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What Is Naruto Baryon Mode? Naruto New Form Explained

What Is Naruto Baryon Mode? Naruto New Form Explained

Uzumaki Naruto, being the ideal Jinchuriki of Kurama, has access to the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode in various forms.

This unique power makes Naruto one of the strongest characters in the Narutoverse.

We’ve seen a variety of modes thus far, including the famous Kyuubi Chakra Mode, Tailed Beast Mode, Six Paths Sage Mode, and now Baryon mode.

The Baryon mode is Naruto’s newest and strongest transformation. His chakra and Kurama fuse to create new energy—giving birth to an otherworldly level of strength, reflex, and speed, as well as the ability to drain the enemy’s life force per hit.

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Naruto’s enormous power, however, comes at a very hefty price. If overused, it consumes the life force of Kurama and wipes it from existence entirely.

What Episode Does Naruto Get the Baryon Mode?

Naruto got the Baryon Mode in episode #216 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, titled “Sacrifice,” adapting chapter 55 of the manga. This episode covers the battle between Isshiki and Naruto.

So far, the battle with Isshiki was one of the toughest in the series. We see Isshiki take on the two most powerful characters in the series (Naruto and Sasuke) and deliver them a serious whooping. They would have barely made it out alive if Naruto hadn’t gotten the Baryon Mode.

What Happens If Naruto Uses Baryon Mode?

Upon activation, Naruto is granted access to an inhuman level of strength, reflex, speed, and defense, as well as the power to drain the enemy’s life energy per hit. However, this immense power comes at the cost of Kurama’s (The nine-tail fox) life.

Did Kurama Lie About Baryon Mode?

Naruto losses Kurama

Kurama didn’t lie per se; he just didn’t enlighten Naruto with the full details as to the repercussion of using the Baryon Mode.

“Just so you know, I never once lied to you. At no time did I ever say that you would die. If I’d told you at the get-go that power came in exchange for my life, you would’ve hesitated.”

Kurama to Naruto

When Naruto first learns about Baryon Mode, Kurama warns him that it is exceedingly dangerous if used for an extended period. It slowly depletes the user’s strength and life force.

However, this is only partially correct. In truth, the fusion reaction required to trigger Baryon Mode will destroy Kurama, as his chakra will be used for one last burst of immense power.

Let’s face it, If Naruto had known that his partner might die, he would’ve hesitated and never used the Baryon Mode, and in turn, everyone, including Boruto, Sasuke, Kawaki, and Kurama, might have died.

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What Episode Does Kurama Die?

Kurama Death

Kurama, the Nine-tailed Fox, died in episode #218 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, titled “Partner,” adapting chapter 55 of the manga.

Kurama died due to the setback of the newly unlocked Mode – Baryon Mode. This episode features one of Naruto’s most tragic moments, where he lost his best friend, Kurama.

Does Kurama Come Back to Life?

Sadly, there’s no sign of Kurama’s resurrection in the series. Of course, it’s too soon to rule out the possibility, but the odds are little to none.

Generally, when a Biju (Tailed beast) is extracted, the Jinchuuriki (Host) usually dies as well; however, in the instance of Naruto, Kurama’s Chakra simply vanished, allowing Naruto to survive the ordeal.

According to Kurama himself, the Baryon Mode feeds on the life-force chakra. So, for Kurama to return, a part of his chakra must still be present. If that were true, Naruto would have felt his chakra by now, which he hasn’t.

How Strong Is the Baryon Mode?

How Strong is Baryon Mode Naruto

The Baryon Mode is a form of strength that far surpasses the Kurama Chakra Mode and the Six Paths Sage Mode, while also rivaling the power of the Otsutsuki.

The Baryon Mode is Naruto’s most powerful transformation, and we can say, without a doubt, one of the strongest powers up in the whole series.

For one, the battle between Naruto and Ishhiki changed dramatically when the Baryon Mode was activated. While the Hokage struggles to land a decent hit in Kurama mode, he easily dodges Isshiki’s attacks in Baryon Mode and gives him some serious beating.

The Baryon Mode’s greatest benefit is each blow’s poisonous effect on an opponent while increasing speed, agility, and overall power. With each strike Naruto made, Isshiki’s lifespan was steadily drained with a similar reaction to radiation poisoning.

From the battle, Naruto clearly outperforms Isshiki in strength. It’s hard to tell precisely how much stronger Naruto is, but the difference is substantial enough that both Sasuke and Kurama quickly realize Naruto is winning. Speaking of Sasuke, it’s apparent from his words that Naruto’s Baryon Mode severely outclasses him.

Can Saitama Beat Baryon Mode Naruto?

Firstly, it should be noted that the Baryon Mode doesn’t last for so long. So, Naruto has a time limit to kill Saitama.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that this combat will primarily be fought at close range. And we’re sorry to say, Saitama is on an entirely other level regarding taijutsu and raw strength.

Saitama would win with a single punch using OPM logic, just as he did with the planet-busting creatures. However, using Naruto logic, Saitama would still win, but the Baryon Mode’s adverse effect (life force depletion per hit) will put Saitama in a difficult predicament.

Who Would Win in a Fight, Naruto Baryon Mode or Goku Ultra Instinct?

We’re sure you’ve already figured out the answer to this one. We’re not one of those Goku fanatics that thinks Goku is the most powerful character in the animeverse. But, let’s face it, Goku will give Naruto a good thrashing even in his Baryon Mode.

The Baryon Mode adverse effect is Naruto’s single benefit against Goku, which was described earlier. Aside from that, we’re sorry!

How Fast Is Naruto in Baryon Mode?

Naruto in Baryon Mode can travel at a rate that is many times faster than the speed of light. Naruto could be the fastest character in the series with the Baryon Mode enabled, surpassing his father’s teleportation technique.

For one, Naruto’s Sage of Six Path (SO6P) Mode is faster than the speed of light. Now take x2 of that or even x3 to scale the speed of the Baryon Mode. Insane!

Even Sasuke, who can see some of the series’ fastest moves thanks in part to his Sharingan and Rinnengan, was unable to make out Naruto’s every move in the Baryon Mode.

Depending on how we want to scale it, it is safe to say Naruto is the fastest character in the entire series when in Baryon Mode.

Can Naruto Use Baryon Mode Again?

Unfortunately, Naruto won’t be able to use the Baryon Mode again. The Baryon Mode is a one-time powerup that can only be obtained with Kurama’s assistance.

Now that Kurama is dead, there is no possible way Naruto can access the Mode or any of his other Tailed transformations.

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