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Mykew Gregorovitch Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

Mykew Gregorovitch Character Analysis: Personality Traits, Family & Patronus

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Mykew Gregorovitch was a famous wizard and wandmaker from Europe, rivaling Ollivander in England. At some point in his life, he came into possession of the Elder Wand of the Deathly Hallows, and mistakenly bragged that he was using knowledge from the wand to enhance his creations. The wand was stolen from him by Gellert Grindelwald.

About Mykew Gregorovitch

BornPre-1909 – 2 September 1997
Blood StatusPure-blood or Half-blood
WandElder Wand for a period
Zodiac SignPisces (speculative)

Gregorovicth Early Life

Very little is known about the early life of Gregorovitch, but he is European, possible from one of the Scandinavian countries.

Over the course of his life, he became an expert in wandlore and a much sort after wandmaker. He eventually set up a wand shop called Gregorovitch Zauberstabe, which probably functioned in a similar manner to Ollivander’s in Diagon Alley, principally matching young wizards to their first wand.

The Bulgarian seeker Viktor Krum, who attended Durmstrang Academy, had a Gregorovitch wand.

I vos one of the last to purchase a Gregorovitch vand. They are the best – although, I know, of course, that you Britons set much store by Ollivander.

Viktor Krum – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Some of his wands were also available to purchase at a small shop called Wands by Gregorovitch at Carkitt Market in London.

Gregorovitch and the Elder Wand

At some point in his life, Gregorovitch came into possession of the Elder Wand that forms part of the Deathly Hallows. While it is not specifically stated, he probably hunted the wand deliberately, as anyone interested in wand lore would have a keen interest in finding an unbeatable wand.

The wandmaker started experimenting with the wand to see if he could incorporate some of its properties into his own creations. To try and improve business, he told people that he had come into possession of a very powerful wand. But, of course, this just made him a target for others hunting the Deathly Hallows and the unbeatable wand.

One night, Gregorovitch heard someone breaking into his workshop. As he ran in to see what was happening, he saw a young man with blonde hair stealing the wand. The young man, who Gregorvitch would later learn was Gellert Grindelwald, shot a stunning spell at the wandmaker and escaped through the window.

Grindelwald steals the Elder Wand from Gregorovitch

Death of Gregorovitch

Gregorovitch continued to make very fine wands after he lost the Elder Wand. But unlike Gregorovitch, Grindelwald did not shout about having the Elder Wand, and Gregorovitch may have maintained the idea that it was still in his possession.

When Lord Voldemort discovered that his wand was useless against Harry Potter at the cemetery in Little Hangleton, he kidnapped Ollivander to get to the bottom of the problem. Ollivander told him that the problem must be the dual cores. But when Voldemort used Lucius Malfoy’s wand against Harry during the Battle of the Seven Potters, he found that he could still not kill the boy.

Furious, Lord Voldemort demanded to know the problem from Ollivander. While the British wandmaker did not know why this had happened, he did mention a powerful wand that was last known to be in the hands of Gregorovitch. Lord Voldemort decided to track it down.

It took Voldemort several months to track down Gregorovitch. In the process he killed a family that was living in his former residence. When he did eventually find the wandmaker, he trapped him using a Levicorpus jinx and demanded that he hand over the wand.

Lord Voldemort confronts Gregorovitch

Gregorovitch denied that he had it, and Voldemort used Legilimency to determine if he was telling the truth. As a result, he (and Harry) saw the young man who had stolen the wand. In time both realized that the young man was Gellert Grindelwald. Voldemort ruthlessly used the Killing Curse to end Gregorovitch’s life.

The Elder Wand After Gregorovitch

Voldemort went on to track Grindelwald down in his prison at Nurmengard. Grindelwald, who seems to have been expecting the visit, laughed in Voldemort’s face, telling him that the wand had also been taken from him by the one man capable of defeating him. Albus Dumbledore.

While Lord Voldemort did retrieve the wand from Dumbledore’s tomb, it still could not serve him because he was not the master of the wand, he was not the one who defeated Dumbledore. He assumed that the wand must be loyal to Severus Snape, who killed Dumbledore, not fully understanding the nuance of wand lore.

It was in fact Draco Malfoy who had disarmed Dumbledore and therefore won the loyalty of the wand. But when Harry, in turn, disarmed Draco at Malfoy Manor, the wand transferred his allegiance to him. This is why Voldemort still could not use the wand to defeat Harry and was eventually defeated himself.

Mykew Gregorovitch Personality Type & Traits

Gregorovitch is a must have been a creative and talented wizard with a curious mind to have become such an expert in wand making. But his knowledge would not have been limited to woods and cores. Wandmakers also need to understand people so that they can help match wands to the right hands.

His decision to share information about the powerful wand in his possession shows more naivety than arrogance. He was not bragging about the wand, but rather sharing his work in the hope of gaining more support.

Mykew Gregorovitch Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We do not know when Gregorovitch was born. He must have been born before 1909 to fit with the timeline of Grindelwald stealing the Elder Wand from him. His personality suggests that his zodiac sign may be Pisces. People born under this sign tend to be naturally creative. They are also good at reading people, an ideal talent for matching wizard to wand.