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14 Rarest Harry Potter Patronuses Ranked and How To Get Them

14 Rarest Harry Potter Patronuses Ranked and How To Get Them

In the magical world of Harry Potter, one of the most deeply personal and mysterious elements is the Patronus charm. This spectral, animal-shaped guardian is an embodiment of a wizard’s innermost positivity and strength. Like a magical fingerprint, a Patronus is unique to its creator and can be as common as a hare or as rare as an albatross.

This guide delves into the rarest of these spiritual protectors, unveiling the most elusive and fascinating Patronus forms known to the wizarding world. Also, find out how you can get each Patronus on Wizarding World.

14. Snowy Owl Patronus

Snowy Owl Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toOwl
AppearanceLarge, white owl with wide wingspan and bright eyes
TraitsWisdom, Intelligence, Perception, Individualism

The Snowy Owl Patronus is another of the rarer Patronuses. It’s symbolic of wisdom and intelligence, reminiscent of Harry Potter’s own pet owl, Hedwig. This Patronus might indicate an individual who is insightful, perceptive, and values truth.

Despite the obvious connection to Harry, no character in the series is known to cast a Snowy Owl Patronus. Its scarcity underscores the unique combination of traits required to produce this symbol of wisdom. Snowy Owls in the Harry Potter series are notably associated with wisdom, independence, loyalty, and mystery, in part because of Harry’s loyal pet, Hedwig.

This Patronus could suggest a person who is able to see what is often hidden to others, mirroring the owl’s keen nocturnal vision.

13. Granian Winged Horse Patronus

Granian Winged Horse Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toHorse
AppearanceEthereal equine figure with wings
TraitsSpeed, Agility, Freedom

The Granian Winged Horse Patronus is a unique manifestation of the Patronus charm. This mythical creature from the Harry Potter universe is known for its speed and the ability to fly, making it one of the preferred modes of transport for those who can handle these spirited beasts.

As a Patronus, the Granian Winged Horse is indicative of a personality that values freedom, agility, and swift decision-making. This could be a wizard or witch who acts quickly in times of crisis, often with intuitive accuracy.

12. Abraxan Winged Horse Patronus

Abraxan Winged Horse Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toHorse
AppearanceEthereal, majestic equine figure with wings
TraitsStrength, Power, Endurance, Tenacity

The Abraxan Winged Horse Patronus is a rare spectacle and a remarkable form of the Patronus charm. In the wizarding world, Abraxan horses are recognized for their immense strength and endurance, known to be a breed of winged horse that requires a forceful handler due to their powerful nature.

Casting this Patronus could denote a witch or wizard with an inherent strength and tenacity, someone who stands resilient in the face of adversity. They are likely individuals who possess power, be it of character, magic, or will, and are not easily swayed.

11. Runespoor Patronus

Runespoor Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toSerpent
AppearanceEthereal, three-headed serpent
TraitsCleverness, Creativity, Duality

The Runespoor Patronus is a rare and fascinating form of the Patronus charm. In the wizarding world, Runespoor is a three-headed serpent, and each head serves a different purpose – one for planning, one for dreaming, and one for criticizing the other two. This animal is native to Burkina Faso and is often associated with Dark wizards.

Casting this Patronus could signify a witch or wizard with a distinct blend of cleverness, creativity, and a sense of duality or complexity in their nature. They may be individuals who can consider various perspectives, evaluate their plans critically, and possess a depth of thought and understanding.

10. Hippogriff Patronus

Hippogriff Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toGriffin, Eagle, Horse
AppearanceEthereal, majestic creature with front quarters of an eagle and the hind quarters of a horse
TraitsBravery, Respect, Honor

The Hippogriff Patronus is another rare form of the Patronus charm. The hippogriff, a magical creature renowned for its majesty and unique mix of eagle and horse traits, symbolizes dignity and honor in the wizarding world. Hippogriffs demand respect and will only cooperate with those who give it.

Casting this Patronus might indicate that the witch or wizard possesses a unique blend of bravery and respect for others. They likely have a strong moral code and hold themselves to high standards of conduct.

9. Unicorn Patronus

Unicorn Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toHorse
StatusVery Rare
AppearanceEthereal, elegant horse-like creature with a single spiralling horn
TraitsPure, Innocent, Magical, Strong

The Unicorn Patronus is a very rare form of the Patronus charm. Known for their pure and innocent nature, Unicorns are highly magical creatures that hold a significant place in the wizarding world. They are elegant horse-like creatures with a single spiraling horn emanating from their forehead.

Wizards and witches who cast Unicorn Patronuses are often associated with traits such as purity, innocence, and a strong sense of magic. They may be inherently magical individuals with an innate connection to the mystical elements of the wizarding world.

8. Phoenix Patronus

Dumbledore's Phoenix Patronus
Patronus ofAlbus Dumbledore
Related toBird
StatusVery Rare
AppearanceEthereal, fiery bird of majestic proportions
TraitsRebirth, Resilience, Loyalty

The Phoenix Patronus is very rare, with Albus Dumbledore, one of the greatest wizards of the age, being one of the known casters. As the Patronus is a reflection of one’s innermost self, the Phoenix is symbolic of Dumbledore’s capacity for rebirth and resilience, qualities deeply tied to the mythological bird.

Known for its cyclic life of fiery death and rebirth, the Phoenix is also a symbol of unwavering loyalty – a trait Dumbledore exhibited in his commitment to fight against the Dark Arts. The appearance of this Patronus takes the form of a majestic, fiery bird, underscoring its caster’s remarkable magical prowess and deep-rooted resilience.

Note: The Phoenix is not an available Patronus on Wizarding World.

7. Erumpent Patronus

Erumpent Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toRhinoceros
StatusVery Rare
AppearanceEthereal, large rhinoceros-like beast with a sharp horn
TraitsPower, Determination, Protective Nature

The Erumpent, a large magical beast that resembles a rhinoceros, is known in the magical world for its powerful horn filled with a deadly fluid, making it an object of both fear and fascination. A witch or wizard who can cast an Erumpent Patronus likely possesses a strong sense of determination and a fierce protective nature, akin to the creature’s reputation.

The ethereal, majestic manifestation of this Patronus symbolizes a powerful protector, shielding the caster against the darkest of threats.

6. Fire-dwelling Salamander Patronus

Fire Dwelling Salamander Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toLizard
StatusVery Rare
AppearanceEthereal, vibrant lizard-like creature with a fiery aura
TraitsResilience, Adaptability, Passion

The fire-dwelling salamander in magical folklore is a creature that not only withstands but thrives in fire. To conjure a Patronus of such a creature suggests an individual of extraordinary resilience, adaptability, and passion.

This Patronus takes the form of a vibrant, ethereal salamander enveloped in a fiery aura, symbolizing the enduring spirit of its caster. This fire-dwelling salamander Patronus is very rare due to its association with fire, an element that signifies transformation, purification, and renewal. Its rarity and enchanting appearance make it a truly special Patronus to behold.

5. Occamy Patronus

Occamy Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toOccamy, a magical beast from the East and India
StatusVery Rare
AppearanceEthereal, plumed, two-legged serpentine creature
TraitsVersatility, Adaptability, Fiercely Protective

Conjuring an Occamy Patronus is a testament to the magical skill and adaptability of the witch or wizard casting it. Known for being plumed, two-legged, and serpentine, the Occamy creature, like the Patronus it inspires, is associated with versatility and fierce protectiveness.

An Occamy’s ability to grow or shrink to fill available space, known as choranaptyxic, hints at the adaptability inherent in those who can call forth such a Patronus. It’s likely that witches or wizards with an Occamy Patronus are adept at thinking on their feet and are fiercely protective of those they hold dear, mirroring the Occamy’s known aggression when its precious silver eggs are threatened.

4. Dragon Patronus

Dragon Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toDragon
StatusExtremely Rare
AppearanceEthereal, large beast with wings and scales, often seen breathing a jet of light
TraitsStrength, Power, Fiery spirit

Dragons are revered in the wizarding world, regarded as symbols of strength, power, and a fiery spirit. They are fearsome, awe-inspiring creatures that command respect. The conjuring of a Dragon Patronus is a true rarity, a feat achieved only by witches or wizards of exceptional magical ability, self-confidence, and courage. This is because the dragon is a sign of a strong will and fierce independence.

Having a Dragon Patronus indicates that the caster has an untamed spirit and is a force to be reckoned with, characteristics that are rare to find, hence the rarity of this Patronus.

3. Thestral Patronus

Thestral Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toHorse
StatusExtremely Rare
AppearanceEthereal, skeletal, horse-like creature with bat-like wings
TraitsSight of the Unseen, Messenger of Death, Bravery

Conjuring a Thestral Patronus is an unusual feat and hints at a witch or wizard’s ability to confront and understand the mysteries of death. Thestrals are eerie, skeletal, horse-like creatures with bat-like wings that remain invisible to those who have witnessed death firsthand. Those with this Patronus are likely brave, honest, and not afraid of the ‘unseen’ or unknown.

Having a Thestral Patronus may suggest a deep personal loss or understanding of mortality, yet also the ability to find beauty and light even in the darkest of times. The Thestral Patronus is a reminder that even in the presence of death, there is power, resilience, and life.

2. Woolly Mammoth Patronus

Woolly Mammoth Patronus
An interpretation of what the Woolly Mammoth Patronus may look like
Patronus ofHedley Fleetwood
Related toElephant
StatusExtremely Rare / Extinct
AppearanceLarge tusks, long shaggy hair
TraitsResilience and strength

The Woolly Mammoth Patronus is one of the rarest and most distinctive forms a Patronus charm can take. The woolly mammoth, known for its resilience and strength in harsh environments, is a fitting symbol for an individual capable of immense endurance, tenacity, and an innate ability to thrive against the odds. This Patronus is quite large, resembling an elephant, but with tusks.

While the woolly mammoth may seem anachronistic in the magical world of Harry Potter, it can be viewed as a symbol of preservation and survival, given the creature’s historical context. This Patronus might imply that the wizard or witch possesses a deep-rooted sense of wisdom and a connection to ancient times, possibly an older soul. This individual might be viewed as somewhat of a protector, given the mammoth’s large and imposing stature, a trait often related to safeguarding the herd.

Note: The Woolly Mammoth is not an available Patronus on Wizarding World.

1. Albatross Patronus

Albatross Patronus
Patronus ofNo known characters
Related toBird
StatusExtremely Rare – Rarest of all
AppearanceEthereal, large sea bird with long wings
TraitsResilience, Endurance, Good Omen

The Albatross Patronus is the rarest of all Patronuses, seen as a symbol of good luck in the Muggle world, and reflects the same in the wizarding world. An Albatross is a large seabird, known for its extraordinary flights covering thousands of miles without rest.

According to Wizarding World, the Albatross Patronus belongs to the lowest number of Wizarding World fans.

In the magical world, an individual with an Albatross Patronus would likely possess traits of resilience, endurance, and a strong spirit. Just as the Albatross navigates the vast oceans with apparent ease and grace, so too might this individual navigate the trials and tribulations of life.

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