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What Powers (Jutsu) Does Boruto Have? Ranked List

What Powers (Jutsu) Does Boruto Have? Ranked List

Boruto needs no introduction as the son of Uzumaki Naruto and the show’s main protagonist.

Young prodigy Boruto has limitless potential to grow into one of the series’ strongest characters.

He already possesses abilities that rival gods and even outpace those of his father, Naruto.

Despite his age, Boruto is a master of various nature types (Lightning, Wind, Water).

He possesses the Jougan, Karma, the gentle fist of Hyuga, and several of Naruto’s most popular jutsu, such as the shadow clone, Rasengan, and the sexy transformation, as well as some of his own creations.

But which is Boruto’s strongest jutsu?

11 of Boruto’s Jutsu Ranked from Least to Most Powerful

11. Boruto Somehow Managed to Learn the Sexy Jutsu Transformation

Boruto sexy jutsu transformation

The sexy jutsu is essentially a transformative technique that enables the user to take on any form.

However, Naruto modified the jutsu so that he could transform into a sexy waifu.

Although Naruto didn’t teach Boruto this jutsu, he still learned it somehow. What can we say, like father, like son?

Many say this jutsu is uncultured, but it’s one of the most effective distraction methods available.

It’s the ideal way to catch a rival off guard just long enough to flee or combine with a more powerful strike.

10. Boruto Mastered the Shadow Clone Jutsu At A Young Age

shadow clone jutsu

The shadow clone jutsu is a signature jutsu of Naruto Uzumaki, allowing him to make multiple clones of himself.

Boruto learned and mastered the shadow clone jutsu from Naruto before joining the academy.

Using the jutsu, Boruto is able to coordinate and maneuver attacks with the clones like a Chunin, if not Jounin rank shinobi.

Like Naruto, the shadow clone jutsu is Boruto’s go-to move every time he approaches a foe.

Even though Boruto can do incredible things with this technique, he is not yet able to create clones on a larger scale like Naruto.

However, with time we can expect to see Boruto pull off the “multiple shadow clone jutsu.”

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9. The Boruto Stream Is a Brilliant Maneuver of Clones

Boruto stream

Like how Naruto has demonstrated creativity by using his shadow clone to develop maneuvers like the “Naruto Barrage” and similar ones, Boruto follows in his father’s footsteps to create the Boruto stream.

The Boruto stream technique is a move that allows Boruto to push himself at incredible speeds, like a dart blasting through the air, by employing two clones as a base and wind-release chakra to provide his feet with a solid wind push.

This technique can be adjusted depending on the goal and can be used to speed up an ally.

8. Boruto Learned the Reputable Gentle Fist Technique As A Half Hyuga

Boruto gentle fist

The gentle fist is a hand-to-hand fighting style used by members of the Hyuga clan that inflicts damage by attacking an opponent’s chakra pathway, blocking their chakra flow and crippling their ability to use their chakra.

The chakra blocking features of the gentle fist require the byakugan dojutsu.

Even though Boruto lacks the byakugan to utilize the technique fully, he can still do more with it.

Fans speculate that Boruto will be able to use the gentle fist to its full potential, along with other Hyuga clan jutsu, since his Jougan dojutsu can perceive chakra, which is somewhat similar to the byakugan.

7. Boruto Can Use the Summoning Jutsu To Summon A Gigantic Snake

boruto summons garaaga

In the Mitsuki disappearance arc, Boruto was able to seal a deal with Garaga, a gigantic snake that resembled Aoda.

Fans had anticipated that Boruto would be able to summon and interact with toads like his father, but this twist caught them off guard.

This may be a result of the fact that Sasuke, who is his current sensei, also summons snakes.

We can still expect Boruto to be able to summon toads like his father later in the series.

6. Boruto Invented New Variations of Rasengan

Boruto rasengan

The Rasengan is a jutsu that Naruto’s father, Minato, created.

It has been passed down the family tree like some generational heritage, with each user making it stronger one way or the other.

Konohamaru taught Boruto how to use the Rasengan, but he imitates Naruto’s style of using a clone to build and maintain the shape of the technique.

Over time, Boruto came up with new variations of rasengan, including the Vanishing Rasengan, the Wind Style Rasengan, and the Compression Rasengan.

Over time, we can expect other new variations of Rasengan as the series progresses.

5. Vanishing Rasengan

Vanishing rasengan

The Vanishing Rasengan was created by accident during his training to master the regular rasengan.

Mistakenly, Boruto changed the Rasengan entirely by adding Lightning Release.

Thanks to the lightning chakra, the Rasengan abruptly disappears in its route when thrown at an enemy but still hits the target. It works best for catching people off guard.

4. Wind Style Rasengan

boruto wind style rasengan

The regular rasengan is essentially a spinning ball of chakra used for short-range attacks.

However, adding the wind chakra makes the technique usable for long-range attacks as it can be thrown.

The only significant distinction between the wind style and vanishing rasengan is the altered nature of the chakra.

While the vanishing was a combo of the rasengan and lighting chakra nature, the wind style rasengan is a mixture of the wind chakra nature.

3. Compression Rasengan

Boruto Compressed Rasengan

The compression rasengan was created during the battle with Deepa, an Inner member of the kara organization.

Boruto was forced to improvise and devise a strategy to pierce Deepa’s thick defenses.

Then it dawned on him that he could shrink the rasengan by condensing its energies into a much smaller point, giving rise to the compression rasengan.

While the technique is powerful, it comes with a major setback.

The compressed form of the technique can generate strong recoil and put a tremendous strain on the user’s arm, making it risky to use often.

2. Boruto Possesses The Strongest Dojutsu (Jougan) In The Series

jougan abilities

The Jougan is a newly introduced dojutsu exclusive to Boruto. This eye allows him to detect and visualize chakra pathways, as well as perceive and travel across dimensions.

The eye is somewhat linked to the Otsutsuki, as they are the only ones aware of its great power and the impending doom that comes with it.

While the scope of the Jougan’s abilities has yet to be revealed, we do know that it is powerful enough to rival the Otsutsuki, putting it on the level with the Rinnegan and other top-tier dojutsu.

The Jougan has limitless potential to become the series’ strongest dojutsu.

1. The Karma Seal Is Both A Gift and A Curse

Boruto Karma Seal

The Karma is the strongest jutsu in Boruto’s arsenal.

It is a diamond-shaped seal bestowed upon a chosen few people by members of the Otsutsuki Clan. It is a method by which the Otsutsuki select a vessel to reincarnate when they pass away.

It is both a blessing and a curse as it grants the individual access to godlike abilities while altering their genetic makeup and turning them into Otsutsuki.

Boruto got the karma seal after he defeated Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

Momoshiki attempted to seize control of Boruto’s body on multiple occasions; however, by the time he succeeded, Boruto was ready.

Boruto had urged kawaki to put an end to him if Momoshiki ever took complete control over him, which is exactly what he did by punching a hole through his chest.

Of course, fans knew Boruto wouldn’t just die like that – after all, he’s the protagonist. They were more concerned about the plot twist that’ll be implemented to revive him.

Boruto’s death was short-lived as Momoshiki revived him by restoring his blood and vital organs with Otsutsuki DNA, turning him into a complete Otsutsuki.

Since Boruto is now a complete Otsutsuki, Momoshiki can no longer take control of his body and use it to revive himself.

Like Kawaki’s, Boruto’s Karma power is now only used as a weapon. However, he isn’t free from the curse as he is no longer human, at least biologically.

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