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Top 10 Pro Heroes Rankings in My Hero Academia

Top 10 Pro Heroes Rankings in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a popular shounen anime filled with incredible Heroes.

The anime emphasizes the role of the Pro Heroes, especially their ranks, which are decided by the Hero Billboard Chart JP.

One would think that the rank of the Pro Heroes depends on their strength, but the anime reveals various elements involved in ranking them.

In MHA, the ranking of Heroes depends on their ability to resolve high-difficulty cases, their efficiency during a crisis, and overall popularity amongst the masses.

All Might excelled in all the elements mentioned above and is still the most loved Hero of all time in the MHA Universe despite his retirement.

We know the former no.1 Pro Hero’s abilities, but what about the rest?

In this article, the top 10 Pro Heroes according to the Hero Billboard will be shared along with their unique quirks.

10. Dragon Hero Ryuko

Dragon Hero Ryuko

At the 10th spot, we have the Dragon Pro Hero named Ryuko Tatsuma.

Ryuko’s quirk allows her to transform into a large Dargon, giving her the ability to fly and significantly increase her strength as well.

The Dragon hero was previously at rank 9 and was demoted to rank 10.

She believes it was due to her lack of effort and that she could have done much better.

However, that is just her being modest as she played a very important role in season 4 and season 5 of the anime.

Additionally, Ryuko works with Uravity, and Froppy in season 5 to capture the dealers of the quirk-boosting drug.

The rank 10 Pro Hero has contributed to many crises and definitely deserves to be in the top 10 list of pro Heroes.

9. Equipped Hero Yoroi Musha

Equipped Hero Yoroi Musha

Yoroi Musha, the rank 9 Pro Hero, looks exactly like a modern samurai due to his armor.

Yoroi Musha hasn’t received much screen time in the anime, but his strong aura and impressive armor, have left a lasting impact on fans.

The Equipped Hero has only one scene in the anime where he appears for the top Hero rankings during a broadcast.

According to him, apart from the top 3 ranks, other rankings in the MHA universe are more dependent on luck and timing than actual effort.

Additionally, there is little to no information available regarding the Equipped Hero.

The only known fact is that his ranking had lowered, but he continued to perform his duty as a Pro Hero.

What’s more, despite there being no information about him, most fans believe that Yoroi Musha must’ve performed exceptionally well in crisis to be in the top 10 list.

8. Laundry Hero Wash

Laundry Hero – Wash

In the 8th spot is the Laundry Hero Wash, whose real name is Susugu Mitarai.

On the surface, Wash seems quite useless due to his quirk and isn’t used much in the anime as well.

However, it’s important to remember that being a Pro Hero doesn’t necessarily mean immense strength or powerful skills.

Wash’s quirk allows him to create soapy bubbles, which he can use to envelop his targets and make them float simultaneously.

The Laundry Hero has used his quirk several times to rescue people and minimize injuries.

Furthermore, Wash especially plays a critical role in the Paranormal Liberation arc when he helps evacuate civilians and saves them from Shigaraki’s quirk.

While the number 8 Pro Hero lacks in strength, he does an exceptional job in saving people, which is the main role of a Pro Hero in the MHA Universe.

7. Kamui Woods

Kamui Woods

Next is the rank 7 Hero, Kamui Woodz, whose real name is Shinji Nishiya.

Kamui is the very first Hero, appearing in the first episode of the anime, where he demonstrates a small portion of his skills in capturing the criminal.

The no.7 Pro Hero is seen repeatedly in the anime and often displays his unique quirk called Arbor.

His quirk allows him to control his body’s wooden parts, enlarging them as needed.

What’s more, he can also use his quirk to bind his targets, as demonstrated in the anime’s first episode.

Kamui’s focused nature, combined with his strong quirk, makes him worthy of the number 7 spot on the list.

His exceptional speed and technique have saved several lives in the MHA Universe.

6. Shield Hero Crust

Shield Hero – Crust

Another Hero with very little screen time is the no.6 Pro Hero, Crust, also known as Shirudo Hiro.

He’s first seen during the top 10 heroes ranking broadcast, where he appeared with the remaining 9 Pro Heroes.

Although Crust is never seen in action in the anime, his quirk and abilities are revealed in the manga.

His quirk allows him to create Hexagon-like shields from his body, using them for various purposes.

Crust can expand his shields and use them to protect himself and others.

Moreover, he can detach the hexagon shapes and use them as an offensive attack.

Crust is a noble Pro Hero, willing to sacrifice his life to protect others.

He even regretted not being able to help All might in the battle of Kamino with All for One.

5. Rabbit Hero Mirko

Rabbit Hero – Mirko

Mirko, the Rabbit Pro Hero, also known as Rumi Usagiyama, is at the 5th spot on the Billboard JP Chart.

Like other heroes, she is first introduced in the ranking episode of the MHA anime.

Mirko immediately caught the attention of all fans due to her buff and attractive appearance.

The no.5 Pro Hero has an interesting quirk, giving her powers similar to that of a rabbit. Her rabbit-like ears allow her to locate her target from minimal noise effortlessly.

Moreover, her quirk gives her incredibly strong legs, making it easy for her to land powerful blows on her enemies.

Mirko’s true strength has yet to be seen in the anime, but her physical appearance is enough to give a glimpse of it.

Her fight scenes in the manga effectively showcase how powerful the no.5 Pro Hero truly is.

4. Ninja Hero Edgeshot

Ninja Hero – Edgeshot

The rank 4 Pro Hero, Shinya Kamihara, better known as Edgeshot, is the strongest Ninja in the MHA Universe.

He appears in the anime on multiple occasions and has demonstrated his abilities.

Edgeshot possesses a remarkable quirk that allows him to flatten and elongate his limbs into a sharp, string-like body.

The unique quirk helps him to take out his targets easily and slip through tight places flawlessly like a ninja.

Additionally, Edgeshot was on the 5th spot in the list but quickly rose to rank 4 due to his incredible strength and speed.

In the battle of Kamino, the Ninja Pro Hero does an exceptional job in capturing Kurogiri, who can escape swiftly due to his quirk.

3. Fiber Hero Best Jeanist

Fiber Hero – Best Jeanist

In the 3rd spot is the Fiber Hero, Best Jeanist, whose real name is Tsunagu Hakamada.

The Fiber Hero has made many appearances throughout the anime, demonstrating how strong he really is every time.

Best Jeanist has a special quirk that gives him mastery over fibers, allowing him to manipulate them easily.

Although his quirk lacks power, his superior technique makes up for it, helping him capture villains and save his targets.

The former rank 4 Pro Hero rose to the 3rd rank due to the great use of his abilities and witty nature.

Best Jeanist gets badly injured in the fight against All For One, making him unable to continue his duties.

However, he is still respected and loved as the no.3 Pro Hero.

2. Wing Hero Hawks

Wing Hero – Hawks

Next is Hawks, also known as Keigo Takami, who quickly became a fan-favorite character due to his interesting personality.

Hawks makes his first appearance in season 4 and is consistently seen afterward due to his importance in the plot.

The youngest Pro Hero’s quirk allows him to control his wings and each feather in them separately.

Hawks can fly and, simultaneously, harden the feathers of his wings, using them to attack the enemy.

Additionally, his feathers are unbelievably strong, and even a single feather can carry a human being.

Hawks’ laidback nature may make him appear rude and careless sometimes, but he’s always on alert.

Moreover, due to his strength and intellect, hawks climbed the top 10 list at the age of 18 years.

1. Flame Hero Endeavor

Flame Hero – Endeavor

At the top of the list, the current no.1 Pro Hero is Enji Todoroki, better known as the Flame Hero Endeavor.

Enji was the no.2 Pro Hero for the longest time and rose to the top after All Might’s retirement.

His quirk “Hell flame” allows him to produce and manipulate flames, increasing the temperature and intensity at will.

The no.1 Pro Hero uses his flames in unique ways, shaping them into weapons for fights and increasing their power to take flight.

Although Endeavor isn’t as popular as All Might, he has solved the most crime cases out of all Pro Heroes.

His strength is remarkable as he can beat multiple grades of Nomu, making him worthy of the top spot.

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