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Naruto Ninja Ranks Explained (in Order): Shinobi Levels Ranking System

Naruto Ninja Ranks Explained (in Order): Shinobi Levels Ranking System

Naruto is set in a world of Ninjas called “Shinobi.”

These Shinobi are usually ranked to evaluate their strength and the kind of missions they undertake.

To climb up the ranks, these shinobis must pass exams, complete various missions, and accomplish some outstanding deeds for their village.

Today, we’ll look at the Shinobi ranking system from lowest to highest.

Shinobi Levels Ranking System

The actual shinobi forces are divided into three groups:

  1. The Regular Forces
  2. The Anbu
  3. The Medical Team

The Regular Forces

The Regular Forces

The Shinobi Ranking System is built upon the Regular Forces.

In order to join the regular force, one must first graduate from Ninja academy, assuming the rank of Genin and, with time, be promoted to Chunin, Tokubetsu Jonin, Jonin, and then, Kage.


6. Academy Student

5. Genin

4. Chunin

3. Tokubetsu Jonin

2. Jonin

1. Kage

Academy Student

Academy Students

The Ninja Academy is the stepping-stone to ultimately becoming a shinobi.

This academy offers supplementary ninja-themed curricula, such as training and preparing to become a Shinobi, in addition to the usual read and write education children receive at other schools.

This training includes martial arts, chakra manipulation, and beginner-friendly jutsu.

They also receive a core education that includes a ninja-themed curriculum in arithmetic, science, and geography.

Once a student has mastered these fundamentals, they take part in the Genin exam and ultimately graduate.

After graduation, students obtain headbands bearing the emblem of their home village as a symbol of their achievement and then grouped into a three-man team, supervised by a jonin.



The Genin is the lowest rank in the regular shinobi force, assigned to new academy graduates.

Genin are always in a three-man team, with a Jonin to serve as their mentor, teaching them teamwork and the opportunity to experience real ninja life.

They are given headbands bearing the emblem of their home village to identify where they are from and to signify that they are certified ninjas.

Genins take on D-rank missions, usually exclusively risk-free manual labor tasks, such as farming, elder care, and babysitting.

Meanwhile, experienced and skilled Genin take on C-rank missions – missions with little to no possibility of encountering other ninjas in battle.

They include background checks, catching or eliminating criminals or bandits, protecting citizens from highwaymen, and capturing wild animals.

Genin earn anywhere between 5,000 to 100,000 Ryo per mission.


Chunin Exam

Chunin is a rank for shinobi with a degree of maturity mainly comprising leadership and tactical mastery.

A Genin must either pass the Chunin Exams or be nominated as a Chunin by the Kage.

The Chunin exam is a series of tests that evaluate a Genin’s ability to follow the rules and their survival and information-gathering skills.

Genins who possess these traits are organized into pre-planned battles and are supervised by a panel.

Level-entry Chunin undertake C-rank missions and, if skilled enough, S-rank missions (high-rank missions that involve battling other ninjas)

Chunin earn anywhere between 80,000 and 200,000 Ryo per mission.

Tokubetsu Jonin

Tokebetsu Jonin

Tokubetsu Jonin, or special jonin, is a rank between Chunin and jonin, assigned to a shinobi who meets the requirements for jonin but specializes in a particular area rather than on their overall shinobi talents.

Ibiki Morino, for instance, specializes in interrogation techniques, while Muta Aburame specializes in infiltration and recon techniques.

Despite specializing in a particular field, Special Jonin possess enough skill overall, as they are known to have been granted the same opportunity as jonin in leading their own Genin teams.



Jounin is generally a highly-experienced ninja with tremendous individual skill, capable of using more than one form of elemental jutsu.

Jonin often take on A-rank missions and, if skilled enough, S-rank missions.

When not on a mission, they are assigned as sensei to a team of Genins

Jonin earn anywhere between 150,000 and 1,000,000 Ryo.



The Kage is the strongest rank in the shinobi force.

The Kage are the leaders of the five most powerful Hidden Villages and often the strongest ninja in their respective villages.

A Kage is in charge of the village’s operations, from assigning ninjas to missions to making difficult decisions regarding the safety of the locals.

To reach the Kage rank, one must have attained Jonin rank and be nominated by a committee of the village elders in collaboration with the feudal lord.

The Kage are essentially office workers who attend networking events, file out mounds of paperwork, and perform a ton of clerical work behind the scenes.

Instead of taking on missions, the Kage delegate them to other low-ranking Shinobi.

However, if a threat level is exceedingly high and the village is at risk, the Kage takes on the role of eliminating the threat.

The safety of the village is the top priority of the Kage.

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The ANBU is the second category of the shinobi force.

ANBU is short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai, meaning: Special Assassination and Tactical Squad.

They are the shinobi force’s black ops that serve directly under the Kage.

Although the requirements for becoming an ANBU agent are still unknown, we know that a shinobi needs to be incredibly strong to qualify.

The ANBU wears ceramic animal masks to disguise themselves from the average Shinobi.

They also wear the same basic outfits, a distinctive spiral tattoo on their shoulder and a Ninjato strapped on their back.

The ANBU engage in high-risk operations in hostile nations, defend the village from unusual threats, and deal with incredibly powerful ninja.

They are ridiculously strong with vast techniques at their disposal.

You definitely don’t want to mess with an ANBU!

The Medical Team

Medical Team

The medical teams are the supporting unit of the shinobi forces.

They comprise of medical-nin Shinobi, skilled in healing others through medically-oriented jutsu.

They basically play the role of Hospital Corpsman in real-life military.

Additionally, they conduct an in-depth study into new techniques, medications, and the human body.

Medic-nins are usually dispatched with teams on difficult missions to improve their chance of survival.

No matter how powerful, a shinobi will sometimes require medical attention!

Shinobi Character Ranks Table

Uzumaki NarutoKage
Uchiha SasukeGenin
Haruna SakuraJonin
Hyuga HinataChunin
Aburame ShinoChunin
Inuzuka KibaChunin
Rock LeeJonin
Hyuga NejiJonin
Nara ShikamaruJonin
Akimichi ChoujiChunin
Yamanaka InoChunin
Kakashi HatakeKage
Might GuyJonin
YamatoANBU, Jonin
Uchiha ItachiANBU
Uchiha ObitoChunin

What Rank Is Naruto In Boruto?

Hokage Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki has risen to the level of Kage, the strongest rank in the shinobi force.

The Kage are leaders that oversee the overall activities of the village.

To reach the Kage rank, one must have attained Jonin rank. However, that isn’t the case with Naruto, since he became a Kage while still a Genin.

Naruto was stock in the Genin rank due to his absence from the official chunin test.

He became Hokage since he was as strong as any Jonin at the time. Plus, he was favored by the people and other shinobis.

Regardless of rank, Naruto is deserving of the Kage rank and has been managing the affairs of the Hidden Leaf Village rather effectively.

What Rank Is Sasuke?

Sasuke is technically still a Genin since he left the village without taking any official tests. Even though his power rivals a Kage, he is still considered a Genin.