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My Hero Academia MBTI Character Types Guide: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

My Hero Academia MBTI Character Types Guide: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

My Hero Academia has been an ongoing top-rated show since 2016.

The anime is your typical shounen anime but exceeds in all the aspects compared to most anime, especially in character development.

Comparing the characters with the Myers-Briggs type indicator allows us to understand their role in the anime better.

The protagonist of My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya is an INFJ, Katsuki Baukgo an ENTJ, Shoto Todoroki an INTJ.

The anime has a lot of diversity regarding characters and their personality type.

My Hero Academia has a vast set of characters, each possessing an incredibly unique personality.

Therefore, this article will reveal the MBTI personality types of the most popular MHA characters.

What’s more, you’ll be able to get a rough idea of the thought process of each character.

My Hero Academia MBTI Personality Type Chart

Below is a list of all the characters of MHA discussed in the article.

CharactersMBTI Personality Type
Izuku Midoriya – DekuINFJ
Katsuki BakugoENTJ
Shoto TodorokiINTJ
Ochako Uraraka – UravityESFJ
Denki Kaminari – ChargeboltENTP
Eijirou Kirishima – Red Riot ESFP
Momo Yaoyorozu – CreatiISFJ
Tsuyu Asui – FroppyINTP
Mirio Togata – LemillionENFJ
Shota Aizawa – Eraser HeadISTP
Toshinori Yagi – All MightENFJ
Tomura ShigarakiINTP
Himiko TogaENTP
Toya Todorki – DabiISTP
Keigo Takami – HawksENTP
Kai Chisaki – Overhaul INTJ
Enji Todoroki – EndeavorESTJ

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Izuku Midoriya “Deku”: INFJ (Polite & Selfless)

Midoriya INFJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Izuku Midoriya, the anime protagonist, is an INTJ, also known as the Advocate.

Deku is a selfless hero, putting the lives of others above his. Even when he had no powers, Deku didn’t hesitate to throw himself in front of young Bakugo.

Being an INFJ and possessing the powers of One for All, Deku always uses creative and exciting ways to fight his enemies.

Although he can’t quite completely control his powers yet, Deku still manages to find ways to fight his enemies.

What’s more, as the Advocate, he’s the perfect candidate to take over the powers of All Might.

He’s incredibly passionate and principled regarding his duties as a Hero. However, he has a problem overusing his powers and almost killing himself multiple times.

Katsuki Bakugo: ENTJ (Arrogant & Aggressive)

Bakugo ENTJ-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Katsuki Bakugo, the most aggressive character in My Hero Academia, is a good representation of the ENTJ personality type.

As the Commander of the MBTI, Bakugo is incredibly energetic, which also suits his explosive powers.

Bakugo has always been a very confident child, never doubting his abilities and skills.

Additionally, Bakugo is unbelievably impatient, always itching to fight and get into action. 

However, the young Hero can be very arrogant and stubborn, putting him in a rough spot.

He’s usually very condescending towards his peers, especially Deku, boasting about his powers in front of him.

Shoto Todoroki: INTJ (Quiet & Cold)

Todoroki INTJ-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

The INTJ and Architect of the My Hero Academia Universe is Shoto Todoroki.

The INTJ personality type is the rarest of them all, and so is Todoroki with his unique quirk.

Todoroki is always seen by himself, acting independently instead of relying on others, a trait common in INTJ MBTI.

In the beginning, Shoto was as cold as his half quirk, not sharing any warmth with his friends or family.

He wouldn’t even accept his flame quirk as he didn’t wish to resemble his father in any way.

However, with the help of Midoriya, Todoroki began to accept both of his quirks.

Moreover, he started socializing, depending on his friends, and not acting alone.

Ochako Uraraka “Uravity”: ESFJ (Cheerful & Optimistic)

Uraraka ESFJ-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

The Consul of the MBTI and the My Hero Academia Universe is none other than Ochaco Uraraka.

As an ESFJ, Uraraka is a warm person who thrives on helping those around her. She is that one friend who will be there for you always, no matter the time of the day.

Uraraka is unbelievably good at connecting with people and was the first friend Deku made at U.A. academy.

Furthermore, the young Hero knows when to get serious and how to use her skills to help those in need.

However, as dependable as Uraraka is, she tends to overdo it frequently.

As the typical Consul she is, her overly selfless nature can get her in trouble.

Denki Kaminari “Chargebolt”: ENTP (Social & Blunt)

Kaminari ENTP-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Denki Kaminari, Hero name “Chargebolt”, is a good representation of the ENTP personality type.

Kaminari is brilliant, possessing excellent knowledge in art, music, and literature.

Although Kaminari has poor academic performance, that isn’t the only way to determine one’s intelligence.

Kaminari is often underestimated due to the side effects of his quirk, which leave him looking a little dizzy.

However, the young Hero can be pretty strategic when needed and even devised an incredible plan during the joint training.

He’s an extroverted and energetic young man who sometimes appears a bit blunt. In short, Kaminari is a unique take on the ENTP personality.

Eijirou Kirishima “Red Riot”: ESFP (Bold & Passionate)

Kirishima ESFP-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Eijirou Kirishima, also known as “Red Riot”, is a good representation of the ESFP MBTI.

The young Hero is a flashy character in the MHA Universe, a trait typical of the Entertainer personality type.

Despite being a bold person, Kirisihima’s quirk isn’t as flashy as he would like it to be.

Red Riot is incredibly kind, very honest, and straightforward in his way of thinking and speaking.

His notable charisma and people skills allow him to make friends very quickly.

As the true Entertainer he is, aesthetics matter a lot to him. Therefore, he changed his looks entirely and even dyed his hair in U.A., significantly boosting his confidence. 

Momo Yaoyorozu “Creati”: ISFJ (Prudent & Intelligent)

Yaoyorozu ISFJ-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Momo Yaoyorozu is an ISFJ, also known as the Defender. She is one of the most reliable heroes in the U.A academy, always providing help to those in need.

Her creation quirk allows her to play defensive and offensive roles during a fight.

As the Defender, Yaoyorozu is an incredible leader, very calm and level-headed.

Her good observation skills allow her to make the best decision at any given moment and win during fights.

However, Yaoyoruzu is often too critical of her skills and abilities.

After her loss during the U.A. Sports Festival against Fumikage Tokoyomi, Yaoyoruzu’s confidence dropped, but she rose back up with the support of her friends. 

Tsuyu Asui “Froppy”: INTP (Cool & Aloof)

Tsuyu INTP-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Tsuyu Asui is an excellent example of an INTP, the Logician of the MBTI.

Asui is a free soul, often so straightforward that people sometimes find her a bit insensitive.

However, she is a caring person, looking after her younger siblings and her classmates as well.

Froppy has always been an honor student and possesses an analytical mind. Her rational nature, exceptional observation skills, and level-headedness make her incredibly dependable.

Although one might think she lacks emotions, Tsuyu is excellent for providing emotional support.

Tsuyu has repeatedly helped out her friends, calming Uraraka in dire situations. 

Mirio Togata “Lemillion”: ENFJ (Goofy & Energetic)

Mirio ENFJ-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

The Protagonist of the MBTI and the ENFJ is Mirio Togata, also known as Lemillion.

Mirio possesses the perfect personality for the Protagonist and was even a candidate for One for All.

He has the charm and charisma of the number one hero and acts like one.

Mirio is the kind of Hero who wouldn’t hesitate to put his life on the line to protect someone from danger, a trait typical of good heroes and ENFJs.

Furthermore, he’s also one of the number one students at the U.A. academy.

He’s incredibly passionate and worked extremely hard to make his permeation quirk useable.

Shota Aizawa “Eraser Head”: ISTP (Strict & Reserved)

Aizawa ISTP-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Shota Aizawa, the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A, is definitely an ISTP.

Aizawa is quite a reserved man but is stern with his students when needed. As an ISTP, Aizawa often comes across as cold and insensitive, but he cares deeply for his students.

Eraser Head is unbelievably rational and practical, often using the best approach to push his students to become strong.

On certain occasions, Aizawa has lied to his students and even purposely got captured by momo just to further drive her growth.

Not only is Aizawa a great teacher, but also an unbelievably great Hero.

During a major crisis, a hero as incredible as Aizawa finds creative ways to save the day and neutralize the situation. 

Toshinori Yagi “All Might”: ENFJ (Selfless & Charismatic)

All Might ENFJ-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Another ENFJ on the list and the best example of it is none other than the number one Hero, All-Might.

He is the symbol of peace, and as a true ENFJ, he’s the most reliable Hero in the MHA Universe.

All-Might’s humble nature and charisma are truly unmatched, making him a very loveable character.

The number one Hero’s personality can drastically change when he reverts back to his true form, making him look reserved and introverted.

In his Hero form, he’s always smiling and happily interacting with his fans, which explains his popularity.

All-mIght’s altruistic and empathetic nature can sometimes be a bit too much.

He’s constantly pushing himself to exceed his limits, which has considerably affected his health and body.

Tomura Shigaraki: INTP (Twisted & Malevolent)

Shigaraki INTP-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Tomura Shigaraki, the major Villain of the MHA Universe, is a relatively good representation of the INTP personality type.

Shigaraki is a highly analytical person, quick to find the holes and mistakes in his plans.

His curious mind allows him to quickly come up with solutions to his problems.

As a Logician, Shigaraki is always thinking and trying to devise new ways to succeed in his plans.

He possesses an evil and warped personality, which is the exact opposite of how Izuku Midoriya is.

Although Shigaraki is a great problem solver, he tends to get dissatisfied quickly, harshly scratching his neck and harming those around him.

His impatient and childish nature is a significant issue and his main weakness.

Himiko Toga: ENTP (Jubilant & Sadistic)

Toga ENTP-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Another ENTP on the list but widely different from Kaminari is Himiko Toga.

She is an incredibly witty villain, capable of fooling people with her quirk that allows her to transform into another individual. 

She managed to secure Uraraka’s blood without her knowing and effectively used it to infiltrate during the sports festival.

Being able to fool the young Gravity user’s friends so effortlessly is not an easy task.

Additionally, Toga shows sadistic tendencies every time she appears. She can become pretty psychotic if she finds someone attractive, as seen in the case of Midoriya.

Toya Todorki “Dabi”: ISTP (Calm & Rude)

Dabi ISTP-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Dabi, another major Villain in the MHA universe, is also an ISTP like Shota Aizawa.

Due to Dabi’s rough childhood, his personality resembles an unhealthy ISTP.

As a true Virtuoso, Dabi is rational, relaxed, and analytical, capable of quickly delving into his opponent’s mind.

However, as Dabi had a tragic past, he sometimes has emotional outbursts, which isn’t too rare in ISTPs.

Dabi is primarily calm and collected, but things can get a little wild when he loses his mind.

Furthermore, young Toya has always been very stubborn and became more prone to risky behavior as he grew up.

Due to Endeavor’s expectations of him, Toya would often use his flames in a dangerous manner which would cause severe injuries and burns.

Keigo Takami “Hawks”: ENTP (Relaxed & Witty)

Hawks ENTP-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Hawks, one of the best Heroes in the MHA Universe, is also the best representation of a typical ENTP.

He is pretty witty, showing a laid-back attitude on the surface while always being conscious of his surroundings.

Hawks is an excellent brainstormer, quickly analyzing the situation and coming up with a unique solution to it.

His quick thinking saved many people’s lives during his first appearance in the anime with Endeavor.

Although Hawks may appear too carefree at times, his charisma is unrivaled.

The top Hero is loved not just in the anime but in the real world as well, especially after the latest season of MHA.

Kai Chisaki “Overhaul”: INTJ (Germaphobe & Sociopath)

Chisaki INTJ-Myers-Briggs Indicator Type

Kai Chisaki, the leader of Shie Hassaikai, is an INTJ, also known as the Architect.

As an INTJ, Chisaki is incredibly ambitious and creative to the point that he came up with a way to utilize Eri’s quirk effectively.

Overhaul is a determined individual, trying to stay grounded and revive the once-lost glory of the Yakuza.

His every move is well-calculated and properly planned out, and he is even willing to take daring decisions for his aim.

Chisaki is a more “assertive” INTJ and sometimes comes off as extremely rude and arrogant.

He is shown to have sociopathic tendencies and is even extremely cruel to a small child like Eri.

Enji Todoroki “Endeavor”: ESTJ (Ambitious & Aggressive)

Endeavor ESTJ-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The current number one Hero in the Universe of My Hero Academia, Enji Todoroki, is an ESTJ.

Endeavour is an unbelievably ambitious Hero, an excellent representation of ESTJ, but slightly unhealthy.

As an ESTJ, Endeavor is often displayed as an authoritative person who establishes rules and roles for those around him.

Endeavor strives for perfectionism, not just for himself but for his children as well, specifically Shoto.

He believes in gaining, experiencing, and reaching the top through pure hard work.

Although he always wanted to become the number one Hero, he tried to do so with his own hard work and by rightfully departing All-Might.

However, due to All-Might’s health condition, he retired early, making Endeavor the number one Hero.

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