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Nott Snr Character Analysis: Silent Death Eater

Nott Snr Character Analysis: Silent Death Eater

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The Dark Wizard known as Nott was one of the first Death Eaters to join Lord Voldemort. He was devoted to his master, even traveling to Hogsmeade to support him when he applied for a job at Hogwarts when he was still known as Tom Riddle.

About Theodore Nott

BornCirca 1950
Blood StatusPure-Blood
OccupationDeath Eater
HouseSlytherin (presumed)
Zodiac SignCapricorn (speculative)

Nott Snr Early Life

Nott was a member of the pure-blood Nott family and was probably raised in an environment that prized blood purity.

Like most young British wizards, he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Nott was probably in Slytherin House, like his son would be later. He may even have been a contemporary of Tom Riddle while he was at Hogwarts and may have developed a relationship with him then.

As a pure-blood wizard from a well-known family, he was probably invited by Potions Master Horace Slughorn to be a member of the Slug Club. Slughorn denied this later, but the teacher was desperate to distance himself from the young Dark Lord and his followers.

After school, Nott was one of the first to join Lord Voldemort. He was probably one of the first to receive the Dark Mark as a Death Eater. He was even among the group of Voldemort’s supporters who traveled to Hogsmeade with him when, as Tom Riddle, he applied for a job at Hogwarts.

Nott was able to avoid being sent to Azkaban after the first fall of Lord Voldemort. He probably claimed that he was under the Imperius Curse.

Nott Snr’s Family

While the name of Nott’s wife is unknown, she was almost certainly a pure-blood witch and may also have been sympathetic to the Death Eater cause. The two had a son, Theodore, together in 1979/80, the same year as fellow Death Eaters Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle.

Sadly, Theodore’s mother died sometime before his 11th birthday and Nott raised his son alone. He probably taught him many Death Eater philosophies. But unlike Theodore’s contemporary Slytherins at school, he does not seem to have flaunted his pure-blood status, connection to the dark arts, or bullied other students. His father also seems to have taught him to stay under the radar.

Nott Snr and the Return of Lord Voldemort

When Lord Voldemort summoned his Death Eaters to the cemetery in Little Hangleton in 1995, Nott was one of the loyal supporters who returned. He began working for the Dark Lord and supporting his cause again.

In the following year, he was among the group of Death Eaters, led by Lucius Malfoy, who ambushed Harry Potter and his friends in the Department of Mysteries to retrieve the prophecy about Harry and Lord Voldemort.

He was incapacitated early in the battle when Hermione Granger stunned him, and then the shelves of prophecies fell upon him. Lucius Malfoy ordered the others to leave him there while they went after Harry and the prophecy.

Nott, like most of the other Death Eaters in the confrontation, was sent to Azkaban. However, he was likely set free in 1997 with a number of other Death Eaters.

This meant that he would have been free to join his master at the Battle of Hogwarts. If he survived the battle, he probably spent the rest of his life in Azkaban. His son was not sent to Azkaban. Theodore went on to develop an interest in time and developed a number of Time-Turners for Lucius Malfoy.

Nott Snr Personality Type & Traits

While Albus Dumbledore knew who Nott was when he came to Hogsmeade with Lord Voldemort, Nott seems to have kept a relatively low profile among the Death Eaters. His name is not mentioned in connection with any of the major atrocities of the First Wizarding War, despite being an early supporter of the Dark Lord. This was probably why he was able to avoid Azkaban.

Similarly, in the Second Wizarding War, while he probably participated in operations like the Battle of the Seven Potters, his name is not mentioned.

He seems to have taught his son Theodore to fly under the radar, as he was not part of Draco Malfoy’s gang. This was perhaps a survival tactic that Nott used successfully throughout his life.

Nott Snr Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We do not know when Nott was born. There is some suggestion that he may have been a contemporary of Lord Voldemort at Hogwarts. This would mean that he was born in 1926. But the fact that his son was born in the same year as Draco Malfoy suggests he might be a contemporary of Lucius Malfoy. This would mean that he was born in the 1950s.

His personality suggests that his zodiac sign may be Capricorn. People born under this sign tend to prefer to fly under the radar. They are dedicated, loyal, and do the work. But Capricorns prefer to keep their lives private and stay out of the spotlight.