatched skill in puppetry and medical-nin despite her old age makes fans love her character even more.

23. Tayuya

BirthdayFebruary 15
Age14 years (Part I)
Height148.2 cm (Part I)
JutsuBarrier Method Formation, Combination Transformation, Demonic Flute: Illusionary Warriors, Manipulating Melody, Demonic Flute: Phantom Sound Chains, Four Black Fogs Formation, Four Violet Flames Formation, Revolt of the Demon World, Sound Four’s Cursed Seals, Sound Four: Summoning: Four Beasts, Space–Time Technique Formula: Underworld Turnover, Summoning Technique

Next is a member of the Sound Four and a Kunoichi of Otogakure, Tayuya.

The antagonist stole the hearts of many fans due to her tremendous strength and how gracefully she fought.

Tayuya was a prisoner before and had won several bale royales, constantly surviving the death matches. Ultimately, she became strong enough to be Orochimaru’s guard.

What’s more, she is reincarnated by Kabuto during the war due to her prowess in battle.

Undoubtedly, Tayuya possessed great skill, and her fighting style raised her popularity in the Narutoverse and the fandom,

22. Hanabi Hyuuga

Hanabi Hyuuga
BirthdayMarch 27
Age7 years (Part I)
Height132.4 cm (Part I)
JutsuEight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm, Gentle Fist, Palm Bottom

Hanabi Hyuga, the younger sister of Hinata Hyuga, is very well-known in the community due to her close bond with her sister.

The young Huga is an incredibly polite and respectful girl, always looking up to Hinata.

What’s more, Hanabi is immensely talented and incredibly powerful too.

As a child, Hanabi displayed her strength and became as influential as Hinata. Hanabi always supports Hinata, even in her feelings towards Naruto.

What’s more, she is chosen as the next heiress of the Hyuga clan, raising her popularity in the fandom.

21. Pakura

BirthdayApril 9
Height166.3 cm (Part II)
JutsuScorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder, Scorch Release: Great Steaming Explosive Blast

At the 21st spot in the list is the remarkable Kunoichi of Sungakure, Pakura.

The famed Kunoichi makes her first appearance in the war as Kabuto reincarnates her.

Her Scorch release is unimaginably strong, allowing her to mummify her enemies. Pakura’s consciousness is erased in the war, making her attack all the allied shinobi.

However, she remembers everything when she sees her grown student, Maki.

Pakura’s past is revealed as the Hero of Sunagakure, who successfully stopped Iwagakure’s plans.

Sadly, Sungakure used her as bait and got her killed later on. Pakura’s strength as a shinobi and dark past made her famous among the fans

20. Karui

BirthdayFebruary 14
Age17 years (Part II)
Height166 cm (Part II)
JutsuCloud-Style Front Beheading

Next is Karui, a Kumogakure Kunoichi who later marries Choji Akimichi. Fans started noticing Karui when she got close to one of the series’ main characters, Choji.

Additionally, many fans think she’s a cool character due to her fighting style. Karui learned Kenjutsu from killer B and is also incredibly good at it.

Her character was truly interesting for fans when she challenged Naruto on his beliefs as he was protecting Sasuke.

Furthermore, Karui’s introduction to the anime served as a breath of fresh air for the Naruto fandom.

19. Mabui

BirthdayFebruary 1
Age29 years ( Part II)
Height165 cm (Part II)
JutsuHeavenly Transfer Technique

Mabui, the dark-skinned Kunoichi of Kumogakure, stole many fans’ hearts due to her beauty.

She is the fourth Raikage’s assistant and remains calm no matter how stressful the condition is.

The Raikage initially chose her due to her unique technique that makes her crucial for communication.

Additionally, Mabui can effortlessly transfer any matter at an incredibly fast speed and over a long distance as well.

Overall, she’s a stunning woman who’s good at her job and is respectful toward everyone around her.

18. Izumi Uchiha

Izumi Uchiha
ZodiacScorpio (Estimated)
Age11 years (Estimated)

Izumi Uchiha, the young Kunoichi that became popular in the fandom due to her tragic death.

She was an incredibly smart girl, graduating a year earlier from the academy compared to others. At a very young age, Izumi awakened her Sharingan due to her father’s death.

Since then, her skills have increased, and she has become exceptionally strong in using taijutsu.

Additionally, she is Itachi’s childhood friend and also his love interest. They had feelings for each other but never managed to confess them out loud.

In her final moments, Itachi traps her in the infinite Tsukyoumi, where Izumi sees her future with Itachi as the mother of his kids.

Izumi then died in Itachi’s arms, which touched the hearts of many fans.

17. Shizune

BirthdayNovember 18
Age28 years (Part I), 31 years (Part II)
Height168 cm
JutsuFour-Corner Sealing Barrier, Mystical Palm Technique, Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique,  Multiple Shadow clone Technique, Poison Mist, Prepared Needle Shot

At the 17th spot on the list is Shizune, who is introduced as Tsunade’s apprentice in the anime.

As the Hokage’s assistant, Shizune is always full of energy despite the tiresome duties she has to perform every day.

Moreover, she’s incredibly smart and responsible, urging Tsunade to finish all her work without delay.

As a Jonin, Shizune possesses a wide variety of skills, using poison and weapons to defeat her enemies.

She’s also an impeccable medical ninja, capable of performing the most complicated surgeries.

Admittedly, the young woman inspires many fans due to her intelligence and skills.

16. Fuu

BirthdayAugust 8
Height160 cm (Part II)
JutsuCocoon, Bug Bite, Net-Shaped Prison, Scale Powder, Wave Transmission Technique, Taigakure Whirlwind, Hiden: Hiding in Scale Powder Technique

Fuu is a remarkable Shinobi, resembling the most loved character, Naruto, in many ways.

Fuu’s carefree and cheerful nature makes her seem like the young, reckless Naruto.

Moreover, she’s also the Jinchuriki of seven tails and possesses immense strength. Fuu uses interesting techniques and has incredible battle prowess.

Using her techniques, she can blind her targets easily and heal her allies.

Moreover, she can effectively communicate with her allies at a long distance using the wind.

Furthermore, Kabuto reincarnated Fuu in the war arc due to her remarkable abilities as a shinobi.

15. Karin Uzumaki

Karin Uzumaki
BirthdayJune 20
Age16-17 years (Part II)
Height162.6 cm (Part II)
JutsuAdamantine Attacking Chains, Chakra Transfer Technique, Heal Bite, Mystical Palm Technique, Minds Eye of the Kagura, Chakra Suppression Technique

Karin of the Uzumaki clan is another girl in the Naruto Universe who is madly in love with Sasuke. Initially, her affection towards him is all there is to see about her personality.

However, she quickly reveals a different side to her, showcasing her powers and strength to the fandom.

She is equipped with the ability to effortlessly sense Chakra, allowing her to detect her enemies easily. Additionally, Karin has offensive, defensive and supportive skills that make her incredibly useful in fights.

Her healing capabilities are unmatched, especially when combined with her long chakra reserves as an Uzumaki.

Moreover, Karin’s remarkable skills and tough personality make her incredibly charming to fans.

14. Mikoto Uchiha

Mikoto Uchiha
BirthdayJune 1
Age35 years (Part I)
Height162.6 cm (Part I)
Jutsu’s  N/A

Next is Mikoto Uchiha, the woman who grabbed the attention of many fans without even getting much screen time.

Mikoto is the mother of the two most loved characters of the Naruto series, Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha.

Admittedly, Mikoto gained popularity because she was their mother, but she also possessed great skills. She was a Jonin and helped Sasuke with his Shuriken training.

Additionally, Mikoto was good friends with Kushina and hoped Sasuke and Naruto would be good friends one day.

13. Tenten

BirthdayMarch 9
Age13-14 years (Part I), 17-18 years (Part II)
Height154.3-155.6 cm (Part I), 164 cm (Part II)
JutsuBashosen: Coil of Fire, Dynamic Entry, Exploding Dragon Strike, Manipulated Tols: Binding Meteor, Unsealing Technique: Shuriken, Bashosen: Coil of Wind, Summoning Technique, Twin Rising Dragons, Unsealing Technique: Segmented Iron Dome  

The Team 3 member, Tenten, charmed the hearts of many fans due to her unique skills.

Tenten’s skills allow her to play both offensive and defensive roles in a battle, giving her an edge over most foes.

Using her scrolls, she can make weapons rain on her enemies and summon large objects to protect her as well.

Moreover, the young Kunoichi effectively combines various techniques with high precision, making her battle scenes enjoyable for fans.

Although Tenten did not get much character development in the anime, she still managed to catch the eyes of the whole fandom with her skills and potential.

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12. Yuuhi Kurenai

Yuuhi Kurenai
BirthdayJune 11
Age27-28 years (Part I), 31-32 years (Part II)
Height169.1 cm (Part I)
JutsuEvil Sealing Method; Flower Petal Escape, Hair Camouflage, Hiding in Surface Technique, Genjutsu, Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death, Sensing Technique, String Bean Binding Illusion

Yuuhei Kurenai is the crush of many Naruto fans due to her impeccable beauty and exceptional skills.

She belongs to the Sarutobi clan and is also the leader of team 8. Kurenai is one of the very few Shinobis whose nature is not one of the five elements and uses Yin instead.

The Yin Release allows Kurenai to increase her mastery over Genjutsu, making her a prodigious Genjutsu user.

In fact, she is considered one of the best Genjutsu users in the whole Konoha Village, comparable to the Uchiha clan’s skills as well.

Furthermore, Kurenai is a beauty with remarkable strength and abilities, making her popular in the Naruto fandom.

11. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya Otsutsuki
BirthdayAugust 15
JutsuInfinite Tsukuyomi, Will Materialization, All-Killing Ash Bones, Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack, God: Nativity of a World of Trees, Hair Binding Technique, Amenominaka, Sensing Technique, Summoning Technique, Temporary Paralysis Technique, Yomotsu Hirasaka, Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball

The princess of the Otsutsuki clan, Kaguya Otsutsuki, is the very first wielder of the powers of Chakra.

She was initially sent to the Planet Earth to harvest the fruit of the God Tree and destroy Earth.

However, Kaguya becomes attached to the planet, and in her desire to keep the peace, she consumes the fruit and gains Chakra.

Afterward, her hunger for power only increases, but her two sons, who also possess Chakra, use their powers to finally seal her.

However, she is brought back to life in Madara Uchiha’s body with the help of the Black Zetsu.

A whole arc is dedicated to her in the anime, which is also one of the best arcs, considerably raising her popularity amongst the fans.

10. Rin Nohara

Rin Nohara
BirthdayNovember 15
Height143 cm (Part I)
JutsuMystical Palm Technique

Rin Nohara is the girl that indirectly initiated all the events in the Naruto series.

Everything happened because of how important she was to Obito, from the attack on Konoha Village to the 4th Shinobi War.

One would say that Rin deserves no respect, but she was nothing but a pure-hearted soul.

Her incredibly beautiful heart made Kakashi, Obito, and all the fans fall in love with her.

Additionally, despite everything that went down because of her, Rin sacrificed herself to protect the Leaf Village from harm.

What’s more, Rin was forcibly made a Jinchurki and was being used to destroy the leaf village.

In her final moments, she could’ve acted selfishly, but she chose to defend the Village and killed herself.

9. Anko Mitarashi

Anko Mitarashi
BirthdayOctober 24
Age24 years (Part I), 28 years (Part II)
Height167 cm (Part I)
JutsuCursed Seal of Heaven, Fire Release; Dragon Fire Technique, Sly Mind Affect technique, Snake Clone Technique, Twin Snakes Mutual Death Technique, Hidden Shadow Snake Hands, Summoning Technique (Snake), Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands

Next is Anko Mitarashi, an incredible Shinobi, and a Tokubtsu Jonin, teaching at the academy in the Leaf Village.

Anko was always talented, catching the eyes of Orochimaru with her exceptional skills.

Therefore, under his supervision, Anko learned various new techniques and could effortlessly perform the murder-suicide technique, unique to Orochimaru.

Moreover, her skills keep increasing throughout the series, making her a legendary Kunoichi in the anime.

Undoubtedly, Anko’s personality is somewhat similar to Naruto’s, which also adds to her charm.

8. Mei Terumi

Mei Terumi
BirthdayMay 21
Age31 years (Part II)
Height174 cm (Part II)
JutsuBoil Release: Skilled Mist Technique, Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique, Water Release: Water Bullet Technique, Hiding in Mist Technique, Water Release: Dragon Bullet Technique, Water Release: Water Formation Pillar

The 5th Mizukage of the Village of Mist, Mei Terumi, left the fans enchanted by her beauty.

Besides Tsunade, Mei is the only female Kage in the Naruto series, making her super popular in the fandom.

She’s a remarkable Mizukage who changed the bad image of the Mist village with her relentless efforts.

Mei is one of the very few people who respect everyone despite their age and powers, which is visible when she is interested in hearing Gaara’s thoughts.

What’s more, she also possesses two Kekkei Genkai, making her quite an interesting character.

7. Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka
BirthdaySeptember 23
Age12-13 years (Part I), 16-17 years (Part II)
Height149.3-151.2 cm (Part I), 162.2 cm (Part II)
JutsuChakra Transfer Technique, Mind Body Disturbance Technique, Psycho Mind Transmission, Mind body Switch Technique, Chakra Hair Trap Technique, Earth Release: Practice Brick Technique, Formation Ino-Shika-Cho, Four Corner Sealing Barrier, Human Bullet Yo-Yo, Mind Clone Switch Technique, Sensing Technique

Ino Yamanaka of team 10 is popular amongst fans due to her incredible confidence.

The young Kunoichi of the Yamanaka clan is initially introduced as Sakura’s rival in love.

However, as the anime progresses, Kishimoto shows a completely different side of Ino, making fans fall in love with her.

She becomes good friends with Sakura and helps her grow confident and strong through their rivalry.

What’s more, Ino works hard to become stronger alongside all the main characters.

Her tough and confident nature, combined with her unique Jutsu of controlling the mind, makes her a loveable character.

6. Konan

BirthdayFebruary 30
Age35 years (Part II)
Height169.4 cm (Part II)
JutsuPaper Shuriken, Paper Clone, Paper Chakram, Paper Person of God Technique, Dance of the Shikigami, Paper Drizzle, Sensing Technique

There is nothing more badass than being the only female member of the Akatsuki.

Konan is not your average, cute female character in anime that needs help from others.

In fact, she’s even stronger than Kisame and managed almost to defeat Obito as well.

Konan is also one of the very few people who believed in Naruto enough to fight Obito for him.

Additionally, she is one of the main leaders of Akatsuki and certainly wields enough strength for the position as well.

5. Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki
BirthdayJuly 10
Age24 years (Part II)
Height165 cm (Part II)
JutsuAdamantine Sealing Chains, Four Symbols Seal, Eight Trigrams Sealing Style

Kushina Uzumaki is the woman who touched many fans’ hearts without even getting proper screen time.

Undoubtedly Kushina is as popular as she is because she gave birth to our hero, Naruto Uzumaki.

However, her backstory gave her character so much depth, showing fans that she’s much more than Naruto’s mother and Minato’s wife.

While she was still alive, Kushina was a remarkable Kunoichi and could single-handedly restrain the strongest-tailed beast, Kurama.

Moreover, she died an honorable death while protecting her son and the whole Konoha Village alongside Minato.

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4. Tsunade Senju

BirthdayAugust 2
Age51 years (Part I), 54-55 years (Part II)
Height163.1 cm (Part II)
JutsuCell Activation Technique, Genjutsu Binding, Four-Corner Sealing Barrier, Reverse Summoning Technique, Transformation Technique, Time-Release Technique, Summoning Technique (Slug), Five Elements Unseal, Heavenly Foot of Pain, Heavenly Spear Foot, Katsuyu: Immense Network of Healing, Mechanical Eight Trigrams Formation, Mystical Palm Technique, Ninja Art Creation Rebirth – Strength of a Hundred Technique

At the 4th spot is the 5th Hokage Tsunade Senju, who is also a Legendary Sanin.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Tsunade wields incredible strength when fighting her foes.

The impressive Kunoichi stood her ground against a man as strong as Madara Uchiha.

Moreover, she’s also the best medical ninja in the whole Narutoverse, effectively healing even the most hopeless wounds and injuries.

Although Tsunade is not the strongest Hokage, she still performed her duties exceptionally well and protected the Village on several occasions.

3. Temari

BirthdayAugust 23
Age15-16 years (Part I), 19-20 years (Part II)
Height157.3-159.3 cm (Part I), 165 cm (Part II)
JutsuSickle Release Technique, Wind Release: Cast Net, Wind Release: Air Current Wild Dance, Wind Release: Great Task of the Dragon, Wind Release: Great Wind Protective Wall, Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique, Dust Wind Technique, Summoning Technique (Kamatari)

Temari of the Sand Village is an awe-inspiring young woman and a powerful Kunoichi.

Temari makes her first appearance during the Chunin Exams, leaving a lasting impact on fans by defeating Tenten.

Her blunt personality, powerful aura, and skills make her popularity in the fandom understandable.

Additionally, Temari’s presence only grows through the anime as she gets more screen time and becomes a woman with great elegance.

What’s more, her chemistry with Shikamaru is remarkable, and the two get married later, raising her popularity among the fans even more.

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2. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno
BirthdayMarch 28
Age12-13 years (part I), 15-17 years (Part II)
Height148.5-150.1 cm (Part I), 161 cm (Part II)
JutsuByakugou Seal, Mitototic Regeneration: Hundred Healing Jutsu, Cherry Blossom Clash, Chakra Enhanced Strength, Chakra Scalpel, Chakra Transfer Technique, Creation Rebirth, Delicate illness Extraction Technique, Four Corner Sealing Barrier, Katsuyu: Immense Network Healing, Mystical Palm Technique, Summoning Technique (Slug)

One of the main characters in the Naruto series is Sakura Haruno, who is quite popular amongst the fans.

Sakura’s character is a tad bit on the annoying side at the beginning of the series, but she eventually gets much better.

The young Kunoichi has a very strong presence in the anime and plays a crucial role in every arc.

Initially, Sakura is weak, but under Tsuande’s supervision, she becomes much stronger and gains many new abilities.

What’s more, as a medical ninja, Sakura saved many lives during missions and in the great ninja war.

Undoubtedly, her character development inspires most Naruto fans, making her worthy of being on the second spot on the list.

1. Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga
BirthdayDecember 27
Age12-13 years (Part I), 16 years (Part II)
Height148 cm (Part I), 160 cm (Part II)
JutsuChakra Transfer Technique, Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms, Eight Trigrams Twin Lions Crumbling Attack, Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm, Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm, Four-Corner Sealing Barrier, Gentle Fist, Gentle Step Spiralling Twin Lion Fists, Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, Mystical Palm Technique, Palm Bottom, Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, Water Needle

Top of the list is Hinata Hyuga, the most popular female character in the Narutoverse.

Hinata is one of the few characters in the anime who stuck with Naruto until the end.

Although she’s an incredibly shy girl, she always pushes herself for others.

Additionally, Hinata’s popularity isn’t due to Naruto but the fact that she’s such an admirable character for most fans.

Throughout the series, Hinata grows as a person, becoming astoundingly courageous and wise.

What’s more, she can very well protect herself and those around her.

In fact, Hinata willingly protected Naruto from Pain even when knowing she would easily lose.

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